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Reckless by We Are Padfoot and Prongs
Chapter 2 : Ninja Skills
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Hellooooooo!!!  Sorry for taking so long, I've been having validation issues.  Here's Lyra, back in all her glory.  Have fun! 

“Quit shoving me James!”

“Well, get out of my way!”

“Where’s Filch? What about Mrs. Norris? That cat is a demon, I swear-“

“Molly, CHILL! We’ll be fine.”

“Filch, headed our way!”

I stuffed my hand over Molly’s mouth as she started to scream, then dragged her with me behind a tapestry. Lily jumped into the little alcove after us, Fred and Roxy darted into a broom closet (wow, awkward), and Al, James, Hugo, Lucy, Dom, Louis, and Rose all slipped into an empty classroom. We waited, hardly breathing, as Filch wheezed his way past us. About 2 minutes later, I heard James call “All clear!” and we headed on our way.

The Weasley-Potter family and I were currently sneaking towards the Slytherin dungeon in the middle of the night to put my plan into action. Even we first years were coming, because James and Fred had taught us the necessary spells on the train and we were all good enough at them to pull it off.

Just for fun, I began humming the James Bond theme song, doing ninja rolls down the hallway, and holding my hands like a gun and pointing them around each and every corner. I heard muffled laughter behind me and turned to see everyone, even scared little Molly, trying not to burst out laughing. I raised my eyebrows, clearly implying Well? Are you coming or not? 

Al did his own ninja roll across the intersection between us and crouched beside me.

“Mine was better,” I whispered. He just grinned as the entire group began copying me, ninja rolling and secret-agent-hand-gun-pointing. Oh look, I started a fashion.

We ninja rolled our way to the stone wall where I knew the Slytherin dungeons were located. We hid in alcoves and behind statues and waited. Suddenly, the wall turned into a door and my brother stuck his head out. “Lyra?”

I pulled out my wand. “Name a song that was on in the car when we drove to King’s Cross.”

He blinked at me calmly. “Trick question, Father doesn’t permit Muggle music.”

I stuffed my wand away. “Just checking. You can never be too careful when going into enemy territory.” I waltzed up and gave him a hug. Everyone else snuck out of hiding. I turned. “Everyone, meet Scorpius, my brother. Scor, meet Fred, Al, James, Rose, Lily, Lucy, Roxy, Hugo, Louis, Dom, and Molly.” I rattled off names.

“Hey, thanks man,” said Louis. “Why are you in Slytherin when you’re cool enough to be in Gryffindor?”

“Because then you wouldn’t have anyone to let you in,” retorted Scorpius. “Come on, some of them come down here sometimes in the middle of the night and you guys sound like you have a lot to do. Most of the girls are light sleepers, but the boys are like rocks. My stuff’s off limits, but I guess you’ll have to do my bed so people won’t guess anything. Peace out, have fun, I’m going to sleep.” He walked up the steps to the boys’ dormitory.

Al turned to me. “Lyra, your family’s awesome. I don’t know why you want mine.”

I smiled. “Because my dad’s a git, remember? Let’s get cracking.” We pulled out our wands.

“Okay,” said James, taking charge. “Lyra, Hugo, Lucy, Molly, and Lily get the common room, Roxy, Rose, and Dom get the girls’ dorm, and Al, Fred, Louis and I get the boys’ dorm. Any questions?”

I rolled my eyes. “Oh, puh-lease, I can handle the dorms. I’ve snuck in and out of Malfoy Manor hundreds of times, and that’s the equivalent of sneaking in and out of a high security vault at Gringott’s. This is a piece of cake.”

He raised an eyebrow. “Alright, but if you compromise the mission, I will have to hurt you.”

Rolling my eyes again, I did 3 silent back flips over to the girls’ steps. “Still think I can’t handle it?” I retorted softly. Grinning smugly at their shocked faces, I ran silently up the stairs to the first dorm, which happened to be 3rd years. I eased open the door as I heard the other three slip past me to their dorms.

I took out my wand, and pointed it at the beds of the sleeping Slytherins.   “Decoro puella! Puniceus! Polymitam arcu! Sol dormiens! Flores! Mitrae! Catulus! Equus unicornes!” As I whispered, the room transformed into a scene not unlike one of those from a Lisa Frank notebook. Pink and purple ribbons streamed to drape over everything. Likenesses of unicorns and kittens frolicked around the room. Flowers bloomed over every surface that wasn’t alive. Girly decorations flew everywhere. Rainbows stretched across the room. I fought to contain my laughter. As soon as they woke up, the room would be lit up with bright sunlight. The Slytherins would hate it! I crept to their trunks and changed all their clothes to patterns of meadows and butterflies and the like. I smiled and snuck up to the 7th years’ dorm to do the same thing. The only snag was a girl talking in her sleep, which froze me for a second, then stopped. 

We snuck back down the stairs to the common room, which was also perfectly transfigured. Lily, Molly, Hugo, and Lucy were lounging on sky patterned arm chairs and sofas. The boys came down a minute later and we checked James’ map with a dot for everyone in the school on it to make sure we wouldn’t run into Filch or his ancient cat. Once back in the safety of the common room, we collapsed in fits of laughter. I couldn’t wait to see their faces tomorrow morning.


 As I crouched, hidden, by the entrance to the Slytherin dorms with Al, I felt an unusual sense of awareness at just how close he was to me. We were concealed in a small alcove behind a tapestry of a snake and when I say ‘small’, I mean we were struggling to stay far enough back to not leave a lump in the fabric. I was squished against his side and our faces were only inches apart. We peered through very small peepholes in the tapestry, only barely big enough to see through.  

I was getting bored, waiting for the Slytherins to wake up and find out what we had done. Combined with the fact that we had gotten back to our dorm at 2 in the morning and the fact that it was now 6:30 in the morning, this was not a good thing. My eyelids started to droop with pure exhaustion. I wasn’t going to be able to stay awake much longer. I slumped against Al.

“Lyra!” he hissed, poking me in the side. “Don’t fall asleep on me now!”

I groaned quietly. “I got four and a half bloody hours of sleep last night Al. Cut me some slack.” He shrugged and put an arm around me to keep me from slumping to the floor.

Ok, remember when I said I was really aware of Al being really close to me? Well that just went from ‘Wow, Al’s REALLY close to me. He’s got really great muscles and his eyes are HOT. Wait, why the hell am I thinking this?’ to ‘OH MY GOD. THERE IS A SEXY BOY WITH AMAZING MUSCLES AND DREAMY EYES TOUCHING ME. I THINK I’VE DIED AND GONE TO HEAVEN.’

The small, rational part of my brain that was not affected by Al was yelling at me to stop thinking those things that instant, because it knew that boys broke hearts and did I really think I was ready for any sort of relationship, even a crush that was very unlikely to turn into anything? The rest of my mind gleefully ignored the smart portion of my brain, which I have decided to name Miranda.

What the hell are you doing?! Miranda screamed at me as I snuggled into Al’s side a little. I knew that I wouldn’t DREAM of doing this if Al weren’t so close and if I weren’t so tired. Hello? Listen to me, you crazy bint! Al’s only holding you up because you’re tired. We both know he wouldn’t do this normally.

“Shut up Miranda,” I murmured.

Al looked at me weirdly. “Um, who’s Miranda?”

“What? OH, I um, dozed off there, sorry. Must have been dreaming!” I giggled nervously. Al seemed to buy it and went back to looking out the little holes. I moved as far away from him as possible (which wasn’t very far) so I wouldn’t start snuggling up to him again. I got far enough to clear my head.

See? He won’t be interested in some insane girl who talks to herself.  Don’t even THINK about falling in love with him; boys are no good.

I scowled and put my eye back to my hole in the tapestry, trying to ignore what I had just been thinking when being so close to Al had clouded my thinking. I wasn’t worried about my sanity: I already knew I was crazy. My motto was ‘I’m not suffering from insanity, I’m enjoying every minute of it!’ for Merlin’s sake!

I sighed and shifted my weight, wishing something would happen. Almost instantly, I heard several shrieks of pure rage from behind the wall. I stuffed my hand over my mouth to muffle my laughter and saw Al next to me doing the same. He quickly cast a silencing charm over both of us, so we could laugh as much as we wanted to and no sound would ever come out. We collapsed in fits of silent giggles.

We watched in silent glee as infuriated Slytherins poured out of the portrait hole door, most in robes covered in kittens, daisies, butterflies, and sky patterns. We had to leave a few of their robes black when we encountered a locked trunk so it wouldn’t be suspicious that only Scor had normal robes. They looked absolutely PISSED! It was great.

Suddenly, Al began to teeter forward, about to knock into the tapestry. There was nowhere for him to put his hands to catch himself, so I grabbed his arm without thinking and yanked him towards me. I slapped into the back of the alcove, but luckily the silencing spell was still on us. What wasn’t lucky was that Al landed on top of me, knocking the air from my lungs. Merlin’s kickers, that boy was BIG! He was kind of crushing me, but there was no way for us to move around in the small space without knocking into the hanging. Al moved his hands to either side of my head and took most of his weight off me so I could breathe. 

“Thanks!” he mouthed at me. 

I grinned. “Idiot!” I mouthed back at him. He stuck his tongue out. Very mature.

We lay there without moving for what seemed like an eternity, but was probably really only 10 minutes. I spent the entire time having an internal debate with Miranda. 

We were saved by Rose yanking the tapestry back. “Coast’s clear- Woah!” I heard Lily, Mary, and Lucy giggling, and the boys wolf whistling.

“What were you two doing in there?” asked Fred with a huge grin as we got up, blushing. Al took the silencing spell off as we got to our feet.

“This idiot-“ I jerked my thumb towards Al, “-almost got us caught by falling towards the tapestry. I had to pull him back and there was no time to aim. He landed on top of me and the space was too small to move around into a better position.”

“That’s just what you want us to think.” Louis’s grin matched Fred’s. In reply, I sent the spell that we used to turn the Slytherin’s robes into patterns of butterflies and changed both his and Fred’s robes. I turned on my heel, and began stalking to breakfast. I counted to 3 then leapt sideways, seeing as I didn’t know how to shield. Their answering hexes flew past me. I waved cheekily over my shoulder and disappeared around a corner.


They found me in the Great Hall, busily stuffing my face with food. I nodded my head in greeting.

“Fred and Louis have a new, grudging respect for you. They went to change robes. That spell doesn’t wear off for a week and only you can take it off,” Lily informed me as she slid in next to me and began piling pancakes on her plate.

“Ok, we are officially adopting you into our family,” said Roxy. “I’ve never seen even James get away with jinxing my brother.”

I looked at James, who ran his hand through his hair. “It’s true; Fred has some of the fastest reflexes I’ve ever seen. I’m still amazed you’re not currently in the Hospital Wing with green skin and purple tentacles or something.”

I grinned. “Cool. It’s good to be the queen. Imagine what I’ll be able to do once they start teaching us things!” The entire group shuddered.   I smiled wider. Fred and Louis entered, glaring at me, but I could see the reluctant admiration in their eyes. “Good morning boys!” They flipped me off. “Now boys, there’s no need to be rude. Let’s not forget who still knows how to turn your robes bright pink!” I ducked their hexes, which hit a Hufflepuff third year behind me. His hair turned blue and began growing. And I mean ALL of his hair.

Rose sighed and shot the counter-curse at the poor boy as he began to freak out. “Play nice children,” she said dryly.

Just then, the first Slytherins began walking in. A great shout of laughter went up as they walked to their table. It was still quite early, so there weren’t that many students there, but the ones who were there were enough. This would be ALL over the school by the first class. Speaking of which, here came McGonagall with the schedules for the year.

“Ah, Miss Malfoy, I see you have found some new friends to sit with. Friends who have nothing to do with the appearances of our Slytherins, I’m sure,” she said dryly, directing the last part of her comment to the rest of the table.

Fred looked at her with wide, innocent eyes. “Who, us? Never Professor! I assure you that you have nothing to fear. I am a changed man, and I’m sure Louis is too.”

She raised an eyebrow as Louis nodded gravely. “I’m sure,” she repeated. She handed out the schedules. A chorus of “Thanks Minnie,” rose from my companions. She smiled thinly and moved on.

I looked at my schedule. Today I had DADA, then double Herbology with the Hufflepuffs, and Flying Lessons with the Ravenclaws. Tomorrow was double Potions with the Slytherins (oh joy), History of Magic, and double Charms with the Hufflepuffs. Wednesday I had Care of Magical Creatures, double Transfiguration with the Ravenclaws, and double Herbology. Thursday was DADA, double Potions, and Care of Magical Creatures. Friday was double Transfiguration, History of Magic, and double Charms. Lots of doubled classes then. Oh well, at least I was only paired with the Slytherins once.

“Yay, we have Teddy first!” squealed Lily. “Come on Lyra, I want you to meet him!”

“Hold on woman, I’m not done eating!” I bit into a blueberry muffin. “These are really good! Agh!” I was dragged unceremoniously from my seat by a very hyper Lily and a laughing Molly. “Okay guys, I guess I’ll see you later then!” I called to the rest of the table as I was pulled out of the Great Hall. “Where are we going?”

“To see Teddy!” Lily sang happily. “He’s almost my big brother, but not really because we’re not related. Daddy is his godfather and his parents were both killed in the war.” She got really sad, but then perked up. “He’s loads of fun and he’s really cool. He lives with us over the summer and he always plays with me. Come on!” She began running down the hallway. I laughed and followed.

“Come on Molly, let’s catch up with her before she leaves us behind.” 

We ran after Lily, up a few flights of stairs to a fourth floor corridor. Lily stopped by a doorway and waited impatiently for us to catch up. I had been running slower to keep a panting Molly company; I was barely breathing hard. “It’s about time!” she said, pushing open the door as Molly continued to gasp for breath.  “Teddyyyyyyyy!”

“Hey Lily! I haven’t seen you in two whole days!” The man hugging Lily was handsome, maybe in his early twenties. His hair was turquoise and shaggy and his eyes were a warm chocolate brown. “And you Molly, how’s it going?”

“I’ve… been… better!” Molly managed to wheeze out.

Teddy gave Lily a stern look. “You made her run all the way up here? I’m still going to be here, whether you get here in 5 minutes or 15.”

Lily looked sheepish. “Sorry, I just really wanted to see you.” Noticing the quizzical look Teddy was giving me, she said, “Oh, and this is Lyra. She’s a Malfoy, but it’s okay because she’s awesome and in Gryffindor.”

“Ah, yes I remember you now from the Sorting Ceremony. How do you like it here so far?”

I smiled. “It’s been great! I love it so much more here than at our manor. I have a lot more freedom.”

He raised an eyebrow, but didn’t comment. Instead he asked, “So, were you in on the appearances of our favorite Hogwarts house? I hear the Slytherins got a nasty shock when they woke up this morning.”

I smiled innocently at him. “I haven’t the faintest idea what you mean Professor. Do the Slytherins look any different today?”

He smiled at me. “Oh, you’ll do. Pretty good at pulling the innocent face and at playing clueless, but you don’t have to hide around me. In fact, I congratulate you on a job well done. It was your idea I’m told?”

I smiled at him at nodded.

“And Teddy,” added Lily,”She hexed Fred ad Louis this morning and got away with it!

Teddy looked at me with admiration. “How did you accomplish that? Those two have got the fastest reflexes I’ve ever seen!”

I grinned. “Faster reflexes and good timing.”

“Please demonstrate.”

“Alright,” I got into my ready position. “Try to hex me then.”

“I don’t want to hurt you or anything.”

“Oh trust me, you won’t.”

He shook his head and raised his wand. “Alright, but remember that I’m the Defense Against the Dark Arts professor for a reason.”

“Bring it.”

Teddy began slowly throwing curses at me, obviously worried he was actually going to hit me. I dodged with ease. “Come on Lupin; hex me like you mean it!”

The stream of flashing, colored lights steadily grew faster as Teddy realized that I wasn’t going to be that easy to hit. I put myself through a rigorous training program at the Manor. A 10 mile jog every morning and a 2 hour training session in either the weight room or the room I set up for hand-to-hand combat practice tends to get a girl in shape. I continued weaving, diving, and jumping to avoid the spells he was throwing at me. He literally growled with the effort of trying to hit me. I laughed, and jumped on top of a nearby desk, then pushed off the top to spin over his head and land behind him. I put an arm around his throat. “I win.”

He laughed and I let go. “Oh I can just tell that this year is going to be a lot of fun.”

As Molly, Lily, and I chatted with Teddy, other students began filtering in. We claimed seats in the back row and looked at everybody as they came in. I recognized Adele and Patrick (sorted into Gryffindor, as they had hoped) and the two Indian girls from the station, whom I now knew to be Divya Goldstein and Damini Corner. The rest were strangers. Adele and Patrick sat next to each other, in front of Lily and me. Divya and Damini sat in the front, near Teddy’s desk. I saw them glancing at him and giggling. Apparently they already had a crush on the handsome professor. I saw several other girls from my dorm glancing at him too. Oh, this was going to get interesting.

“Alright!” Teddy clapped his hands and the room fell silent. “Has everyone got their books and wands out? Good. We’ll start today by studying the shield charm that you will eventually use to defend yourselves when we practice battles. Right,” he shook his sleeves back a little and raised his wand. “you need to think of something solid, like a brick wall or a closed door, something that’s a barrier. Concentrate on that and flick your wand straight up in front of you, while saying Protego! Everyone say the spell.”

There was a ragged chorus of Protego’s from around the room. I repeated it lazily. After the spell work I’d done last night, this should be easy.

“Wands up everybody!” Teddy called. “Try to cast the charm when you’re ready. If you get it right, a silvery wall should appear around you.”

I raised my wand and flicked it straight up, as Teddy had demonstrated, and thought of the castle’s exterior walls. “Protego.” A silvery wall flickered up in front of me with ease, as did Lily’s. Molly got it on the third try and Adele got hers up on the fourth. Nobody else was even close. Patrick flicked his wand so hard that it flew across the room while a tall, skinny boy with blonde hair let his wand hang limp from his fingers. A dark haired girl was attempting to perform the spell with a look of intense concentration on her face. Divya and Damini weren’t even trying, they were just whispering and giggling. Teddy walked around, correcting wand movements and pronunciation.

Bored already, I glanced down at the book. The spell after Protego was Expelliarmus, the disarming spell. All I needed to do was point my wand and say the spell. Lily had let her shield down, so I stealthily pointed my wand at her. “Expelliarmus,” I whispered. Her wand flew out of her hand.  I quickly put my shield back up, trying to look absorbed in maintaining it. She glanced wildly around, gripping her wand tightly. When she looked away, I disarmed her again. She chased her wand down, and I disarmed Molly. Molly yelped as her wand flew out of her hand. I couldn’t help it: I burst out laughing.

Lily narrowed her eyes and looked at the spell in the book. She tried it out on me, and it worked as quickly for her as the shield had. My wand flew across the room. I laughed and ran after it. Second spell, mastered. I looked at the third spell in the book. By the end of the lesson, Lily and I had mastered unlocking (alohamora), light (lumos), and leg-locking (locomotor mortis). Adele and Molly had both managed to disarm us once each. Nobody else had even gotten a shield up.

Teddy sighed. “The homework is to practice the spell for those of you who did not put up a shield today. I would like to see Lyra, Lily, Molly, and Adele up at my desk please. The rest of you may go.” I glanced at Lily as everyone else swarmed towards the door. Had we been wrong to try out all those new spells? Oh well, they were fun and there was no way to unlearn them now that we knew them.

When we reached his desk, Teddy looked at us and smiled. “You four seemed incredibly advanced for first years. You learn spells very quickly and are good at learning new ones even when I’m not teaching them to you. I think that you should all be placed in an advanced group because you will just be bored in my class. I want a third year, at least, teaching you. Hmm,” he pulled out a roll of parchment and I managed to make out “Gryffindor Third Years” written on it before he unrolled it. “Yes, Falaway would be good. No, she has Charms first period. Johnson has a free period but he wouldn’t be a very good teacher. He looks down his nose at first years. MacDonald also has a free period, but she’s plain awful at Defense. Ah! How about Al? Yes, he has a spare first and he would be a patient teacher. Bloody brilliant as well. Alright girls, Al Potter will be your new Defense Against the Dark Arts tutor, provided he agrees. I’m sure he will. Off you go then. I’ll set up an empty classroom for you five to use.” He waved us on and we ran out, chattering about our new sessions.


It was much worse in Herbology. I didn’t understand plants at all. I didn’t get Professor Longbottom’s lecture on Devil’s Snare either. How was it afraid of light and warmth? Didn’t plants need the sun to live? And if we were only first years and ‘would never be able to handle a plant such as Devil’s Snare’ then why were we learning about it?

I walked away from Greenhouse 1 shaking my head. “Tell me again why I have to take Herbology?” I asked Lily. “It seems like a pointless subject.”

“Because it’s required until at least 5th year,” she replied. “Besides, Professor Longbottom’s not that bad. He’s a friend of my parents. I could probably get us out of a few homework assignments now and then.”

“Oh well, at least it’s flying lessons now!” I said brightly. She looked apprehensive all of a sudden. “Don’t tell me you don’t know how to fly!” I said surprised. “Your mom’s on the Hollyhead Harpies and your dad was the best Seeker Gryffindor ever had!”

She blushed and looked down. “I’m kind of scared of heights.”

I shook my head. “You won’t fall. They charmed the brooms so you can’t fall off. You’ll be completely fine.” We walked across the grounds to where the rest of the Gryffindor house was waiting by Madame Spinnet, Madame Hooch’s successor. Madame Spinnet looked like she was not a person to mess with.

“Alright, everyone here? Good. These brooms have been especially charmed so it’s impossible to fall off. No need to worry. Right, stand on the left side of the broom, stick your right hand over it, and say ‘Up!’”

I stood next to a battered looking broom and put my hand over it. “Up!” The broom shot up into my hand. So did Molly’s, Patrick’s, a blonde boy’s, and a girl’s with long black hair. I recognized her as Karen Appleby from the Sorting. We were the only ones who got it on the first try. Adele’s came up on her second try. Lily’s rolled over pathetically. “Say it with authority!” I whispered to her. “Don’t be afraid of it.”

She took a deep breath and said “Up!” firmly. The broom rose into her hand, though not as quickly as mine. She looked at it with wonder.

After everyone had finally gotten their brooms into their hands (this took about 10 minutes) Madame Spinnet told us how to mount the brooms without falling off the end. Everybody got on.

“Okay, on the count of 3, everyone kick off from the ground, hover a moment, then come back down. One… Two… Three!” All the first years kicked off slowly. I saw Lily wobble a bit. She shrieked and leaned forward on accident. It was the wrong move. She shot up and forward.

“Lily!” I yelled. Without a second thought, I shot after her. Madame Spinnet was shouting at us both, but I ignored her. I leaned down, flat on the broom handle, flying as fast as I could towards Lily. I could see her heading at top speed towards the Forbidden Forest. This wasn’t good. I finally pulled even with her. Lily’s eyes were squeezed tight and her knuckles were white where she gripped the handle of the broom. I reached over, careful to maintain my control over my own broom, and pulled up on both our handles at the same time. We slowed to hover in the air. I gently pushed down until we were on the ground. Lily collapsed on the grass, crying. I swung off my broom and knelt next to Lily, pulling the crying girl into a hug. She sobbed into my shirt.

“Thank y-you Ly-ra. I was-s just s-so sc-scared, I couldn’t th-think,” she managed to get out through her sobs. I just shushed her and let her continue to cry all over my shirt. I knew that she was probably going into shock. 

A black shape flew towards us and landed on the ground in the form of a panicking Madame Spinnet. She checked Lily over, then, satisfied that she wasn’t hurt, turned to me. “That was a very stupid thing to do,” she informed me.

I gulped. “I know, but you weren’t on a broom and Lily didn’t know how to stop and she was frightened. I was the only one who could do something.”

She nodded. “I haven’t seen such natural flying ability since Harry flew with us. He did something similar at his first flying lesson.”

Lily sat up sniffing. “Yeah. Your dad st-ole Professor Longbottom’s Remembrall, ‘cept he was just Neville then.” I frowned. That sounded like something Father would do. “Anyway, Daddy w-went up on his broom and ch-allenged your dad and your dad th-threw it up in the air and m-my dad dove and caught it. Professor McGonagall g-ot him on the Quidditch team.” She smiled shakily. “I gu-ess this time I was the one that needed catching.”

I smiled down at her. “And you’re okay, right?”

She nodded and stood. “Just a lit-tle shaken u-up.”

Madame Spinnet pulled Lily up on her broom to fly back. “You’ll just ride with me Lily. Lyra, can you manage the spare broom?”

She trusted me to fly back on my own? Yes! “Yes, I can handle it.”

“Okay then, let’s get back.” We mounted up and flew slowly back towards the open space where practice was. I heard Lily whimper once or twice and saw Madame Spinnet wince from the pressure of Lily’s arms around her waist. Lily was really scared.

When we landed and Lily stumbled off her broom, she was hug attacked by Molly and Al. Wait a minute, when did Al get here?

“When did you get here?” I asked him.

“I was looking out the window during Charms and saw Lily go past. I, um, kind sort of ranoutofCharmswithoutanexplinationtocomedownhere,” he said hurriedly, glancing guiltily at Madame Spinnet. “Sorry Alicia.”

Madame Spinnet sighed. “I can hardly blame you. I wouldn’t hesitate to do the same. And I’m not the only one.” She looked significantly at me.

Al suddenly seemed to register that I had come back with the two of them, and had not been waiting in the field. “You caught her?”

I scowled. “You don’t need to sound so surprised.” He suddenly stepped over and pulled me into a hug that quite possibly broke some of my ribs.

“Thankyouthankyouthankyou! I owe you so much right now!”

I choked and hit his arm. “Can’t… breathe… Al!” I managed to get out.

“Oops.” He quickly dropped me and I gasped for air.

“S’okay, I’m used to it. Scor doesn’t know his own strength either sometimes.” I rubbed my ribs. He looked at me guiltily.

“Sorry,” he repeated.

I glanced at Lily, then turned to Madame Spinnet. “I think I should take Lily to the Hospital Wing. She kind of looks like she’s going into shock.” Lily was on the ground next to a bush, dry heaving and gasping. 

Madame Spinnet looked at her with concern. “Yes, I think that would be the best thing to do. Al, you can go with them seeing as you obviously have nothing better to do.” He grinned at her, then came with me as I supported Lily and walked towards the castle. He swooped up behind us and picked Lily up.

“Show off,” I muttered. He just grinned at me. So we made our way inside and prepared ourselves for a long night in the Hospital wing.






Soooooooo?  What did you think?  Is Lyra awesome or what?  I would be very happy if you went down the page just a LITTLE bit farther and told me!

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