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The Wizarding Tale by precious92
Chapter 13 : The Plot Thickens
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Chapter 13
The Plot Thickens

“You did WHAT?!” bellowed Rose, as she sat for breakfast in the Great Hall.

Be quiet!,” hushed Hestia.

“Honestly, I think our plan is much better than your making you look sexy plan,” said Roxanne, casually.

“Really? Really?,” asked a dubious Rose.

“Oh, come on, Rose! You need to hear us out before you start making false accusations,” said an exasperated Hestia

“Fine, then! Tell me,” said Rose, folding her arms.

“Okay, so you know that our plan is to find out which boy likes you, right? So we decided to egg him on. See?” said Hestia, smiling.

Rose narrowed her eyes and said, “So finding out that I have an admirer will egg him on?”

“Yeah!” exclaimed Hestia, disappointed that Rose couldn’t see the brilliance of the plan.

“Rose, listen. We gave Violet enough information to actually let someone fake it. So whoever likes you will come forth as your ‘secret admirer’ with all the details. You will, of course, have to play” Then she inched closer to Rose and whispered,

“Notice how we added the little enchanted flower so we know you don’t have to end up with a dumb troll.”

Rose looked back and forth at her cousin and friend, disbelievingly.

“You both have gone mental! Do you honestly think that things couldn’t go wrong in this plan?! What if no one ever comes forward because, I dunno, they think that they have lost against the ‘admirer’? Or what if I slip a little detail in, which they

didn’t know? Then they’ll have to confess that they aren’t the admirer, won’t they?” fumed Rose.

Both Hestia and Roxanne rolled their eyes and looked exasperatedly at Rose.

“Rose, Rose, Rose. Do you think we haven’t thought this plan through? Do you have so little faith in us? Of course, we know that the plan isn’t really foolproof! So, to answer your first questions,” said Roxanne. “If none of the blokes who fancy you come forward (or if there aren’t any), then don’t worry. Having secret admirer makes a girl more appealing to guys. They might say ‘well, that girl has got to be something, that she actually has someone fancying her’. That way each and every male in this school start to notice you as a potential girlfriend.”

“How do you know the working mind of a male?” accused Rose.

Roxanne rolled her eyes and, off-handedly, said, “From us three, I have had three boyfriends. Hestia snogged Macmillan, and had two boyfriends including Al. And you, my dear, have been going back and forth with that Malfoy bloke (honestly, I don’t think I would ever approve of you both dating). So do we know more than you do, my dear.”

“Honestly, Rose, just trust us and you’ll see that in no time you will have a boyfriend,” said Hestia.

Rose opened her mouth to retort then thought against it.

She was at the library, completing her Transfigurations essay.

“Hey, Rose.”

She looked up to see Robert Caruso, a fellow Ravenclaw, sitting down opposite her.

“Hey, Robert,” said Rose.

“Are you doing the Transfiguration essay, Raymond gave us?”

“Yeah,” was her reply, as she tried to figure out what he wanted. Robert was also in her Runes class, but they weren’t that close friends.

“So, It seems as if we have a Hogsmeade trip on the 26th and..., er, ...”

Rose put her quill down, and gave Robert her full attention.

“Yes?” asked Rose, frowning.

“Well, I was wondering if you would want to go with me to the village.”

“Oh, are your friends busy?” asked a concerned Rose.

He looked Rose as if she has grown extra horns


“So why aren’t you going with them?”

He stared at her, then gave a small chuckle.

“Rose, I’m asking you out to Hogsmeade,” said he, trying to hide a smile.

“Oh,” was all she could muster, as she stared at him in shock.

After a long, long silence, when Rose was trying to wrap around the fact that her friends’ crazy plan had worked, Robert seemed to have come to a conclusion by himself as he said, “It’s okay, if you are busy. Thanks for considering. Bye!”

And then, he fled away from her as fast as possible.

Well, that went well, thought Rose. She couldn’t believe that the stupid plan actually worked! She couldn’t believe boys were so dumb; are they really that easy to decipher?

Anyways, she couldn’t have agreed to going out with Robert. She needed someone who could easily irk them.

“Rose, what the hell!?”

Speak of the devils... , thought Rose, or at least one of them.

“Good Evening to you too Albus,” said her, curtly.

Albus , who was accompanied by Tristan, Fred and James, sat opposite her.

“Don’t you ‘good evening’ us,” snapped he. “Since when did you have a secret admirer?”

Rose’s anger started to boil again as she said, “Why? Can’t I have one?”

James stepped in and said, “We weren’t saying that. Of course you can.”

Both Albus and Rose stared at him as if he had sprouted warts.

“We were wondering which bloke would be daft enough to like you,” he finished, with a straight face.

A strangled noise came out of Rose’s throat, as she huffed.

“Nobody asked you to wonder James, so stop bothering her,” said Hestia, angrily, as she appeared.

She pecked Albus on the cheek; he became momentarily distracted as kissed Hestia fully on the mouth.

James, who was having the full view of the exchange, distorted his face in disgust.

“You lot sicken me!” With that he walked away.

Albus rolled his eyes and said to Hestia, “You both fight more than we … well, you know what I mean. Why do you let him get you?”

“I don’t,” pouted Hestia. “He just annoys me a lot with his presence.”

Rose, thinking this was the perfect moment to sneak away, slowly moved towards the exit to the library.

“Where do you think you are going?” asked Albus, still looking at his girlfriend. Hestia giggled.

“To my bed, where you won’t drill me.”

“I don’t drill you,” accused Albus.

“Tristan!” barked Rose.

Tristan, who had taken a book from the shelf and had been reading it and ignoring the scene, just said, “Hmm?”

“Did he or did he not drill me about my love life?” she demanded.

Tristan sighed, and shut the book with a thud. His eyes seared them, as he said, “You know what? This isn’t my fight. I’m not a part of your family, so leave me out of this.”

Then he left.

“What’s gotten into him?” wondered Hestia.

“I’ve heard tales…"

She sat comfortably at her throne, and stared at her subjects. The procession was about to begin, yet her mind was dwelling on minor yet gallingly effective thoughts. She needed to sort these out, or else she would doom her subjects.

“Let Lucas come forth,” she commanded.

A handsome child stepped forward.

“Yes, L-Priestess?”

“Lucas, you must know by now that you must address me as the High Priestess. It is very important in the formation of a bond.”

“Y-yes,” stammered he.

“Why hesitate, Lucas? Are you not glad that you been given the opportunity to empower yourself? Speak your mind, darling.”

“I-I’ve not been given a chance to initiate a ritual, Priestess,” braved Lucas, as a round of collective gasps echoed the chamber.

The Priestess raised her slender eyebrows, and remarked, “You hunger for power, my dear? And what would you do with the power, Lucas?”

Lucas raised his head, in confidence, and looked straight at the Priestess’ eyes.

“I will use it to aid you, Priestess. And show those silly wand-wavers the power to conjure and use Magic lies within us. We need the aid of a wooden stick to control our powers.”

Silence greeted his powerful, yet daring, speech. The Priestess’ gaze intensified. If it were possible, Lucas should have been burning by the power of her gaze, but he didn’t.

After a long pause, the Priestess replied, with a smile never reached her eyes, “Bravo, dear! You have proved yourself to me.” She, then, turned her attention to the rest of her subjects and addressed them, “As for the ritual, the time is coming soon when we all will have the liberty of initiating one. You will be able to harness as much Magic as you want. But be warned my friends: everything comes with a price.”

A girl stepped forward , bowed and said, “Blessed be High Priestess.”

The Priestess raised her hand and said, “Blessed be.”

“High Priestess, I would like to assist you on the Walpurgis Night.”

The Priestess raised her eyebrows at the boldness.

“It seems as if you are all very eager to become all-powerful beings. Yet we must wait, a while. And to answer your question, my Dark One, I already have someone… special to assist me. I am in dire need of her, as she possesses what I need to successfully obtain power.”

The Dark One slumped her head, and replied, “As you wish, High Priestess.”

“For today, that is all Subjects. Blessed be.”

“Blessed be,” chanted all.

As everyone piled away to the exit, the Priestess watched them with intense thoughtfulness. They are young and foolish, thought she. They believe that they can be all-powerful. The ability to possess and use power is given to few.

“Lucas, will hold on moment, dear?”

Lucas’ feet froze as heard the Priestess summoning him. He turned around to find her possessing the smile that never reached her eyes.

“Lucas, I have an important favor to ask you, darling… ”

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The Wizarding Tale: The Plot Thickens


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