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The Meaning of Lonely by Livi_777
Chapter 1 : The Meaning of Lonely
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Poem: I Wish I Wasn't Alone by Jo

A/N: So, this is my very first one-shot, and I believe that due to all of these challenges I've entered, it won't be the last. I wanted this story to be a reflection from Luna about how she isn't the perfection that she appears to be and that inside she's just a mushy human being like the rest of us, even if her way of thinking is totally different. Enjoy!

Love Livi x




Once when I was little
I was happy and carefree
I used to run around laughing
Until it was time for tea



It never used to be like this. Before I came to Hogwarts, I mean. I was so happy. I am still happy, I’m incredibly happy. I’m always happy. And so is the world, I think, I think the world is happy. I’m just not totally sure, and that’s the problem. Everything feels different now. I don’t like it anymore, it’s making me care. And I don’t care about anything…usually.



I used to play games
And smile all the time
I used to feel on top of the world
I used to feel fine





Everything was perfect before I came to Hogwarts. Daddy has always been lovely. He taught me how to hear the whispers on the breeze that no one else hears. He taught me how to be happy. He taught me about all of the haters. They don’t like me. It’s because I’m different I think, and I never used to care. In fact, I still don’t care…I think.


It's amazing how things change
When people let you down
And how that once happy face
Turns into a solemn frown



They made me unhappy. I’ve never been unhappy before. At first I thought it was the wrackspurts. They do wreak havoc sometimes. It not usually nasty though. None of the whispery creatures are nasty. Only people are nasty. That’s what I’ve learnt by myself, without Daddy. And when I’m grown up I’ll teach my children that too.



You search and search
For someone who cares
Anyone who understands
Anyone who dares

No one cares about me, apart from Daddy and the whispery creatures, and that's the honest truth. I frighten the others. But I don’t mean too. I think that they are afraid that the others will laugh if they understand me. It’s very silly really. Don’t the whispery creatures tell them about nasty people too? Why do they care about what other people think? It’s much more fun not to care. That’s what Daddy taught me, and he was right, even if they don’t think so.



Loneliness, it hurts
It kills you deep inside
It makes you feel empty
It stops you in your stride



But I can’t help it. I don’t like being on my own. It gets horrible after a while. Because no one else believes in the whispery creatures they’ve gone away, and they’ve left me all alone. Alone; it’s a horrible word really, I don’t like it. It’s just so…lonely.





You cry yourself to sleep
Hugging your pillow tight
Wishing for someone
To hold you through the night

I wish that Daddy was here. Because he would tell me about how it doesn’t matter what they are thinking because only humdingers can hear thoughts, and all of the humdingers are in the Australian rainforest. And I would believe him if he said it. Because what he says is always right. When I say it, it doesn’t sound quite so…real. I just wish that Daddy was here.





Once when I was little
I was happy and carefree
Now my life's full of sadness,
Pain and misery



I wish the whispery creatures would come back and keep me company. I don’t like all of the nasty people here. People are very cruel sometimes. That’s why whispery creatures make much better than people. And thestrals too, because they’re like me, sort of, everyone is afraid of them too. With me, they are afraid that everyone else will think bad thoughts about them if they understand, and with the Thestrals, they are afraid of the death that goes with them, which is silly, because everyone knows that when you die, the nargles take you to a nice house on the beach where you can dream forever.




Once when I was little
I was never on my own
But now I pray at night
''I wish I wasn't alone''


And that's what Lonely means to me.

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