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A Cannons Proposal by ariellem
Chapter 1 : A Cannons Proposal
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  ~*~*~Ron’s POV~*~*~

“Congratulate me Harry,” I said taking a seat beside in him in a booth at the Leaky Cauldron. The waitress gave us two butterbeers and smiled a little too long at Harry.

Harry passed the test and didn’t look back, just nodded politely. I shall have to investigate this further later to make sure their not having an affair.

What? I care about my sister.

“Congratulate you on what?” Harry asked, as we clinked bottles.

“I’m going to propose to Hermione,” I answered. Harry looked happy, amused, and shocked.

“I’m happy for you mate!” he said leaning over to pat me on the shoulder. “I must say I didn’t see it coming.”

Because he’s too wrapped up in the affair he’s having with the waitress. I must tell Ginny later.

“I even have the perfect time and place,” I continued.

“Where and when?” Harry inquired, taking a giant gulp of his butterbeer.

“Right in the stands when the Cannons win a game,” I answered, Harry spat his butterbeer out all over me.

“Thank you,” I said sarcastically as I wiped his saliva off me with some napkins. “I needed that.”

“Sorry,” Harry apologized quickly. “But did you say when the Cannons win a game?”

“Yep,” I answered proudly. “Aren’t I brilliant?”

~*~*~Hermione’s POV~*~*~

“It’s ok,” said Ginny trying to comfort me. “It’ll be alright.”

“I’ll die an old unmarried woman,” I whispered. Ginny patted my shoulder.

“I won’t get married until I’m eighty,” I murmured.

Ginny and I had thought we’d go out for lunch to get away from the boys and work. Apparently Harry and Ron had thought of the same thing and we had made the mistake of listening in to their conversation.

“Actually if the Cannons keep up their losing streak you’ll never be married,” said Ginny. Let the record show that Ginny Potter (nee Weasley) is a terrible comforter.

I glared at her and she shrugged her shoulders.

“Maybe you could talk to Ron for me,” I said hopefully. “Tell him how stupid his idea is.”

“No way,” said Ginny shaking her head back and forth rapidly. “The last time I talked to Ron he had some wacked story about how Harry was cheating on me, the man’s a psychopath.”

“He just cares about you,” I protested. Even though I knew she was right, Ron did get a bit obsessive when it came to protecting his sister. He had this weird theory that every time a girl smiled at Harry it meant that they were having an affair.

“Look,” said Ginny, she patted me on the back. “Ron is a delusional dork, but even he has to see that this whole scheme is ridicules. Now shush I want to hear the rest of the conversation.”

We both craned our necks to listen. Maybe Ron had just been kidding.

“I’m telling you Harry,” I could hear my boyfriend say. “They are going to win this year, I can feel it in my blood.”

“You say that every year,” I heard Harry answer hesitantly. “But ever year…” he trailed off.

“I know Harry, but this year I have a gut feeling it’s so different than anything else. It’s like the same feeling that I have for Hermione.”

“You’re comparing your love for Hermione to a Quidditch game?” Harry asked.

Ron is so going to die when I go home.

“Sort of,” Ron conceded.

He’s dead.

“It’s such a good feeling…like…like.”

“I think we should go,” said Ginny taking my coat and purse before I go over to where they were sitting and hit Ron over the head. “I’m sure he’s just not saying it right. He can’t mean it like that.”

~*~*~Ginny’s POV~*~*~

He probably did mean it like that, stupid Ron. I pulled an angry Hermione from the Leaky Cauldron, and tried to the comfort her.

She just glared at me; probably my red hair reminded her of Ron.

“Look Hermione, think of this way you can still have kids,” I continued. “Just out of wedlock.”

Hermione was still glaring.

“Can you just talk to him?” she hissed.

“Fine,” I conceded. “I’ll talk to him. I can’t promise anything though.”

Hermione hugged me and I knew that one measly hug was NOT going to cover all the favors she was going to owe me after this.

“I have to go,” she said. “We’re doing AA for the House Elves, come by some time.”

There was no way I was going there but I nodded politely anyway. Hermione quickly apparated away, leaving me to deal with Ron by myself.

I walked back into the Leaky Cauldron with a big fake smile plastered on my face, pretending to be surprised to see Ron and Harry as I took a seat next to my husband.

“So what are we all talking about?” I asked, giving Harry a kiss on the cheek, Ron looked at the ceiling. He can be such a hypocrite, it’s not like Hermione and him never show affection publicly.

In fact they probably show a little too much affection publicly if you know what I mean.

“Ron is proposing to Hermione”, said Harry, taking another sip of his butterbeer.

I faked a happy look, in fact I should probably get an award for my acting skills. “That’s great Ron! I exclaimed. I’m so happy! How are you going to propose? Romantic dinner? Fireworks? Have house elves spell out the words marry me?”

Ron shook his head at all of them. “Nope,” he said happily. “I’m going to propose to her win the Cannons, win this year.”

Harry and I exchanged looks. This was going to be tough.

~*~*~Harry’s POV~*~*~

“I cannot believe he is that stupid!” Ginny yelled as soon as we apparated back to my office.

“He sincerely feels that they’ll win this year,” I said shrugging. “It’s mad, but maybe we can do something to help them.”

“Like what Harry?” Ginny asked, she turned to me with a skeptical look on her face. “I can’t train seven players to beat a good team in a week; even if I could I wouldn’t, we’re going up against them next.”

“Cannons versus Harpies is next week?” I asked, I turned back to Ginny hesitantly. “Is there anyway…you could…you know.”

“No.” said Ginny shaking her head back and forth. “No way am I doing that Potter.”

“Just one game, it won’t even knock you out of the league,” I protested. “Just lose one game!”

“Even if I would do that,” said Ginny. “I can’t, my teammates would kill me.”

“Can we pay them off?” I asked hopefully.

Ginny sighed and put her face in her hands. “Our team is going to be forever known as the losers who lost to the Cannons, you know that right?”

“You’ll never have to buy either Hermione or Ron a present again,” I pointed out.

Ginny glared at me.

 ~*~*~Ron’s POV~*~*~

For some reason Hermione had been ignoring me for the past few days, and last night when I tried to kiss her she kicked me.

I had figured it was just her time of the month, although normally she doesn’t sit and glare daggers at my Cannons poster.

I was incredibly happy. Today would be the day that my favorite Quidditch team would win, also I’d propose to Hermione.

“Come on Hermione,” I said, trying to rush her along as she put on her coat.

“Don’t rush me Ronald,” she snapped. “Do we really have to go to this?”

“Of course we do,” I said, startled that she had suggested such a thing. “Come on, we need to make sure to get there before all the big crowds.”

We did make it before all crowds; actually we made it before anyone else did. The park was completely empty. The stadium wasn’t even open yet. I sat down in front of it and patted the grass beside me indicating to Hermione that she should sit down.

Before an hour was up the caretaker came to open the door. Hermione had fallen asleep on my shoulder and I shook her awake.

She didn’t look very happy about that.

Before long everyone else was starting to come in, Harry took a sit beside us. He was very jittery, probably because he’s worried that I know something about his torrid love affair with the waitress.

Be afraid Potter, be very afraid.

“Got the ring?” he asked quietly, Hermione had fallen asleep again, so he wasn’t worried about her overhearing.

I carefully took out the small black box that contained the ring that I had picked out just days before. Harry nodded in approval.

 ~*~*~Hermione’s POV~*~*~

I faked sleep for most of the game, except for the bit where Ron showed Harry the ring he was going to give me. It was lovely, and I felt a tad bit guilty for being so cranky for the past week.

But not guilty enough to apologize for that kick I gave him, he deserved that.

I actually feel asleep a couple times between scores, but then I woke up by my head slamming on the bench.

Ron was standing up screaming with happiness. “Hermione!” he yelled to me. “They’re winning!”

Barely awake I looked at the scoreboard, 140 to 10 in the Cannons favor, I almost cried.

They scored again, the Harpies keeper missing the ball which was strange because she’s normally quite good. I could have cared less though, I was going to get married!

“Oh Ron!” I yelled hugging him, he rudely shrugged me off so he could watch the game.

Again, I do not regret that kick.

I could see that Ginny was just sitting on her broom in midair, not even watching out for the quaffle. So were some of her fellow chasers. The seeker was just lazily drifting around.

Then it happened. The Cannons seeker caught the snitch.

As everyone screamed, Ron pressed his wand to his neck muttering sonourus.

“Hermione Granger!” he bellowed, I think he made his voice a little louder then he wanted. “Will you marry me?”

He got down on one knee and showed me the ring, I threw myself around him.

“Yes!” I yelled, as Ron put the ring on my finger. “Yes I’ll marry you!”

~*~*~Ginny’s POV~*~*~

“Life sucks and you die,” I muttered as I read the sports review the next morning. “There is no way I’m getting Hermione and Ron birthday presents ever again.”

 Author's note: When I first published this I got a request asking me to write a sequel but not to make Harry cheat on Ginny. Let me just say that Harry has never (and will never) cheat on Ginny. Ron's just being a dork. 


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