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T.E.C.H:- Part 1:- The Dumbledore Affair. by magicmuggle01
Chapter 5 : Chapter Four:- The Time Machine
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Again, like in the control room he saw a lot of monitors and various other equipment standing around in the middle of the floor and against the walls. But what amazed him even more was the sight of a large cylindrical object in the very centre of the room. And as he looked up, Chris saw that its height seemed to reach right up to the ceiling. – And that in itself was very high up –. The rest of the team were waiting at the foot of a ramp that led up to an open door that was set in the side of the object. Both the Doctor and Chris walked up to the others and the Doctor said,

‘Well everyone, good luck with the mission and come back safe and – turning to Chris – especially to you Chris, good luck on your first mission.’ Then he turned around and exited through the same door that he and Chris had entered by a few moments before and disappeared. With that the team walked up the ramp and entered the object.

At the door Chris hesitated. Liz, – who was just behind him – said,

I know it looks a bit daunting Chris, but don’t worry, it’s not as bad as it looks.’ And with that encouragement he entered and sat down in one of the seats that were vacant, and watching the others he copied what they were doing. He pulled some straps over his shoulders and up between his legs, and was trying to attach the two sets of straps together across his chest. But as he was having trouble trying to make them both connect up together, the front door was slammed shut with a clang and locked from the outside. At the sound, Chris looked up with some apprehension.

At that moment Liz looked up to check on the progress of everyone, and seeing that Chris was having trouble with the straps. So undoing her straps she went over and helped him out of his difficulties. Then when she’d finished that job – receiving a grateful smile from Chris – and strapped herself back into her seat, she looked around to make sure everyone else was secure and being satisfied, she turned and flicking a switch set into the wall spoke into a microphone and said,

‘Okay control, team one is ready for deployment.’

A voice answered.

‘Roger team one, deployment will commence in t minus one minute and counting.’

Chris’s heart was beating, as if someone was beating a drum very fast. A voice then started to count down from sixty. And as the countdown commenced the object that he was in started to revolve. Very slowly at first, but with every second that passed it picked up speed and went faster and faster. As the object picked up speed, Chris felt himself being pushed back into the seat with the force of the spinning. Chris started to go pale in the face, and also started to feel queasy. He tried closing his eyes, but that seemed to make matters worse. Then he felt someone taking a hold of his hand. He opened his eyes and looked up. Chris saw that it was Liz who was holding his hand and was smiling an encouraging smile at him. He managed to smile back at her.

‘Keep looking at me and it won’t feel so bad.’

Chris had heard Liz say the words, but was sure that he hadn’t seen her lips moving. Chris seemed to have heard the voice in his head. But at that moment Chris had other things to worry about. So Chris kept his eyes on Liz’s eyes and in so doing he seemed to feel strength and encouragement flow into him. By the time the countdown reached zero, he felt nice and calm. He felt a type of peace that he’d never experienced before. When the voice reached zero, Chris felt a sudden lunge and it felt as if his insides were being turned inside out. He felt like he was being torn apart, it was only when the revolving started to slow down did Chris start to feel a bit more like himself.

When the revolving finally stopped, Chris was amazed to find that he was no longer in the object that he’d started out in. instead he found that he was now outside in the open air lying on his back on some grass staring up at a bright blue sky. He sat up and looked around, blinking his eyes in the sudden bright sunshine.

‘Where are we?’ he asked.

But before anyone could reply to his question, Chris suddenly turned over and threw up on the grass.

‘Well look at that,’ said Peter – with a laugh – ‘guess who can’t handle time travel?’

Liz walked over to Chris and put her arm around his shoulders.

‘Don’t worry about it’ she said – casting a vicious look in the direction of Peter – everybody’s sick the first couple of times, it’ll take your body a bit of time to get used to the sudden change.’ And then in a whispered voice Liz said, ‘You should have seen Peter being sick when he’d first time travelled, he’d kept it going for nearly two minutes.’

Chris snorted with laughter at what Liz had just said.

Then she turned and said ‘is everyone else alright?’ Everyone else nodded their heads. Once she’d established all was ok, she took a flat round object out of her bag and pressing a button on the side the lid flipped up. After pressing another button on the inside Liz spoke into it.

‘Team one to control; we’ve all arrived safely and in good condition. No injuries to report.’ After a moment a voice replied,

‘Roger team one, message received and understood.’

‘What’s that’ asked Chris as Liz started to put the device away in her bag.

‘It’s a communication device that allows us to stay in touch with our control room in the future.’

‘Amazing’ he replied. But before Liz had put her communicator fully away another voice could be heard coming from it.

‘Team one this is Doctor Williamson, do you read me, over?’

Liz opened the device and replied

‘Yes Doctor Williamson we read you. Pass your message, over.’

‘New information has been obtained concerning the clone. We’ve found out from records that we retrieved that the clone has been Genetically Engineered with special abilities. It has virtually the same powers and abilities that you all have. So you must be extremely careful. Only defend yourselves if you are attacked, over.’

‘Message received and understood Doctor, over and out.’

Then she let go of the send button and returned the communicator to her bag. Turning to the rest of her team Liz said,

‘Well you heard the man. We only attack when we’re attacked, not before, understood?’

And everyone nodded their heads.

‘Good – looking around her – now the village is about a mile North of us that’s in that direction – pointing –. Were going to have to walk so the sooner we get started, the sooner we get there.’

So they all set out to cross the field that they’d landed in and out of a gate at the far end that led into a country lane. Once they’d exited the field, Liz closed the gate behind them and they set off along the lane.

They soon came to a road, and began to walk along the grass verge. As they walked along, they passed several people, but thanks to the well prepared planning in advance they seemed to pass without drawing attention to themselves. Any people they passed never gave them a second glance. People must have thought they were brothers and sisters. They also kept a sharp look out for any boys that they met and tried to match them up to the description and the photo that they’d committed to memory back at base. But any that they did meet didn’t meet the criteria, so they continued to walk towards Godrics Hollow.

Once they’d reached the village they made for the most logical place to start their search, the village square. When they arrived at their destination Liz said

‘It would be better if we split up, we’ll be able to search the village much more effectively that way. Right Andrew, you search the Eastern side, Peter you search the Northern end, Angie you search the Southern end whilst Chris and myself will take the Western end of the village. Remember to keep in touch through telepathy with your progress, and also if you spot anything, even if you’re unsure get in touch.’ Liz looked at the church clock and saw that the time was Eleven o’clock, ‘Ok, it’s Eleven now, we’ll meet back here in one hour, Ok, lets move.’

Everyone moved off to their designated search areas. Chris and Liz moving towards the Western end of the village and started their search.

Once Chris and Liz had reached the area that they were to check, Liz said

‘Chris, you cross over and check the doors on the other side of the road; you know what were looking for.’

So with a nod of his head, Chris crossed over the road and started looking at the doors for any names or numbers, Liz looked over the doors on her side and found nothing.

They’d been searching for just over forty five minutes and had almost given up hope and were about to head back to the square when all of a sudden Chris spotted a boy who looked just like the photo. He was about the right age and was dressed in a similar way to the way he was dressed. Chris signaled to Liz and she crossed over and joined him. Chris pointed the boy out and Liz said

‘Well done Chris’ and they started to follow him. Then all of a sudden Chris heard a voice in his head.

‘Ok everyone, Chris and I have found him, we’ll follow him and keep you up to date on his movements.’

Chris jumped slightly at the sudden voice that he’d heard and he looked over hurriedly towards Liz and he saw that she hadn’t moved her lips. And Chris remembered that something similar had happened during the trip through time. He’d heard her voice then as well but hadn’t seen her mouth move that time either.

Then Chris heard other voices and realized that it was the other team members replying that they’d await her instructions. Chris looked at Liz and said

‘What were those voices that I heard in my head?’

‘That was me getting in touch with the others to let me know that we’d found our boy.’
‘But how did you do that without the use of a radio? And also without moving your lips?’

‘Through telepathy’.

‘Through what?’ asked Chris in a confused voice?

‘Through telepathy’

‘What’s that?’

‘I’ll explain later, it’ll be part of your training if you decide to join us. But for now we have more important things to worry about. Let’s sort out that clone and find out what he’s up to.’


That’s the next chapter. I hope your enjoying the story so far. If so could you leave a comment or two in the box below? All constructive criticism is welcome.

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