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Serenade by accioscheine
Chapter 1 : Prologue
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“WHAT?!” I screamed shrilly.
The news had brought me to my feet in a nano-second and I was shocked. This couldn’t be happening to me. NOT NOW!
“Arya, sit back down. Let’s talk about this in a CIVIL manner, hmm?” my dad said, slightly amused. Oh him and his stupid “civil” conversations, I hate anything “civilised”. He knows it too, which is why he’s specifically using that word.

I glared at him. But glaring at my dad was pretty much useless. He’s oblivious to any negativity in the world. Mum says its because he came from such a rough and poor background, and that he now counts his blessings and sees everything as half-full. This always made me smile especially as my dad is my biggest inspiration. However at the moment a wonderful scowl was plastered on my face, my eyes dancing with rage.

I looked over at mum. She had her steely don’t-mess-with-me-look, which made me weaken slightly and return to my seat. I couldn’t believe this.

Well actually I could. It’s my entire fault. I knew I should have done my work BEFORE I went out but how was I supposed to know an after-party could last that long? I was completely unaware and I couldn’t exactly say, “Oh soz guys, gotta run home and do my Potions essay!” It would’ve been SO uncool, not to mention completely bonkers.

“Mum come on! I’ll catch up and do all my work! You know I will-“
“No Arya. This is the last straw. IT’S AUGUST. The school year is OVER and children are enjoying their summer holidays! And you have spent your year slacking, choosing parties over your schoolwork causing you to push the term dates around. Well I’ve had enough. I’ve already enrolled you in Hogwarts and you will be starting on September the first,”

Was I dreaming? My eyes were becoming blurry and the room was spinning. What was happening to me? My life was at an all time high. I was number one in the iTunes chart, number one on every current song-chart and my mum was telling me I’ll be going to HOGWARTS?

I heard a chuckle come from next to me. My older brother Charlie was sprawled on the sofa. He was looking at me in that really annoying way. You know, where they feel sorry for you but not really? Yes that way.

“Well if that’s all I’ll just go upstairs. Sucks to be you sista!” He smirked. He started getting up but Mum and Dad looked at each other, a flash of guilt passing between them. This time it was me smirking. There was more! And it wasn’t just for me.

“Er actually Charlie this involves you too. We think it’s time we all settled down as a family and to do that we’d prefer it if you were in the same country…” Dad started.
“DON’T YOU DARE-“ Charlie exploded
“So your mother and I contacted Beauxbatons and informed them that-“
“You will be transferring-“
“To Hogwarts.” Dad smiled, nervously.

This time I chuckled at him. He whipped his gaze round at me and my sneer fell. My brother Charlie was sixteen, only a year older than me but he was much taller. He was also quite well built which made him a bit terrifying. Not to mention his blue eyes that stood out from his mocha-coloured skin, they were a stark contrast and always the first thing you noticed about him. Right now they were looking murderous.
“This is all your bloody fault,” he hissed, making the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. “If you’d just packed this stupid career of yours in the beginning and just went to Beauxbatons like me, NONE of this would’ve happened. But no! All you cared about was warbling on about some guy who broke your heart and other stupid pointless shit!”

I glared at him. He always threw this one at me. EVERYTHING was my fault just because my singing career took off a few years ago. It’s his favourite thing, making fun of my career. To him I’m some stupid teenybopper and it’s his greatest pleasure to google harsh reviews about me and stick them around my room.

“Charlie! This is not your sister’s fault. This is no ones FAULT. We’ve just decided enough is enough, and wanted a change,” Mum started. She carried on before we could interject. “We’ve always supported both of you. Charlie you wanted to get away from England to be away from Arya’s spotlight and we allowed that! Arya you wanted to focus on your singing career and so we let you be home-schooled. But it’s NOT working Arya! This is your fifth year and you have O.W.L.s to do. If you carry on the way you are you will get meagre results which will mean NOTHING when you decide to be a part of the Wizarding World-“

“But what if I don’t WANT to be a part of the Wizarding World?!” I shouted.
This stopped her. Both Mum and Dad looked at me like I was mad. And that’s when Mum snapped. Oh Dear Lord she’s standing up.

“Arya Felicity Malik, you listen to me right now. You are a Witch. It’s who you are. I don’t give a bloody damn if you care about your music more than Magic but I will do my very best to give you the finest possible standing in the Wizarding World. Not for you, but for ME. For US. For your family! You promised us that you would do your best with your studies and up until now you have! But you’ve been slacking greatly this year Arya. Talking about a “World Tour” of all things! You’re just FIFTEEN! I don’t want to hear another WORD about this. You will be joining Hogwarts this year, and that’s FINAL.” And with that she stalked out huffily. Dad gave me an apologetic look and followed her, murmuring comforting words. I didn’t care. She’s never shouted at me like that, it’s always to Dad or Charlie.

I looked up and realised it was just my little sister Zara in the room. She was watching “In The Night Garden” on the TV but had now looked up at me. I went over to her and cuddled her. She nuzzled her tiny head into my shoulder and my eyes started filling with tears.
“Don’t be sad, Aya,” she said. Oh bless her. She really does try to pronounce the ‘r’ but so far no luck.

I don’t know why I was crying. I’m not scared of Hogwarts or anything; in fact it sounds AMAZING. But how could I join a school in my fifth year? Everyone would’ve made friends by now; REALLY close friends! How could I just waltz in and be like “OH HEY GUYZ HOW’S IT HANGLING?!!?*” and just join a group of friends? I have friends! GREAT friends! I can’t go to a completely new place and make new friends –

How can I complain? I have an amazing, loving family. I have incredibly cool friends. I live in one of the biggest houses in Chelsea. I’m an international pop star. I CAN DO MAGIC! And yet here I am blubbing into a box of chocolates while watching Scrubs.

Sometimes I wish I was a muggle. I really, REALLY do.


*This is purposely spelt “hangling”. It’s a joke from a British advert, search “How’s it Hangling?” on YouTube and it’s the Peep Show Promo video.

// Hope you enjoyed this! Stay tuned for more. Next chapter will be at King’s Cross Station, September 1st. :-)


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Serenade: Prologue


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