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Could it ever be? by PantheressMe
Chapter 3 : Welcome
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The Hogwarts express came to a hold, and all students hurried out to the school platform. Celina was walking by herself, in her own little world, when a tall raven haired boy accidentally bumped in to her.

“Oh Sorry” the boy said. Celina turned to look at him.

“Oh no matter, I was just…” she trailed of as she spotted the scar on his forehead, which made her gasp, drop her book, and then made her blush.

“Your Harry potter” She whispered, the boy made a tired smile, as he was sick of hearing this. She hurried to get her book only to find it in the hands of a red haired boy, to whom she smiled.

“I think Harry likes to introduce himself, instead of being tolled who he is, I’m Ron Weasly By the way” the boy rambled.

Celina smiled, and the realized what she had done, “I’m frightfully sorry. I was just caught by surprise. I didn’t expect to bump in to a living legend” she bit her lip; again her nervousness had made her mouth run away with her. She looked down on her feet in shame over herself.

“No harm done. I’m Harry potter” the raven haired boy said, she looked up and saw that his hand was ready for a greeting handshake. She presented herself.

“Wait, Denmark? But how do you know of Harry?” Ron asked in surprise as he helped her in to a carriage, which would transport them to the castle.

Harry and Ron had offered her to ride with them, she had accepted, not noticing the disgruntled look Draco had given the three as they rode of.

Celina smiled” Oh Harry is a legend amongst magical creatures, all around the world. He will Save us all, from the demanding grasp of the Lord of the shadows” Ron and Harry looked at Celina like she had just dropped down from the moon.

She dropped her look again “I’m sorry. I’m babbling” her cheeks turned red, the boys looked like they were hypnotized. “So which house are you in?” she tried to break of the tension by changing the subject.

“Gryffindor” Harry and Ron replied, pleased to be rid of the silence.

“Have you been sorted yet, or are you going to the sorting hat with all the first years?” Ron asked, staring at her.

“My Aunt demanded that I joined the house of slytherin, I don’t know why” she sighted.

As the boys was about to ask another question, they noted that Celina was not looking at them anymore, they had reached the castle, and her jaw dropped at the sight.

The enormous castle that towered over her, was unlike anything she could ever imagine. Tower after tower pointed at the sky, every spike looking more impressive and adventurous than the other. An aura of something dangerous but still safe, hang over the entire castle. The thousands and thousands of windows, all seemed to be eyes of the castle, watching over every single student no matter how far away they would be.

“Well, home sweet home” Harry noted as he helped Celina of the carriage.

The Three of them walked together towards the great hall, but Celina was stopped by Professor Snape. “Not so fast Miss Williams” he said in his voice that sounded like everything bored him.

Harry and Ron looked at Snape in wonder “This is none of your concern Mr. Potter and Mr. Weasly. I suggest the two of you hurry in to the great hall, before you become responsible for the first subtraction of points from Gryffindor this year” Snape said with a smirk.

Celina watched Harry and Ron walk through the door to the great hall, in a fast pace, before she turned to Snape.

“Did I do anything wrong professor?” she asked carefully.

Snape stared at her coldly “ I am Snape, Previous head of the slytherin house, Professor Slughorn apparently had a previous engagement which prevented him to welcome you, even though you are joining his house” she was amazed at how much he managed to say in one breath.” So apparently I am the one to tell you this Miss Williams, we will not endure any head turning, or maliciously flirting at this school from your kind. You cannot use your bloodline of magic to just get what you want from the male population of the students. Is that clear?” Celina had been staring at the professor but quickly realized that he was awaiting her answer.

“Yes professor, but…” Snape cut her off by gesturing her to enter the great hall.

As Celina entered she stopped dead in her tracks, wondered by the breathtaking beauty of the entire hall. She looked at the four tables that was filled with students, quickly eying Harry and Ron, razing her hands in a wave, but also gesturing that she didn’t know where to sit, they both pointed her to the slytherin table, trying to not be to obvious to the rest of the Gryffindor table, unsuccessful, Ron got hit in the back of his head by the girl sitting next to him, Celina noticed that it had been the girl from the heads compartment.

Celina sat at the slytherins table, as a woman welcomed everyone, and introduced herself as headmistress McGonagall. She then asked for all the first years to be sorted in to their houses.

Celina had found a place between a couple of girls, who didn’t pay much attention to her, and just started to look around the table, soon meeting a pair of icy blue eyes, shocked by the coldness of those eyes she looked away, they had looked at her so differently before, on the train.

She was disturbed by a loud roar of chatter that suddenly erupted from the hall, the feast had begun. She was startled when she looked at the table, because where there once were just empty plates and such, there was now almost everything she could desire. She helped herself to a piece of shepherd’s pie, and some pumpkin juice.

After the feast was done, the students were told to go to bed, the first years was told to follow a prefect from their house. Celina figured she could just see where the people from her house would go; she didn’t need to be showed like some eleven year-old.

She followed the stream of students out of the great hall, and glimpsed a few girls all wearing Slytherin colors, walking towards the dungeon, so she went that way. Not too fast, as she didn’t want to look like she was stalking them.

After a while she lost track of them, and realized that she was lost. She then just decided to study the art, figuring that someone was bound to find her, and show her the way.

She was so lost in a big painting, resembling a forest lake, that she didn’t notice someone sneak behind her.

Suddenly a pair of strong hands pushed her against the stone wall. Not too hard, but not gentle ether, she had managed to put her hands up so that she didn’t collide with the wall to hard.

She let out a small grunt as her stomach was pressed against the wall, by the body of whoever was pushing her against the wall.

“What where you doing with the Weasel, and that bastard Potty?” She recognized the sweet minty smell from the train, and tried to turn around to face him, but he held her against the wall, by holding her wrists upon the wall with his hands, and keeping the pressure on her body, with his own.

“Please Mr. Malfoy. You are hurting me” she whimpered lightly, but he just got closer to her, now whispering next to her ear, so she could feel his heavy breathing on her cheek.

“Mr. Malfoy? Did they tell you to call me that?” The scent of roses now very clear to him when he moved his head to bury his nose in her hair.
“I’m sorry! Draco!” she just managed to say before he hushed her.

“ Now what did the blood traitor tell you about me?” he tried not to sound to desperate to get to know how much, she had heard about him, from his worst enemies, who had no doubt told her al lot of things he would now have to explain, and properly not all of it true .

“Blood Traitor?” She asked, not fighting as hard as before to get loose, from his grip. Her voice sounded surprised.

“Yes. The Weasel, and that Potty, are very fond of mud bloods and muggles” he finally turned her around, to face her.

She just stood there, looking at him, like he had just told her that she had been, socializing with trolls.

“But they seemed so... normal” she said slowly, “And Potter is supposed to save us from the lord of the shadows” she trailed of, still gently pressed against the wall.

Draco Smiled at himself, he had just avoided disaster. Celina launched herself at his arms, hugging him “thank you” she whispered, “I could have really burned myself, if the leader found out I had been friends with a… a…” she couldn’t finish the sentence; she just stared blankly at nothing.

Draco held her at arm’s length, trying to look into her eyes.

She awoke from the images that had just passed by her. She took a step forward and kissed Draco on the cheek, and then tried to turn in order to walk away, but he was not releasing her.

She looked at him with surprise, when she realized Draco wasn’t done with her.

He pulled her close to him, and planted at rough and passionate kiss on her lips. She tried to get him to let her go; mumbling in his mouth, but soon gave in to him, and placed her arms around his neck.

As he put his arms around her back, he pulled her closer, and started to lean against her, pushing her back against the wall.

His tong licked the inside of her lower lip, as she opened her mouth a little, welcoming his tong to a small intimate dance with hers, until they both pulled away from each other, grasping for air.

Her Knees buckled under her, as she felt dizzy, but he quickly caught her before she fell.

She suddenly realized what they were doing and tried to move away from him,” ohhh… If that awful Professor Snape finds us here and now, we will be in an awful lot of trouble” she whispered.

Draco just smiled at her, while she tried to get loose of his grip “Please Draco. Let me go, and show me the way to the slytherin house. Please” She fought a little harder, starting to hit him lightly.

“I’ll let you go” he said quietly. She stopped fighting to get loose and just stared at him.

“If you promise to meet me tomorrow right here” he was smirking at her. She was right where he wanted her, under his mercy. She nodded at him, looking very frightened.

He released her from his grip, and gestured towards the hall, “This way Celina” he said.

Her hair was a little messy from the fight, but she quickly smoothed it down, just in time to turn the corner, where Professor Snape was walking towards them.

“And where have we been off to Miss Williams?” he sneered lightly. She was about to open her mouth to explain when Draco started to talk.

“Well you see Professor, I was just about to turn in, when I noticed, that Celina…Miss. Williams, wasn’t back, when I decided to go look for her. I thought that she had properly gotten lost. And so I found her, and now I am just showing her where the slytherin dungeon is” Celina looked at snape intensively, to see if he believed Draco.

“Very well. I’ll let it slip this time, considering it is your first night at the castle. But if I see you once again out on the hall after curfew, I’ll make sure to give you double punishment” Snape looked straight at Celina as he said this, and then just turned around to walk back up the hall, he had just come down from.

Once at the girls’ dorm entry Celina was about to go in, when Draco griped her wrist, and pulled her close, leaning to her ear he whispered “remember to meet me tomorrow at the painting, after lessons. I just saved you out there, so now you owe me, more than just meting me there.” He slowly walked away, towards the Heads room; he was very pleased with himself.

She just watched him walk away, before she walked to her bed, sleeping heavily, the moment her head hit the pillow.

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