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Serenade by accioscheine
Chapter 2 : Friends
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I barely slept last night. I tried counting sheep, counting nargles, counting death eaters…NOTHING WORKED. I ended up just doing the damn Potions essay and reading ahead in everything. I must have dozed off since when I woke up I was literally using books and parchments for a blanket.

I know what I’m doing. I’m trying to not mention it so I can just forget about it. But it’s no use; it’s like trying to ignore a tree when you’re standing right in front of it. You can look past it but you’ll always notice that it’s still there. My tummy was in knots and I keep having mini panic attacks! HOGWARTS?! Dear GOD what have I done to deserve this?

I phoned my friends. I needed a meeting ASAP.


Wrong move. I forgot my friends were idiots.
I took a good look at my “friends”. They were sitting around the polished, round table sipping at low-fat drinks and picking at salads. On my right sat Millie Upton, a stereotypical blonde bimbo. Her dad invented pink wafers, which was what initially drew me to her. Pink wafers are glorious; they deserve an award or something. SO DAMN YUMMY- anyway. Ahem. So Millie Upton: absolutely stunning but a complete airhead. I’m pretty sure she doesn’t know the alphabet (unless I’m mistaken and T comes after O). She’s designing a jewellery line apparently which has made her days “uber busy” but honestly apart from that and meeting us, I have no idea what that girl does in her life.
Next was Louise Wesley, the nicest of the group. She’s nice because in quite honest terms, she hangs out with us for the freebies. We’re her tickets to VIP parties, goodies and hot, rich guys. I realised this when I asked her for advice a few months ago and she had no idea what I was talking about even though she had just given me some advice on that very matter a few minutes before. She was also rooting through my closet for a dress at the time, which also helped…
Finally we have Selena Felstead; the bitch. That’s not a term of endearment by the way, that is literally her career. She writes the most popular gossip website in the whole world and every single celebrity is afraid of her. That was my main reason for befriending her. Ever since we became friends, she hasn’t posted one bad thing about me. This has had a great effect on my career actually, but in my personal life it’s been useless. She’s the most hopeless friend you could ever ask for. Her life revolves all around her and if you ask a question she will SOMEHOW twist it so that she answers about herself. By the end of the conversation you’ll know everything about Selena Felstead.

So I had told them the news and they were completely baffled. I forgot that their parents were hardly ever at home so they basically did whatever they wanted. The thought of my parents making me do something was completely alien to them. I had to stop trying to explain because my eye was starting to twitch dangerously and that butter knife was far too close to my hand for my liking.
I leaned back in my chair and sighed. I was expecting to get teary eyed at leaving my friends that I’d hung out with for the past 3 years, but in all honesty all I felt was relief. I realised what a huge lie I’d been living. I had no idea what real friends even were. I’d never relied on any of them; I’d never expected anything from them. I’ve never told them secrets, never stayed round their houses, never had nights in with them, never even spoke to them properly! We always talked about meaningless things like what everyone was wearing or making fun of someone. It always revolved around other people and what other people were doing. We went to all these posh parties where you have to drink 2 glasses of champagne a second to fit in with the rest of them or weekends away at someone’s country house but my god they were SO BORING. I would’ve much rather have stayed home, ordered some chinese and watch South Park all night. I put up with them though because…they were cool. I was trying really hard to think of other reasons but honestly…there isn’t many. I’m quite disgusted at myself really…how the hell did I put up with these three?

They were all looking at me now, giving me looks. I’ve decided. It’s time. I couldn’t stand pretending to like these bitches any longer. It’s time to leave. BUT I have to keep my cool…for some stupid reason I chose quite a popular restaurant and if I do anything strange it will be published in less than 2 minutes. Fact.
I smiled at them.
“I just wanted to tell you guys, thanks. For everything. But I’m going to go. I think I need to be away from all this, you know?”
“Awww babes. We’ll never forget you!” Millie said, giving me a hug.
I smiled at them all and hugged each of them. I gave them one last wave before I stepped out of the restaurant.

Somehow I’d managed to not make a scene! HALLELUJAH! Every single fibre of me was screaming, telling me to go back and tell each of them what I really thought of them but I ignored it. I ignored everything. I ignored the guy who just took a double take at me and started rooting through his pocket for his camera phone. I ignored the lone paparazzi that had successfully tracked me down and was hurriedly sorting his camera out. I ignored the rain cloud that was forming in the sky and just smiled. For the first time in ages I was happy. Maybe this Hogwarts thing won’t be SO bad? I mean…it’s worth a shot right?

As soon as my Mum had mentioned Hogwarts I had felt something. I told myself it was anger but in all honesty it was fear. It was apprehension and maybe even a teeny tiny, miniscule amount of relief. The last year had been hard, my career hit a new milestone and suddenly everyone knew me. I couldn’t go out without being ambushed by fans. I had no idea what taking a quick walk or taking a trip to Topshop was anymore. I was huge and it was suddenly my sole priority to stay that way. In show business we’re taught one thing; we have one chance. We humans get bored, and that is evident with music too. When an artist hits the jackpot and is suddenly huge, you have to milk it until it runs dry. My year was non-stop, never ending. And when I did get a break, I spent it cramming in my studies. I was constantly worn down, constantly pulled tight. The thing is, when you hear something enough times, you start to believe it. I drilled into my head that I was living the life, that this is THE life.

That is, until a few weeks ago. I haven’t told anyone this. I haven’t even properly told myself this. It just happened and I haven’t thought about it since.
I met a girl called Georgia outside the cinema. I was walking past the Odeon as I do every day and I couldn’t help but eye the listings. Of course I stopped and sighed. None of my friends ever went to the cinema, unless it was with a boy and of course then you didn’t watch anything, you were just snogging.

“He’s hot isn’t he?” Someone behind me asked.
I turned round to see a relatively normal looking girl. She had short, brown curly hair and bright, hazel eyes that twinkled. I smiled at her; she radiated this comforting, safe feeling and I immediately warmed to her. This is very rare by the way; I usually touch new people with a pole or something. I’m not the most sociable person…
I looked back at the poster. It was a Harry Potter film. Some witch had gone back in time and wrote up Mr Potter’s story and was now a Muggle Billionaire. Muggles went crazy for this wizard stuff and it’s now a film, franchise and even has it’s own theme park. It did start a bit of an uproar in the Wizarding World though as Muggles knew all of our secrets but the thing was they thought it was all make believe. It’s times like those when I realise I really do NOT wish I was a Muggle. How can you be so thick?

I smiled and nodded at her and after that I was somehow watching the film with her. It was probably the best night of my life, even though it was just a trip to the cinema. We laughed at all the same times and ended up crying at the end too. I have her number but I haven’t contacted her since. It’s almost like she was a dream and I was scared to tamper with it.
What amazed me about her though was that she wasn’t awfully polite or anything. She joked around, she made sarcastic comments and when I insulted her celebrity crush she whacked me one. The most physical contact I had with my other friends was when Millie once stepped on my foot with her heel, cue me screaming and swearing for about an hour. Ever since then I’ve been a bit rude towards Louboutins.

WHATEVER. I’m getting too emotional and weird about all of this…LOOK AT ALL THIS CRAP I’VE WRITTEN. Dear Lord I can get sentimental when I want to.

A/N: this is actually a long chapter that i've split into two! Next one should be up asap. Hope you enjoy :) Thank you to MUGGLEMANIA for being my first reviewer!

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