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What they don't know by xxJazminexx
Chapter 1 : Prologue
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This is a picture of Dominique portrayed by Astrid-Berges Frisbey

Dominique sat on the edge of the bath, her breathing unusually steady for the news she had just received. She looked at the little white stick that was held in her hand. She didn’t want to believe it. It’s wrong, it has to be. Life isn’t this unfair she thought looking at the little red cross.

Dominique was a girl who had always stuck to the rules; she behaved in a manner that would be seen as acceptable. She had never once done something that would be seen as immoral, but she knew exactly how people would treat her once they found out her secret, they would be disgusted, treat her like an irresponsible child. They wouldn’t care that she didn’t choose this, that it wasn’t her fault. They would only see the ‘problem’ she had caused.

She sighed as she wrapped up the test in toilet paper, she would have to dispose of it somewhere no one would think to look, she didn’t want anyone to know. She shoved it into her pocket and looked in the mirror. Her dark brown hair was draping unattractively down her face, her eyes were puffy and red and her skin was blotchy and tear stained. She picked up a hair band and pulled her hair into a messy bun and then splashed her face with cold water.

“I can do this” She said looking at her reflection “I will go into that room and act like nothing has changed, I am still the innocent little girl everyone loves.” She tried her best to motivate herself but as soon as she reached out for the door handle she found herself backing away. She took a deep breath before she attempted again but this time there was a knock at the door.

“Dom, are you in there...? Dinner is ready!” It was Rose “Come on Dom, Grandma Molly spent ages on it. You don’t want it to get cold do you?” Dominique smiled, she loved these family get-togethers.

As she walked out of the bathroom, Rose was leant against the wall smiling brightly. Dominique tried to smile back but found her lips only twitched before going back to the slight frown she had before. They made their way to the kitchen while Dominique listened to Rose chatting about how she was going into her third year and how she couldn’t wait to start her electives.

Thoughts of school were rushing through her mind but she had no time to think because before she knew it she was in the kitchen, all her family sat happily at the table ready for their feast, unaware of troubles Dominique was facing. Molly was rushing around the kitchen plating up food. James and Fred were running around the table and everyone else was chatting loudly.

“Sit with me!” Lily ordered patting the chair next to her. Dominique walked over and sat down, resting her head on the table. “You ok?” Lily asked, Lily was always the kind, caring little girl everyone loved. In all her years Dominique had never seen anyone except James and Albus get mad at Lily, not even her parents raised their voices at her. They never needed to.

“She’s fine...” Fleur had walked over at some point. She leaned down and kissed Dominique on the cheek, “Just a little under ze weather” Fleur finished before walking over to her seat. Molly rushed past Fleur and started putting the plates down on the table, as soon as she did everyone started tucking into the food.

Dominique on the other hand, just looked at hers. The thought of eating made her queasy. She picked up her fork, leaned on her elbow and started poking the roast potatoes. Opposite her sat Teddy who was looking dreamingly into Victoire’s eyes and across from them were Dominique’s Mother and Father.

Dominique could see Fleur sat eyeing the food with the same snobbish disgust she always seemed to have, the only time she didn’t complain about the food was when she was pregnant and too hungry to care.

Fleur’s eyes met hers and she seemed confused, she looked down at Dominique’s untouched plate and then back to her. Dominique mouthed ‘I’m not feeling well’ Fleur nodded in understanding.

Fleur may have had a snooty attitude at times but she was a loving Mother who cared for all her children. Dominique was Fleur’s favourite, that was always clear, yes she loved Victoire and Louis but Victoire was more into sports than anything else and Louis did not like shopping or girly chats.

Dominique was always a ‘Mummies girl’ unlike Victoire who was the ‘Daddies girl’. Dominique would go to her whenever she needed advice, no matter what it was. But she knew she couldn’t go to her Mother for this particular dilemma because she knew her Mother would be heartbroken if she found out. Her little daughter, a disgrace, an embarrassment to everyone.

The rest of the evening went past as a blur to Dominique, her mind was constantly elsewhere. Luckily the family were too busy with the whole ‘reunion’ that no one really noticed. Except Teddy, who at one point did ask if she was ok but quickly went back to his own business when Dominique denied that anything was wrong.

The day had soon ended and the Burrow had become quiet as more people went to their rooms to sleep so they were not tired for the early rise the next morning.
Dominique walked into the bedroom and saw Rose, Lily, Lucy and Roxanne all sat in a circle on the floor giggling about something.

Dominique ignored them and walked to the bathroom which wasn’t really a bathroom, it had a toilet and a sink in it. She locked the door and sat on the toilet lid. She felt exhausted and nauseous.

She pulled the toilet paper out of her pocket and unwrapped the dreaded test inside, she looked at it hoping that she had somehow imagined that little red cross, but to her disappointment it was there, as plain as the nose on her face.

She felt a single tear slide down her cheek before falling to the floor. She couldn’t hold in her emotions any longer. Reality had hit her, and hit her hard. After all she was only sixteen years old, no one had yet taught her how to deal with the cruelty of reality, and it was a life lesson she had to learn on her own.

She stayed sat in the bathroom for what seemed like hours. She was overcome with tiredness and had little energy when she finally stumbled out of the bathroom. The room was dark and everyone seemed to be asleep. Dominique walked over to her suit case and shoved the toilet roll covered test in the depths of the clothes. She then clambered into her bed, her eyes still puffy from crying. She had never felt so alone, so isolated in all her life. She whispered the same sentence to herself over and over, trying to take away the surprise and pain she felt.

“I’m pregnant... pregnant. Pregnant.” she finished as the exhaustion took over and she fell into a deep sleep.

A/N – This is for the De-Cliché challenge by FauxTheFox though I am turning it into a novel/novella.
Hope you like it and I would really appreciate some reviews, even if they are only two words. x


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