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Learning to Live by Star_Kid_Love
Chapter 3 : October 2020
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Sarah Wood stroked her sleeping daughter’s hair, as she watched her delicate face remain peaceful. The long ward was quiet, with a few whispered conversations happening around other patients and a healer bustling up as down checking patients’ charts which were hanging at the end of every bed.

Oliver had gone for a walk after saying something about needing to clear his head. She couldn’t blame him. How was anything ever going to be the same again.  Their little girl would never take another step; she would never walk down the aisle, never be able to run after her own children, never be able to play quidditch again – never be ‘normal’ again.

The painted walls of the room were far from reassuring for Sarah. The attention to detail as the friendly children on the wall smiled and waved unnerved her. Looking around, many of the children on the ward had photographs of family member at their bedside, or signed photos from their favourite magical stars! The toys which were clearly donated were well worn, showing that they were constantly played with. It was clear this ward was for those who were to stay in St. Mungo’s a long, long time.

Aine stirred in her sleep causing Sarah to look anxiously at her daughter, worrying about the moment when she would finally awake. The severity of the accident meant that she had to be sedated almost straight away, and would have no recollection of what happened. She would not know that she could not walk.

Shuffling footsteps came up behind her and Sarah spun around on her chair to see a puffy eyed Oliver standing a few meters away from their daughter’s bed. His face was blotchy and his body was shaking slightly – he didn’t know what to do. Tentatively Sarah held out her hand, encouraging him forwards, closer to their little girl. He moved slowly nearer before clasping onto Sarah's hand so tightly she thought he would never let go. Her heart filled with anguish as she saw the two people she loved most in the world torn apart in front of her. But she had to be strong, she had to be brave, for all of them.

As the days passed the change in Aine was extreme. She woke up early the morning after the accident, confused as to where she was and why she couldn’t move her legs. Oliver had broken down in tears upon seeing her leaving Sarah – the strong headed of the two – to explain why Daddy was crying and why Aine couldn’t feel her legs.

“You remember the quidditch match at school, don’t you honey?” She asked nervously as Aine looked from her mother to her father, a confused, scared expression on her face.

“I … I guess I do, well I remember kicking off of the ground” She replied after pausing for a moment. Sarah noted the concentration on her face as she strained to remember the match.

Anxiety bubble in Sarah’s stomach as, she prepared herself to give the explanation. She looked down at her hands and glared at the nails which she had bitten unevenly over the last few days. She could tell she was shaking, and unable to stop herself she looked directly into Aine’s eyes.

“Aine, what I’m about to explain will take a while to set in, and I don’t expect you to be brave, I don’t expect you to remain the same, I just need you to know that your father and I love you very much”

“Mum … you’re scaring me”

Sarah took one deep breath.

“Aine during the quidditch match you were hit in the back by a bludger …” She paused as Aine’s face lined itself with worry. Oliver stepped forward and clasped onto his daughter’s hand, giving her the support she needed to hear the next news.

“You fell fifty feet off your broom and then landed on your back”

Aine began to shake slightly.

“The docto- Healers tried everything imaginable to give you as much movement as possible. But, “ Sarah could feel the tears rolling down her cheeks “But … you won’t be able to walk again honey”

Aine shook violently as the final news hit her. Her eyes filled with tears which were soon rolling down her cheeks, thickly splashing onto the covers of her hospital bed. Sarah watched, as though from a distance, as Oliver embraced their daughter in a bear like hug – protecting her from the world. An anguished cry sounded from Aine causing several heads to turn their way. Sarah heard a few healers run over to where her daughter was crying and begin seeing to her. Without being noticed she slipped out of the room.

Why couldn’t magic fix her?

Why couldn’t magic fix her baby girl?

Sarah walked along corridors past ill wizards and witches in wheelchairs, with green faces and uncrontollable boiles. Her own people had better ways of dealing with accidents than witches and wizard! Doctors and Nurses knew far more than Wizards ever would.

In that moment Sarah decided that perhaps, magic wasn’t a help, but a hindrance.


A couple of days after finding out about her accident Aine had a visitor. Sarah noted the skinny blonde boy as she walked through the doors to the ward assuming that he was there to visit someone else. He was stood outside with who she supposed was his father, a rough looking man with a fanged earing and long red hair.

Sarah marched down the ward and sat by her daughter’s side, who turned her head away as soon as she placed herself there. Oliver shrugged at Sarah and gave her a sympathetic look. He was still torn up inside, she could see it in his eyes – although he was doing a much better job at hiding his emotions now.

As she was surveying his face his eyes snapped to something down the corridor and a huge grin spread across his features. Pushing himself up Sarah watched in amazement as he walked over to the long-haired, fang-eared man and the young boy.

He shook the man’s hand and had a whispered conversation with him before bending down to talk to the boy. After a moment the boy laughed, and looked more at ease. Oliver smiled and led them down the ward towards Aine’s bed.

“Sarah, this is Bill Weasley and his son Louis. They’re here to visit Aine,” Sarah looked over Aine’s vistor’s before nodding and walking past them without another word.

“Sorry about that,” Said Oliver awkwardly, “It’s tough for us all.”

Bill nodded knowingly, “She’s a mother, she loves her so much, and it’s hard for her. I should know, when I got this,” he gestured to the scars across his face “Mum was distraught.” Oliver nodded knowingly “Don’t worry mate, she’ll get through … they always do”

“Thanks” Replied Oliver before turning to Aine who was lying staring into space, not having registered that she had visitors.

“Aine honey,” Whispered Oliver softly, Aine jolted up right and stared at her Dad with a blank expression on her face. “This is Louis and Bill; they’ve come to see how you are.”

Louis smiled shyly at Aine and held out a bunch of flowers he was holding.

“I got these for you,” He said moving closer to her bed “Maman said that’s what people do to cheer each other up”

Aine stared blankly at this boy, and then at the flowers. Then all of a sudden the first smile in days broke out across her face as she accepted them and placed them in the empty vase on her bedside table. Bill and Oliver let out the breath they didn’t even realise they were holding.

“Let’s go grab a coffee or something Bill,” Suggested Oliver “Leave these two to talk.”

Agreeing, Bill led the way back up the ward leaving the twelve year olds uncomfortably in each other’s presence. After a few minutes of painstakingly awkward silence Aine gestured to the chair which Sarah had vacated.

“Take a seat” She said quietly. Louis obliged and sat down on the edge of the chair at her right hand side. Not wanting the silence to fall between them again Aine whispered quietly.

“You’re Louis Weasley”

“Y – yes I am” Agreed Louis, not knowing what else to say.

Aine smiled, “I’ve always wanted to talk to you, you seem nice”

A small blush creeped up Louis face.

“Sorry,” He apologised, “I guess I just never really thought of talking to people who I’m not related to,” He laughed nervously “I have two cousins in my year and so they're my closet friends, everyone else just wants to be friend with me because of my family”

Aine laughed slightly, suddenly wishing she had a family as big a Louis’. She had her muggle cousins who all thought her spoilt because she went to boarding school, but she didn’t really like them. 

Aine paused for a moment contemplating how to say what she wanted to say. Now that she didn’t have quidditch what was she going to do with her time? She couldn’t do homework all the time. Tears started to fill up her eyes, tears which she had pushed back for days.

“I need friends now” she whispered quietly.

Louis looked at her frail, scared, expression and at the tears forming in her eyes.

“I’ll be your friend if you want” He said smiling and grabbing her hand with his, then not really knowing what to do he shook it.



A/N: Sorry the update has taken so long guys, I had a few RL issues to deal with but here is chapter three! I hope you liked it :)

Leave me a review to let me know what you think.

Also check out my new fic 'The Call', it's a prequel one-shot about sarah and oliver :D

Much love to everybody :) 


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