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And All That Jazz by ShieldSnitch3
Chapter 7 : Boyfriends, Spies, And All That Jazz
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eep! it's aiden in all his quidditch-obsessed glory! thanks to shudder @ tda!

Boyfriends, Spies, And All That Jazz

He kissed me.

Jett Nolton kissed me.

Actually, scratch that, he’s kissing me.


Not that I’m complaining.

Merlin, he has soft lips.

Is there nothing wrong with this boy?

Seriously, like one tiny little flaw would be really nice.


Okay then.

He’s still kissing me.

I guess I should kiss him back.

Yeah, that would probably be a good thing to do.

And so I do. I kiss him back.

A lot.

Jett grins widely under my kisses and pulls away slowly. I rest my head against his chest, taking in the scent of his clothes and the rhythm of his heart (which is going crazy).

He wraps his arms around me, pulling me closer, and for the first time in a very long time, I feel safe.

Absolutely safe.

I don’t have a care in the world. All I can think about is this moment, me and him, the warmth of our bodies pressed together.

You know how they say you get butterflies in your stomach?

It’s not like that.

It’s like... I don’t know. It’s like I’m floating on air. I feel light and bubbly, suspended above all my insecurities and problems, just floating.

I’m so unbelievably happy that I feel like I’m about to burst.

Apparently, Jett feels the same way, because when I unbury my head from his chest, I see that he is still positively beaming. A huge smile lights up his face, all traces of worry and stress gone.

I’m sure I look exactly the same to him... because I can’t suppress my smile, either.

I’m just so damn happy.

And then, without warning, I start to laugh.

He laughs too, and before you know it, we’re both just cracking up.

I’m not sure why this is funny.

But it is.

Apparently, my brain is not functioning properly.

I laugh so hard that my stomach hurts. I cling to him in desperation, convulsing with giggles into his shirt.

I am giggling.



Eventually our merriment subsides, and I pull my eyes back up to his face. I stare into his mesmerizing grey eyes, momentarily enchanted.

The smile slides off of both of our faces, and we simply search the other’s eyes, lost in silence.

I trace the features of his face, lingering on every detail. The way his brown hair fringes just slightly over his eyes, the cleft in his jaw, the pale pink of his lips.

I wrap my arms around his neck and pull him back towards me, kissing him softly. My fingers wind through his hair and my heart starts to race again.

Merlin, why is he so perfect?

I let my hands fall back down to my side as we break apart and the smile spreads back across my face. He links his hands with mine, and we gaze at each other.

“So...” he begins.

I groan and sink my head into his chest once more. “Can we really think of nothing better to say to each other?” I mumble through his shirt.

“I can think of something,” he says mischievously. “I fancy you and you fancy me back.”

“That sounds about right.”

He laughs again and plants a kiss on top of my head before moving his lips down to my ear. “Don’t you have Quidditch tryouts to get to, Captain?”

“OH, SNIDGET!” I shriek, jumping away from him suddenly.

He raises an eyebrow at me. “Snidget? Isn’t that James’s thing?”

“Oh, shut up, Tiberius. He’s rubbed off on me. Now I really have to go!”

I make a move to run towards the Quidditch pitch, but he grabs my hand again and pulls me back. “Aren’t you even going to say goodbye?” he murmurs.

I kiss him again, letting my lips linger against his. “Goodbye,” I whisper.

And I’m floating again.

God, why does he make me feel like this?

I never want to leave this moment...

...but I have to.

Damn you, responsibilities!

I turn my back to him and walk (unwillingly) away, feeling his fingers slip out of mine.

And then reality sets back in.

SNIDGET! What the hell did I just do?

I just kissed (multiple times) the boy that one of my friends has a secret crush on. Plus, he fancies me. And I fancy him too.

Merlin, what is WRONG with me?

I’m screwed.

Deep breaths.




Rose is going to murder me. And she’ll get away with it too, because apparently her family is super-important.

The Ravenclaw Quidditch team will spiral out of control because the only person fit to be captain is Aiden Wood, and everyone knows that he’s a psychotic nutso, so he’ll work the entire team to the bone.

Then poor Albus and Louis will collapse from the stress of putting up with Aiden and Dominique will fall apart because her cousin is a murderer, her best friend was killed by said cousin, and her twin brother/other cousin are suffering from a complete mental breakdown.

James and Fred will mourn the loss of all these cousins to insanity and probably go insane as well, and Jett will be so depressed that he’ll commit suicide. Connor will feel left out, so he’ll commit suicide, too.

And I don’t even want to think about what this will do to my parents’ marriage.


“Hey! Aria! Why didn’t you wait to go to Hogsmeade with me?” Louis yells, shaking me out of my panicked internal discourse as I enter the Quidditch pitch.

“LOUIS!” I crow with joy, flinging my arms around him in a hug. “You’re not insane!”

“Er - no,” he states confusedly. “I’m not. And why are you wearing a Gryffindor Quidditch team jacket?”


Aiden’s head whips up from polishing his broomstick. He narrows his eyes, taking in the sight of my newly acquired jacket.

“TRAITOR! TRAITOR!” he shouts, dropping his broomstick and running towards me. “YOU JUDAS! TAKE IT OFF!”

And then he tackles me.

Like, legit tackles me.

Yes, I just said legit. Deal with it.

“Pain! Pain in my body,” I groan.

Aiden is jacked. The dude’s no lightweight - he bloody weighs a ton. And he is lying on top of my fragile little body.

“Pain,” I moan again.

“Take off that sodding sacrilegious jacket,” he growls.

“Okay, just get off of me,” I plead.

He stands up, but it doesn’t really help much. I lie feebly on the ground, feeling the bruises beginning to form (if that’s even possible).

“Oh, get up, you wuss,” he says, extending a hand.

I grab onto it and he pulls me up with one arm. I told you he was jacked.

“Now take it off, or I will tackle you again.”

I sigh and take off my warm and cozy jacket.

Which now has dirt all over it.

Gee, thanks Aiden.

“It’s two o’clock, Aria!” Louis screeches. “START THE TRYOUTS!”

Jiminy Cricket, all of these people are insane.

I glance around at the assembled (and insane) Quidditch hopefuls.

I don’t even know half of them.

And I’m pretty sure that at least 28% of them aren’t in Ravenclaw.

“Okay. So, um, hi,” I begin, giving the massive group an awkward little wave. “I’m Aria, not Judas, and I’m the Ravenclaw Quidditch captain this year. So, let’s begin, shall we? First off, if you’re not in Rave-”

“SPIES! ENEMY SPIES!” Aiden screams, pointing up into the stands.

I squint towards the stands, trying to make out who he’s pointing at. There are quite a few people sitting up there, I don’t know which ones he’s talking about -

Oh. I see.

It’s James. And Connor.

“Yo, Aiden, throw me your broom,” I say to him.

“Did you just say ‘yo?’” he asks incredulously.

“Yes, I said ‘yo.’ Broom please.”

“Where’s yours?”

“I - er - forgot it,” I mumble.

Yes, I forgot to bring my broom to Quidditch tryouts.


“Merlin, we’re going to crushed this year,” he moans, handing over his broom.

“Thank you.” I smile sweetly.

I zoom up to the stands and demand sarcastically, “Oi! What do you lot think your doing here?”

“Very funny. Look at Bel, she can imitate James,” James says, rolling his eyes.

“Talk about yourself in the third-person often, Potter?”

“Only when I’m around you.”

“Fantastic comeback.”

“Yours is even better.”

“So you admit that I’m better than you,” I say, grinning triumphantly.

“In your dreams.”

“More like in your dreams.”

“You know it,” he says with a wink.

“You disgust me.”

“ARIA! HURRY UP!” Louis yells from the pitch.

“Your fan club is waiting,” James says with a smirk, gazing down at my Quidditch hopefuls.

“I don’t have a fan club, you dolt,” I say impudently.


I spin my broom around to absorb the assembled mass. I don’t know what he’s talking about, it’s just a bunch of guys standing around, waiting to tryout -


They’re all guys.

Every single one of them.

Really, Wizard God, you couldn’t send just one girl to tryout? And why did you have to curse me with this damn Veela blood? Is my life just a joke to you or something? Did you wake up one morning and say, “Hey, I should totally screw up Aria’s life?” Because I really think you did.

I don’t give James the satisfaction of knowing that he’s right, as I speed straight back towards the pitch. I toss Aiden his broom and begin again.

“Anyway, as I was saying -”

“ARIA! THEY’RE STILL HERE!” Aiden shrieks with panic.

I begin to pound my forehead with the palm of my hand. “Aiden. Shut up.”

“But -”

“No. They can be here if they want. It’s only tryouts.”

“But -”

“Now, where was I?” I inquire, ignoring him. “Right. Anyone who’s not in Ravenclaw needs to get off the pitch.”

A large chunk of boys make their exit. I hear James snigger loudly from the stands.

“Er - okay. So, I guess we’ll start with Chasers, then...”

Tryouts took forever.

Three and a half hours.

That’s how many people there were.

But I guess it was worth it, because I think I wound up with a pretty damn good team. The Keeper is Aiden (obviously - but Merlin, I’m going to murder him before the season’s over); the Chasers are myself, Louis (yay!), and Alex Harrison (you know, that guy that James hates); the Beaters are two burly sixth years named Asher Samuels and Tanner Macavoy; and the Seeker is Albus (yay! again).

Aiden apparently approves of the team, as it’s the exact same one as last year, minus their graduated captain. I guess I did a good job, then.

The boys have already trudged off to the castle, anxious for dinner, while I am stuck putting away all the crap from tryouts. I’m attempting to lug the crate containing the Quidditch gear back to the broomshed when someone lifts up the other end.

“Need some help?”

I glance up into Jett’s grey eyes.



“Uh-huh,” I manage to squeak out.

He lifts his end of the crate with one arm, watching with amusement as I attempt to lift the other half. Eventually I get it off the ground and we wander over to the broomshed, sitting the crate securely in its spot.

“Ready to go?” he inquires.

“Um... just one sec,” I tell him, holding up a finger and jogging back to the pitch.

I grab his jacket from the sideline and sprint back out, handing it to him.

He raises an eyebrow. “It’s dirty.”

“I know... Aiden kind of tackled me when he saw me wearing a Gryffindor jacket.”

He chuckles. “Somehow I don’t doubt that.”

“Well, don’t you want it?” I ask, attempting to push it into his chest.

“No,” he says decisively, shaking his head. “You keep it.”

“Are you sure? I mean I don’t want to take something of yours; it really wouldn’t be proper -”

“Aria. Keep. The jacket.” He pushes it back towards me.

“I don’t know, I think Aiden might strangle me in my sleep.”

Jett snorts. “Then wear it in the library. You’ll never see him in there. Merlin, I don’t know how that boy got in Ravenclaw...”

We begin walking back up to the castle together, an awkward silence falling over the conversation.

I peek at him out of the corner of my eye. He’s biting on his lip, gazing ahead with a worried expression on his face, brow furrowed.

“Hey, before we get too far, I want to ask you something,” he states, suddenly halting.

“Oh. Okay. Shoot.”

He takes in a deep breath then turns to face me. “Aria Fields, will you be my girlfriend?”

“WHAT?” I choke out in disbelief before dissolving into laughter.

Did he seriously just ask me that?

I’m sorry, this is just too freaking funny. Really, it’s like we’re in elementary school or something.

Jett’s face falls in disappointment.

Oh, Snidget! He thinks I’m turning him down!

“Yes. Yes, I’ll be your girlfriend,” I say between giggles.

“Really?” His face lights back up into that adorable smile.

“Of course. I fancy you, remember?”

“Oh yeah!”

“You, sir, are a tickle-brained hugger-mugger.”


“A confused idiot,” I translate quickly.

“Oh. And you, madam, are one of the strangest people I have ever met,” he informs me seriously.

“Don’t hate on Shakespeare!” I exclaim.

“Who the hell is Shakespeare?”

“Never mind,” I mutter, shaking my head in disappointment. As I resume my walk up towards the castle I comment, “But really, you should brush up your Shakespeare. Start quoting him now, or this relationship is going nowhere.”

Jett rolls his eyes, ignoring my rant. “Let’s go to dinner,” he says as we push open the castle doors. He grabs my hand and attempts to pull me off towards the Great Hall.

“No, hang on. I want to go up to Ravenclaw Tower and change first,” I say, staring down at my shorts and tank-top.

“Oh, okay,” he nods, still clinging to my hand.

“You can go,” I inform him.

“Nah, I’ll walk with you.”

I smile up at him and we walk away from the marvelous smell of food, our intertwined hands swinging between us.

“Wanna hear a joke?” he asks earnestly as we begin to climb a staircase.

“Uh, sure.”

“Okay. How many Seekers does it take to screw in a lightbulb?”

“I don’t know. How many?”

“One, but he gets one hundred and fifty points for doing it.”

“That’s not funny.”

“Of course it’s funny!” he exclaims.

“No, it’s really not.”

“I thought it was pretty hilarious when Fred told me that one -”

There’s a loud bang from down the corridor. I glance up and see a figure standing at the end of the hallway who has apparently just dropped her books. She hastily drops to the floor and begins to gather them up.

Oh no.

It’s Rose.

And she just saw me with Jett.


She jumps back up to her feet and dashes off, tears forming in her eyes.

“Rose!” I yell, running after her, leaving Jett standing very confusedly behind me.

I sprint full speed around the corner, quickly catching up to her.

She whips around at the sound of my approaching footsteps. Tears leak out of her eyes uncontrollably.

“I’m sorry,” I whisper.

She wipes at her eyes angrily with the palm of her hand, glaring at me. “I trusted you, Aria! God, I was so stupid!”

“Rose -”

“So what? Are you two together now? It’s not enough that every other guy here is falling all over you, is it?”

“Rose -”

“Look at Aria, the fit new girl with the foreign accent. How alluring,” she says patronizingly.

“Rose, I didn’t mean -”

“Oh, you didn’t mean to? You didn’t mean to fancy the boy that I’ve practically been in love with for years? You didn’t mean to have him chasing after you like a lost puppy? You didn’t mean to get together with him? Well, that makes it all better, then.”

I stare at her, feeling the guilt sweep over me. Her eyes begin to water again and my guilt doubles. I feel like there are little doxies gnawing away at my stomach. She looks so hurt. And I’m the one that did it to her.

“You’re a horrible person,” she spits out, tears flowing freely now.

And then she runs.

I don’t bother to chase after her. All I can do is stand there, rooted to the spot. My shame washes over me. She’s right. I am horrible. I’m awful. I’m deplorable. I’m disgusting. I’m abominable. I’m probably the worst person to ever walk this planet.

“What was that about?” Jett inquires, striding up behind me.

“Nothing,” I mumble. “I just really screwed up.”

“It’ll be okay,” he assures me, wrapping his arms around my waist and pulling me into a hug. “She’ll come around. She always does. Do you want to talk about it?”

“No.” I say, worming my way out of his arms. “Let’s just go.”

“All right.” He sounds slightly worried, but I guess he just doesn’t want to push the subject. He reaches for my hand again, squeezing it encouragingly.

Jett waits patiently outside of Ravenclaw Tower while I change, and before long we make our way back down towards the Great Hall. We enter, hands still linked, and he walks me over to my usual spot at the Ravenclaw table across from Louis and Albus.

Albus drops his fork with a loud clang onto his plate and Louis starts to choke on his roll.

“When did that happen?” Scorpius Malfoy asks loudly from the Slytherin table, gawking at Jett and I.

I catch Dominique’s head whip up from the corner of my eye.

“AHHHH!” she squeals, rushing over to us and practically jumping on top of me in a hug. “I’M SO HAPPY FOR YOU!”

By now we have attracted most of the Great Hall’s attention.

“Er - thanks, Dom,” I say awkwardly, trying to shove her off of me. She lets go eventually, looking like she’s about to explode. She opens her mouth to speak, but I cut her off before she gets the chance. “I’ll tell you later.”

She glides back to the Slytherin table, positively glowing with delight.

“I’ll see you after dinner,” Jett whispers in my ear before ambling off to the Gryffindor table.

I sit across from Louis, who apparently has managed to dislodge the roll from his throat, and gaze off after Jett. He takes his usual seat next to James and I hear him say, “Evening, mate.”

James stands up without a word and storms out of the Great Hall.

I look over at Albus, who has silently watched the whole scene unfold, and ask, “What’s up with your brother?”

He shrugs. “I think he’s going through his angst phase.”

“His angst phase.” I repeat slowly.

Louis nods in agreement. “It’s a well known fact that all Wotter men experience an angst phase.”


“Yup,” Albus says. “I had it for like ten minutes last year, decided it was stupid, and moved on.”

“What about you?” I inquire, glancing at Louis.

“I haven’t had it yet, but I’m really not looking forward to it...” he groans. “Hey guys? If I ever start acting like James, feel free to throw me off of the Astronomy Tower.”

“Will do,” I say solemnly.

“But more importantly,” Louis says, “you and Jett?”

“Yeah,” I blush, glancing down at my plate of mashed potatoes and pork. “After Hogsmeade... well, technically after Quidditch tryouts,” I say in answer to their questioning eyes.

“Hmm,” Albus says.

“Interesting,” Louis adds.

And then they go back to eating.

“Really? That’s it?” I look at them incredulously.

“Well, yeah. We’re not girls. You two are together now. Whoop-dee-bloody-doo,” Louis states.

“Uh...” I really don’t know what to say to that, so I stick a piece of broccoli in my mouth.

Louis and Albus chatter on excitedly about Quidditch for the rest of the meal. I try just to absorb what they’re saying, getting a feel for the vibe of our team and whatnot.

And alas, dinner is finished far too soon.

Seriously, meals should have at least four courses to them.

I like food, okay?

If you haven’t gathered that by now, then you’re terribly unobservant.

“Let’s go,” Jett says by my ear, suddenly appearing out of nowhere.

“Okay,” I say, grinning at him like an idiot.

I groan and stand up, belly stuffed. We exit the Great Hall together and begin to wander aimlessly through the castle.

“I have another joke for you,” he informs me.

“Oh, Merlin, Tiberius. Not another one.”

“Hey! My jokes are good, dammit! And stop calling me sodding Tiberius!” he says playfully.

“No thanks, Tiberius.”

He huffs in mock exasperation. “Come on, say you’re sorry.”

“Oh, all right. I’m sorry... that your parents hate you so much.”

“Oi!” he yelps indignantly. He makes a move like he’s going to push me, but instead decides to wrap his arm around my shoulder.

I cuddle up next to his side - oh, Merlin, now I’m cuddling - and inquire, “So what’s your joke, then?”

“How many Beaters does it take to screw in a lightbulb?”

Another lightbulb joke?”


“Ugh. I don’t know.”

“Two!” he exclaims brightly. “One to hit the bulb with his bat and the other to see what’s going on, hit the first with his bat, and then change the lightbulb.”

“That is a terrible joke.”

“No, it’s not. Stop insulting my jokes,” he complains.

“But it’s what I do best.”

“You’re impossible,” he says, rolling his eyes.

“And that is my exit cue,” I announce, grabbing the knocker on the entrance to the Ravenclaw common room.

The beak of the eagle opens up and states simply, “You know who I am.”

“What?” I stare at the door. That’s not a riddle. What the hell?

Jett starts to laugh. “I like this thing. It’s clever.”

“Huh?” I gaze up at him in confusion. “I don’t get it. How am I supposed to know who the person is if it doesn’t give me a clue?”

“It’s Voldemort,” he says.

The door springs open at once.

“Who in the name of Merlin’s silk panties is Voldemort?”

“You know who,” Jett responds nonchalantly.

“No, I don’t! Or else I wouldn’t be asking!” I stomp my foot in frustration.

He starts to crack up.


“You’ve got a lot to learn about British Wizarding history, Aria. Meet you at breakfast tomorrow?”

“Sure,” I mutter irritatedly. “Goodnight.” I kiss him lightly and walk through the doorway.

I need to find a copy of Modern Magical History, stat.

The next day was horrendously wonderful. It was horrendous because Rose is furious with me (although I kind of deserve it), James is being a bigger prat than usual (which is saying something), Aiden’s on the rampage about this whole “dating the enemy” business (I think he’s going to tackle me again), Dom is obsessed with Jett and I (she won’t give us any alone time), and my roommates kept me up half the night in order to spill the beans, so I only got five hours of sleep (and I think we’ve already established that I am not a morning person). It was wonderful because I now have the dreamiest, most adorable, super-amazing boyfriend ever (that may be a slight exaggeration... but not really).

My dreamy, adorable, super-amazing boyfriend (I love saying that) is not here at the moment, however, as he has Quidditch practice. And so I am stuck in the library with Sophie again, “studying” for our upcoming Arithmancy exam. In reality, I’m actually hiding from Aiden.

“So we’ll need to - Aria? Are you even listening to me?” Sophie demands.


“I’ll take that as a no,” she says coldly.

“Sorry.” I glance up at the clock. Jett should be done any minute now. “What were you saying?”

“ARIA FIELDS!” Aiden’s voice booms throughout the library.

A number of angry whispers cut through the air, and he is pelted with a few balls of parchment.

“Oh, no,” I groan, looking for a place to hide.


Aiden stomps up to our table and glares at me.

“I CANNOT BELIEVE - Oh, hi, Sarah,” he says, noticing Sophie’s auburn head, which is buried in her Arithmancy book.

“It’s Sophie,” she mutters.

Aiden blinks several times, looking quite dazed.

“You cannot believe?” I prompt him.

“Oh, right. I cannot believe that you are dating the enemy!”

I roll my eyes.

“Do you even know how stupid you are? How dangerous this is to our team? How reckless -”

“Aiden, I’m not ‘dating the enemy.’ I am putting our team in no jeopardy. We don’t even talk about Quidditch - well, except for when he tells stupid Quidditch jokes.” I wrinkle my nose at the thought.

“I don’t like it,” Aiden growls.

“Well you know what? I didn’t give a flying Snidget what you think. Buzz off.”

He glowers at me again. “Fine. But this is not the end of it, mark my words.”

Then he stalks off. More parchment wads are thrown at him.

He probably thinks that it’s Keeping practice.

I glance back up at the clock again - Merlin, Jett’s late - and turn resignedly back to my book. I guess it’s studying time -

“Guess who.” Jett says, hands clasped over my eyes.

“Hmm... Al?”

“Funny.” He pecks me on the cheek. “Let’s get out of here and head down to the kitchens. I’m starving.”

“You had me at ‘kitchens.’”

I gather up my books, leaving Sophie to her studying, and head out of the library with him.

“So, how was Quidditch practice?” I inquire.

He grimaces. “Bloody awful.”


“James freaked out on me. I was two minutes late - two minutes - and he started screaming at me the second I get on the pitch. ‘NOLTON! WE’VE ALL BEEN WAITING HERE JUST FOR YOUR SORRY ARSE WHEN WE COULD HAVE BEEN RUNNING DRILLS! MAYBE, INSTEAD OF SUCKING FACE WITH YOUR GIRLFRIEND, YOU COULD ATTEMPT TO GET HERE ON TIME!’ Exact quote. And you know what the worst part was? I wasn’t even the last person there. Fred and Connor strolled in ten minutes late and James didn’t say a word. Although that might have been because he was too busy screaming at me. Mental, that one.”

“So he flipped out on you more than once?”

“Oh, yeah. All practice. Everything I did was wrong. I swear to Godric, he’s pushing all of my buttons today. I’ve had enough. And I’m just about ready to give him a piece of my mind.”

“I’m sorry,” I say sympathetically.

“And Rosie is pissed off with me for some reason, but I don’t even know what I did.” He pulls at his hair in frustration.

Guilt. Lots of guilt. It’s gnawing at me again.

We amble down the corridor, weaving through the mass of students. Most of them just stare at us, instead of, oh, I don’t know, moving out of the way.

“Speak of the git,” Jett mutters darkly.


“James,” he says, nodding towards a figure in our path.

It’s James all right. Making out with some girl right in the middle of the corridor. And it’s highly inappropriate making out. Like, seriously, there are first years here. Their poor virgin eyes are being scarred.

As we pass by the pair of them, Jett shoves his shoulder “accidently” into James’s back. “Sorry,” he spits out snidely.

James whips around and locks his eyes on Jett. “Do not mess with me, Nolton.”

“Or what? Are you going to yell at me again?”

“I said, don’t mess with me,” James snarls, shoving Jett.

“What the hell is your problem, Potter?” Jett demands, shoving him back.

This is not going to end well.

“I don’t have a problem,” James responds, stepping closer to Jett.

“Oh, like hell you don’t.” Jett steps closer to James, not wanting to be outdone.

“I’m bloody sick of you, Nolton,” James growls.

“You know what? I’m bloody sick of you. All I do is work my arse off for you on the pitch, and what do I get for it? Nothing. You get the captaincy. You get the professional scouts. You get everything. So stop being such a prat and cool off.”

Don’t tell me what to do.”

“I just did. What are you going to do about it?”

The two of them are within inches of each other now. Each one looks ready to rip the other’s head off.

It’s only a matter of time before one of them snaps.

“Get out of my face.” James says menacingly, shooting daggers at Jett.

Make me.”

This has gone too far. I grab Jett’s arm, attempting to haul him away from James. He doesn’t budge.

“Jett, come on. This is stupid. Let it go,” I plead with him.

Jett continues to glare at James.

“Please,” I beg him.

He glances over at me and his expression softens immediately. He takes a step back, relaxing his body. I grip his hand and we walk away slowly.

“Yeah. That’s right,” James spits out after us. “Go. And take your whore with you.”

“That’s it.” Jett snarls.

And then he lunges at James.


Anyways, lots more fluff. And drama. Fluff + drama = frama? Dluff?

What did you guys think of the James/Jett scene there at the end? Any predictions?

Remember: I love reviews like I love frama!

P.S. Chapters 1 - 6 have been updated with jaw-dropping, insanely gorgeous chapter images. Make sure to check them out if you’re curious as to what the characters look like :)

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