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Hogwarts Gone Wild by SilverCloud
Chapter 5 : Chapter Five
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Thanks for the reviews and here's the next chapter. Enjoy!

Disclaimer: Everything Harry Potter-ish belongs to J.K. Rowling, blah blah blah, everyone should know this by now...
Chapter Five

Finally on Tuesday, the Gryffindors and Slytherins had Potions together with Snape right after lunch. They were talking in lunch on how to bring it up. Then Harry had an idea.
Harry:"We'll get a potion from his office, called Telsia, and shove it down his throat."
Ron:"What does it do?"
Hermione:"Makes someone do whatever you tell them to."
So they head to Potions.
Harry:"Snape!" *Snape looks up and Harry shoves potion (which Ron stole from him) down his throat*
Hermione:"Do for us what you were doing late Sunday night in this very classroom."
Snape goes into his closet and comes back out, wearing his pink dress, and a CD player. He stands on his desk and pushes the play button. Britney Spears' music fills the room and Snape starts dancing like Britney and singing.
Snape:"You're toxic, I'm slipping under"
The room fills with laughter. When Snape finishes, he changes back into his normal self, and puts "Toxic" away. The class just stares.
That afternoon, Ron and Harry had Quidditch practice. They were flying around a bit, when suddenly Ron does something.
Ron:"Harry, look I can surf." *Ron stands up sideways on his broom and "surfs" in the wind*
Harry:"That's cool. Ron look out!" *a huge bathtub is flying towards Ron and is about to collide with him head on*
Ron:"|beep|!" *Ron gets hit and falls to the ground*
Harry:"I'm to lazy to save him. Hermione can catch him."
On the ground below Hermione is practicing her Russian dancing. Trelawney is watching from the stands applauding. Then Trelawney screams and runs away. Hermione looks up.
Hermione:"Ron!" *makes an attempt to catch him*
Ron falls onto Hermione and they become unconsious. An hour later Harry comes to check on them and notices that they are wide awake and looking peachy, but they're staring into each others eyes like two dopey love birds.
Harry: *sighs* "Hey guys, I have a chocolate cake and Charms homework."
Ron and Hermione:"Really! Where?"
Harry: *rolls eyes* "You two are unbelievable." *walks away*
Ron and Hermione go back to their staring.
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Hogwarts Gone Wild: Chapter Five


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