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The Abundance of Potters by Phoenix_Feather49
Chapter 6 : Bad Karma, Charred Beds and Confusing Talks
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 It had to be me.


All the shit stuff in life had to be thrown at me.

Couldn’t have been anyone else.

Course not.

Merlin must hate me. No, not just hate me. Loathe me.

Oh wait, did I just here you telling me to stop being so melodramatic?

You did?

Well, missy, you can only go round telling people to calm down when you’ve been in the deep shithole that is my life, m‘kay?

Did you just ask why my life is such a shithole? Well, it’s a long story (and I mean long)...

For starters, I had to fall in love with my best friend, Al, didn’t I? And he just had to be Albus Severus Potter: the son of Harry James Potter and Ginny Weasley. So you know, if I ever hurt him I’d be cursed into smithereens by the boy-who-freakin’-lived and his massively extended family.  You know, of course, Al just has to completely be the opposite of “into me”. Yep, he loves me as a sister basically.

Hang on, there’s more. My dad just had to be absent all my life, never bothering with his three children.

Oh, and then my little brother just had to be sorted into Slytherin- the reformed but still a little bit evil house. And he had to go out with that evil cow, Polly Parkinson.  I hate her.

And then Dom and James just had to walk in when Al and I were wrestling (we were, I swear!) and it looked like we were going at it. And then they had to tell the whole Wotter clan that we were dating. Even though we weren’t (and still aren’t. Obviously.)

And of course, Al just had to completely crush me by agreeing to go out with a stupid perfect little Ravenclaw. And she just had to be amazing in every single way. And she just had to win even Rose over.

Could my life get any worse?

Oh yeah, I almost forgot.

My best friend’s pregnant.

Consider your shitty life topped.

I’m currently lying on my bed, staring into the canopy with my curtains closed. It’s just before dinner and I’m pondering the meaning of life: a very thought-provoking controversial question.

Ha, who am I kidding? I’m actually pondering over how crap my life is. I mean, what did I do to get all this bad karma? I don’t deserve it? Do I...?

Well, there was the time when... Oh and that that time... And when I... And that time...

Okay, so maybe I do deserve it. But I don’t think I deserve all the crap. I must have done something really bad in my past life. I don’t think even Hitler deserved my shitty life. And that’s saying something.

Absentmindedly, I flick my wand not really thinking of anything in particular. Then wham!

“Shitty shit, shit!” I shout.


I just set my bed on fire.

“Aguamenti!” I scream, waving my wand around madly. Finally, I put out the flames. Sweating, I check out the state of my bed.

Well, great. I now have a charred bed.

Brilliant, bloody brilliant.

Sighing, heavily I flop onto bed and stare up into the now slightly black canopy. I hear the door open and I turn my head to see Rose walking into the dorm. She looks tired and gaunt. Quite the opposite of what being pregnant does to you, actually. I thought when you became pregnant you were supposed to get fatter (duh) and have this happy glow around you.

Guess not. Rose just looks depressed.

It’s been three days since she told me. It’s now the 28th October. It’s weird. This year seems to be whizzing by.

“Hey,” I croak at her. She smiles back weakly and then leans on the door. I sit up and stare intently at her. Slowly, she slides down the door onto her knees. She throws her head into her hands despairingly. I don’t move or say anything. I have no more words of comfort. I’ve known Rose for years, and I know that right now she doesn’t want comfort. She wants to figure this whole situation out.

I just continue watching her, waiting for her to stand. Minutes tick by before she manages to stand shakily. I beckon her over and she walks towards my bed. Rose climbs up and sits opposite me. I draw the curtains and cast a muffliato charm around us.

“You can have a good cry, if you like,” I murmur quietly. Rose looks up at me with those tired eyes and just gives me a tight smile.

“I’ve got no tears left,” she says simply. I nod in reply. We stay in silence for a while, not an awkward one, just a comforting one I suppose.

“Make me laugh,” Rose says abruptly.

“You what, dearie?” I answer, startled. Her smile is slightly stronger this time.

“Make me laugh,” she repeats, “You always make me feel better when you make me laugh. And in weird or awkward situations you always go really insane or go hysterical. Your mum says it’s your way of dealing with things,” she continues.

She’s right actually. In awkward situations, I either start telling jokes or start laughing hysterically. Like when I met mum’s last boyfriend, Andy, for the first time, I couldn’t think of anything to say. So I said,

“I like your eyebrows!” and then proceeded to start laughing slightly crazily and hysterically.

He didn’t come round again.

And my first kiss was a disaster. I used to hang around with this muggle boy, Damien, who lived down the road from me and we’d go to the park together to hang out. He was decent looking- although he had a really huge nose. Thinking back, he was a nose on legs actually. But he was nice anyway. One day, out of the blue, when we were on the swings he told me he fancied me and then kissed me full on the lips. It was quite a nice kiss, really. He was a good kisser: I remember that. And when we broke apart, I didn’t know what to say.

So I burst out laughing.

He got quite offended. He got over it eventually and I still hang out with him in the summer sometimes. We still occasionally snog. He’s like my summer boyfriend.

And that’s not weird...

“Well, thanks for psycho-analysing me, Rosie,” I laugh at her. She chuckles back.

“You’ll be getting fat soon,” I observe, kindly. I don’t know where that came from, it just popped out. She laughs and says, “I know Kat, thank you for telling me that,” in a patronizing tone. Then she sighs and stares at nothing in particular.

“What are you going to do?” I ask quietly.

“I honestly don’t know,” she shakes her head dejectedly. “Got any ideas?”

I smile sympathetically.

“How are you going to tell your parents?” I ask. Her eyes widen and she gapes at me.

“Oh shit!” she cries. Must be upset- it takes a lot to get her to swear. “I never even thought of that!” she grimaces.

I laugh. “How can you not think of telling your parents?”

“I was just caught up in the whole idea of having a baby...” she grimaces at the word baby. Then she groans and flops onto her back on my bed. “They’re going to be so mad at me!”

“Nah,” I shake my head. She frowns at me.

“Oh?” she says.

“They’re going to go mental!” I laugh. Rose groans.

“Gee, thanks for making me feel better!” she cries sarcastically. I grin at her. Then I realise something.

“I’m guessing Scorpius is the father?” I wonder out loud. Rose nods in answer. We slip back into a thoughtful silence.

Oh no. Oh no, no, no.

I have just had a horrible mental image.

“Oh no. Oh no, no, no,” I gasp.

“What?” Rose exclaims, alarmed.

“No, no, no!” I repeat.

“What?!” Rose pesters me, looking slightly terrified now.

“You’re pregnant,” I begin.

“Yeah, duh!”

“And Scorpius is the father,”

“Yes, of course!”




“What? Spit it out!”

“You guys...”

“Just say it!”

“You guys had sex!”

Rose roars with laughter. I cringe at the word. Now, I have no problem with the whole concept of sex. If Albus burst in here now demanding me to Do It with him, I couldn’t say yes fast enough.

I just don’t like the idea of Rose having sex. I known Rose for years and I’ve grown to love her like a sister. I’ve got this protective instinct about her. I don’t want her to ever get a boyfriend, let alone have sex! And the fact she did it with Scorpius is just...


Ew, ew, ew! I now have a mental picture of Scorpius standing naked flexing his muscles for Rose...  Yuckety yuck.

“That’s gross!” I throw a cushion at Rose.

“What did you think we did? We just kissed and I ended up knocked up?” Rose giggles.

“It’s just... Ew!” I cringe again at the whole idea. Rosie laughs at my disgusted face.

“I’m guessing that’s what you were going to tell me in Herbology but then you changed your mind?” I ask.

“Yeah. I figured you’d react like this- all creeped out. So I decided to wait,” she shrugs. Fair enough- I would have had a fit in the middle of Herbology. And that wouldn’t have been good.

“Hang on,” I say slowly, realising something, “You went outside with Scorpius when you kissed so we wouldn’t see you, right? So... You guys did it outside!” I cry. Rose laughs again.

“Yeah, we did. You were all inside getting the buffet. And it was a nice warm evening...” she trails off wistfully.

“Was he good?” I blurt out without thinking. Ew, why did I ask that? I don’t want to know the answer...

“He was amazing. It was amazing,” she smiles. She looks over my head with a glazed look in her eye, and I can tell she is having a flashback moment. I don’t interrupt: I have a feeling that what she’s thinking about isn’t suitable for my pretty little head. After a few minutes, she wakes up from her little daydream.

“Did you not use protection?” I ask her- a weird (but quite sane for me) question, I know.

“No, we forgot. Caught up in the moment, I suppose. It only lasted a few minutes so I guess I didn’t think twice,” Rose answers thoughtfully. I choke on my own spit.

A few minutes?!” I laugh. Rose blushes before playfully pushing me back.

“Yes, a few minutes!” she giggles with me. I laugh at her for a little while longer. Then I frown.

“Have you told Scorpius yet?” I ask quietly. The atmosphere visibly tenses. I’m not sure why.

“No,” Rose answers, shortly. She sees I’m going to press her for a better answer. “He’s made it clear he thinks of it as a massive mistake. I don’t want to burden him with another,” she continues, her voice shaking slightly.

“What did he say to you?” I say, barely able to contain my anger. She shrugs.

“He asked for a word with me before the prefect meeting on the train. He got the prefect badge for Slytherin like Bus and I did for Gryffindor. And he just said that we shouldn’t tell anyone and we should just forget about it and pretend nothing happened,” Rose sighs.

“That... That... That TWIRP!” I shout- I’m pissed off now. Rose laughs at me and then frowns again.

“So I’m not going to tell him,” he says fiercely.

“He is a complete twat, but he does have a right to know,” I say gently. She glowers at me and then sighs.

“I know, you’re right,” she shakes her head sadly, “But I don’t know whether it’s worth it. I’m not sure about what I’m going to do yet,”

I blink at her for a second.

“What do you mean?” I ask. She shrugs. “Are you thinking of getting an abortion?” I breathe.

“I don’t know, Kat,” she says brusquely. She climbs off the bed and stands up. She heads towards the door. Slowly, she turns back to me.

“Kat. Why’s your bed  charred?” she asks. I laugh, it’s quite a forced sound.

“I set my bed on fire.” I reply easily. She just shakes her head. She’s used to me doing weird stuff like that, I suppose. Then her smile slips back into a frown.

“You’ll be the first to know what I decide. See you at dinner.”


A/N Sorry for the short chapter. Just finished my GCSE and my science exams (hurray!) so this was the best I could manage :L The next chapter will be longer! I promise!

However, it was quite good fun to write. I’m not 100% happy with it, but it was nice to write. Not a particularly exciting or action-packed chapter, I know. It was just a filler, really. Leading up to the next few chapters...

Thanks for reading! Thank you soo much for the reviews- please keep reviewing!


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The Abundance of Potters: Bad Karma, Charred Beds and Confusing Talks


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