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Dragons Awakening by ad astra
Chapter 19 : Lost
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 Harry Potter arrived in Professor McGonagall’s office before Rose.

“Good evening, Potter,” McGonagall greeted him. “What brings you here?”

“I’m meant to be meeting Rose, to supervise tonight’s One meeting.”

“Of course. I’ll go and get her.” Professor McGonagall bustled out of the office, leaving Harry to stroll around the office, pausing to speak to the portrait of Professor Dumbledore on the wall.

“Harry my boy, good to see you again!” the portrait called jovially.

“And you, Professor.”

“How are the preparations for war going?” Dumbledore asked, his tone turning sombre.

Harry sighed. “As well as can be expected. I learned from the best.”

“If you mean me, I am, of course, flattered,” Dumbledore replied, “Though I’d like to think I taught you more than how to prepare for a battle.”

“You taught me almost everything I know, Professor.”

“I’m glad you said almost,” the portrait beside him drawled. “Mind you, Potter, I found it particularly difficult to teach you anything.”

“Evening, Professor Snape. I see you’re in a good mood.”

“As good a mood as any, when one is an oil painting.” Snape narrowed his eyes. “I heard about your daughter, Potter. I’m not sure whether to offer my congratulations or condolences.”

Harry spun around to face the portrait. “What’s this about my daughter?” he asked sharply.

Snape’s eyebrows disappeared into his hair. “You mean you haven’t heard? My my, she’s keeping secrets.”

“What are you talking about?” Harry demanded.

“Severus…” Dumbledore warned.

“You best hear it from her, not me,” Snape replied calmly, closing his eyes as if falling asleep.

“Professor Snape, WHAT HAPPENED TO MY DAUGHTER?” Harry roared, brandishing his wand at the portrait.

McGonagall entered the office at this point, taking stock of the situation. “Severus, what have you done?” She crossed the room swiftly, glaring at the portrait.

“Professor McGonagall, he said something about my daughter, what happened to my daughter, what happened to Lily?”

“Sit down, Potter.”

“Tell me!” Harry looked wildly from McGonagall to the portrait and back, searching for an answer.

“She’s…” McGonagall cleared her throat. “She’s pregnant. With Lorcan Scamander’s child.”


“GinNY!” Harry calls, panicked, launching out of the fireplace in a cloud of soot and green dust.

“What?” I ask, startled, throwing down the book I was reading and hurrying over to him. “Is something happening at Hogwarts? Why are you back? What’s going on?”

“It’s Lily, Ginny, she’s…” His voice catches, there are tears in his eyes, and I struggle to control the overwhelming sense of panic at his words.

“She’s what, Harry? What happened to her? Is she okay? Tell me she’s okay!” My voice rises in desperation as a thousand terrifying images flash through my head. No, please…

“She’s okay,” Harry manages, but even these words aren’t enough to alleviate my fears, my panic at seeing him like this.

“What is it? What’s happened to her?” I demand. “Harry, tell me!”


“No!” I cry. “Not Lily, not my little girl, she wouldn’t do that, I know she wouldn’t, who did this to her?”

“Ginny, you have to calm down, we don’t know what happened…”

“Yes we do!” I scream hysterically. “She wouldn’t, she wouldn’t, she wouldn’t, you can’t believe she would! Who was it?”

“Ginny!” Harry yells, his voice cracking. “We don’t know if that’s what happened, McGonagall would have told me—”

“And what if McGonagall doesn’t know?” I cry. “It’s not something she’s going to talk about, she’s shy, it would kill her—”

“It was Lorcan Scamander!” he shouts. “Do you think he would do that to her?”

I don’t register the question, only the name. Lorcan Scamander! I trusted him with Lily, I thought he would look after her…Barely aware of what I’m doing, I fling open the door and run down the path, oblivious to Harry’s shouting behind me. I throw open the gate, escaping from the protective charms on the house, and Disapparate, arriving in the middle of a huge, disorderly garden.

I wheel around to face the house, striding up the rambling path and blasting the door open with my wand.

“Ginny!” Luna spins around from the kitchen bench, looking startled.

“What did he do to her?” I demand, pointing my shaking wand at her. “What did your son do to my daughter?”

“What did he do?” she asks, bewildered.

“You let it happen!” I shout, ignoring her question as the realisation dawns on me: she stayed at the Scamanders’ over Christmas, that’s when it would have happened, and another flash of anger takes over me.

“She stayed here!” I howl, bringing my wand closer. “She stayed here, I thought she would be safe with you and your family but she wasn’t, I trusted you, Luna, I trusted you with Lily!”

Expelliarmus,” she says swiftly, coldly, and I watch my wand fall with a clatter to the kitchen floor. “I don’t know what you’re talking about,” she says with a ferocity I never thought she could summon, “But Lily is like a daughter to me and there is no way I would let anything bad happen to her.”

“Then explain to me this,” I say, my voice shaking with anger, “Explain to me how my daughter came to be pregnant with your son’s child.”

She stares at me, stunned. “She’s pregnant?”


“And it’s…Lorcan’s?”


She exhales slowly, turning away from me and running a hand through her dirty blonde hair.

“Well?” I ask belligerently. “Can you figure out what he did yet?”

“You’re suggesting it was against her will,” Luna says flatly.

“Of course I am, have you met Lily?”

“Have you met Lorcan?” she fires back. “Do you think he would do that to her?”

I know she’s right, but I can’t bring myself to accept the alternative.

“She’s changed, Ginny,” Luna continues. “She’s angry. She was angry the whole time she was here, though she hid it well. She probably did it to prove something.”

It’s those final words that break me; I know somehow, without a doubt, that Luna is right. I collapse in a heap on the kitchen floor, sobbing uncontrollably.

“I’ve lost her,” I manage. “I’ve lost her forever, I drove her away, I’ve failed her, she’s never going to forgive me…”

“That’s not true,” Luna says calmly, sitting on the floor and watching me with her piercing blue eyes. “You didn’t help, but she made her own choice.”

“Why are you being so understanding? I broke into your house and threatened you…”

“Oh, I knew you weren’t going to hurt me,” she replies matter-of-factly. “I’m your friend. It’s not me you’re angry at, it’s Lorcan. And Lily, and yourself. Tea?”

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Dragons Awakening: Lost


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