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Rest in Pieces by BrittJade
Chapter 3 : Descent
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We landed on a hillside overlooking a small cottage lit with light. Without letting go of my hand Luna led me towards her home. Stopping short of the door I could tell something was wrong, something out of place. I looked down at Luna to see her staring at the murky brown door. I knew she could feel it too. My hand shaking, I reached for the door knob and turned it until the lock clicked. The door creaked as I pushed it open. Luna had her eyes shut tightly. Taking a deep breath I stepped inside pulling Luna with me. Looking around me at the small but cramped room nothing seemed out of place.

   “Dad,” Luna called out in a timid voice. “I’m home.” A soft thump from the upper floor was the only response. Luna darted up the circling stairs, disappearing from view. I followed her two steps at a time, arriving in the doorway to see Luna kneeling over her father.


The sight was horrible. Mr Lovegood was lying sprawled on the floor surrounded by a puddle of blood, his face pale and clammy. I carefully stepped over the crumbling bricks on the floor and knelt down beside Luna. She had her wand out and was silently sealing the cuts that covered her father’s body. She suddenly sighed and looked up at me tears running down her face.

     “I’m sorry,” she stammered. “This was supposed to help you but it seems like there’s tragedy everywhere.” With that she waved her wand making her dad hover and lay down on the nearby bed. I looked down at the puddle of blood covering the floor. Suddenly it vanished from view. I looked up to see Luna standing beside me, the remains of the blood soaking up into her wand.


Luna and I sat waiting in the cold, plastic chairs in the waiting room at St. Mungo’s. After we found her dad in that condition I suggested we bring him here to get checked up on. I looked at her beautiful face, all pale with tears running down her cheeks. I knew I had to be the strong one at the moment. I reached for her hand and gave it a small squeeze. She gave me a watery smile and opened her mouth to speak when we were interrupted by a small coughing noise.

    “Miss Lovegood?” a nurse asked looking at Luna. She stood up and nodded pulling me with her. “Your dad is ready to see you. But only you.” I let go of her hand as she walked down the hall with the nurse.


I stumbled back to the abandoned chair and sank into it. The war was over. All things bad in the world were supposed to stop. So why had this happened? Why Luna? I shut my eyes trying to get my brain to shut up.

     “George,” a soft voice interrupted my thoughts. I opened my eyes slowly until they landed on the source of voice. Hermione stood watching me, Draco Malfoy standing a few feet behind her.

     “Hermione,” I said standing up abruptly. “Why are you here? Did something happen to mum or dad or Ron? And what is he doing here?” I added realising Malfoy was still standing there.

     “George, nothing happened to them. I’m here with Draco, his mother is injured.” She looked at me sheepishly when Malfoy came forward and took her hand. I looked at their hands clasped tightly. Last time I checked Ron and Hermione were together and now this. I guess I missed a lot in the past few months. Hermione spotted me looking at them together. I opened my mouth to speak but Hermione beat me to it. “Two weeks,” she said answering the unspoken question. I nodded and sat back down Hermione sitting next to me.




No one spoke but Malfoy and Hermione kept exchanging looks between them. I sat there awkwardly wishing I was anywhere but there. Finally Luna came back looking exhausted. She stopped standing directly in front of us. Her blue eyes flickered from Hermione to Malfoy before finding my own. She didn’t seem fazed by the fact that they were holding hands. Then it struck me. She must have found out when she came to get me.

     “He’ll survive,” she finally whispered. “But for now I would like to go home.” With that she murmured goodbye to Hermione and Malfoy and left without a second glance. Hermione looked at me, her big, brown eyes searching mine for answers. I just shook my head and followed Luna out the door.


I arrived outside the hospital and looked around for Luna. She was nowhere in sight. I started to panic slightly. She wouldn’t have just left would she? I walked around aimlessly until I could no longer see where I was going. Reaching into my pocked I found my wand and whispered, “Lumos.” Light streamed from the tip of my wand, lighting my surroundings. A figure sat hunched over on a bench not too far away. She had long blonde hair that flowed behind her.

     “Luna,” I whispered before making my way over to where she sat. She didn’t even flinch as I lowered myself onto the bench. She stared ahead of here into the darkness, not speaking. I took her hand and apparated back to her house.


When we arrived back, Luna dropped my hand and made her way to the kitchen. I looked around at the lower floor. It was bright with lots of windows and colours everywhere. Directly ahead of me was a big shiny mirror. How didn’t I notice it before? I stared at it, looking at a perfect reflection of myself, and what Fred used to look like. I heard a clatter as Luna came back into view. She stared into my reflection, holding a tray with tea on it. Slowly she took a step forwards placing the tray on a nearby table. I took no notice of her walking towards me; all I could see was Fred. She placed her small warm hand on my shoulder and wrapped her free arm around my waist pulling me away from the mirror. I was suddenly very aware of her body pushed up against mine. I felt my heart beat a bit faster, but just as suddenly she let go turning towards the mirror again and banishing it from sight. I looked at my feet as she handing me my cup of tea. The soothing feeling of it in my stomach made me feel tired. I put the mug down and sat on a nearby couch, my eyes drooping. I felt myself drift into a dreamless sleep.

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