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Glorious by NextGenna14
Chapter 1 : The first day of the rest of my life
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“Glor, Glor, Gloria, Gloria, GLORIA, GLORIA TEMPLE GET YOUR LAZY ARSE OUT OF BED!” If you haven’t noticed I like to sleep in, even on important days like the first day of Hogwarts. “Oi, what do you want”, I scream to the voice who happens to be my best friend Penny Lebbs. “We start school today and I need to get ready”, normally she would need my help for this but Penny is paralyzed from the waist down.

It happened last year, you see Penny was always on the “fuller” side and even though she was a bloody amazing Keeper the captain made her run, a lot. During one of her many laps around the Black Lake she tripped on a small rock and fell down a hill into a much larger rock which she hit with her back. It broke part of her spine and destroyed nerves, so now she’s paralyzed. Penny forgives the captain, who’s bloody James Potter, but I don’t. Thank Merlin I’m captain this year, I will make him pay.

I spring out of bed and walk around to the other side to help Penny up. I know your thinking, “Why are to girls sharing a bed?”. Well I said mind your own dang business she sleeps over at my house ever year before school starts. I smile at Penny as I lift her up and put her in her wheel chair. Penny is so pretty, she has wavy blonde hair and pretty blue eyes. To me she looks part Veela! I on the other hand have way more average looks , plain brown eyes and a pixie cut of black hair.

We get ready in a daze. I put on my new jeans, my favorite pair of sandals and a peach jumper that Penny’s mom made me. I help Penny put on a turquoise dress and a pair of cowboy boots. “ Girls are you ready”, my mom yells as she comes upstairs. My mom looks just like me, except for the fact that she’s 5’2 and I’m 5’7. My height is the only thing I got from my dad. He left right after my turd of a brother Tanner was born.

Tanner follows my mom up the stairs, nose in a book. He’s a 2nd year Ravenclaw and probably already smarter than me. “Yeah”, Penny and I chorus to my mom. She takes her wand and levitates Penny down the stairs. Downstairs a mound of pancakes and bacon are waiting for us. Tanner gives me a look and we sprint to the table with Penny wheeling quickly behind us. “ Sweet Salazar this is delicious” ,Penny exclaims, I forget some times that she has seven other siblings so she usually only has cereal for breakfast.

Once we get our stuff and ourselves in the car we head to 9 and ¾. Were at the station at 10:30 so we still have a half hour before it leaves. I look over and see the “Wotters” giving each other goodbyes. James turns around, he looks more disheveled than ever. He usually looks like he got a decent sleep, but not today. “Penny”, he yells to us, “Let me help you onto the train!”.

Before I can yell back James is over to us and already helping Penny. She blushes as she says thank you. Wait, Penny BLUSHED at the king of turds and life destroyers! What is wrong with the world! The three of us silently sit in a compartment. I glare at James while he stares at Penny while Penny tries to give me a look. Aren’t we quite a trio?

I use my glare to study him further, he’s not bad looking. His face is dusted with freckles and his hair is reddish brown. He has brown eyes and the muscle that comes from playing quiddich. “James oh my gosh, guess what”, yells are familiar voice from outside the compartment. The voice steps into the compartment.

It’s Fred Weasley, my tutor and crush from when I was a third year and he was a seventh year. What the bloody hell is going on here? He looks the same, caramel skin and black hair and muscles that come from being a beater. He stops and looks at me, “Gloria is that you?”. Before I can respond a scrawny boy that looks like Scorpius Malfoy steps into the compartment .

“Ello, zi am Louis Weasley and zi am zee new exchange studante” ,he says while staring at me. Just looking at his platinum blonde hair and dark blue eyes make me want to change my 'no boys, only quiddich' rule I set for my self. Fred and Louis both smile at me. They each take a seat on either side of me. This year is going to be a lot harder than I thought.

AN: This is my first story so I hope you enjoy it! I plan to use HPFF as a way to improve my wrighting skills. Reviews are very benifical and constructive criticism is welcome!
-Maddie :)

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