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The Potter Boys and the Enchantment of Redheads by Everlasting Faerie Light
Chapter 18 : Chapter Seventeen: All Lily, All Elaquay, All James
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Oh boy. Quidditch practice.

I wish that I was more pumped about this whole shebang than I am right now. Especially since this is the last minute practice before the first match of the season tomorrow. Normally, I would be flipping my ape shit and screaming crap about how I’m going to annihilate the other team by ensuring a bludger to be lodged into their skulls. I am seriously the most frightening person when it comes to Quidditch. You just don’t mess with Elaquay Smithson.

However, going to a practice where the essentially the whole team are made up grudge-holding Weasley-Potters makes me less than enthusiastic. Plus, there’s the whole blip with Derrick. Not that I really care that much. I don’t really see him much these days. Boohoo.

However, I still had hope. If Dom has forgiven me, then there is a chance that the rest of them have softened up. They still definitely find me undeniably entertaining due to the fact that I had showered the whole Puffer table with potatoes in attempt to ask a girl out for Albus. Yes, I got ten house points deducted and I had a detention for what ol’ Minnie described as “misconduct.” Misconduct? Really, bitch? I love the woman, but I saw her at my party. She shouldn’t be harping about “misconduct.”

Plus, Albus got the girl. After spending ten minutes with Ella Mirkwood, however, I think that she is kind of a brainless bitch. I don’t think that she finds rainbows shooting out of my ass either, but hey. If Al is happy, then it’s all good. I just hope that he’s the one to dump the bitch and not the other way around if…no…WHEN the time comes.

I actually made it to practice on time. However, I walked in to more awkward silence. Tense silence.

Rose was pulling her long curly red hair into a ponytail and Lily was strapping her Quidditch boots more tightly. They both looked up at me as I entered and I just looked down. I don’t really want to see any contempt or discomfort there. Dom’s words came back to me. Rose misses me. Does she?

I decided to look at her again, but her eyes were set in front of her stonily as she yanked violently at her tangled curls. And judging by the tense silence, Rose and Lily still weren’t speaking either. Dammit. I had my hopes high. (Not really.)

I proceeded to grab my robes and I started to change into them, not once daring to look at either of the girls. My insides aches. I miss them. I really do.

Because they were some of my best friends. They really were. Even though Rose is irrational and “hack your ears off” irritating, while Lily was a downright spoiled bitch with a damn stick up her ass, they still cared about me and I cared about them. And I knew that they cared about each other as well.  

I gave a loud sigh, earning a stare from Rose. She and I made eye contact. Her blue eyes sparkled slightly before she cleared her throat and turned away. I stole a glance at Lily, who was also looking at me.

My heart leaped as she rose one of her eyebrows and gave a slight smirk before turning away once again to finish preparing for practice.

The three of us headed out toward the pitch together. Yes. Together. Not a word was spoken, but we all walked side by side. At that second as we stood on the pitch, under the sun…within an inch of each other like old times, I felt the familiar sense of satisfaction. Of power. I knew that it was going to be alright. I just knew it.

I mounted my broom and flew upwards, leaving the other two behind.


He hovered in the middle of the pitch, his hair messy and his eyes a twinkling brown as per usual. My stomach fluttered and my heart pounded uncontrollably. I needed to speak to him. But is he ready to actually acknowledge my existence now? Yes? No? Maybe?

Rose and Lily had shot up in the air and were already warming up with Derrick Finnigan, all tossing the quaffle to each other at extreme intervals before attempting to make it into the goal posts, where John Aleckson attempted to block them. All of them were passionate, concentrated. Albus was target practicing, his arm swinging with as much strength as he could muster, the sound the bludger slamming through the wood targets with such ease. The sun was shining and everyone was here. Concentrated. Passionate. Ready. Ready to start anew. To refresh. It’s a good day.

James whirled around to see me. His face wasn’t contorted with anger or contempt. His eyes didn’t gloss over or become dark like they have lately these days. His brown eyes met mine. They were glowing.

I just hovered there. Should I say something? The heat was traveling down my spine and my limbs were shaking. I could smell him. That woodsy scent. It made my heart ache. I’ve missed him so much. Should I just back off? Have I really ruined it for good? Maybe I should just let him go before I did anymore damage.

I bit my lip and without meaning to, I shot him a tentative smile.

And he gave a small crooked smile back.

My insides exploded with adrenaline and I felt like spiraling in the air, doing loop-di-loops and twirly twirls. But I just gave him a slight nod before turning my broom and flying it toward Albus. He was sweating profusely as he hit the bludger at the swift targets.

“Can I have a go?” I asked.

He looked relieved to let me take the beater’s bat. I felt the determination flow through me as the bludger came hurling at me like a merciless torpedo. Fuck you bludger. You ain’t taking my damn teeth out. I swung it as hard as I could. I watched with deep satisfaction as it annihilated the target to the point where I almost felt sorry for it.

Crack. That one is for moving on.

It came back at me with greater speed and ferocity. I smashed it again.

Crack. That one is for me not being a complete psychotic bitch.

On and on it kept coming, and I smashed every single target with no mercy. No hesitating. No loss of confidence.

Crack. This one is for Rose and Lily. Crack. This one is for all of the new friends I’ve made. Crack. This one is for Albus being there for me. Crack. This one is for the rest of the Weasley-Potters. Crack. This one is for my mom and her new goal to get to know me again.

Crack. This one is for James Sirius Potter.

I love him.

I don’t care if he thinks I’m a selfish impulsive alcoholic slut. I don’t care if his girlfriend is sitting in the stands right now, glaring at me (why, hello there bitch). I don’t care if we will never be together in the future. I don’t care.

I just care that he’s happy.

If he likes Elisha, then so be it. If he hates me now, so be it. If he wants me as his friend and nothing else, great. It will do.

I love him.

What do I say to him?

I can’t just let this be the way it is now. I need closure. Then I’ll leave him alone.

“Holy shit, Els! That was amazing! Just do that tomorrow and you’ll knock all of the fucking tossers to the ground!” His voice stunned me. I spun around to see James beaming at me, his hair messy, his smile crooked, his eyes twinkling, his cheeks sporting cute little dimples, his nose splashed with freckles. It was James Potter. It was the James Potter I knew and loved for years. My friend was still there. And I am still here. I am still Elaquay Smithson. I always was, but now I am myself more than ever.

I just need to solve a few more things. Just a few.

I beamed back at him and responded, “Trust me. There will be some guaranteed St. Mungo’s injuries tomorrow.”

“I’m counting on it.” He remarked, before shooting me one of his trademark winks and flying off to go assess the chasers and keeper.

“I think someone wants you back.” Albus remarked with a sly grin. “I told you it would be alright.”

I just smiled, feeling light and airy. I shook my head slightly and added, “Not yet. I still need to talk to him.”

“You know, Elisha Garrett is basically murdering you with her eyes.” He added, motioning toward the stands. I took a look at Elisha, her long red hair pulled back in a ponytail. Her eyes were menacing as they locked with mine. She looked just as beautiful as ever, as jaw droppingly awing as ever…but I didn’t get that familiar sense of unadulterated and irrational anger towards her. It wasn’t fair of me to feel that ways towards her.

She liked James. A lot. So she did what I was too much of a damn chicken to do and started to date him.  She tried to be nice to me. She never scoffed at me or attempted to push me away. That was until I caused her to hate my damn guts. But that was me. I was the one who immediately started to hate her with a burning passion. I’m the one who screamed at her. I’m the one who knocked her boyfriend out with a bludger out of pure spite. She had a right to be pissed at me. Even when she didn’t like me, she still tried to make a civil agreement with me to remain on civil terms because she realized how close James and I were. She didn’t want to tarnish the friendship that James and I had. But I forced her to. I’m the one who got smashed, screamed bloody murder at James, and then made out with Elisha. (Don’t remember that. But according to eye witness accounts, I’m the one who grabbed her first.)

I haven’t necessarily been a very endearing person to be honest.

So I didn’t find it irrational for her to hate my ass right now. I didn’t find it irrational that she was glaring at me like a fucking beast.

I flew toward the stands. I heard Albus’s protesting cries. “Elaquay! No! Not a good idea, Merlin!”

I ignored him.

I hovered a few feet above Elisha. She glared up at me venomously, her red hair blowing lightly in the breeze and her thin fists clenched.

“What the fuck do you want Smithson? Wait, wait. Let me guess. Come to tell me to bugger off your damn pitch? To stop snogging James? To fucking snog me yourself just to make me look bad, again? Frankly…I’m not interested in what you have to say.” She spat, her voice laced with pure spite. She was literally spitting at me. She looked upset.

Elisha Garrett and I got along fine for years before this one. She was always a genuine girl. She was sweet and kind. But she was a teenager as well. Of course she would feel irrational anger. Of course she would tell me the things that she told me. If I were in her position and Elisha in mine, hell I would be a lot worse. I’d give the damn bitch fucking hell for even being friends with James. And that’s saying something. I really am a bitch.

“No.” I stated simply. She shut her mouth, crossed her arms, and waited for me to say something. She even has the decency to actually listen to me. Better than me.

“I just wanted to say…I’m sorry. I truly am. I’m sorry for screaming at you, for being a total bitch to you, for humiliating you at the party, and for ruining your relationship with James.” I stated. It felt nice to have it off my chest.

She just stared at me for a moment before she responded, “You’ll apologize to me, but you won’t apologize to them?” She motioned toward James, Lily, and Rose. James was staring intently at the pair of us, while Rose and Lily looked at us in complete interest.

“I admit it.” I said bluntly, “I won’t apologize to them because I’m a fucking coward. I’m afraid of rejection to be honest. But not from you. That doesn’t change what I said though. I really am sorry.”

She gave a small bitter smile. “I wish I could say otherwise, but I know that they all miss you. Only a blind tosser would miss that.”

“Well, they shouldn’t miss me. I’m a bitch.”

“Yes you are.” She emphasized. I decided to ignore it.

“I’m pretty cruel, I’m selfish, I’m psychotic, impulsive, and…and…” I took a deep breath, feeling as if I were making a huge speech to a crowd.

“I’m Elaquay. I guess that’s just me.” I shrugged, realizing that I am accepting myself. It’s the way I am. Just as Lily is naturally a bitch and Rose is naturally a psycho neurotic wacko.

Elisha was silent for a moment, before answering in a biting, but sincere tone. “I’ve got to give it to you, Smithson. I admire you for admitting that. I don’t think I can do that. But you still have to own up to your part. I really care for James. I really do. He’s been so upset lately and it makes me feel awful.”

I was silent as I contemplated her words.

“I also have to admit another thing. I’ve been telling James that you aren’t worth it just because he’s been sulking. But I change my mind. I think you do have some worth beneath all of that bitchiness.” She smirked at me, and flipped her hair.

“Um…thanks?” I offered.

“Not a problem.” She answered, giving me a small smile. I smiled back, before nodding slightly in her direction and shooting off back toward the pitch.

Well, that was the extent of any sort of reconciliation I would have with Elisha Garrett. It was enough, though. I got my message across and she embraced it.

“What the bloody hell was that?” Albus hissed as I flew back towards him. He looked wildly over my shoulder to see what Elisha was doing. “James is about to have a hernia and both Rose and Lily look scared out of their damn knickers!”  

“Well, y’all can all calm your shitniz. I just went over there to apologize to her.” I replied, swirling distractedly on my broom, enjoying the light feeling of the air around me.

“You apologized…to Elisha Garrett….?” He asked, his tone flat and unbelieving. He looked at me with scrutinizing eyes. I scoffed. Am I really that much of a bitch?

“Yes. I did. I’m just so done with all this shit. I just want us all to be buddy buddy again.” I complained, glancing past Albus and at James, Rose, and Lily who were all staring intently at me. I uneasily looked away and turned my gaze back to Albus, who was still staring at me as if I’d grown a third head or something.

“Stop staring at me like that. It’s creeping me out.” I said uneasily.

“You apologized…”

“Dude, I have a heart you know.”


“Don’t you dare make  a comment or I’ll sincerely kick your ass.”

“Merlin. You are just an angry person.”

I rolled my eyes just as James blew his whistle. The sound resonated throughout the whole pitch and I warily pointed my broom in his direction. All of the flyers started gathering around him, hovering lightly, waiting for our beloved captain to speak.

I stared at James. He wasn’t really looking directly at everyone and his beautiful face was etched with seriousness. He spoke, his voice loud and authoritative, “Alright, so as we all know, we have a match against the Puffers tomorrow at noon. Conditions are supposed to be fairly good with no clouds and I expect everyone to be at this pitch by ten thirty to do some extra drills.”

Blah. I hate pre-match drills. Especially when James assigns them. Damn bastard and his Quidditch freakiness.

“We also need to talk strategy. Remember what we talked about last practice. The Puffer team have strong beaters, a strong seeker, but two of their chasers are weak. The one chaser you’ll have to be looking out for is Melody Lee. She is a damn good chaser and I expect my beaters…” He motioned toward Albus and I, “to do your best to keep them from doing their job. But do your best to aim against the beaters and defend the seeker at all costs. Try not to aim at the chasers unless all hope is lost and they happen to be ahead by a lot.”

I nodded to show my understanding. Rose and Lily were both taking in his words with wide eyes. Rose looked absolutely white. This will be her first school Quidditch match. And I can’t do anything to console her.

James went on to discuss the chaser’s role for about another minute or two before he sent us off to do practice drills, where we split up into small mock teams to demonstrate our strategy.

“Rose, pass it to Lily! At that angle, she could get a perfect shot. Finnigan, stop daydreaming about Els’s arse and get your bloody head back in the game.”

His tone was harsh and it made me flush. I whipped around to see James glaring venomously at Derrick, who was red in the face as he spluttered unintelligently. He met my gaze before shaking his head and turning back towards the goal posts.

Albus gave a laugh.

We continued to practice, and most of it was a success. My arm was fucking sore and I had a huge gash on the side of my shoulder from doing this awesome Quidditch move which ended in me on the ground…but it was all good. Lily and Rose were fucking good flyers, as was Derrick when he wasn’t “daydreaming about my arse.”

Once we were done, I found myself alone in the changing rooms with Lily and Rose once again.

No talking, nothing but silence.

I took my shower, wincing at the huge gash on my shoulder. It wouldn’t stop bleeding.

I dried off and slipped my red tank top and sweats on. I grimaced at my huge cut, the scarlet dripping from it nastily. I could try and close it up with my wand, but I suck at healing spells. I always end up catching something on fire to be honest.

Then, suddenly, I watched with amazement as the cut slowly started to fade away. The bleeding stopped and my shoulder felt hot for a second before it became numb…and then my arm felt just like my arm. No gash, no scarlet, just smooth freckled skin.

Whoah. What the fuck….

I looked up to see Rose staring at me, her wand pointed gently at my shoulder, her blue eyes intent and glimmering.

I stared at her. Slowly, Rose withdrew her wand and stuffed it into her pocket. She avoided my gaze as she twirled a stand of her red curly hair around her finger.

“It looked like it hurt.” She remarked with a small shrug of her shoulders.

I was still shocked. I just stared at her. Finally, I found my voice and it was hoarse. “Thanks.”

She stood there for a second more before grabbing the rest of her belongings and hurrying out of the room, leaving only me and Lily Potter.


I looked over at her and she was reapplying her makeup manually, carefully issuing heavy amounts of mascara, her face set in concentration as she looked into the changing room mirror.

I proceeded to put my hair up into a ponytail in painful silence. Lily didn’t make one movement.

Finally, with a smack of her lips, she spun around to face me. Her face was hard and her brown eyes were flashing. She opened her mouth and demanded, “What did you say to Elisha?”

Her question was so unexpected. I was taken aback. I didn’t know that she would actually talk to me.

“U-Um…” I started, feeling pathetic and powerless as I felt my will bend to a fucking fourteen year old girl.

A fourteen year old girl with more swag than I’ll ever have. A fourteen year old girl who is not afraid to do what she wants just because she can.

A ruthless fourteen year old girl.

“Stop your bloody stuttering. I just asked you a question.” She demanded. She placed her hands on her hips and cocked them slightly to the left. Her long red hair was curled elegantly into thick barrel roles today and she wore a little beret. She wore a top that was either a long shirt or a very short dress. It was light lavender and flowed down barely past her ass. And she was wearing these ripped fishnet stockings with high heeled boots.

She looked like a gorgeous young prostitute.

But I knew that if I judged her, she wouldn’t give a flying fuck face. No one controls Lily Potter. She does her own thing. Always.

I don’t even think the professors at Hogwarts say anything much. It’s a wonder how she gets away with a lot of the outfits she wears without a single ounce of shame. It always made both James and Albus pissed as hell. But they both learned that no matter how hard you try, Lily Potter will not listen to anyone but herself. She’s a selfish bitch. And I’ll bet you fifty trillion galleons that she knows it and embraces it anyways.

“I apologized.” I answered simply.

She was still glaring at me.

“You’ll apologize to my brother’s girlfriend, but you won’t apologize to us?” She asked skeptically.

“I will. I’ll apologize to James, to Rose, to Dom, to Albus, to Louis, Dom, Hugo and all of them. But not to you.” I stated with a defiant tone.

Her hair seemed to catch on fire. “And why is that?” She spat.

“I won’t own up to you until you own up to what you’ve done.”

“What the fuck are you talking about?” She asked.

“Stop being such a selfish bitch, Lily.” I felt my anger start to boil over at her.

“Stop using Malfoy for your cause. He really cares for you as a friend and I know you do too, but he doesn’t like you like that. We all know that the dude is a complete and hopeless pushover, so stop taking advantage of that. It’s cruel. He’s freaking in love with Rose.”

She opened her mouth to retaliate, her face growing red.

“No, Lily. I’m telling you the truth. You know that he likes Rose and you know that Rose likes him too. You’re an immature little bitch for screwing it all over. Stop torturing your cousin and your friend. She’s part of your family and she loves you. I know that she wants to reconcile with you but you won’t let her. She’s owned up to her part. She’s admitted that she was wrong for hurting you so much before. Also, to be honest, Malfoy is absolutely pathetic and I may not have the right to say this, but I think that he needs someone who can bring out the best in him…and that is NOT you.” The words just came out, uncensored, unblocked. Everything. And it felt damn good. It really did.

Lily just stared at me. Her eyes were slits of brown and her jaw was tight. She was pissed. What else would I have expected?

“You snogged him. You insulted my brother to no end. You humiliated yourself and completely let your bloody jealousy ruin any hope you had with James.” Lily spat with contempt. Her eyes were watering slightly and I knew that she was going to explode like a fucking atomic bomb.

“Well,” I started, smoothing out my sweater. “At least I regret it.”

With that, I pushed past her, and outside to the clean fresh air. My heart was pumping and my blood was boiling. I cannot believe that I just did that. I CANNOT believe that I just told her off. I felt great. I felt triumphant.

I don’t know where we stand now.

I just know one thing for sure.

Lily Potter is a fucking bitch.

But she’s a passionate one. She’s a confident one. And I always knew that she and I were friends because of her honesty and bluntness. She’s still all Lily. She’ll always be all Lily. She won’t change.

Do I want to be her friend again?

Hell yes I do. I miss her.

But she needs to be put in her place as well.

And I’m glad that I am the one to get it done.


“Merlin Elaquay, at the rate you’re going, that broom won’t be able to hold you arse.” Mary remarked as I shoveled copious amounts of eggs into my mouth.

I didn’t respond. The eggs and cheese were so damn good! Holy crap! I love food so much!!! Nom. Nom. Nom.

“That is so not attractive.” Hannah remarked distastefully as she reapplied a layer of lip gloss. Ellie agreed as she daintily placed a grape in her mouth. Psshhh. Whatever.

Sarah on the other hand was bleary eyed and panicking, her long super blonde hair sticking at odd angles. She held out a huge roll of parchment that was covered in words, ink stains, and scratches.

“Looks like someone forgot to finish their potions essay.” Mary said with a grin as she took a bite of her toast.

“Shut up!! It’s not funny! I fell asleep at four and didn’t wake up until this morning….” She trailed off.

“That’s not healthy to be taking all of those classes, Sarah. You should drop some of them.” Ellie suggested as she studied another grape carefully before popping it into her mouth.

“NO! ARE YOU INSANE?” She exclaimed.

“No, but you are.” I remarked once I swallowed my mouth full of bacon.

What??” She hissed at me. Shit. That’s scary.

“Just ask Al for help.” I covered up quickly. “He’s really good at potions as well you know.”

“I would if he wasn’t sucking the face off of little miss Puffer superficial BITCH over there.” She angrily claimed, crossing her arms as she stared hopelessly at her parchment. I looked over at the Hufflepuff table to see Al and Ella Mirkwood sucking face. Oh gross. Seriously.

I wouldn’t mind so much if Ella Mirkwood wasn’t such a superficial bitch. Al is smart. He’ll realize that soon enough. He better take her to that damn autumn ball though. I fell in potatoes to make that arrangement.

“Okay, then just skip the quidditch match and go to the library to finish it.” Suggested Mary. I recoiled at this.

“NO!  It’s  A SIN to miss a QUIDDITCH MATCH! I’LL DISOWN YOU AS MY FRIEND!!!” I screamed, pointing wildly at Sarah, who looked at me hopelessly.

“You are mad, Smithson.” She remarked before scribbling away on her parchment.

“I’m so beating your arse today.” Came a friendly voice from behind me. I spun around to see Melody there, already in her bright yellow Quidditch uniform. She smiled and ruffled my hair before taking a seat next to me.

“Don’t count on it. I’m a fucking good beater. You’ll be the first one on a stretcher to St. Mungo’s.” I threatened.

“Really? Is that a challenge Elaquay Smithson?” She asked with a sly grin.

“Don’t make bets with Elaquay, Mels. You know how fucking psychotic she is on the pitch.” Hannah inquired, shooting her a serious point.

“Good point. But I’m still not letting you take me down, Smithson. Watch your back.” She said to me before taking a piece of bacon from my plate and stuffing it in her mouth.

“Dude! My bacon!  No touchy!” I exclaimed before taking the rest of the bacon on my plate and stuffing it in my mouth.

“Shouldn’t you be out at the pitch?” Mary asked, looking at her watch. It read ten twenty five.

“Fucksauce!” I exclaimed before jumping up and running toward the exit of the great hall, immediately regretting eating so much. I hate running right after you eat. It sucks ass.

I huffed and puffed like an obese person as all of the other girls at the table wished me good luck.

I burst into the changing room to see that Rose and Lily were already in their robes, about to exit onto the pitch in uncomfortable silence.

Whatever. I don’t have time for stalling. I quickly grabbed my red and gold quidditch robesa and uniform before stripping and shoving it over my head.

“You’re almost late.” Remarked Lily nastily. She sneered at me and I just rolled my eyes. Again. Whatever. Stupid bitch.

The two headed out on the pitch as I tied the remaining lace of my quidditch shoes. I grabbed the crappy cleansweep broom before running after them, feeling my stomach churn from all of the breakfast I had stuffed in my system.

I always do this. Before a quidditch match, I eat everything possible and then am always late to pre-match drills. Then I can’t perform properly because I just eat too much. I am such a failure sometimes.

Thankfully, I wasn’t late enough for James to impose a lap penalty on me. He did, however, shoot me an irritated look as I went to practice target drills with Albus.

Nothing eventful happened during drills. I smashed targets, fell a few times, and James, Rose, and Lily all avoided me for the most part. It’s quite the normal occurrence really.

Once pre-match drills were over, I headed back into the changing room to check the time. It was eleven fifty. Students would be flooding the stands any second now.

I walked out of the changing rooms to look toward the castle to see if they were coming this way, but I was instead greeted with a sulking Scorpius Malfoy. He had a grim look on his face and he just looked…quite frankly…pathetic. At least the dude was attractive. I’ll give him that.

“What the hell are you doing?” I demanded him, feeling irritation flare up within me at the sight of him.

He mumbled something incomprehensible.

“What?” I snapped impatiently.

“Waiting for Lily. Need to wish her good luck.” He answered.

Okay, that does it.

I marched right at him and started punching him in the stomach and lower chest. He looked shocked as he protested my hits. My fists ached like hell and my hits didn’t really do much damage since I was to tiny. Dammit. I need a beater’s bat.

I let my frustration pour out as I yelled, “You are fucking PATHETIC!”

“What the fuck, Smithson!” He protested. I withdrew my fists and breathed heavily. He is an idiot. A coward. A pushover. He has no balls. Seriously. How can he let himself submit to the will of a fucking fourteen year old brat?

Then again, Lily Potter is basically the master of manipulation.

“You are such a pathetic bastard, Malfoy. How can you just let her push you around like this?” I demanded angrily.

“What are you talking abou-“

“Lily fucking Potter! She’s using you to hurt Rose. She does it everyday and you don’t even try and do anything about it. You don’t defend Rose, you don’t defend yourself, and you don’t confront the bitch. You are a pushover, Malfoy. You let her walk all over you. “

He looked furiously red in the face. “She’s my friend….”

“I know she’s your friend! She cares about you! But this is Lily we’re speaking of here. It’s in her nature to be a complete sadistic whore. Even when she doesn’t realize it, she uses people to get what she wants. You say you like Rose. You say that you want her. Do something about it. Tell Lily that you’re not interested in her and stop acting like a fucking doormat. You bend to her every will. You always crawl back to her. It’s so pathetic! If you want Rose and if you want her to like you, prove yourself.” I was yelling now. The students were starting to come to the pitch.

“I don’t have anybody but Lily right now….” He started.

Oh boo-hoo. Cry me a river and then build a fucking bridge made out of lollipops and cocaine.

“That was one of the most pathetically pitiful things I have ever heard. You don’t have anybody because you won’t let yourself have anybody but Lily. I’ve learned that people will talk to you if you let them. Hell, you can even talk to me and I’m willing to listen if that’s what you want.” I snapped angrily at him. He deflated, but he still looked pissed.

“You don’t underst-“

“I have a quidditch match to play. So shut the fuck up and decide if you want Lily to keep using you, or if you want Rose.”

With that, I spun around toward the changing rooms. I hurriedly grabbed my broom and flew out into the pitch, where everyone else was hovering in their positions.

“Oi! Where were you?” Asked an aggravated Albus.

“Tell you later.” I answered.

The whole crowd was cheering or booing. I stared at the opposite team. The Puffers all had pretty attractive people on their teams. The beaters both were glaring at me in a frightening way. Shit.

I glared back. Below, James and the Hufflepuff captains shook hands. I briefly glimpsed at Rose and Lily before we were off.

Immediately, the bludger came pelting my way. I raised my beaters’ bat and hit it at the opposing beater with all of the strength I could muster. He barely dodged it by an inch and the bludger smashed right into the Slytherin stands, causing many people to scream in horror.

Oops. My bad.

I’m back bitches. Be afraid.

We already know that I’m a ruthless player. I don’t do clean games. But hey, it works.

Already six minutes into the game, I had completely wiped out two members of the Hufflepuff team, one of the burly beaters and one of the blonde chasers. Melody gave me a mixture of frustrated and amused glances as she passed the quaffle.

Rose and Lily (okay, and Derrick) were spectacular. Because of them, we were up ninety to ten. The Gryffindor crowd was wild and the commentator (I think it was Lysander Scamander) was rambling about wrackspurts, gnargles, and all of that drug-induced crap.

“Wrackspurts sometimes do like to hide in broomsticks. They find the bristles almost as lovely as mistletoe…” A dreamy voice droned.

“Lysander, please COMMENTATE THE GAME!”

So it is Lysander. Big surprise. 

A bludger came from behind. I quickly spun around and reached out to grab it with my arm like a quaffle. Yes, it hurt…but I trained myself to get used to it. The opposing beater looked horrified as I carried it confidently, speeding toward him.

He started to back his broom away. He was several feet below me.

I dove at a ninety degree angle and I jumped onto his broom. Yes. I did this. I always did this, but the referee never caught me.


People were crying foul, people were screaming as I lurched the handle of the broom upwards violently, causing the beater to slide off the end and fall unconscious to the ground. One of the main chasers watched me in horror. Perfect.

I jumped from the Puffer beater’s broom to my broom like a wild monkey to distract him for a second. He backed off in fear, but before he could zoom off, I quickly did my favorite ricocheting technique.

I threw the squirming bludger up into the air and used my bat to swing at it as hard as I could toward the goal hoops. The bludger hit the post with a huge clang that got everyone’s attention before the bludger hurled straight at the chaser. With a large crack, the chaser fell from his broom and onto the ground the pitch.

You’re mine.

The Hufflepuffs were screaming in outrage, anger, horror…and some were even crying.

Don’t be surprised. This is how people always react whenever I’m involved in a match. Just as long as the referee doesn’t see it.

Four people down. Three players on the Hufflepuff team left. Melody, their keeper, and the seeker. Lily and Rose (and Derrick) were scoring like crazy. It was awesome.

Then…James and the seeker were going for the snitch. James pulled a dive and his fingers closed around the tiny gold ball.

Eruptions of cheering. Happiness…then a howl of anger and outrage.

A bludger was headed my way and I had about a point zero one’s head start notice.

Everything was black.


The sounds floated in and out like strange lullabies. But then they became sharper, more distinct.

I heard sobbing. Familiar sobbing.

“Is she going to be a-alright? I-I’ve b-been so awful t-to her a-and…”

“Rose. She was knocked out by a bludger. She isn’t going to die or anything.”

“W-When will she wake up? I-I need her to wake up s-so I can t-tell her how much I-I miss her…”

“Just shut up, Rose.”

I knew those voices. The girl who was sobbing was none other than Rose Weasley. Then the two other voices…one of them belonged to Dom and the other to Albus.

I hesitantly opened my eyes. The shapes were painful blurs at first, but then I could see everything. I was in a white bed in the hospital wing. My head was heavily bandaged and it ached like a motherfucker. My limbs were completely sore…and standing over my bed were a whole multitude of people.

There was Albus in his normal school uniform, Dom, who was standing next to a very pale Lily. Hugo, Louis, and Fred were all looking at me expectantly, and then there was Rose. Her eyes were completely red and there were tears streaming down her face. At the sight of me, she flung herself at me.


 “TO MANY VISITORS!” Screamed the vulture-like voice of Madame Pomfrey.

“I DON’T CARE!” Screamed a hysterical Rose Weasley. She clung onto me as if she were afraid that I’d slip out of her grasp. “I HAVEN’T SPOKEN TO THIS GIRL IN WEEKS!!”

I was a bit shocked to say the least. Albus looked embarrassed while Lily just cracked a small smile at me and said, “Told you she would break.”

Once Rose settled down, she backed off and hastily wiped the tears from her face. I looked at everyone’s faces. All of the boys and Dom looked genuinely happy to see me.

Then there was Lily. Her face was white, but there was relief etched on her face. She looked like she had been holding her breath. She and I locked gazes.

She gave me a small and tentative smile. Her arms were crossed. “You’ve been out for four days. We were all scared. James is absolutely furious about what happened.”

“What the fuck did happen….four days??” I exclaimed, realizing just how severe my head injury probably was.

Rose started to rant. “Well, that Hufflepuff chaser bloke was right angry that you won the match, especially when no one fouled your illegal move, so he took a beater’s bat and slammed a bludger into your head at a dangerously close proximity. You were lucky that James caught you before you hit the ground otherwise you would’ve been in St. Mungo’s. Speaking of which, two of the people you knocked out during the game have been admitted to St.Mungo’s, but they’re okay now.”

“Where’s James?” I asked, feeling a lump in my throat at the realization of his complete absence.

“I dunno. But he’s been visiting you every day Els. He’s furious and worried sick about you.” Dom answered.

I looked at Lily once more. Finally, she said after a few moments of silence. “I’ve missed you Els.”

Then, to my astonishment, Lily Potter started to cry. Not to the extent that Rose did, but she was crying nonetheless.

It was one of those moments where I saw Lily Potter as that innocent and vulnerable fourteen year old girl who was biting off more than she could chew.

She may be a sadistic spoiled bitch. She may be a cold hearted slut. But she was still Lily Potter. She was my friend. No, she is my friend.

And she has missed me just as much as I have missed her.

Lily came forward, pushed past Rose and bent over to embrace me. She whispered, “You’re right, Elaquay.”

I hugged her back and I knew that I had Lily Potter back.

I never thought that I would have her again. After a few moments more of me talking and laughing the present Weasley-Potters, they departed. It was okay. It was all okay.

It was like old times and I knew things are going to be normal again.

Rose stayed behind.

We were silent for a few moments, with tears spilling down Rose’s cheeks every now and then.

“Your other friends come and visit you every day. They seem like really nice people.” She remarked.

I just nodded.

Finally, Rose spoke, her voice cracking slightly. “Elaquay. I’m sorry. I was a downright bitch to you. I had no right to say what I said or do I what I did. I was being irrational and I knew that you didn’t mean any of the things that you did because you were fucking pissed out of your mind, but I just didn’t care at the time…and…”

I cut her off. “Rose. Shut up.”

She did so, looking at me with her huge blue eyes.

“I am sorry as well. Even though I didn’t remember what I did…I still hurt you. I know I hurt your whole family. I was being irresponsible that night by drinking too much. I was just being selfish because I was upset about something. I’m sorry for kissing Malfoy and insulting your family and all of that.” I said.

Rose immediately nodded, showing that she accepted every word I said. “I was just so angry Elaquay. I just couldn’t believe it. I didn’t mean for it to go this far but I’ve been worried about you this whole time. I’ve even checked on you every night to make sure you slept under the covers because you tend to sleep on top of them and then you catch a cold…”

“You’re the one who keeps covering me with extra blankets in the middle of the nights? I thought it was the house elves…” I started, feeling ten times lighter. Rose was talking to me. She was worried about me. She made sure I was okay even when she was angry…

“The point is Els is that I apologize for overreacting and completely deserting you. I am the shittiest friend ever. We were all super inconsiderate. Just…do you forgive me?” She asked.

I smiled at her, warmly. At this moment, I have never seen someone as beautiful as Rose Weasley.

“Of course, I forgive you.”

She strangled me with a hug.

“And you forgive me too?” I asked.

“You are not touching any more fucking alcohol. I will personally make sure of it.” She snapped at me, her bushy red hair smothering my face.

Oh god, I’ve missed this girl so much.

Not only did I have Lily Potter, but I had Rose Weasley. The Weasley-Potters were back in my life. Well….almost all of them are.


(James POV)

She was sleeping. Again.

Maybe I was only brave enough to visit her when she’s like this. Where she can’t hurt me or lash out at me or call me a bloody coward.

Rose and Lily have told me that they’ve made up with Elaquay. Fucking funny how they’ll forgive Elaquay, and still won’t acknowledge each other in civil terms.

I looked down at her sleeping form. Her eyes gently closed, her red hair spread over the pillow, her forehead bandaged…the moonlight illuminated her freckles.

I, James Sirius Potter, will admit that I wanted to cry at the sight of her.

I’ve missed her. I hate not being around Elaquay Smithson. She was my best friend. My awesome sister I never had. (Lily does not count.)

But things have gotten so complicated.

Elaquay Smithson is confusing me. I used to read her like a bloody book with ease. I knew what she liked, what she disliked.

But this year is different. I can’t read her.

Could I ever read her properly?

It seems like only Albus can do that.

I don’t like thinking of my brother very much these days. It makes me think of when I saw he and Elaquay snogging out on the grounds. The thought makes my blood boil.

Why the sodding hell does it do that?

I’m still hurt by Elaquay’s words and her actions, but I’m passed that now. I’ve forgiven her for that. But I don’t think I can forgive her for something else. Something else that I know is my problem, not hers.

I don’t like how she’s always in my mind or how she seems to put a mental strain on my relationship with my girlfriend. I don’t like how my breath was taken away whenever I see her smile or fly with so much passion out on the field.

I don’t like it. It’s not supposed to be this way.

Elaquay is my mate. She has more flaws then the number of freckles on her skin.

She is one of the most insufferable people I have ever met in my entire life.

I thought I knew her in and out, but now I guess I’m intrigued.

But she’s still Elaquay Smithson. Everything she’s done just emphasizes her identity. And she takes pride in that.

I reached into my pocket and pulled out the necklace that I had given to her for her birthday, the one with the burrow on it. Rose had snatched it from Elaquay out of anger, but she gave it to me right afterwards.

Elaquay Smithson. This is Elaquay Smithson, and this necklace is her’s. It’s always been hers.

I gently placed the necklace on the bedside table and quietly cast an anti-theft spell on it.

The moonlight gently caressed the sleeping girl’s cheeks. She took a deep breath and let it out. She squirmed a little bit, her eyes tightening before she was still again. Breathing in and out.

Even the way she slept was purely Elaquay Smithson.

My stomach did a somersault and my heart fluttered. (I know, a bloke isn’t supposed to admit that, but I can’t describe it any other way.)

I tentatively touched her cheek with the tips of my fingers.

I don’t know why I said it, but I just did. I wasn’t even thinking it. It’s like my mouth just started to have a bloody mind of its own and make me look like a poof by muttering the cheesiest line known to mankind.

“…I think I’m falling in love with you.”


A/N: OOOHHH....Now we're finally getting somewhere, huh? James seriously is stupid to not realize that he's falling in love with our little leprechaun friend. Don't you agree? Anyways, thoughts? Questions? Concerns? Please Review! They make my day and the story worthwhile.

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