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Mirror, Mirror On The Wall, Which Is The Best Fairytale Of Them All by peace2lovepotter
Chapter 6 : The Little Mermaid
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I began to swim, back up to the shore, to my house, Shell Cottage. I had been swimming all morning, against the pale blue sea and sky and the seagulls flying above my blonde, veela hair.


Once I reached the shore, I ruffled my wet hair, and began to walk barefoot across the sands. Only my sister Dominique was in the house and she was probably reading Witch Weekly or doing her make-up. But suddenly, I saw a lone figure, lying on the sand. Teddy.


I ran, all the way up to him, and knelt beside him. "Teddy? Teddy? Are you awake? Oh please don’t be dead!"


His hair was a shade of black, and his eyes were closed. Carefully, I found my wand which I had left with my bag, and levitated him up into the air. He floated everywhere, this way and that, until I reached the house. I lowered my wand, and grabbed hold of him, and lifted him up the stairs. I didn’t bother telling Dom, I knew for a fact she wouldn’t know what to do.


I took him to the guest bedroom, and laid him down in the bed. I felt his forehead, and checked his pulse, both seemed to be normal. He was sleeping. I kissed him gently on the cheek, and went to take a bath.


1 Hour Later


I stepped out of my room, clean and fresh, and went to take a look at Teddy. He wasn’t there. Somebody had moved him.


I went down the stairs, and in the living room, I found Maman, Dad, Louis, Dominique and Teddy. I gulped. Teddy and Dominique were holding hands, Teddy looking at my sister with a sense of compassion.


"Victoire! Your vack! Your seester found Teeddy on the beach, and looked after heem. He’s fine now, because of her!" My mouth hung open, and I saw my Dominique giving me a smug look. Teddy gave meek nod, and a week smile, and mouthed a friendly greeting. But I wanted it to be more than just a friendly greeting. I badly wanted to scream, saying it was me who found him, me who looked after him. But I didn’t. I couldn’t. I knew Domi always had a crush on Teddy, and now, finally, she got what she wanted. I had to be happy though didn’t I? No, I couldn’t be. She had taken the one thing I could ever be proud of doing away.


Seven Years Later


Sitting on a sofa can be very boring, especially when there’s nothing to do but mope about how the love of your life is in a committed relationship with your sister. I tried lying down, I tried sitting up, I tried sitting upside down, and I tried lying on my front, but nothing seemed comfortable. I tried reading, I tried writing, I tried to do my nails, I tried to have a snack, but I couldn’t I was simply bored.


Suddenly, I heard a knock on the door. I got up, and ran to the door. What? It’s better than walking, it’s something to do! When I pulled it back I saw Domi and Teddy, with their arms wrapped around each other, huge grins on their faces. Before I asked what they were doing here, Dominique pulled her hand out in front of her. There, on her finger, was a ring. A ring that had beautiful rubies and diamonds, that glittered, almost lighting up the dark, dim hallway.


"We’re engaged!"


I could fell anger bubbling up inside me, and tears were slowly fighting to stay inside of my eyes, but I put on a brave smile, and told them to come in.


When we sat down, Domi began to talk about how magical it was, but I couldn’t listen. All I thought about was how I had seven years to tell everybody the truth, but I didn’t. I looked up, and I saw Teddy looking at me, asking me wordlessly if I was okay. I nodded, and looked at my sister’s small, petite arm linked into his big and strong arm. I couldn’t do it any more. I had to tell him the truth.


"Teddy, there’s something I, and Domi have to tell you." Dominique looked at me very strangely, and I saw Teddy staring at her. "That time, when you thought that Domi was the one who rescued you, seven years ago, it wasn’t her at all. It was me."


Dominique gasped, and her eyes swam with tears. Teddy didn’t know where to look, his eyes kept switching from Domi to me, but you could tell one thing. He was hurt.


I instantly began to regret doing what I had just done. Dominique wrapped her arms around her knees, her blonde hair covering her knees and her face. Teddy still looked confused. "So, you’re telling me, that mine and Domi’s whole relationship has been a bag full of lies?"


I nodded. "Domi, why did you lie to me?"

She looked up from the floor and began to talk. "I did it because Victoire always got everything. She was always the prettiest, the smartest, and the oldest. She was the pretty, smart Ravenclaw, whilst I was just known as the not as pretty sister of the one and only Victoire Weasley. For once I just wanted something that Victoire couldn’t have.


She got up, and took the ring off her finger, and gave it to me. "You deserve this more than me Victoire, you take it. You always loved him, and never said anything about the whole beach thing to protect me."


With that, she was gone, with a pop. I didn’t know where to look. But I knew that Teddy was staring at me. I fiddled with the ring, and admired its beauty. I got up and put it in his lap. "Here. This belongs to you."


When I sat back down, he began to whisper. "Thank you, Victoire, for telling me the truth."


"You should be angry with me. I broke you and Domi up."


"She wasn’t the one for me though. Only you were."


I look up, and I saw him on one knee. "Victoire, will you marry me?"


"We haven’t even been dating Teddy, this isn’t fair on Dominique."


"Well, can this be considered as a date, and then I’ll ask you again at the end of it all?"


I snort with laughter. "Maybe."


Soon enough, he kisses me. And now, I don’t feel as guilty for what I did. "I love you Victoire."


"I love you too Teddy."


A/N So, just the epilouge to go now! I have started to write it, and I think it should be a good ending for this story. Thank you so much for reading, my readers have been so loyal. Read and Review please? Love Livvy x

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