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Stories Untold: Rowena Ravenclaw by NymphadoraLupin
Chapter 1 : Meeting The Future
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“Rowena! Come downstairs at once!”

I heard my mother call from downstairs, I groaned, I loved my family but I didn’t not want to tear myself away from my book of spells that I was memorizing


“Coming!” I yelled downstairs. I got off of my bed, my black braid swinging over my shoulder and I ran downstairs tripping over my sapphire blue dress in the process.

“It’s about time you joined the family. We want you to meet someone,” I nodded, a boy about my age was standing near his mother

“Rowena Ravenclaw, this is Godric Gryffindor,” I smiled and his mother said

“So Rowena, what were you doing in your room?”

‘I was reading,”

‘You must be very studious for a witch of ten,”

“Yes miss,”


I was sitting in my room leaning over the same spell book I had been memorizing since I was ten

“Rowena, come downstairs,” I got up off my bed my long black hair swinging over my shoulders, my sapphire blue dress swishing over my legs as I hurried downstairs. I had gotten to the bottom of the staircase and I saw my two best friends Helga Hufflepuff and Godric Gryffindor standing at the edge of the staircase with a stranger I hadn’t seen before, Helga flipped her long red hair over her shoulder and said

“Rowena, this is a family friend of mine, Salazar Slytherin,”

“Nice to meet your acquaintance,” I said with a smile while taking in his features. His blonde hair was scruffy nearly reaching the tops of his eyelids, his grey eyes were glistening in the sparse rays of light that were shining through the rippled glass windows

“And I you,” he smirked and took in my appearance

“Rowena! Are you just going to let us stand here?” Helga said, don’t get me wrong I love her but she is a bit pushy sometimes

“Oh yes, why don’t you come outside?” with that the trio followed me through the corridors of my families elaborate house and outside the glass double doors that lead to a marble paved terrace that was decorated with potted plants and outdoor furniture. I took the seat next to Godric and Salazar

“So, Salazar how come I have never met you before?” I questioned

“My father is a pureblood elitist; though he is very close friends with Helga’s and Godric’s fathers he never really lets me out of the house,”

“Oh, that must be terrible,” I sighed

“Not really, my father has many business associated who have many a pretty daughter, though none of which compare to you Rowena,” I felt a scarlet shade of blush creep up my cheeks

“Don’t even try Salazar; many male suitors have tried to charm the bright Rowena Ravenclaw, none of which have succeeded. It will take a real gem to steal the raven’s heart,” Godric said with a smirk, I was blushing profusely by now, I couldn’t help myself

“Oh Godric, you are just jealous because you couldn’t win my apparently prized heart,” I said with a giggle

“Oh we were ten, my family said that you would make a beautiful bride and I thought I should listen to them,” I noticed that Helga had been staring at Godric the entire conversation, I turned to her

“Helga, fancy a run?” her blue eyes widened and the skinny red head straightened up her lemon yellow dress and replied with

“Rowena, you beat me every time, I’m going to sit here,’ I took my black shoes off as I said

“Come on Helga, at least try,”

“Fine,” she sighed exasperatedly. She took off her shoes and followed me to the edge of the terrace and we ran onto the dew covered green grass. We ran to the edge of the field, I got there seconds before she did

“I told you, you would win, you always do,”

“Oh cheer up, Helga,” we walked to meet the two boys halfway through the field. We were out there talking until sunset. I was walking around the field with Salazar when I said

“Look at the sky; it’s marvellous how it can do that. Don’t you think?”

“Do what?” he asked with a puzzled expression on his face

“Go from a beautiful shade of blue, to being streaked with oranges, reds, and pinks. It’s beautiful,” he lent in close to my ear and whispered

“Doesn’t compare to the marvel standing before me,” he pulled away, looked deeply into my eyes and lent into kiss me. I pulled away when I say two red heads getting close out of the corner of my eye. I turned sharply to see my two best friends in each other’s arms kissing. I gasped

“Goderic, Helga?” Helga jumped out of Godric’s arms, she looked mortified

“Oh my gosh,” I saw Godric start to blush

“Godric, are you blushing?” I heard Salazar stifle a laugh beside me.

“I think its best that we leave now,” Salazar said to Godric. Helga and I walked the two boys out to the front of the house we bid them goodbye and they were about to leave when Godric’s and mine parents came rushing in

‘Godric! We have found the solution to our problem!” His mother beamed proudly.

“What?” Godric asked as a look of curiosity showed in his face

“You are to marry Rowena.” My father said. I my face twisted in worry, Godric was standing beside me mirroring my expression. I cast a glance at Helga, whose face showed an upsetting expression.

“I can’t marry her, I don’t love her.” He said and I gave him a meek smile, he was my best friend and I knew where he was coming from, he was in love with Helga.

“Mother! We are only sixteen! I want to plan a future, do something with my life and get married in my twentieth years! I have no plan on settling down before I even reach my eighteenth year!” I couldn’t promise that I wasn’t going to star behaving like a little child so I did what I believed was respectable. I grabbed hold of the Helga’s arm and I pulled her upstairs to my room. I shut the door behind me and flopped onto my bed

“How long have you been in love with him?” I said to Helga who was sitting next to me

“Three years,” she said simply. I was fuming. I couldn’t take this away from her. Not even by a forced marriage. I let out and angry groan

“It’s going to be alright,” she said soothingly

“No its not!” I yelled, I didn’t mean it but I couldn’t help myself

“I can’t take all of this away from you! Helga, you’re my best friend and you are in love with my other best friend. I will not go through with this!” she gave me a smile and flopped down so she was lying next to me

“Thank you, I hoped you wouldn’t,” we smiled at each other. I was incredibly glad to have a friend that even though it had never happened to her, somehow understood. We sat in silence before I got up and started walking around my room

“We need to devise a plan,” I said

“Something so devious and smart, that my parents will have no choice but to admit defeat, to abandon this ridiculous idea of marriage,” I pondered pacing in front of my bed. Then the idea came to me

“And I know exactly who to ask,” I ran downstairs Helga following close. My mother and father were sitting in the sitting room drinking tea out of porcelain cups and listening to the radio.

“Mother, Father, I’m going to visit Godric. See if we can talk over this debacle,” I said. Helga looked at me quizzically

“Just trust me,” I muttered to her in a low, quite voice.

“Rowena, that sounds like a splendid idea, especially after that childlike display before,” my mother said. I rolled my eyes and said

“We shall be back soon,” as I walked out the door. Helga looked at me

“How are we going to get there? I don’t ride a broom and neither do you,” she said

“That my dear Helga is what apparition is for,” I said simply

“But you’re not allowed to get your license until you’re of 18 years,”

“One of the many perks of having a father as a ministry official and being one of the brightest witches of the century,” I said as I put out my arm. Helga took hold and we felt a pulling sensation from our belly buttons. The next thing we knew we were standing a few metres away from Godric’s door way.

“See Helga, completely safe,” I said as we strode up to Godric’s door. Helga knocked a couple of times and Mrs Gryffindor opened the door

“Rowena! Helga! What a surprise, I didn’t expect you!” she said with a smile on her face. Mrs Gryffindor was a lovely person; she was like my second mum.

“Hello Mrs Gryffindor, is Godric home?” I asked with a smile on my face

“Yes dearies, he’s home, he’s upstairs in his room with Salazar,” she said and let us through. We quickly hurried upstairs and knocked on Godric’s bedroom door, I had spelt here a few times, I had been best friends with Godric since we were ten and he was like my brother.

“Come in,” I heard Godric say from the other side of the door. I opened the door and entered, Helga had a gigantic smile on her face. When Godric saw her he stood up from the seat he was sitting on and held open his arms, Helga ran and jumped into them. I shut the door and smiled at Godric and Helga hugging each other.

“Rowena, Helga, why are you guys here?” Godric asked with curiosity

“I have a plan,” I said simply

“What kind of plan?” he asked

“A plan so devious and clever that it will help with this problem. But we can’t pull it off on our own, we need your help,” I said a tone of confidence in my voice

“I have no idea what this plan is but I’m willing to help. I’m good with being devious,” Salazar said.


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