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The Torns on the Rose by the minister for magic
Chapter 13 : Later
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It was a well known fact in the many years of the existence of Hogwarts that after a quidditch match the winning team would be up until the early hours partying, drinking and just causing a riot. However after what was known as the ‘marauder years’ many of the professors had soon caught onto this and any gathering of the sort found in the common rooms was quickly over with all major culprits in a month’s detention and letters home to their families. That was why in recent years the older students would have their parties in different areas of the school and its grounds making sure there was no way any professor could track where the next venue would be and leaving the younger students to have their more sensible celebrations from quidditch wins in the house common rooms. There had been parties held across the school in different rooms, from hidden classrooms to magically expanded bathrooms, summer parties in the forbidden forest and even a rumour of once a Halloween party in the shrieking shack.


And why would today be different? With the recent quidditch win the students of Gryffindor house were all preparing themselves for a night to remember with the older students off to the quidditch grounds for their quidditch celebrations. With a group of the gifted seventh years putting a selection of spells around the pitch to prevent anyone other than invited students from seeing or hearing any of the party goers at or travelling to the party, as long as they stayed on the planned route and in the set venue.


“I’m thinking that tonight I going for my new dark purple dress” Jasmine declared “with the black lace halter neck and embroidery on the skirt” she added after her friends could only answer with vague expressions as they knew their friend was forever buying clothes and could therefore be referring to any item in her vast magically expanded wardrobe.


Although her detailed reference didn’t really help them there was a chorus of “Oh’s” and a selection of nods that were needed to keep their very chatty friend happy and the save them from a longer story of how the dress was brought and why and the details of the events of that that day from Jasmine who talked so quickly that it was hard to really understand what she was saying.


On these evenings the five girls would often find themselves spread across their dormitory, drowning in different hair utensils, thousands of different hair and makeup products, and many different items of clothing,

Rose found herself in a short, dark red, skin tight, boob tube dress, with a pair of very high ruby red heels. Her long red hair was gently curled and fell around her shoulders whilst her hazel eyes where maximised with mascara and some eyeliner. Even though she probably looked a lot better she couldn’t help but think that if she was one of these girls that religiously did this everyday she would have shaved her head and be wearing an old pillowcase by the end of the month.


Across the room Penelope was helping Amanda finish straighten her brown hair, after Amanda had straightened Penelope’s very long blonde hair. Penelope wore a strapless white dress with a black bow in the middle that made her look like a bit of a Greek goddess with her long flowing blonde hair and vacant expression. Whist Amanda had a pale pink one shoulder dress with a small brown belt around the centre and a pair of light brown ankle boots.


“Ready to go?” Jasmine asked finishing off her lip gloss


She turned around to face her friends who were also near done. Well almost everyone.


“Merlin, Nymphadora really?” she asked


Upon hearing her forbidden and most hated first name, Tonks from across the room, lounged on her bed looked up from her magazine, not forgetting to give her a murderous look for using the banned word, gave her a calm “yeah, I’m ready”


“Your wearing old jeans, a weird sisters t-shirt and boots” She asked


“oh Jaz, let her wear what she wants” Rose said calmly in defence


“Fine” she surrendered “Who’s up for a quick drink before we set of then?”


 She summoned five shot glasses a poured a good measure of fire whisky in each, before handing them out


“Who did you get to get this for you then” inquired Rose raising her eyebrows


“Tut tut Rose what are you implying?” she laughed “I got it from George Webb, seventh year Hufflepuff”


“A hufflepuff! What is happening to the world” laughed Amanda


“Well ready, one, two, three!” Rose shouted and the five girls each drained their glasses.


“Better go then” Jasmine finished putting the glasses away and the bottle in her bag and leading the others down to the common room which was buzzing with students making there way to the quidditch pitch.


The pitch itself was crammed with students, most of the school must have been there, it doesn’t take long for news to travel around. There was a mixture of muggle and wizarding music blaring from some unknown source.


“Wow this looks pretty amazing” Rose declared “Time to start dancing I think” she added pulling her friends into the partying mayhem.


A couple of hours and many drinks later, Rose left the dancing crowd with her throbbing feet, after loosing Jasmine to this George Webb from Hufflepuff early in the night, then Amanda and Penelope to look for the friend, and only recently left Tonks happily in the company of two seventh year Gryffindor boys.


After finding a railing to support her slightly tipsy self one she began to take off her heels which were killing her feet.


“Need some help?” a voice she recognised asked from behind her


“Almost done” she said taking off her other shoe and turning around to see her visitor “ahh I need to sit down” she added


“Come on” he added walking beside her “were find somewhere a bit more quite”


He led her to a tree next to the lake, the same tree they had sat by on Halloween and they sat down. “Cold?” he asked for which she nodded in return. Before he shrugged of his jacket and put it over her shoulders. “How are your feet now?"



“Having a good night” he asked her


“I suppose, it was a good match today after all” she said


He laughed “it was a very interesting match”


“That’s a way to put it” she laughed after which there was a period of silence which he interrupted abruptly.


“Well, er Rose, about to today and erm the other day oh and that other day to I suppose I er just wonder what like you er well we err you know?” he mumbled into his hands


“I have no idea what you are talking about Charlie but yeah” she smiled to him


“Yeah? Good, well that’s good” he nodded sincerely


She laughed “you’re really quite cute, you know”


“Cute? I prefer dashingly handsome and heroic” he pleaded to her




“I’ll take that as you agreeing” he said to her giving her a kiss on the check “thanks” he whispered in her ear. "Your quite cute yourself"                


She turned her head to face him and she was at first shocked at how close he was, she could see the perfect colour of his eyes, how they seemed to have fragments of gold layered perfectly and how he was getting closer their skin touching radiating a heat inside her before his lips touched hers and that warmth inside grew and their kiss grew more and more intense.


“Well, Well, Well. What do we have here?” asked a long nasally voice catching them so off guard they almost jumped out of their skins “well?” said the voice of Severus Snape “What are the stars of the Gryffindor quidditch team doing out so late, after hours, tut, tut?” Although both students were still so shocked they couldn’t quite for speech yet. “Mr Weasley? Or perhaps Miss Evans can tell us” Rose was now back and alert especially how he had paused and emphasised ‘Evans’ so much. So he knew that was going to be interesting “As neither you can summon any words of speech, I must of course come to the obvious conclusion that there must be some sort of celebration of your appalling win nearby”


“No sir” Rose interrupted “we were, we were on a date and erm lost track of time”


“Yep a date” nodded Charlie


Although Snape’s ever sour face dip drop he did however did say “However important you think your precious game of quidditch is, it does not excuse you from any night time wanderings so you will have two weeks of detention, starting Monday night 8pm, my office and for now twenty points each will suffice, now bed” before marching off into the night.

Both Rose and Charlie made there way back up to the common room making sure to follow the designated route encase of being found by Snape again.


“Password?” declared the fat lady


“Caput Draconis” yawned Rose before she walked in followed by Charlie


“Night then” she said to him


“Night Rose” he added before they walked their separate ways in the disserted common room.


But before he walked up the stairs “oh Rose about the date ably, for the purpose of evidence I might have to actually take you on one?” 


A/N: Another chapter done! Hope you like it. I was really proud of my quick turnover in getting this chapter out so quickly even if it may be really bad which I hope its not, but anyway how’s it going for you, your reviews are of course always welcome. 

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The Torns on the Rose: Later


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