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Ashen Petals by SeverusLove
Chapter 1 : Chosen
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Finally, after weeks of writer's block, a combination of challenges, through hours of brainstorming on front of the laptop, with the help of Semi and Kali Jolon, a tinge of Raz, and a dust of Kandaja, I present to you: my latest creation!

So sit back, read, enjoy, and tell me if you can guess who the character in the story is. :P

Fire conjured by his mind flickered into life and a young boy of about ten watched as the burning flames consumed the flower before him, swallowing its beauty before it grew into full bloom.

The flames were silent as it advanced. Slowly but surely. Growing stronger the more it consumed.

His fingers twitched and he reached out, curious to know what that burning red ball would feel like on his palm, fascinated by how it devoured the flower, inch by inch, wilting its petals from a creamy pink bright and strong, to a wrinkled brown yielding to its power. Then it quickly turned into black, damaged and scarred by the harm inflicted upon it; to a burning bright red, pained and begging for the end. And then finally, a weary ashen colour of something akin to grey. Defeated. Devoured. Powerless. Dead.

The flames proceeded to the stem, travelling down slowly, degrading everything within its reach into a small and useless shade of whitened ash. Useless. Weak. Ash. Dust. Dirt.

The heat increased in intensity and vehemence, clearly intending to burn everything it could; from the grass surrounding him, to the trees, the animals, and if not stopped, possibly the whole world.

But it stopped. Just before spreading out the forest and just short of reaching the tip of the stem, it came to an abrupt stop. And he had that strong gut intuition that he had stopped the flame. He had commanded it to stop. And this weapon of great power had adhered to his commands.

A sense of pride and accomplishment rushed through him and a small smile tugged at the corners of his lips. He must be strong. He must be powerful. He must have far greater capabilities than this weapon of destruction; why else would it have bended to his will? Was he special? Was he chosen?

A rustle behind him alerted him to another presence and he turned quickly, causing the remaining ashen petals to fly off with the wind.

Another boy of about his age stood there, staring at him with widened eyes in an obvious display of surprise. But he could sense past that weak cover into that previously unidentified flicker of emotion which he could now place as fear. And this confused and frustrated him greatly. Why did everyone stare at him that way? He may be different, but did he really deserve this? He may be odd, but wasn’t that special? He was chosen.

He stepped forward and the other boy stepped back. This only served to enrage him further. Within seconds, the other boy was jerked back as though pushed and fell to the ground, his face clearly portraying that of shock, pain, and fear. His mask had fallen, his true feelings brought to light. The boy scrambled away from the forest on the cape and back towards the direction of their residence.

They couldn’t understand him. They were different. They would never understand. Frustrations overcame him, and his innocence forsaken.

Thank you for reading, please take a minute to drop a short review in the box below. :) CCs are loved, I'd like to know the believability and canon-ness of my character. Even just at least two sentences about the story or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Also, I'm worried that it may seem a bit rushed. Did it seem rushed? :) Have you guessed who it's about? :P


I've written this as a combination entry to the following challenges: dracolovergirl5000's "The Two Words Challenge" where I'm supposed to use the words 'Forsaken' and 'Fire' as starting and ending words (won 2nd place), yorkgal's "The 5 word challenge" in which I'm supposed to scatter the words 'flower', 'grey', 'mask', 'light', and 'cape' in my story, Ilia's "Every Word Counts" Challenge in which I'm supposed to write exactly 500 words not including author's notes, rjsunshine's "The 'No Dialogue' Challenge" (title sums it up), and WoodrowRynne's "The 'Unnamed' Challenge" in which I have to mention no names of characters yet make it perfectly obvious who they are through their feelings and actions.

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