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All This Time by Mischief_managed18
Chapter 10 : Phone Calls
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*hides behind pillow* Don't kill me! I know it's been forever and I'm sorry! I've been so caught up in school and my English teacher is having a panick attack and giving us a essay a week then I also have my other classes. I shall be doing better now, I promise and on the plus side, I AM still writing so that's a good thing! :) ANYWAYS.

A huge thanks to the reviewers from the last chapter: DracoGirl1, Hermione, Dramionedrunadrinny, We Are Padfoot and Prongs, and the ever amazing Gin-gin06. It really means a lot guys, you're what keeps me going.

Want to be awesome like them and have your name put there with the rest of them?!? Review my story and you too can be that awesomely amazing! S2 (it's a heart!) and you too can receive one if you review! 

Disclaimer: I trust you guys are all smart people. Obviously I don't own Harry Potter though I wish I was as brilliant as Jo and this story is loosely based off of Something Borrowed (ha, I borrowed from Something Borrowed... leave me alone it's 3 in the morning) and I do not own that either. 


Without further adieu, I present you Chapter 10:


Hermione’s POV:

After what seemed like an eternity, Draco pulled away and I wanted nothing more than to pull him back and kiss him again and again. He rested his forehead against mine and was breathing heavily. We exchanged few words but decided it would be best to each go back to our own places to avoid any further confusion until we’d figured this all out. I sighed to myself and we went our own ways.

The walk back seemed like mere seconds. I was too in shock, too happy, too inflated with emotion to comprehend anything I had just done. I loved- no, love Draco. And he feels the same way. The only problem was Ginny.

I walked into my flat still smiling to myself. My phone vibrated in my purse. Odd. It only vibrated when I had a voice message. I pulled the phone out and flipped it open to see a missed call from Draco and a voicemail. My heart sunk. I called my voicemail to listen to the message.

“Hermione. Hermione. How I love saying your name. I can’t stop thinking about what just happened. Merlin, this is beyond insane. I just- gahh. But umm, hey. I wanted to make sure that you’d be joining us again in Hawaii this weekend.  I, umm, I really want to erm hope that you’ll be there. Okay? No more muggle transportation. Just apparate there now that we know where it is and all. And, well, yeah. Well then, bye. *click*”

I couldn’t help but smile and yet panic a little at the same time. Draco wanted me to go to Hawaii again. How would I be able to go and face Ginny without saying anything or giving anything away?  I bit my lip and decided I might as well suck it up and go.

Draco’s POV:

I sat at the kitchen counter tapping my fingers atop the granite wanting nothing more than to see Hermione walking up the front steps.

I wanted to see her again. I was still in shock as to the conversation we had and what had happened. Which was odd considering it wasn’t even that much that happened.

“DRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” Ginny hollered from the other room. Oh lord. That woman could scream anyone’s ear off.

“Yes love?” I managed to get out in my strongest voice.

“Is Hermione coming?” She asked. Funny, I thought she was the best friend. Shouldn’t she know whether or not Hermione was coming? I tried not to laugh as I turned to smile at my fiancé.

“Yes love. She should be here any minute. In fact, I’ll go wait outside for her.”  I sincerely hoped I hadn’t sounded too eager. I didn’t want Ginny thinking that I was too desperate for Hermione to arrive.

“Brilliant!” Ginny said, twirling around the kitchen to finish up on the food she was cooking, the sheet of red hair trailing after her. I wasn’t looking forward to this meal. How Ginny managed to turn out an awful cook while her mother was so incredible I’ll never know.

I stood up from the stool and made my way outside. I walked down the beach a ways before hearing a loud crack. I smiled to myself and turned around to see Hermione standing there a little windswept.  She glanced up and saw me, immediately glowing and smiling at me.

Hermione’s POV:

I arrived on the beach and nearly toppled over but saw Draco standing a little further down the beach and immediately righted myself, smiling so largely I probably blinded him.

He nearly sprinted towards me and wrapped me in a hug, picking me up and spinning me around. I began giggling and truly felt like a teenager in love. He set me down and placed a kiss on my forehead.

“I’m so glad you came.” He whispered in my ear, sending shivers down my spine. I buried by face into his chest before realizing that we would need to head to the house. Ginny. I nearly jumped back and began walking towards the house. I felt him tense next to me and I realized he was on the same lines.

“LUNCH TIME!” I heard Luna shout as we neared the house. I smiled to myself knowing we were in store for an interesting meal. I knew it had to be Ginny who cooked, that was never a good thing. I had always found it so odd with Mrs. Weasley being such an incredible cook. That’s why if Ginny and I were ever supposed to do the cooking, I was the one who well… did the cooking.

Ron’s POV:

Ginny bounded out as Draco and Hermione sat in conversation, nearly attacking Draco’s face with her mouth. I groaned to myself and had to look away. Hermione excused herself and ran to the kitchen.

Luna was still inside as all of us sat down to eat.

“Where’s Lun-” I began but nearly let out a loud groan as Luna stepped in the room. She stood in the doorway wearing, what else, a shirt that read “Legalize Gay!” Bloody hell. Kill me now.  Ginny laughed and nearly snorted into her drink when she saw Luna’s shirt.

“Why are you wearing that?” She asked her, clearly in shock.

“What?” Luna said dreamily, “Gays should have the same rights we do. It’s only fair.” Ugh. Why me? Of all the things I told her, why did I tell her I was gay?!

“Erm. I’m going to go grab a butter beer. Anyone else want one?” Draco asked, standing up.

“I’ll take one!” Ginny said.

“If you don’t mind, I’ll have one as well.” I told him and he nodded to me before heading into the other room.

Draco’s POV:

I walked into the kitchen to find Hermione facing away from me with her hands on the counter in front of her, leaning over it.

“Hey, Mione.” I said, obviously scaring her because she jumped nearly a foot in the air. “Sorry love.” I added, smiling.

“Yeah?” She asked, I could hear something in her voice, hurt, betrayal? I wasn’t sure.

“Umm. I’m sorry about that. I just-” I began before Luna poked her head into the kitchen.

“It’s ready you guys. Ginny’s getting angry that everyone keeps getting up. Oh, and would you mind grabbing me a pudding Draco? Thanks.” And she was gone.

“I guess we’ll continue this later?” Hermione asked, already leaving the room.

“I guess so.” I felt the need to reply though I knew it was to no one but me.

We were all sitting down when Blaise burst in, some blond tramp in tow. Oh lord. He looked around the table as everyone had frozen in the middle of what they were doing to look at him

“What?” He asked, sitting down. “We’re allowed to have guests, right?”

“Is there any firewhisky?” The girl asked and we all looked at her. Not that she noticed.

Hermione’s POV:

I came back from a long walk along the beach only to find Draco talking on the phone while sitting on the porch.

“Yes mum. I know. Yes. Don’t worry. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. Love you too. Bye.” He finished and smiled at me. Merlin, how I loved his smile.

“Your mother I’m assuming?” I asked. He nodded and smiled. But it wasn’t a happy smile, it was a sad smile. I couldn’t understand why he was sad about talking to her.

“Calling about wedding details… That’s all that keeps her going.” He said, turning his head away from me so he was looking at the ocean.

“Right. Of course. She should be excited, I mean her only son is getting married. And to a pure blood no less.” I didn’t know where any of this was coming from, it was coming up faster than I could process. It was killing me but I knew every word out of my mouth was true. This wasn’t my wedding. This was Ginny and Draco’s. I wasn’t about to get my happily ever after. They were.

“I feel like if she didn’t have this wedding to look forward to, I would have lost her by now. She was so weak after the war and when she found out her son was going to be married soon, she freaked out and immediately snapped out of it.” He looked at me and began shaking his head. I didn’t know what to say.

“DRACOOOOOOOOOOO! LOVE! JUST GOT AN OWL WITH THE SAMPLE FOR OUR WEDDING INVITES! COME TAKE A LOOK!” Ginny shouted from inside, saving me from having to respond but also pulling Draco away. He gave me a sad smile and turned to walk into the house.

“I’m sorry we haven’t had time to talk.” He said, shocking me because I had taken to looking at the ground when he walked away.

“It’s fine… not your fault.”

~*~*~*~ A few hours later ~*~*~*~

I was laid out on a chair on the beach, Ron next to me, and Blaise next to him. I saw Blaise stand up and I closed my eyes pretending to be asleep.

“Come walk down the beach with me.” Blaise said, poking my side. He poked me again. God he was so annoying. “Come on Hermione.”

“I think she’s asleep.” Ron said, oh how I loved him. “Or dead.” He added. I tried my hardest not to laugh.

“Whatever. You guys are boring. I’m going to go find some other hot girl.” Arse. And he wondered why I didn’t like him.

“You’re good.” Ron said and I let out a sigh of relief and opened my eyes. My stomach dropped the second I did though. Ginny and Draco were walking along the beach directly in front of me, holding hands and looking like the beautiful couple they were.  It shouldn’t hurt this much. Should it?

Draco’s POV:

Ginny said something that I didn’t quite catch but she started laughing and I knew this was my cue to laugh as well. I forced out the best laugh I could while trying my hardest not to focus on Hermione laying out on the beach.

“ha-ha-ha-ha.” Ginny said, half glaring at me.


“That was the most fake laugh I have ever heard. What’s up with you lately?” She asked while giving me a playful shove. I knew she knew something was up, she wasn’t Hermione smart but she wasn’t exactly stupid.

“Sorry love, just a little tense I suppose.”

“Tense?” she grabbed my hand, “You know I love you dear, even when you’re tense.” She let go of my hand and started walking backwards towards the ocean giving me a half smile.

“What’re you doing?”

“What am I doing?” she asked while still backing up, “What ever do you mean?” She was in the water now. I knew what was coming.

“Don’t you dare!” I nearly screamed but not before she kicked enough water at me to leave a my shirt dripping where it hit me. She was so done for. I began chasing her and soon realized I was laughing at that it wasn’t Hermione I was with, but Ginny. The happy feeling immediately left and I was forced to resume the fake happy from before.

Hermione’s POV:

I couldn’t handle it any more, watching them play around in the water like that. It was killing me with each and every passing second.  I stood up to leave, nearly running back to the house.

*~*~*~* Later that night *~*~*~*

We sat there at the bar, or rather, I sat there watching Draco and Ginny dance. Ginny was all over him though he looked distant.

Blaise walked over and asked me to dance. I refused but the more I watched Ginny and Draco the more I wanted to make Draco jealous. Blaise was now talking to some blonde girl on the other side of the room but I walked over, grabbed him by the shirt and said, “let’s dance”.

We walked over so that we were standing next to Draco and Ginny and I began to dance against Blaise, attempting to copy what Ginny was doing. I seemed to be doing pretty well at first and I noticed that Draco couldn’t help but stare. This made me smile.

This little dance off continued for a good 10 minutes, Ginny constantly giving me pointers as to how I could do better. Then I felt it, a sharp pain in my upper thigh. I fell to the ground.

“Oww. Oh my god.” I said, holding my upper leg.

Ginny laughed and I glared.

“What did you do?”

“What does it look like?”

“You pulled your ovaries or something?”

“No I didn’t I just pulled something… near there...” Merlin. I stood up despite the sharp pain and hobbled off to the bathroom.

“I’m just kidding!” I heard Ginny shout from behind me.

I exited the bathroom several minutes later, they were all ready to go home. We walked out of the bar and Draco fell to the back of the group.

“Are you okay?” He asked me, his voice ringing clear with concern.

“I’m fine… I’ll be okay.” I reassured him, knowing full well I was no longer talking about my umm… injury.

“Oh, well… okay then.” He responded, clearly not knowing what to do anymore. I sighed.

~*~*~*~ The Monday after ~*~*~*~

I arrived to work exasperated from the weekend I had. I didn’t know what to think anymore. Then I saw it. A vase filled with the largest bouquet of the most brilliant dark red roses and a note. I smiled to myself hoping it was from Draco. I recognized his handwriting immediately.

Sorry we couldn’t talk.

Can we try again?

My heart skipped a beat and I couldn’t help but smile. So he did care. I sat down in my chair and dialed his number.

“Well, on the plus side I know how many roses it takes to talk to me again when you’re mad.” He said before I even said anything.

“Sorry. I know I was being immature I just… I…”

“Look, I know. I know that it wasn’t exactly what we had hope it would be and that we didn’t get around to much, well, any alone time.”

“Draco. It wasn’t just the weekend. It’s everything. It’s being around you guys. It’s watching you and her. You be with her. And knowing what we’ve been doing. What have we been doing? She’s my best friend.”  I didn’t know where any of this was coming from, “It’s hard to see you with her Draco… I’m sorry. I don’t know why I’m saying these things.”

“Mione. Look, I’ve been thinking of it and I’ve decided what we need is some time alone.”

Draco’s POV:

“Mione. Look, I’ve been thinking of it and I’ve decided what we need is some time alone.” I didn’t know if this would be what she wanted, but I needed her to hear my idea, “Just the two of us… next weekend, Ginny wants to go to Hawaii. What do you say we stay here, say that we have something else to do. Family stuff whatever, and just spend the whole weekend together. Alone. We can figure out whatever… this is.”

“Gotta go. Bye. *click*” Ugh. After all that I didn’t even get an answer.

All I wanted was to spend some time alone with Hermione. Figure out exactly what this was and what we were going to do about it. I needed an answer.

I apologize for my rant at the beginning. BUT I'm going to do something again, I'm going to beg you to leave me a review. It will make you a favorite reader of mine even if it's "you suck." kidding, but I really do appreciate reviews. If it's a short one, I don't care just leave me something so I can be super happy when I log in and see that I have reviews. I know you guys are probably like *rolls eyes* someone else will do it BUT everyone has that mentality so no one ever really reviews except for those I mentioned at the beginning, they're awesome in my book. Like I love you all but they deserve cookies and S2's for their amazing job. In fact *hands those 5 reviewers a cookie of their choice and an S2 for being so darn awesome*. Wow, I'm weird.

Anyways, please feed that hungry little box, let me know your favorite and least favorite parts and all that jazz.

Until next time,


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