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Baby Of Mine by sammm
Chapter 19 : Picture Perfect
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 Baby of Mine

Plot: 'Malfoy, I'm pregnant.' 'Well then I feel sorry for the bloke that knocked you up.' 'You're the father.' The two ex-students get into a little bit of a mess after a Ministry party, and have to deal with the consequences.

Disclaimer: I don’t own J.K. Rowling, or the characters.

Previously: It felt like a new beginning, a new adventure. She had no idea what to expect living with Draco but it was a chance she was willing to take.

chapter image by hayley jade at TDA!

Chapter Seventeen: Picture Perfect

Just as she thought the cottage couldn't be anymore perfect; the colouring on the walls were just outrageous and their furniture hardly matched as they had two different personalities and tastes.

She was about to lift a box, not so much heavy but that she had to bend down to reach it. Even now that she was reaching her six month in pregnancy, her stomache had bulged. She couldn't fit into any of her shirts and now had stolen all of Draco's at this point. She could barely stand for thirty minutes without wanting to sit down and rest. The baby kicked a lot which got her quite excited, especially when Draco was in the room. It seemed as if the baby knew who her father was the minute he walked into a room. Only twice had she sent Draco on a wild goose chase for strawberry ice cream and pickle juice in the middle of the night when he stayed over at her flat.

She knew this would be hard and already they fought and they hadn't even lived together yet. Though she knew she didn't have to worry as she knew no couple was perfect and couldn't always get along 100% of the time. Ginny and Harry were almost perfect though, they made their relationship easy. Though she knew that Harry was a quiet person and liked to keep to himself, and it was harder for him to open up to people. Whereas Ginny sometimes didn't understand the relationship between the Golden Trio. It just meant that she knew that even though she wanted everything to be perfect she needed to relax every now and then and Draco brought that out of her, even though he was way too protective.

“You shouldn't be lifting that.” He said, taking the box out of her hands.

“I'm not handicapped Draco.”

“No, but you are pregnant, the healer specifically said not to lift anything heavy or that could strain your back. If there is something heavy, let me deal with it.”

“You know I don't like feeling useless, I can't just sit around and do nothing.”

“Why don't you go shopping with Weaslette?”

“She has a name, and she's busy spending the day with Luna, they're deciding on what floral arrangement they want for the wedding.”

“Ah, that's right, Loony and Weasley are tying the knot, I forgot.”

“Yes, and since I'm a Bridesmaid I expect you to be on your best behaviour during the wedding.”

“Who says I'm invited?”

“I saw the invitation on your coffee table last week, I know you were invited.” She said with a stern look on her face.

“Fine, I'll try and play nice.”

“Good,” She pecked him on the cheek before going up the stairs to examine what he had done so far to the cottage. The bedroom looked a lot better than it had before, it was painted a cream peach colour and the furniture was elegant between both hers and his personalities that it just simply fit perfectly.

“Do you like it?” He asked, coming up behind her before wrapping his arms around her and rubbing her stomache.

“It looks perfect, thank you.”

“You're welcome, now I do hope that since I'm doing most of the work I'd be getting some kind of reward later.” He said with a wink.

She pursed her lips, “We'll see.”


“Potter, Weasley, please come see me in my office.”

“Right away sir.” Harry said, Ron nodded following just behind his best friend. They had been given two weeks off since they'd been back due to Hermione's condition and since they now knew their best friend's life was in fragile hands they weren't sure how to take it. They could blame Malfoy but it wasn't his fault completely either and Hermione was adamant about keeping the baby by any circumstances. They were scared for her and sometimes talked to her on eggshells afraid to set her off. They didn't know what they'd do if they lost her. After all they've been through, surviving a war together.

They wondered what they were going to do about Greyback now that they knew he had never left London. Hermione had informed them of this news while in the hospital. He also was near Diagon Alley since he had attacked Pansy Parkinson just two weeks ago as well. He obviously had accomplices, the question was who.

“Alright, I would inform Mr. Malfoy of this news when you get the chance, as he'll be needed on the case. There was disturbances last night of loud noises near Hogsmeade, it was reported to me this morning and I would like you three to check it out. It could be nothing, or it could have something to do with Greyback.”

“Yes sir,” Ron said, while nodding his head and leaving the office with Mr. Tajo' information in hand.

“Do you reckon we should just send an owl?” Harry asked.

“Well I know that he's been busy with the cottage, I doubt he'd welcome us on his front steps.”

“He wouldn't have a choice otherwise, Hermione's our best friend, he has no say.”

They ended up sending a letter after all just in case, they didn't want to have to be in Malfoy's presence any longer then they had to. The only reason Ron had invited Malfoy to his wedding was because of Luna and Hermione. Both girls were adamant whether Ron liked the bloke or not. He replied and told them he'd meet them in Hogsmeade within the hour.

Two thirds of the Golden Trio apparated a block away from the correct address that Mr. Tajo had given because they didn't want to give their identity away, nor did they want other wizards and witches being suspicious that they were there in the first place. Draco showed up twenty minutes later, covered in what looked like paint, he apparently didn't have enough time to change.

“What happened to you?”

“I was painting the kitchen, using my wand but Hermione caught me and told me I had to do in the muggle way. So thus my clothes covered in paint.”

“Tough luck, I remember Hermione tends to do that, go on a rampant about doing everything muggle and not to always rely on the wand for everything.”

“Well either way I have to get used to it or I'll never hear the end of it.” He told them,

“Now, what exactly was the disturbance that was reported?”


Hermione looked around the newly painted kitchen in awe. It was exactly how she pictured it, though she was glad that Draco had smell proofed the room so that the paint fumes weren't anywhere near her or the baby as it was dangerous for their health. As the paint was still drying, she chose to go into the living room to read when she heard a pop from outside indicating someone had just apparated over. They had set up the wards only a day ago, so only their closest friends had access to their home. To muggles and otherwise wizards and witches the cottage was unplottable.

She peaked through the newly put up curtains, to see who was on the other side, but no one was there. She felt a gust of air come through the cottage even though she was sure no window was open. She brushed it off as nothing, though kept her wand out in the open just in case. She wasn't an auror for nothing, though she was pregnant now, didn't mean she wasn't capable of taking care of herself. Another pop was heard and this time she heard Ginny's voice calling out to her.

“Ginny! What are you doing here?”

“Luna and I just finished the floral arrangements and we needed to go over when we're going for our dresses. We thought we'd get mine or Luna's at the same time to save time.”

“That sounds like a good idea.” She told Ginny, “ Did you by chance apparate over earlier?”

“No, just now, why?”

“I thought I heard someone apparate but when I looked through the window, there was no one there.”

“Sorry Hermione, I don't know who it was. The cottage is coming along.”

“Despite my nagging, Draco making things happen.”

“And how is the baby?”

“She's good, kicking a lot lately and I'm mostly trying not to stress myself though with Greyback on the loose, it's really hard.”

“Don't let yourself worry about it, let Ron, Harry and Draco deal with it. It's their job, your's is to relax.”

“I'm still an Auror too, just cause i'm pregnant doesn't mean I can't do my job.”

“I realize that, but right now your main concern is that baby of yours. Don't you remember what you told me at the hospital?”

She had just woken up from a long awaited nap, Draco had long gone home and Harry and Ron had sat with her for the better of two hours while she'd been sleeping.

“You guys don't have to stay here you know.” She told them.

“Of course we were going to stay.” Ron said at once.

“We've always been there for each other, we're not going to stop now.” Harry continued.

She grabbed both of their hands and squeezed lightly. “Thank you.”

“We hate leaving you like this, but we've been gone for the past two weeks without food or sleep. We'll try to come back early tomorrow morning.”

“Take care of yourself Hermione, we'll be back tomorrow.”

“Alright.” She said, she was starting to get drowsy, from all the potions the healer had given her. The next thing she knew, it was morning when she woke up next. She must have dozed off quickly. She hated hospitals, even as a young child, it was only when she started Hogwarts that she'd been there more often than she liked.

When she opened her eyes, Ian was sitting next to her bed. After their dispute, she was grateful for Ginny's presence who had shown up at that moment.


“Hermione, are you alright?”

“I'm fine now.”

“Good, we've tried getting a hold of your parents but there's been no answer, we even tried to use the fellytone.”

She laughed lightly, “Gin, it's called the telephone, both you and Ron clearly have a hearing lapse, no matter how many times Harry and I repeat it.”

“Sorry.” She said sheepishly. Then her expression turned serious. “We've heard what happened, Draco told us.”

“I really don't want to think about it right now, my main concern right now is the baby and not myself. I just want this baby to live.”

“I know, but you have to understand from our point of you what it could mean if we lost you.” Ginny said. “We'd be heartbroken, I can't imagine how Harry and Ron would take it if we were to loose you. I know I won't be able to handle it. Your my best friend Hermione.”

“And you're mine. I would love nothing more than to see my daughter walk down the aisle for her wedding, or have more children, but it doesn't mean it will happen. I just have to accept it.”

“Alright, I will let this drop for now, but since you said children, I'm gonna assume they'd be with Draco?” She asked with uncertainty though with a smile on her face.

“Sometimes Ginny, you scare me. It's like you know everything before I even have to tell you.”


“He said he cared about me, and he kissed me.”

Ginny then let out a girlish scream, and proceeded to hug her best friend lightly, she since she knew she was still in pain. “I knew it! I told you it would happen! What did you say, what happened?”

“I kissed him back, and I told him I cared for him too, and that we've decided to try dating. It doesn't mean anything serious though, we're taking things slow.”

“I'm so happy for you!”

“I guess I'm happy for me too.”

“I told you that I didn't care about myself and my main concern was to care for the baby.” Hermione exclaimed knowing her best friend was right.

“Exactly, so let's focus on this baby for now. Have you had any more pain since you left the hospital?”

“Just minor cramps but the healers said that would happen, I just have to be cautious and have a lot of bedrest.”

“Exactly, so let's get you to bed.”

“But I'm not tired, Ginny, stop treating me like a child, I can take care of myself.” Hermione said stubbornly.

“You have bags under your eyes from lack of sleep Hermione, which means you're stressed and not sleeping like you're supposed to. Therefore since Draco is not here, it's my job to make sure you're sleeping.”

“Fine, I will go lie down, but I'm not going to sleep.”

“Suit yourself.”

Once Hermione had gotten help from Ginny, as stairs were becoming an issue since she was in pain, they confirmed their plans for wedding dresses and bridesmaid dresses, Ginny left Hermione to toss and turn. Once Hermione had laid down in her new furnished bedroom, she pulled a book from the side table and proceeded to read. She was determined to stay awake until Draco came home even though she could feel her eyes drooping.

She woke up to a sound of a crash, she glanced at the clock, noticing it was pretty late and Draco had not returned, she was slightly panicked. She grabbed her wand and walked down the stairs slowly, not expecting anyone or anything. She heard movement from behind her and glanced quickly and she let out a scream.

“Well well, Ms. Granger, it seems we meet again only this time, by tomorrow you'll be dead, including that half-blood bastard child.”


He just smirked at her, pointing his wand at her.

“You're supposed to be dead.” She said hesitantly.

“You've been misinformed it seemed.” He said. “I recall being missing from the wanted posters around the Ministry, and assumed that since they hadn't been able to catch me in four years that I was declared dead, but you and I both know that isn't true anymore is it?”

“Does Draco know this?”

“Ah, you and my disgraceful son are an item now, what a pity for him to come to find you dead. Poor poor Draco.” He said.

Hermione knew that even with her wand and her knowledge of spells there was no way she could stop him herself. Considering her condition at the moment, it was very likely she'd live to survive the night. Lucius was a Death Eater had been for years and he had no ounce of sympathy for anyone and it seemed that it included his own flesh and blood. She then remembered what Harry had told her about Lucius during the war. He had killed Narcissa, with no mercy, no ounce of remorse. He didn't care that his son had watched, all he cared about was pleasing his master.

Then a thought occurred to her, if she could just distract him long enough than she could send a message through patronus to Draco. But the question was how would she be able to distract him, from killing her and her baby.

“How did you get in?” We just placed the wards, there was no way you could have gotten in.” She said.

“Some of your wards are by blood oath, and obviously my son didn't think about this when he put them up. Either he is stupid or pure genius in my case, and since we both have the same blood however his may be dirty now for associating with you, I was able to get in.”

“There's no way, I don't believe you.”

“Well for an auror yourself, you're not very sure of your own wards and they're suppose to be impossible to get through. I'd be worried for the Ministry.”

“Ministry? What do you know of Greyback?”

“Ah, I didn't peg you to be stupid Granger, I knew you'd figure it out.” He said at once with a smile.

“You've been behind the killings.”

“Very good Granger, you solved the puzzle. Ten points to Gryffindor!” He was mocking her, but she didn't care at the moment, she needed this, this distraction if only for a moment longer.

“And do you know what happens now? I'm going to kill you, quite slowly, you see, I have found muggle weapons quite fasinating, knives in particular. As well as my son coming to your rescue will be quite pitiful since Greyback is now probably distracting those numbskulls you call friends. They won't stand a chance, as I've hoped you'd be here all by your lonesome. This plan couldn't have come at a more perfect opportunity.”

Her grip on her wand had tightened, what was she going to do now, if she thought about it, Greyback was strong for a werewolf, but going against three powerful aurors wasn't necessarily wise for him either. Would they be able to handle him? She didn't know why she worried for them so much with the worst possible murderer in her presence at the moment. She was in a much more serious situation than them, but what could she do?

“Stupefy!” She heard shout. Her wand was blown away, across the wand where she had no access to it, even if she ran, she knew Lucius would get to it first. “Now are you going to cooperate Mudblood or am I going to have to make you?”

Author's Notes: Alright, so after a brief but long awaited chapter! How was it? What's going to happen now?! Well you'll just have to find out! So as you know I've had a huge amount of writer's block over the last couple of months and I'm so sorry for that. I hate giving you guys a crap chapter rather than take quite a bit more months to make it better. Though I know my spelling and grammar is horrible(I still don't have a beta), I hope it's not too terrible that you can't enjoy it. I hope that I'll have another chapter posted soon, for those of your still sticking around, thank you so much for the support and the lovely reviews you give. I will usually respond to your reviews so don't think I'm ignoring any of you!

Thanks once again!

Please read & review!


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