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Julietta: Lost and Found by Zyii
Chapter 1 : Prologue
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Hello :3 welcome to my second fanfic. This one is full of mystery, drama and love - I think - Anyway, I hope you enjoy it and tell me what you think (:

 WARNING: Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme

Another year staring at an unused cradle, another year watching his parents pretend they weren’t crumbling inside. Another year pretending he didn’t have a hole in his heart that yearned for her.

So much had changed in the last 17 years. Voldemort had changed a lot of lives, so had Dumbledore and so had her disappearance. Both the Godfather’s Lucius Malfoy and Severus Snape had been made into spies for Dumbledore and the Order. Dumbledore didn’t fully realize what he’d made them do or how desperately they hated what their lives had become.

He wanted so much to find her and every year he tried. He wanted to condemn the witch who stole her from him. No one knows why she took her or where she put her but their lives would not be complete without her.

He looked up from his Hogwarts letter, a stabbing pain filling his mind. He staggered, trying to regain balance. A girl, a girl with brown hair, falling to her knees. She felt so much pain, he eyes stared into nothing and tears fell from her eyes. He couldn’t tell who she was but he managed to make out two words written on the paper she was clutching ‘Adopted/Kidnapped’, kidnapped, his brain shuddered and he fainted.

Far away a girls world had collapsed around her. Her parents had just died and it that weren’t enough, she was adopted, or kidnapped, her parents will didn’t seem certain. There was no note or random person to tell her what had happened. This wasn’t the movies after all. If her entire life had been a lie then who was she really and did she even have claim to the name she wore.

She felt lost and confused, with only words of wisdom passed to her by adults, not one of her friends seemed to have written to her, or thought that the lack of contact they'd had with her was cause for concern. Perhaps they just figured that she needed space away from them to spend some much needed time with her newly found parents. Whatever the case she was sorely disappointed that no one had come to check on her. The war may be over but that didn't mean the dangerous times were.

She longed to have someone to talk to, but it wasn't really something you could put in a letter. She had no other family bar her now deceased parents, so there was no one to ask the truth from. She wished she knew what her parents will meant, 'adopted or kidnapped' neither sounded pleasent, she half hoped it was just some cruel trick. Alas, she knew it wasn't , her parents were dead, nothing was going to bring them back, and no one was able to tell her who she was. 

When one is so desperately alone all you want is to be surrounded by people. She was alone now but that would change, there were always people looking for her.

Only one thing was certain, this year at Hogwarts, she’d be Head Girl. 

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Julietta: Lost and Found: Prologue


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