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The Flower by Elizabeth Lucia
Chapter 12 : Chapter 12
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A/N so we are just skipping chapter 11 because it was rejected an I am too lazy to re-write it...all that happened was AL had sex with Adi, Lily had sex with Collin, Rose had sex with Scorpius, and Kegan had sex with Dan...the with the show!





"Ronald Billius Weasley!”  shouted Hermione up the stairs of Shell Cottage.  She was wearing a tight fitting, calf length blue dress.  It was New Year’s Eve.  “RONALD!”  she called again “Get down here!”  




“I’m almost ready darling!” came the somewhat frightened response from the story above her.  


“Aunt ‘ermione, eet’s really fine” said Victoire, trying to calm her aunt.  




“No it isn’t. He was on time for your parents wedding, and he will be on time for yours.  RONALD!”  At that moment, Ron came blundering down the steps in blue dress robes that matched his wife’s dress. Victoire had already gone back into her mother’s room the put the last touches on her wedding attire, and so Ron led Hermione out to the beach, where their son seated them for the wedding. 




                Veronique could not get over her sister’s wedding gown.  It was white, princess gown with a sweetheart neckline that was decorated with glass beads so that it would sparkle.  It was made with cotton and a sheer, gauzy material.  She had a lace, sleeved shawl that she buttoned at the hollow of her neck.  Pearls covered the comb that was attached to the veil, and the lace sleeves on her shawl were attached to her fingers so that they would not ride up on her arms. Victoire was beautiful in their grandmother’s wedding gown.  Her two brides maids, Abella and Veronique, wore light greed dresses withshort sleeves and V-necks that were lined with small pearls.  Their dresses fell to their knees. 




                The wedding was just as magical as everyone had hopped, if not more so.  The Malfoys had decided to stick around, and Draco and Ron had managed to not rip each other’s throats out, which was a plus.  Victoire had made her vows in French, and Teddy’s only response was




“I don’t know what that means, but I don’t care.  You could speak in gibberish for the rest of your life and it wouldn’t change the fact that I love you so much.”  Yes everyone enjoyed themselves to say the least.  That is, until the the cleanup of the reception.





                “I’m not going back!” came the angered shouts from the table where Kegan was sitting with her father.  “Dad, I was accepted at Hogwarts, and that’s where I want to be!  I’ve already wrote to the headmaster, and I’m allowed to transfer half way through the year so long as I’m sorted before the second term begins!  I want to go to Hogwarts, I’m sick and tired of not being with my cousins, and I don’t want to be away from Dan again, and I just want to –


“What did you say about Dan?”  said Percy.  “Good God, you’re not really making a decision of these proportions based on one boy that you just met are you?”  




“We didn’t just meet!  We’ve known each other for years!”




“I don’t care!”  Said Percy.  “You and your sisters are graduating from Incantevole and that…is…FINAL!”  and he stormed out of the tent. 




                “UGH!” said Kegan as she flopped down on her bed.  




“It’s ok Kegan” said Aggie.  “We’ll get you to Hogwarts.  Molly and I want to go to you know.”  The girls were all dressed for bed and Martia was already asleep when the boys walked in.  


“James has a plan” said Scorpius as he sat down next to Rose.  As the boys explained their plan, the girls grew more excited, for this meant that Kegan, Aggie and Molly would be able to come to Hogwarts with them.  Dan smiled across the room at Kegan, and she knew that somehow, no matter how crazy it was, this plan would work. 





                “Goodbye darlings!  We’ll see you in the summer!”  shouted Ginny as the Hogwarts express pulled out of the station.  Lily left the window of her compartment, and let out a sigh of relief.  




“Alright, you can come out now” she said.  Immediately, Kegan shimmered into existence and tossed James’s invisibility cloak onto her Al’s lap.  Aggie transformed from her anemagus of a cat and leapt off of Rose’s lap.  Rose then looked at the other Rose beside her, whose skin was beginning to bubble.  Her red hair changed to a dark shade of brown and left not a second Rose, but Molly sitting right next to her.  It had worked.  They were on their way back.  Lily, Rose, and Al had convinced their parents to send them back to Hogwarts a day early so that they could get settled before term began.  In actuality, it was so their cousins could be sorted.  There were only a few people on the train going back, and even fewer who had stayed at Hogwarts over the holidays.  They had almost had a horrible encounter in which Ron and Hermione swapped Rose’s and had to say goodbye twice.  They almost saw the two Rose’s together!  That night, Molly and Kegan were sorted into Griffindore, but Aggie was sorted into Slytherin.  Naturally, this caused some worry amongst her family, but at least she had one friend in her house. 

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