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T.E.C.H:- Part 1:- The Dumbledore Affair. by magicmuggle01
Chapter 6 : Chapter Five:- The Green Orb.
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The boy version of Dumbledore led them down a side street where he went into a baker’s shop. When he came out he was carrying a loaf of bread; he then retraced his steps and walked back up the road the way that they’d come. He led them up and down quite a few streets before he finally entered a door on a road called Merlin’s Lane. Liz and Chris crept up to the door and walking passed it, noted what the number was which was 9. Liz once again used telepathy to speak to the others, and this time it didn’t quite take Chris by surprise when he heard the voices.

‘Search team one to all teams, have followed the subject to a house at number 9 Merlin’s Lane. There is a small cafe just across the road from the person’s house, meet myself and Chris here and we’ll fill you in on the details.’

After the rest of the other search teams had confirmed the message, Liz and Chris walked across to the café they’d spotted. Liz ordered a coffee and Chris a glass of Orange juice. They took their drinks over to a table by the window, so that they could have a clear view of the house across the road.

After about twenty minutes had passed the rest of the group had arrived at the café and trooped inside. They walked up to the counter and placed their orders for various drinks and went and sat with Liz and Chris. Once everyone was present at the table, Andy asked,

‘Which house does he stay in?’

And Liz pointed towards a door stating,

‘That house across the street, the one with the royal blue door.’

So the Team waited in the café. After about ten minutes had passed by – during which time they had spotted six boys heading up a path at the side of the house – there had been no sign of movement from within the house it self, and there was also none on the outside either. After another twenty minutes the café owner was starting to stare at the group a bit suspiciously. Liz – spotting this – was about to get up and suggest that they move on, when all of a sudden the front door of the house opened and they saw Albus coming out.

He headed away from the house and up the same path that the other boys had gone along, set behind the house. The team got up and exited the café and followed Albus along the path and across open country. There was a danger of being seen, but thankfully the subject seemed intent on watching where he was going. He appeared to be heading towards some steep hills that they could all see in the distance. After about ten minutes they’d indeed reached the a for mentioned hills and observed him entering a large cave. The team halted and waited for a few minutes, when they were sure that he wasn’t coming out again in a hurry, they crept forward to the cave entrance and stopped and listened.

‘Right’ said Liz,

‘I want Andy and Angie to stay here and cover the rest of us while we go into the cave to see if we can discover anything. If you’re attacked remember that you can only stun with your wands.’ So whilst Liz, Peter and Chris entered the cave, Angie and Andy drew their wands and took up defensive positions.

Once Liz and the others had entered the cave, the world seemed to go pitch black, she uttered a word – Lumos – and a light started to glow, lighting up the path ahead. Chris saw that she’d – just like the others – drawn a stick like object and had produced a light from the end. They continued to creep cautiously forward. As they continued to walk further into the cave they came across various other passageways that joined onto the one the main one that they were in. every time they came to a corner they carefully peered around it, but saw nothing out of the ordinary. As far as they could see the cave looked just like any other cave that you’d see anywhere. After about five minutes of walking along dark caverns, they saw a bright green light shining in the distance, and they also heard the sound of voices, they sounded like they were chanting. As they moved forwards, the voices grew louder. When they turned into another corridor they saw the green light shining out of an inner cave entrance, and the light was reflecting of the walls. They continued to move forward and once at the entrance to the inner cave, they peered round the corner, what they saw amazed the three of them. They could not believe what they were seeing; they saw a large shining orb that was green in colour, and emitting a green light, and it was floating about four metres off the ground.

The six boys that the team had observed going up the hill were standing in a circle, and The Albus clone was standing in the centre directly underneath the large green orb. There was a bright glowing line of light coming from the orb and it was coming straight down and going through into the clone and channelled from him to the boys forming the outer circle. The six boys were holding out their arms wide open and the light formed an unbroken circle, going from one boy to the other.

‘Together’ said the clone ‘we’ll rule the known world. We’ll – as we grow – become a big powerful organisation in which no ne will be able to stop us. You my friends will become my trusted lieutenants, and will lead the rest of my followers to total victory, the will be ours. While the norms have a puny war, we’ll be building up a following that will be the ultimate force on this planet, and we’ll rule supreme over everyone else. And when the war to come is over, and everything is in turmoil, we’ll just walk right in and take over.’

And the six boys were chanting and repeating what the Albus clone was saying in slow drawn out voices.

Chris was watching what was happening. And was amazed at what he was seeing.

‘What are they doing’ he asked to no one in particular.
‘It’s a form of brain washing’ replied Liz. ‘The clone is trying to bend the boys will around to his way of thinking. He doesn’t want them to have any free will of their own. Once he’s finished with them, it’ll be like their brains are empty. They’ll only remember what he wants them to, like stuff about their families so that no one will be suspicious. Then he fills up the rest of their minds with mindless rubbish, like, inciting racial hatred towards norms – also known has Muggles –. They’ll be virtually like automatons, doing his bidding.

Liz tried to get in touch with the others at the cave entrance. But for some reason she found that her telepathy was useless, she couldn’t get through no matter how hard she tried.

‘Peter’ she whispered. ‘I can’t seem to get through to the others with my telepathy, see if you can get through using yours.’

So Chris and Liz watched Peter while he tried, and judging by the look on his face – for they thought he was going to burst a blood vessel – he was certainly trying hard. But eventually even he had to give up, sadly looking towards Liz and shaking his head from side to side, he’d been unable to get through.

‘Sorry Liz’ was all he could say.

‘We’d better get out of here and report what we’ve observed to Doctor Williamson. There must be some sort of interference in these caves, which prevents us from using our telepathy.’

They turned back and started to retrace their steps back through the maze of caverns. When all of a sudden Peter stubbed his toe quite hard on a jutting out piece of rock, he let out a shout of pain. He tried to stifle the yell by putting his hand over his mouth but he was to late, for a moment the sound reverberated around the cave. Liz and Chris halted and listened for a few seconds to see if they’d been discovered, but all remained silent. No doubt thinking that they were undiscovered, they continued to walk cautiously away from the inner cave area.

The seven boys in the large cavern had indeed heard him, and slowly turned their heads in the direction from whence the noise had come from. They then turn their faces back towards the clone and awaited his instructions. The Albus clone had also turned his head towards the sound and suddenly there was a glowing green light coming from his eyes. He seemed to be concentrating on the wall; it was almost as if he could see through the solid stone. Then an evil sneer came over his face, he turned to one of the boys and said’

‘Follow who ever that is and report back to me. But do not interfere with them what so ever for the time being. At least not until I say so.’

The boy he’d chosen gave him a brief bow and set off to follow our intrepid heroes. In the meantime, Peter, Chris and Liz – thinking that they were still undiscovered – continued to creep along the caverns – with the boy following closely behind them – until they came to the cave entrance. The others were still waiting there for their return with worried looks on their faces.

‘What happened’ asked Andy.

‘We were worried about you; you were gone for quite a long time. Why didn’t you use telepathy?’

‘I tried, but for some reason I couldn’t get through to you. There was some sort of interference’ Liz and the other two knelt beside their comrades.

‘Have there been any problems at this end since we’ve been gone?’ asked Liz.

‘None’ replied Paul. ‘Why’d you ask?’

‘Because we’ve just witnessed the clone recruiting six boys to be the future leaders of the movement that he’s starting up. And for all we know he may already have other people in on the act already. So we’ll have to be on the look out for anything or anyone acting suspiciously towards us from now on, because anyone could be out to try and stop us. Right lets get away from here, and get in touch with headquarters, this place is starting to give me the creeps.’

So the five of them got up and set off down the same path that led towards the town. But just before they came to the path exit that led into the town, they came across an old derelict house, which they went into. After going into an room that looked like it was more stable that the rest of the house, Liz pulled out the small communicator from her bag and tried to call the Doctor, but for some reason could not make contact. It seemed to be the same sort of interference that had inhibited their telepathic powers.

In the meantime – unknown to them – the boy who’d been sent to follow them had followed them to the house and had over heard their every word. The boy inched forward a bit more, but he’d kicked a small stone and set it rolling along the floor. The team heard the noise and Liz said,

‘Who’s there?’ the boy – realising that he’d been discovered – ran off. Peter saw the boy running away and said

‘It’s only a kid, nothing to worry about, he must have been curious about what was happening.’

‘I hope he didn’t overhear anything’ replied Liz. ‘Right, we have to get away from here and find somewhere away from this interference so that we can get in touch with the Doctor and let him know what we’ve found out.’

So once again they set off down the same path they’d been on earlier and headed back towards the village square. But just before they got to the square, they came across another derelict building. When they looked inside it they found that that there were enough rooms for them to provide uninterrupted conversation with each other, and also allow them to try once again to get in touch with the control room back at base.

They entered the building and Liz immediately got the radio out of her bag and said,

‘Team one to time control, team one to time control, do you copy, over.’ A voice replied

‘Team one this is time control; pass your message, over.’

‘Thank goodness’ said Liz with a thankful sigh ‘We got through to you this time, we couldn’t earlier, time control could you please put me on a secure channel to Doctor Williamson, over.’

‘Stand by team one, putting you through now.’

After a couple of seconds had passed by, they heard Doctor Williamson on the radio.

‘Team one this is Doctor Williamson. What have you managed to find out about our friend? Over.’

Then Liz went into a lengthy detailed report about what they’d witnessed, and at the end of the report wanted to know what to do next about the situation.

‘It sounds to me as if the sooner we get the clone exchanged for the original the better things will be. So your main aim just now will be to immobilise the clone and capture him. Then once you’ve achieved that objective, you get back in touch with me and let me know when he’s under wraps, then we can exchange the two and hopefully there won’t be to much damage to the time line.’


Well thats the next chapter. I hope you enjoyed it and please tell me what you liked or hated (or both) about it in the little box below. Thanks for reading to this point.

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