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What Will Happen? by Draco579
Chapter 2 : What Do You Say?
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‘Of every girl in Hogwarts, even of all the Gryffindors, he picks Granger! Honestly…. But I am a Malfoy, And Malfoys… well, everything comes easy to us, doesn’t it? I’ll show Blaise…. .’ Draco thought as he walked confidently down the halls of Hogwarts, ‘Now where to find that little Mud- Muggle-Born I should say… better get used to it, Draco, if you want to win this bloody bet… Ah! I know! Where else to find her but the nest of the beast- the Library…


               The only problem for him was, where to find it? He had only been to the Library a handful of times and it was always from his Common Room, never from the school grounds. Wandering the halls idly, he mused over the idea of getting Granger, and more importantly, how he was going to get her. Just as he was starting to formulate a plan, he heard a familiar feminine voice.


“Bloody hell, just give it back, you big prats!” She sounded desperate, as if whatever they had taken was very important to her.
“Oooh, you want the book, Darling? I told you,  forget all about what you saw my mates doing and we’ll let you get out of here with all of your precious things…” persuaded an unknown male voice.


                Draco peered around the corner to watch the scene unfold. There were three blokes there- one holding Granger (as he suspected, no one else would care that much for books); another holding her bag, the contents spilling out carelessly as he was holding it sideways; and the third, probably the one speaking, seeing as he was in very close proximity to Granger, holding up a very battered looking book while slowly backing her up to the wall.

“Give me my things and get your filthy self away from me!” Exclaimed Granger, looking as stubborn as ever,though being trapped between this thief and a wall.


“You'll get it back as soon as we have your word for silence.” The boy said, drawing his wand.


Seeing an opportunity, Draco stepped into the corridor and coldly said,” I do believe she asked you to not touch her and return her things, and after all she is a Prefect so I advise you to acknowledge her requests…”


 The boy turned around- ‘He’s a Ravenclaw’ Draco noted- and suddenly lost all his confidence; apparently he had heard the rumors about what Draco Malfoy could do to those who annoyed him.

 “I-I, err, sorry Mate, I was just-“                          

“Leaving? Well you better get to it then, wouldn’t want to keep your fellow arses waiting, now would you? But before you do leave, mind giving Granger here back her possessions? And I’d take note to never pull something like that again.” Draco said with a smirk.


“Yes, I…of course...” The Ravenclaw dejectedly replied, handing back the book and stepping away, leading his mates to do the same. The bag, now empty, due to all of its contents dropping onto the floor, was thrown at her feet as they left, giving the remaining pair glares. 
 “I could have handeled it myself. But thank you, I suppose." Granger said in a hesitant tone.


“Where’s Potty and Weaselby- err, Potter and Weasley? Shouldn’t your body guards be here to protect you?” Draco questioned, getting on the floor to help her pick up her strewn-about possessions. 

 “Quidditch practice, Ginny too. I wanted to go to the Library to do a bit of homework when I saw them…”


“What were they doing anyways?” He asked glad to have a conversation starting..


Granger suddenly blanched, picking up some spare parchment before carefully placing it in her bag.


“Nothing!” She said, a little too forcefully.

 With a skeptical eyebrow raised and a questioning look in his eyes, Draco stated “Alright…”

  As the last of its contents was returned to the bag, Draco stood up and offered a hand to the Gryffindor. Eyeing the out-stretched hand cautiously, she hesitated before grasping it and allowing her once-enemy to assist her in getting up.

“Thank you, honestly, you really helped me back there, but…why? Slytherins don't care about others.” She questioned as she fidgeted with the strap of her bag.

“Well Granger, can't I be kind for once? Draco said with a smirk.


"No, actually you can't. It's suspicious." She replied with narrowed eyes.


"Maybe I've been trying to change my ways."


"You change? Ha! I'll belive it once I see it." Granger sneered.


"Stick around then, and watch me as I change. Maybe you can hep me too."


"Me? Help you?" The Gryffindor scoffed and rolled her eyes.


"Well, I did save you back there, I do expect retribution."


Unable to argue with his logic, the other agreed, "Fine what do you expect me to do to help you 'change'?" saying the last word sarcastically.


"You could start by helping me with school work. That's what you're best at, right?" The Malfoy boy said, hands in pockets


"And how could I do that? I'm not going to do your bloody homework!"


"Tutor me." He simply stated.


"What subject?"


"I don't know...all?"


"Er, no. I'm not spending that much time with you." Granger  crossed her arms at this, clearly not enjoying this conversation.


"Fine. Arithmacy then?"


"I suppose. Meet me at the library Friday, eight o'clock. We'll start then."


"Brilliant. Granger? How about a truce, to make being in my precence simpler?" Draco proposed, positioning his hand for a handshake.


“A truce?”


“What do you say Granger, civility?”


After a second of hesitation, she grasped his offered hand and shook it, replying,





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What Will Happen?: What Do You Say?


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