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It Was Only A Kiss by _disenchanted
Chapter 7 : chapter 007.
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 History of Magic, History of Magic. Don't look at anyone else, don't talk to anyone else. was all Callie was thinking in her mind.


She kept her head down and hurried out of the Great Hall, barely hearing Albus's goodbye.


Callie let out a sigh of relief when she moved around the corner and into a deserted corridor. she slumped against the wall and straightened her robes and hair as best she could.


Why did he have to mention Divination?


It's not like he knew, she reminded herself.


Don't go blaming him for something he didn't know.


I understand that, but why does it have to happen to ME?!


The other part of Callie went silent. Soon, breakfast would be letting out, so she got up and made her way to History of Magic, thankful for the quiet that would soon come.




History of Magic let out and Callie made her way to the Common Room. She was skipping next class. She couldn't take it. Her brain just wouldn't function. All she could think about was how bad her life turned, and she couldn't take it anymore.


Callie needed to talk to someone.


But who?






Callie decided the lake was the best place. After dropping her books off, she made her way down, inconspicuously hiding with a group of seventh years making their way down to Care of Magical Creatures. They paid no heed when she stopped short at the path that led to the lake when they parted to Hagrid's Hut. It's a wonder how he's still teaching.


As she continued down the path, she felt the nice breeze from the lake. Then she was there.


Once again, Callie saw feet.


Callie turned to go, knowing who it was. She couldn't handle it. No, No, No! was all she said in her mind.


"I know you're there," said the feet.


She didn't make a sound. How could he know Callie was there? She squinted against the harsh sunlight.


"You're shadow. And by the look of it, you're a girl." The voice sounded like it was smiling.


"What do you want?" Callie asked.


"I'd know that voice anywhere..." the voice said. The feet tucked in, and the person stood up and came away from the tree.


"Michael?" Callie asked bewildered. Callie was thinking it was Scorpius.


"Skipping class?" he asked smiling. He'd inherited his father's Scottish accent, most likely because that was the way he'd learned how to talk. He had his mother's looks, as Callie had seen that she was in a few magazines in her modeling career. His blonde hair was whipping in the wind a bit, and when he stood in front of me, he cast a shadow from the sun so that her eyes could open fully.


He leaned closer. "Why aren't you in class?"


"I couldn't handle the stress," Callie said softly as she looked at the rest of him. She literally hadn’t talked to him probably all year and this was very random.


He had nice green-yellow eyes -- which Callie never had really noticed before. He also had some freckles on his cheeks and nose. They looked kinda cute, but when he came even closer, they looked menacing.


"I see. Come sit?" he patted the ground with his foot as he took a seat.


"Sure" she shrugged.


There was silence. She could hear the wind rustling the trees. It was comforting, but she didn't like being alone with Michael. He's her friend and all, but she wasn’t used to being alone with him. Usually Rose was there -- or even Hugo, James, or Albus.


"What's on your mind?" he asked, turning towards her.


Callie chuckled in spite of the innocence of his question. What's new with me? Oh, you know... My friends are shunning me because I'm dating Hugo... Scorpius and I are having a fling all because of a stupid kiss... You're making me uncomfortable by asking me all these questions and being alone with me. So, I guess, nothing really: If you don't count any of those things! she wanted to shout all of that. She wanted to cry. She wanted this cruel, sick joke of her life to end. She wanted things back to normal.


She wanted Scorpius.


Not Michael.


Not Hugo.




"So I'll see you later?" Michael asked Callie, standing. She followed suit.


"Yeah, I guess. Bye." She turned and walked away. It was only until he was far away; she sprinted up to the school.


She made her way to the first corridor before she knew it. She was interrupted while she was running.


"Callie! Callie! C'mere!" Rose ran up to her and gripped her arm. She pulled her into an empty classroom.


Callie caught her breath while Rose began to pace the room, hands behind her back.


"I have to tell you something, and you're probably not going to like it," Rose said, looking at her friend sympathetically.


"Oh, so now you want to talk to me?" Callie quipped. She rolled her eyes, crossed her arms, and perched at an empty desk.


Rose screeched to a halt. "If you're going to talk to me like that, I might as well not tell you." She snapped as fast as Callie did.


Callie rolled her eyes and muttered, "Whatever." She wasn't in the mood to argue with Rose. She wanted her old friend back. She wanted her life back. She sighed.


"You sure you want me to tell you?" Rose asked, smirking. She loved being in charge, as she never was, and when she was she milked for all it was worth.


Callie nodded vigorously and uncrossed her arms. Her father had always told her it was a sign of defense.




Hugo entered the common room in a huff. He plopped on the couch, between Albus and James. He kicked his school bag under the make-shift coffee table and crossed his arms.


"Tough day?" James asked in a mock-caring voice. "Don't worry, sweetie. Everything will be all better soon."  He tried to put his arm around Hugo.


Hugo smacked him away and slumped in the seat. "Shut it, James..." he warned.


"What happened?" Albus asked, ignoring his brother.


Hugo shrugged. "Stupid professors. So much homework. And I haven't seen Callie in ages."


James frowned. "She's always around. You just aren't."


Hugo shrugged. "I'm a busy man, loser."


"I'm the loser?" James laughed. "Riiiight." He threw a pillow at Hugo's head. Albus laughed.


"This is like Callie and Rose's game of em-ploding snap!"


I think Al's the loser! It's exploding snap, jah-idiot!" Huge rolled his eyes at James' comment towards his brother.






Callie's mouth couldn't even open wide enough to show her shock. Her eyes basically popped out of her head. She blinked at Rose. How could someone do this to her? What had she done to them? She was always nice, always there. She had two great guys in her life and awesome friends. How could something happen like this???


Rose looked at her friend with a sad, withering look. "Cal, is it true? Did you really do that?" Rose asked softly.


Callie looked down as her eyes began to fill and threatened to spill over. No one had ever seen her cry except Molly and her mother. No one. She wasn't going to let Rose see and she wasn't going to let Scorpius and Hugo make her cry. No way.


At the sight of her friend like that, Rose knew. She was shocked at her friend. How? Why? What was going on with her???


"I can't believe you did this to my brother."




The words echoed in Callie's head as she tossed and turned, trying to fall asleep.


-- my brother... I can't believe you did this to my --


She tossed and turned more. She couldn't help it. She sat up in bed. There was no use in fighting in.


She pulled on a robe, her cloak, socks, shoes, grabbed her wand, pocketed it, and headed down the stairs. She crept silently out the portrait hole and out the cold corridor.


She of a back door in the trophy room on the first floor. She made her way down six flights of stairs, to the trophy room and slipped outside. It was about 6:00 in the morning. The sun was poking its way up the horizon as she headed down to the lake, as she always did.


Once there, she pulled her robe/cloak over her but and sat on the ground. She breathed in the fresh air as a breeze passed over her face.


"Couldn't sleep?" Someone behind her asked sheepishly. She could tell the voice anywhere.


"So you've decided to give up kissing and start talking?" she asked playfully. She missed Scorpius. He was unimaginable. He understood her when she did talk to her and when they couldn't kiss, they'd talk. He was actually a great listener.


"Yeah, I guess." He put his hands behind his head and lay down, watching as the sun rose higher.


Callie rolled her eyes and tried to bite back a smile that was trying to play on her lips.


"You gunna lay down?" he asked after about five minutes. The sun had less than a foot more to go before it was out of its sleeping place.


"Is this a plea or a suggestion?" Callie teased.


"Both." Callie rolled her eyes and lay down. She smiled as he enveloped her in his arms. She pressed her nose in his chest and breathed in his scent, closing her eyes. She loved moments like this. She loved Scorpius.


If only someone wasn't watching her in the bushes as she and Scorpius's lips met.

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