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Life in the Weasley Clan by hp lover
Chapter 1 : Nothing if not a Weasley
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A/N: Hi guys this is my first ever fan fiction, sorry it is not that long hopefully I will improve with time. Hope you like and please Review if you can. Disclaimer: I don’t own anything Harry potter that is all from J.K Rowling

Ps: Thank-you to my friend Lauren for editing my work J

Nothing if not a Weasley

Molly Weasley sat in the lounge of the burrow, in her favourite resting spot, an old green couch which held the seated person in warm embrace. Her knitting rested on her knees and she looked out to the garden to watch her two eldest sons, Charlie and Bill zooming above, much to the delight of their awestruck younger siblings Fred, George, Ron and Ginny. Although Percy seemed oblivious, in a quiet corner of the garden, legs tucked under him and a book resting on his legs.Satisfied that all was well at the Burrow, Molly concentrated again on the knitting in front of her and reminisced about the day that her youngest was born.


“It’s alright dear; just squeeze my hand it will be all over soon.”

He had not been the greatest support through her pregnancies but his sentiments seemed to be getting worse as each child was born. ‘All over soon.’ He has no idea about this excruciating pain! ‘All over soon’, she’d like to see him get through this on that alone.

Panting she added “No Arthur, this is it, no more after this one, if this is not a girl, we are NOT trying again, 7 is more than enough and I am sure the next generation will bring us a girl.”

Molly was snapped back to reality by the slamming of the Burrows back door, revealing a 5 year old Ginny. Like all of her children Ginny had fiery red hair and a scattering of freckles across her nose. But in place of her usually sweet smile was a scowl, which could only mean trouble.

Ginny stomped straight over to her mother, looked into her eyes, and matter of factly asked, “Am I adopted” her mother laughed, then seeing that her daughter was quite serious pulled her youngest and only daughter onto her lap. “Why would you think that, look at your hair, your eyes, you are nothing if not a true Weasley.”

Though Ginny was fighting hard to hold onto to her anger, her mother could see that whatever had put this thought in her head, had truly affected Ginny, as there was a small tear slipping out of the corner of her left eye. Ginny angrily wiped this away and her mother caught her hand in her own and again asked, “Why would you think that you were adopted.”

Ginny looked up earnestly, as she curled herself into her mother. “The boys were saying that you and daddy never wanted me because I wasn’t a boy like them and that I am not even a Weasley because I have long hair and I am a girl,” her voiced wavered slightly on this final word and she looked at Molly pleadingly, eyes glistening with unspilled tears.

Seeing her daughter upset like this over such a silly issue broke Molly’s heart, and she vowed to talk to her sons. As usual they were not going to like what she had to say. But now as she looked at her daughter, she felt compelled to lean down and press a soft kiss to the top of her nose. “You, Ginny dear, are most certainly a Weasley, and being a girl makes you unique as does your long hair. Would you really want to look like you older brothers?”  At this, Ginny screwed up her nose, “Eww no they’re icky!” Molly chuckled, “Yes exactly they are icky, smelly boys.” This got a small smile and giggle from Ginny. “And you,” her mother continued “Are a beautiful little princess, with lovely long hair.” “Really?” Ginny questioned with a hopeful glint to her eyes. “Really.” Molly replied, “And do you want to know a secret?” Little Ginny’s head nodded vigorously. Molly leant down and lowered her voice as though she was sharing one of her deepest secrets. “Your father and I have never wanted a child as much as we wanted you, we had been waiting for a daughter, and you my little princess gave us our wish. Your father and I have and always will love you.” On this last word Molly tapped Ginny lightly on the nose.

Ginny was now smiling broadly, all evidence of her tears having been wiped from her eyes. Molly tickled the bottom of Ginny’s left foot where it was sitting across Molly’s lap. Ginny squirmed and began to giggle uncontrollably as her mother moved to tickle the small part of her tummy sticking out from under her light blue shirt.

Satisfied that her daughter had been considerably cheered by her words, Molly picked her up and placed her back on the ground in front of her. “Why don’t you head up stairs to wash up before dinner, you can bring treacle with you. “ Treacle was Ginny’s favourite stuffed animal, it was a small, soft purple bunny, charmed to wriggle it’s nose when you scratched behind its ears, Ginny had had it since she was 3, and took it everywhere with her if given the chance. At this announcement Ginny skipped off to the stair case with a happy smile on her face. Before she started up the stairs she came to a screeching halt, turned back around and came running back to her mother’s side.

With a very serious look Ginny said to her mother “But mum not all boys are icky and smelly, what about Harry Potter he can’t be icky and smelly, cause he was very brave when he was only 1” holding up one finger to accentuate her point. Molly looked back at her daughter and nodded, “Yes dear I am sure that not all boys are Icky and that Harry Potter is probably a very lovely smelling boy.” This answer seemed to satisfy Ginny and she again skipped to the stairs and this time began to carefully ascend them to reach her room and retrieve Treacle.”

Molly took this time, while her daughter was preoccupied to head outside to her 6 boys and make sure that she did not have to see her daughter cry again in the near future, or ever if possible. Perhaps she would grow up, meet a respectable boy, who did not smell, perhaps she would even manage to marry the famous Harry potter and he would love her so much that she would never have to cry again. Although these events were unlikely they calmed her, and any maternal worries for her daughter’s immediate future vanished.

As Molly reached the backyard where her boys were now playing a game of vicious Tiggy and she prepared herself for her routine lecture on their teasing of Ginny. She was going to make sure that they were not responsible for Ginny crying because of something so trivial ever again. “Boys” she yelled, and they continued to wrestle in the yard. “Boys” she yelled louder and this time they heard her. All five of the wrestling boys stopped what they were doing and looked at her expectantly, while Percy looked up from the book that he was still reading quietly. “I want all of you to come over here right now!”

At the obviously angry tone of her voice all of the boys quickly ran to where she was standing, her hands on hips. The boys lined up in front of her and she quickly did a head count. 1...2....3...4. Four? There were two missing and she knew exactly who they were. “FRED! GEORGE! Come here NOW.” The two identical 8 year olds came skulking around from the bush they were trying to hide behind, looks of guilt plastered across their faces. Well if Molly had any question as to who had upset Ginny before, she didn’t anymore. Feigning ignorance Molly asked all of her boys, “Does anyone know why I just had your sister come to me quite upset, asking me whether she was adopted, and thinking that your father and I did not want her.”

As she was speaking she was looking directly at the twins as they continued to inspect their rather dirty feet. “Anyone? Fred, George I know it was you two who were responsible, but don’t think that the rest of you are off the hook, “she added as the other boys seemed to sigh a breath of relief, they all tensed again at her last words. “Look boys this is a warning to you all, if you make your sister cry again or think that she is any less of a Weasley than any of you.” She now glared at all the boys before continuing. “None of you will ever be going anywhere near platform 9 and ¾ again.” The boys were shocked by this announcement and all began to stumble over each other as they attempted to apologise, while Percy looked frustrated and Ron, only six, began to cry softly. “I want you all to apologise to your sister and none of you will be having pudding tonight.”  She concluded with a tone of finality. Although the boys obviously wished to protest this they knew that there was no point in an argument with their mother. “And Fred and George” Molly continued “ You will spend the whole day tomorrow cleaning out the awful mess that you call a bedroom, and I will not be letting you outside until every inch of it is clean.” The twins, although usually cheeky were rather sombre as they followed their older siblings into the house.

Ginny was standing at the bottom of the stairs clutching treacle to her chest and looking confused at the sombre looks on all the boys’ faces. Though as they each filed past her on their way to wash up for dinner they each apologised in turn, and a smile slowly crept onto her face and her eyes glinted with pleasure. When all the boys, had finally ascended the staircase, the little girl ran and threw herself at her mother. “oh thank you mummy that was fabulous” she exclaimed. Molly laughed and carried Ginny to the kitchen where she promptly sat down on her usually chair next to the kitchen bench and watched her mother finish preparing dinner, while happily chatting about the  wonderful magic that she is going to learn when she finally gets to Hogwarts. This was a frequent train of thought for each of her children and one that Molly was proud to hear each time.

At exactly 6:00 each of her 7 children were seated at the table, having shown their mother clean hands, waiting hungrily for their meal and her husband Arthur’s face on the clock had just spun to home. The door rattled as Arthur walked into the kitchen, brief case in hand and a happy smile formed on his lips. He placed his case on the kitchen bench and leant in for a kiss from Molly. When he turned to greet the children however he noticed that all but Ginny were frowning at their plates. “Why do you all look as though Christmas has been stolen for the year?” Arthur asked his 6 frowning boys, but none of them could get in an answer before Ginny answered for them. “Well daddy the boys are all upset because they aren’t princesses with long hair, they are just icky smelly, boys.” Arthur chuckled softly “well, well I see that there has been some sibling rivalry at the burrow today.” Molly nodded at Arthur and they all sat down to a meal of meatloaf, mashed potato and various other goods.

When the meal was done Molly sent all the boys upstairs to get ready for story time and put their pyjamas’ on. Arthur, Molly and Ginny ate a bowl full of chocolate pudding while Ginny explained to her father how she was a beautiful princess, who one day was going to marry Harry Potter, who was not icky and did not smell like her own brothers. As always Arthur smiled and agreed with the great love stories Ginny created between her and the famous Harry Potter. Once Ginny Had also been sent to find her pyjamas and brush her teeth, Arthur and molly flicked their wands and the dishes began to wash and dry themselves before landing back on their place on the shelf. “Perhaps we need to tell Ginny some stories other than Harry Potter, I dread the day should she meet him, she might propose to him on the spot. “ Arthur said happily to his wife.

Later that night Molly and Arthur had each made sure 3 of the children, were safely tucked into their beds. She ensured that tonight Arthur was left with the difficult job of putting the mischievous twins to bed. So because he had endured this difficult task she decided that she would go to the last room. Molly slowly made her way to the very top floor of bedrooms, above the slow moaning of the ghoul was resounding through the attic. Molly entered her youngest son Ron’s room to find him curled up at the top of his bed crying softly into his favourite Chudley Cannons pillow. Molly rushed to his side and pulled him to her chest, “What’s wrong baby, what did Fred and George do now?”” Mummy?” he asked his bottom lip wobbling as he looked at his mother with tear filled eyes. “Are you really not going to let me go to Hogwarts?” Molly’s expression softened and she replied, “Of course not dear, that was just for your naughty older brothers.” She leant down and softly kissed Ron on the head, before sliding the covers up to his chin and sitting down beside him, softly stroking his hair as his eyes slowly began to drift close. In a slurred voice Ron asked his mother “Mummy, if I’m not bad like Freddie and Georgie, will I be in Gryffindor.” Of course you will” Molly said in a soft whispered voice. Molly stayed to watch as Ron slipped into a peaceful sleep, smile on his lips, and was sure he was dreaming of the day he would finally reach Hogwarts.

Molly thought of all her children as she headed down the stairs to her room. She, unlike her remaining 5 children who were not yet of school age, did not want the years to rush. She was much like a mother bird who did not wish for her children to leave the nest. While her children were at home with her she knew that they were as safe from harm as they could be and she would not have to endure the pain of not knowing where they were. As she passed Ginny’s door she could hear the soft rustling of her bed coverings as the small child shifted in her sleep. Molly crept to the door and looked in, to see the peaceful face of her daughter holding Treacle close to her. At this image Molly was drawn back into her earlier memory, of the day that Ginny was born.

“It’s a beautiful baby girl” the nurse announced to an exhausted but happy Molly.

The nurse passed Molly a warm, blanket swathed bundle which Molly eagerly brought to her chest, with a quick “thank-you” to the nurse. Molly looked down at the delicate and perfectly formed face of her only daughter with pride. She reached up to softly stroke the small baby’s cheek. There was nothing as magical as looking down at your child for the first time. You heart clenches as if in acknowledgment that it has another being to squeeze in and to love.

The little girl looked up to her mother in awe, tiny eyes glinting with new life, nose slightly crinkled and soft tuffs of brilliant red hair sticking up from her head, the unofficial sign of a Weasley child. Arthur leant over Molly’s shoulder to look down at his only daughter, a protective hint in his eyes and a look of amazement covering his features. “Ginevra” Arthur whispered, Molly confused at first went to ask what he meant by this, until she realised he was still gazing at the baby girl in her arms and meant it as a name. Molly processed this while gazing down at her daughter before replying to her husband; “Yes Ginny for short, our beautiful Baby Ginny.” They shared a smile with each other knowing that their lives were now fulfilled, 6 wonderful sons and one perfect daughter. Their lives perfect in that instant.

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