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What Will Happen? by Draco579
Chapter 3 : Thwarted
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Blaise Zabini, having been walking towards the Library hoping to sabotage Draco’s plans to get the Mudblood, hid in a hidden alcove as he heard his best mate’s voice.
"So what do you say Granger, civility?” ‘Merlin, he can’t be doing that good already, can he? ‘Blaise thought as he peeked around to see; and what he saw, shocked him. The two were standing in front of each other, Draco with his hand stretched out in front of him as if he were waiting for a handshake.


“Civility” replied Granger.


Bloody hell, not even two hours into the completion and he’s already buddied-up to her… Time to go ruin this, I suppose.’ Blaise, being put into the noble House of Slytherin for good reason, was able to think of a plan in a mere few seconds, and stepped out from his hiding spot confidently.


“Oi Draco!” Blaise announced suddenly, making both Draco’s and Granger’s head snap towards him. Draco, knowing his friend and being able to guess what he was about to do, shot a glare at Blaise, silently willing him to stop. All Blaise did was smirk right back and say, “The things for the prank just came in, do you want us to start putting in the Gryffindor Common Room now?”


“Prank?” Granger said incredulously, stepping away from Draco and turning to face him with anger blazing in her eyes, “So it was a joke!  Helping me, asking me to tutor you, it was all part of the plan wasn’t it? Well you can thank Zabini here once you realize that protection enchantments have been put around my Common Room.” With one last vicious look at the pair of them, she stormed away leaving the two boys alone in the corridor. 
With a broad smirk placed on his lips, Blaise triumphantly prodded, “Yes Draco, why don’t you thank me?”


The latter, having lost what he had worked for and potentially fifteen Galleons, looked livid. With his hands curling into fists at his sides and eyes narrowing threateningly he hissed “I’m going to kill you, Blaise.” and promptly darted forward, starting a chase. Blaise ran ahead looking over his shoulder and laughing while attempting to outrun Draco. Distracted and not noticing the two figures at the end of the corridor, he collided and crashed to the ground. The other Slytherin had seen the oncoming people and stopped before he would crash, and was now standing on the side with his arms crossed and sniggering.


“Arrgh, watch it you-“ 


“Are you sure you want to finish that sentence, Zabini?”


Blaise looked up only to find two of his least favorite people in front of him- one on the ground rubbing his head, and the speaker standing next to him. Both were clad in Quidditch gear with brooms in hand. ‘What is it with Gryffindors today? Honestly…’  He glared at them coldly; they just had to be in the way, didn’t they?


“Gladly, Potter; Watch it you idiotic, pathetic, stupid, stubborn-arse, good-for-nothing Gryffindors.” Blaise spat, standing up. 


Weasley, who flushed an unflattering shade of red, got up and made a motion to grab his wand when Potter stopped him.


“Leave it Ron, these stuck-up, cowardly, lazy-arse, insignificant Slytherins aren’t worth our time.”


Turning red, Weasley muttered a bit before turning around and coherently saying, “C’mon, let’s go find Hermione before I beat the living daylights out of these two prats.” Potter picked up his fallen broom and gave him a little push and they head off to the Library to find the other member of their Trio. Blaise opened his mouth to speak, probably planning on throwing another bit of verbal abuse, but was stopped by Draco pulling him by his robes down the opposite side of the corridor. Draco, of course, hadn’t wanted Blaise to make matters worse for the sake of his bet.


Once they were out of earshot, Draco threw Blaise away from himself and stated with a force-calm, “You. Ruddy.  Idiot. Why the bloody hell would you do that?” 

Feigning innocence and playing dumb, Blaise replied “Which part? Tormenting the Gryffindors? But we always do that, mate.”


“You know what I’m talking about, Blaise….”


“Enlighten me.”


“You deliberately messed up my chances with Granger!” Draco threw his hands in the air in exasperation.

"Oh, that, well, I can't let you win that easily, now could I?"
“Easy or not, I am going to win, Blaise. You only delayed my inevitable victory.”


“Someone’s confident today...”


“I’m only saying the truth. Have I lost a bet at all yet?” 


“Well… not exactly, no, but-”


“Exactly, and I don’t plan to start losing any time soon.” 

“But this is different, it’s Granger” Blaise pointed out once again.


“You saw for yourself that I was making fantastic progress, and on the first day too, but you of course had to ruin that.” 


“I still don’t think you could go all the way with her, a handshake would be as far as you’d get.” Declared Blaise, trying to get Draco to forfeit.


“After all my conquests, you still doubt me? Honestly Blaise, have a little faith.” 


“Well if you’re so sure, what do you say we raise the stakes?”


“I like this idea, I’m listening.” Draco urged Blaise on.


“How about… fifteen Galleons, and the loser-“


“That would be you” blatantly interrupted Draco


“-And the loser has to write a foot-and-a-half- long poem proclaiming their love for McGonagall and read it out loud while standing on a table wearing Hufflepuff colors during breakfast in the Great Hall one morning.” 


“Well if you’re willing to do all that once I win, then I agree.” Confirmed Draco with a slight smirk


“Better start writing that poem, Draco, it’ll take you a while.”


“I’m not going to write it for you, the loser has to write it, you said so yourself, Blaise.”


“Which is why you should start writing it, it’s always good to plan ahead you know.”


“Then should you be working up the courage to wear Hufflepuff colors? Yellow really doesn’t go with your lousy hair, mate.”


“You won’t even have any hair by the time McGonagall gets through with you. She’ll likely kill you after you read her your poem.” 


“Oh I won’t be doing any poem reading, Blaise, I can assure you.”


“You’re going to cower out then? Might as well back out now then, before you make a fool of yourself.”


“The only one who’s going to look like a fool is you, proclaiming your love for that batty old Professor, when I win.” 

“Win? Last place is more like it, Draco”


“I can’t believe all the lies spewing out of your mouth; I mean, me losing? Ha!”


                 Blaise started to utter his witty retort when he was once again cut off and prevented from speaking; this time by the bell resounding throughout the castle signaling that lunch was about to begin. Draco realized his victory of the bickering an smirked while arching an eyebrow smugly.


“Let’s go, shall we? Wouldn’t want Crabbe and Goyle to eat all the food, those pigs... "


 Sighing in resignation, Blaise walked alongside Draco to the Great Hall in silence. All the while scheming on how to make sure that he wasn’t going to be the one professing his non-existent love for the old Transfiguration teacher.


‘Can he actually do it?

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What Will Happen?: Thwarted


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