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Complicated by SiriusxRemus4life
Chapter 18 : Chapter Eighteen
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Chapter Eighteen


When I opened my eyes the first thing that came into view was a beautiful pale man with Aristocratic if not slightly Vampiric features. His long black hair was hiding half of his face and his shoulders were slumped. His breathing was slow and steady, his long eyelashes sweeping across his cheeks. His eyes opened and then he smiled. “You’re awake. How are you Alli?” Ero said, taking my hands in his.


“Um..I don’t know..Why am I in St. Mungos, and why are you here?” I asked, looking into his stormy grey eyes.


“Apparently I was the first on your emergency contacts.  I came here straight from the pub. Ewan says you had a panic attack and that’s you’ll be fine after some rest. What happened?” Ero asked, looking concerned.


“I heard Al in his office… He’s with Natalie Longbottom now…” I said, tearing up.


“Scoot over Alli,” Ero said, making me smile. I scooted and he laid beside me, and wrapped his arms around my waist. It felt nice to feel a bloke’s body against mine, even if it was the body of my strictly platonic beautiful sarcastic bestfriend. “Al’s just on the rebound, and you need to move on. We need to talk about your new friend too. Seems like a douche,” Ero said, making me laugh slightly. For a while, we just lay there, listening to each other’s steady breathing.


“There’s nothing going on between me and Leo. He’s Al’s boss and my friend,” I replied, breaking our mildly uncomfortable silence. What would his girlfriend say if she found out that Ero was practically spooning me in a bed at St. Mungos?


“He’s still a douche,” Ero said, making me laugh. “They’re going to discharge you tonight after you’ve rested. And I’ve called your parents. They’re on their way,” he said, nuzzling my hair. It was moments like these that really made my heart ache for Al.


“Bollocks, you called my parents? Mum’s going to freak out!” I yell out, making him cover my mouth playfully.


“You want a Healer to come in here and mistake me for a pervert, don’t you?” he said, laughing.


“No of course not,” I said smiling.


I turn over to face him, still in his arms and warmer than usual. Damn pregnancy is going to kill me. We both stare into each other’s eyes for a long time. He really is truly beautiful, and I do love him. Strictly platonically of course. “We really do have to stop meeting like this,” Ero says, flashing a crooked smile at me. I turned back around and my face burned, he was just too beautiful and I was too pregnant.


He pulled me closer, his hard chest and stomach warm against my back. Our legs intertwined as he took my hand, stroking it softly with his black nailed thumb. Well, his nails were always painted black. I was finally starting to relax, it felt so natural to be around Ero, to be like this with him. Even if we were probably breaking a buttload of friendship and relationship rules.


Just then the door opened and in walked Leo with a rather large and expensive looking bouquet of roses. Red roses. “Allisha I-Oh..Am I interrupting something?” he asked, stiffening noticeably.


I shot straight up into a sitting position while Ero continued to lounge on my bed. Oh Merlin, he’s just going to make this more awkward for me. “Leo hi! You’re not interrupting anything at all. Ero is my emergency contact and he came here to make sure I was alright,” I said, hastily.


“Oh well, as soon as I’d heard about your passing out, I rushed out of the Ministry,” he said, conjuring a vase and placing the roses into it.


“Thank you Leo, and the roses are beautiful,” I said, relaxing against the pillows. I looked at Ero and he smiled another beautiful crooked smile at me.


“Well, Alli I’m going to leave you and Mr. Lockhart for a bit. I’m going down to the pub to make sure Ark has everything in control and then I’ll be back to take you home after you get discharged,” Ero said, getting off of the bed.


“Nonsense I can take her home,” Leo said, making me frown.


“Don’t be ridiculous. As Senior Auror you have to be there. And besides I am Alli’s bestfriend so I will make sure that she gets home safe. See you in a bit Alli,” Ero said, not waiting for Leo to react. And then he was gone. Just like that. Oh frick.


“Are you certain that there is nothing between the two of you?” he asked, after a few moments had passed.


“He’s my best mate Leo. That’s all,” I said, looking into his bright blue eyes.


“Mummy! Mummy!! Grandad and Grandmum said you were hurt!!” Tamsin cried running into the room. She was wearing her Muggle School uniform and her fringe had been dyed black. Oh sweet mother of Merlin. She ran straight to the bed and buried her face into my stomach before she started crying. I haven’t heard her cry this hard since she was in nappies.


Mum, Mason and, Dad swept in wearing expensive custom tailored robes. “Please don’t tell me you picked her up from school dressed like that,” I muttered, as they sat in the chairs by my bed. Leo could have been wallpaper for all of the attention they were giving him.


“We were in a hurry to get here, of course we weren’t paying attention to what we were wearing, Princess,” Dad said, making me blush. Crap, crap, crap, Leo now knows  that blasted nickname.


“We were so worried about you dearest. Your father ran into Al and explained the situation. He’ll be on his way soon,” Mum said, making my heart stutter. Double crap.


I stroked Tamsin’s hair softly as Mason walked over and put an arm around her. I smiled at him and he smiled back sadly. He looks just like Mum when he does that. After they visited and realized that Leo was there, they chatted with him for a bit and took Mason and Tamsin back to Malfoy Manor. “Um…Sorry about that Leo…” I apologized, when we were once again left alone.


“It’s not a problem. I do have to be going, seeing as you do have an escort home. I’ll see you soon. Get well,” he said, smiling that Lockhart smile. He bowed slightly before leaving the room.


“Well, you’ve had a lot of visitor’s Allisha,” Ewan said, walking into the room. He was handsome as he was when he was at the Wedding that never happened. Oh crap, he must think I’m a slag.


“I guess…um…how’s the family?” I asked, awkwardly. Ewan has seen my girly bits and I helped save him by ruining his first wedding. What a history.


“Glenda and the kids are great. How’s Tamsin,” he asked, taking the seat next to me.


“She’s dealing with it I guess. Hasn’t asked about it but, she’s strong,” I answered, looking down at my hands.


“She’s a tough kid, like you,” he said, smiling warmly at me.


“Hopefully she won’t make my mistakes,” I muttered, blushing.


“She’ll be fine Allisha. You and Al are good parents. You love her and she loves you. Now, you have time for one more visitor and then rest. See you again soon,” Ewan said, getting up and leaving the room.


I laid there, bored out of my mind for a long time before another set of footsteps thumped into the room. I didn’t look up I didn’t want to know who it was. “Alli, I…Are you alright?” Al asked, making me squeeze my eyes shut. No, no, no no, I didn’t want to see him. If I looked at him I would most likely start screaming and crying. I might even throw the vase of roses at him.


“Get out. I’m fine. Just get out,” I say, still not opening my eyes.


“What? Alli tell me what’s wrong? What happened?” he said, his footsteps coming closer. Oh Merlin he smells amazing. I can’t deal with this. I open my eyes and look straight up at his face. He looks concerned and even a little hurt. He shouldn’t considering he just told his new girlfriend that he didn’t even like me anymore. I can’t even think about him with her.


“Nothing is the matter. What are you even doing here? You should be at the Ministry,” I say, almost bitterly. I was trying not to let on to the fact that I know what he thinks about me.


“I came here because your Dad told me that you passed out at the Ministry. Alli talk to me, is the baby okay?” he asked, taking my hand in his. This simple touch sent my heart and thighs into overdrive. Oh bollocks, I really love the prat.


“The baby is still too underdeveloped to be injured by a fall. I didn’t even fall on my stomach. Ewan said I can go home tonight,” I answered, just wanting him to leave. “I don’t think I’d be able to go out tonight. I just need to rest. Tam’s spending the night with my parents. You should go. Ero’s going to pick me up soon,” I said, making him frown.


“What? Since when do you hang out with Night’s cousin?” Al asked, in a slightly annoyed tone.


“Since we had dinner with them,” I say, not wanting to get into the fact that I had spent the night at his place on the day of the wedding that never happened.


“Oh. But, he’s a really rude bloke,” Al says, making me mad.


“Don’t talk about Ero that way, he’s been an amazing friend these past months,” I defend, crossing my arms. “And what about you and Natalie Longbottom? “ I said, making him turn red in the face.


“What about her? We’ve been seeing eachother, so what?” he said, making my heart stop once more.


“And we’ve been broken up for how long? Barely four months! And what about Tamsin? Did you ever think about what she might feel?” I yelled.


“What the fuck Alli! You’re the one that fucked Erien. Did you ever stop to think about what I would feel, or even Tamsin? Besides, you’re the one getting off with my boss!” he argued back.


“I don’t even know why I thought we could talk things out! You are an unbelievable prick!” I yelled, jumping out of the bed. I shoved his chest roughly and he grabbed me by the arms. “Let go you stupid arse!” I growled, as his grip tightened slightly.


“Why do you have to be so unreasonable?! Merlin you’re metal!” he yelled. I struggled to kick him and then he kissed me. It was rough and angry. I could feel him pouring all of his hurt into it. I tried to pull away but, I couldn’t. I was too weak both from the fall and from his kiss.


“Am I interrupting something?” Ero’s voice said, breaking through me. I pushed Al away and stumbled in Ero’s direction. “Hello Albus,” Ero said, smirking slightly.


“Um..Hi Ero. I…well I should go,” Al said, before leaving the room quickly.


Ero’s eyebrow rose and his smirk got bigger as he crossed his arms over his fit chest. “Well, Allisha. I had no idea that I would leave you with Lockhart only to find you snogging the pants off of Al. You little minx you," he said, laughing slightly.


“Shut up. I can’t believe that just happened. One moment we’re arguing and the next he kisses me. I tried to resist him but, Merlin I love him,” I said, covering my face with my hands. Ero pulls my hands away from my face and smiles. A real smile this time.


“Alli he obviously still loves you too. Otherwise he would have stropped off as soon as you’d insulted him. Come on, Natalie is obviously a rebound like I’d said earlier. Get dressed and I’ll be waiting outside of the room for you. I’m taking you home,”Ero said, ruffling my already disheveled hair.


He leaves me alone and I frown. I’m struggling to keep or even pull myself together. I also have to figure out a way to tell my six year old that she is going to have a new sibling. How am I supposed to accept the fact that Al has a new girlfriend and that it is very likely that he’d want her in Tamsin’s life. I can’t deal with that. Fuck.


I change into my dress robes and stepped outside, in all of the recent chaos I failed to realize that I have a baby bump. Oh Merlin it’s bigger than I thought! It’s barely been four months!! Why is it this big!! “ERO!!” I screamed, making him turn toward me fast.


“What? Why are you yelling?” he said, running to me.  In his haste to reach me he slipped and fell on his back, his feet literally went over his head.


“Oh! Are you alright?!!” I cry out, rushing over to him. I try to bend to help him but, my bump kind of hinders the process.


“Yes yes, I’m fine. Merlin Alli did you always have a bump this big?” he asked, as my bump basically bumped his face.


“Shut up! I know, I don’t even know why it’s this big, fuck!!” I start to cry. Horribly. Ero rolls his eyes as I help him up and he takes my hands. When he’s finally straightened up, he frowns.


“Calm down Alli, it has been four months almost. Now come on. I’m going to take you home,” he said, still holding one of my hands. He pulled me along, past all of the staring Witches and Wizards.


This really has turned into the “Ero and Alli Show” as my mad mind has been putting it. We walked outside and there was his beautiful Harley, a Muggle vehicle called a Motorcycle.


Ero got onto it and helped me heave myself on behind him. “Hold on Love,” he said, making me blush. He called me love….what did that mean?


“What do you mean by calling me Love?” I ask as he starts the motorcycle.


“Nothing,” he answers over the roar of the engine. I couldn’t help but, think that maybe he was lying. Or maybe it was my hope that he was lying. Oh bugger…I’m in love with Al, in lust with Erien, and possibly crushing on Ero. My life is so complicated…

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