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Doppelganger by EvilLordChocolateMocha
Chapter 2 : The Dinner Party, Part I
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Dom woke with a start. The dark room was empty except for the dead, rather elaborate, fireplace stuck into the wall in front of her, and the blankets her and Scorpius had thrown on the ground and had themselves tangled mercilessly in. He was lying face down beside her, his arm thrown carelessly over her waist as his torso rose and lowered with every breath he took. A couple of candles still tried to hang on to the tiny spark that clung to the wick.


Dom hadn’t seen Dominique since the fiasco with Scorpius weeks ago, she didn’t know what was going on in the other girls’ life, she didn’t know how the recovery was going, how her social life was. Dom cursed herself for not getting on top of it while she could, now Dom was going to have to see Dominique not knowing what had happened while she was babysitting Scorpius.

“You know, babe,” he lifted his head off the floor so he could look her in the eyes. “I can watch myself, I don’t need you in all of your mind-reading high-strung-bitch glory. I am so old now, I can tie my own shoes and reach the cookie jar.”


Dom groaned and threw her head back. Why did he have to wake up now?


Scorpius laughed and Dominique groaned again. “You suck at keeping your thoughts to yourself when you’re tired.” He lowered his head so he could look at her through his eyelashes. “I heard everything you thought you were keeping to yourself right now. Including the part about going to see Dominique again.”

“Why would I do that?” Dom hissed through her teeth, she couldn’t stand Scorpius when he wasn’t tugging his pants down.


“I don’t know.” He said, lowering to the ground again. “But I wanna come with you.” Closing his eyes he gave a happy smile. “Go to sleep, not only are you bad at keeping your thoughts to yourself when your tired, you have a hard time keeping your temper in check.”



“Get your leg up higher, I thought you were working on your flexibility every night.”


Dominique sighed and rolled her eyes. She was standing at the counter in a tiny flat in London doing some ballet step that sounds like battlefield and battlefield with a clock. It didn’t matter to her mother that her leg was going at least an inch and a half higher than what she was doing yesterday; Fleur said the exact same thing to her everyday. “I am stretching every night. And I am trying to go higher. It’s just that’s as far as I can go.”


“Oh no, amoureux, you can always go taller, faster, smarter than what you are, all you have to do is believe.”


“Wow,” Dominique said, sarcasm was dripping off her words and making puddles at the end of her sentence. “Thanks Uncle Ben, that was really helpful, when I get bit by a poisonous spider and turn into some freaky superhuman, I’ll remember that. It might even become my new slogan.”


“My name is Ron.” Her uncle walked into the kitchen looking beat down and sullen. Which was good, that means nothing has changed between yesterday and today and Ron might’ve got that promotion.


Fleur got off the couch where she had been knitting. “Dominique, sweetheart, stop watching cheesy muggle movies about freaky superhumans, you have become way to involved in what could never be.” She turned to Ron and said in a louder tone. “So, Ronald, how was your day at work?”

“Oh great,” he replied, sounding genuinely happy. “I got that promotion I wanted, and I get to work with a fire-breathing good-for-nothing prat who can’t do anything right to save his goddamn life.” He gave a nasty smile. “And you all get to meet him when he comes over for dinner tonight with his family.”

Hermione walked into the kitchen holding a crying Rose in her arms. “Ron, who’s that you’re talking about?” She gave the little eight-year-old to Fleur who then proceeded to give her to Dominique. “And how could you possibly be so upset about this, you only just met him.”


Dominique took Rose to the couch her mother had just been occupying. “It’s okay, Rosie. Your mummy may not want you, and my mummy may not want you, but I want you.” Dominique smiled playfully, “I want to eat you all up, you’re so cute.”


Rose gave a shy little smile, “no you don’t. People can’t eat people.”


Dominique laughed. “No! People can’t eat people, how absurd is that!” She had just finished her sentence when she heard a tiny whisper from the kitchen.




Dominique put Rose on the couch and got up to join the adults again, despite claiming that she wanted to eat the little girl up bescause she was sooo cute. “What about the Malfoy’s?”


“Oh, Dominique, you went to school with Draco’s little boy, didn’t you?”


She had to hold her face in place when her aunt mentioned Scorpius, hoping the blush wasn’t too pronounced. “Uh, yeah. You mean Scorpius? He wasn’t ever all that small.” She started scratching at her arm even though there was no itch to be felt. “But what does that matter?”


“Ron’s new boss is Draco Malfoy, and him, Scorpius, and… what’s his wife’s name?” Hermione looked inquiringly at Fleur.

“Astoria, I believe, I’ve never met the girl, but it had caused such a scandal, apparently she had been questioned about her Mudblood status that last year you were supposed to be in school, when Voldemort was reigning.”

Ron visibly darkened at Voldemort’s name, but Hermione just gaped. “I didn’t know she was a Mudblood.”


“She’s not,” Fleur said. “But she refused to bow down to a Death Eater and was accused of being a Mudblood, living under a Pureblood status.”

Hermione looked at Fleur from a new angle. “Astoria what?”

“Greengrass. But that family isn’t Pureblood either. They’re Halfblood, mostly”


“Yes, they’re coming for dinner tonight.”


“Well, that’s just fine and dandy, but I still don’t know what their status is.” Ron looked really annoyed at the two gossiping witchs.


Dominique huffed. “Halfblood, Ron. The Greengrass’s are Halfblood’s.”

“Well what about Malfoy and Astoria’s kid?” Ron huffed back.


“Three quarters.”


“No such thing.”


“Yes, there is. His name is Scorpius.”


“Ron,” Hermione interrupted. “What time will the Malfoy’s be arriving at?”


He grumbled something unintelligible. “Pardon me?” Hermione had raised her eyebrows at her husband. “Don’t you dare tell me they’re coming in a half hour, and you forgot to owl me!”


“They’re coming in forty-five minutes.”


“Ughh, what could we possibly do in forty-five minutes?”

 Dominique looked back at the no–longer crying Rose and smiled, the little girl grinned back.



And so forty-five minutes later, there was a mish-mash of foods on the island and drinks had been set on the coffee table and Hermione and Fleur were discussing whether or not the dessert should be French or English and store-bought or homemade.


“Let’s have a store-bought, assembled at home Irish dish.” Dominique piped up. The women looked at her, then back at each other, concluding their debate on a French store-bought cake.


“Ron, go pick it up.”


“Haven’t I done enough?”

Fleur scoffed. “You call sitting on the couch giving cooking tips when you can hardly boil your own water enough?”


Ron got up and appearated without asking what they wanted again. “Who wants to bet on whether he’ll be back in five minutes to ask what we wanted, or in fifty-five minutes with the entire bakery in his arms.”


The doorbell rang and Hermione went to answer it. “Hello, Draco, I haven’t seen you in so long, and you must be Astoria and Scorpius.”


The small family walked into the flat. A tall man with bleached hair, a glamorous woman, and a young man wearing smart-looking clothes.


Scorpius looked at her, his gaze leaving her feeling cold and alone but when he winked, she knew that wasn’t Scorpius. Oh no, that was Scorpion, and when he smiled, Dominique knew that there was no getting out of this one. This time, there was no Dom to protect her and her family and she was certainly alone. 



So, here's an updated (slightly) version of the chapter. Enjoy! And review!

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