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The Hunted by MidnightBlue_x
Chapter 2 : Promotions
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Disclaimer: I do not claim ownership to the Harry Potter series or anything related to it, that all belongs to J.K Rowling. I do however own Eleanor, Zev, Ashlyn and Kaya Jones.

This chapter is dedicated two ways,
Firstly to TenthWeasley who I wrote this chapter for.
And for AquariaJasmyne who honestly deserves to have everything in the world dedicated to her amazingness.

"I'll see you tomorrow, Barry," Kaya called as the two Healers went their different ways. Their shifts had just ended for the night, and while Barry was heading out for a night on the town, Kaya was rushing home to have a quick shower and get ready before her mother and older sister, Ashlyn came to pick her up. Her brother Zev was going to receive a promotion that night for all his hard work in rounding up Death Eaters over the past couple of months. 

Half-running to keep out of the rain, she ducked into a shifty alleyway before Apparating away. A few seconds later she started to head down the small street that connected to the one she lived on. As she reached her front door, she quickly pushed it open and picked up the letters from the floor, throwing them onto the nearby counter. She slipped off her shoes and dumped her work bag onto the floor before heading into the bathroom for a warm shower.

Half an hour later, she took out the final Muggle roller in her hair and let the soft curls roll down her back. Leaning back slightly, she checked the time on the clock before finishing her makeup off with a touch of lipstick. Her mother and sister would arrive any minute, but knowing Ashlyn, they'd be late. 

With a sigh, Kaya grabbed a little black clutch and threw her keys inside before sliding on her modest heels. If she wasn't ready by the time the other two got there then they'd never get there in time to see Zev. 

Fifteen minutes later than when they'd told Kaya to be ready by, Eleanor and Ashlyn finally showed up, both resembling drowned rats and looking very angry at one another. Kaya furrowed her eyebrows slightly as Ashlyn pushed through into her warm cottage. 

"Forget an umbrella?" she asked teasingly, more at her mother, who smiled slightly, than her sister, who just sent her a look. 

"I need to borrow something of yours," Ashlyn said sternly, as if Kaya had never spoken. Though she knew her sister would just groan at the clothes in her wardrobe, Kaya led them into her bedroom and swung open the wardrobe door. Ashlyn instantly frowned, picking out a few dresses before turning her nose up at them and shoving them back inside. "Do you actually have anything from this century, Kay?" 

"Ashlyn," their mother said sternly before sending Kaya a knowing look. After Ashlyn had begrudgingly picked out the shortest dress Kaya owned, which barely reached above her knees, she stormed to the bathroom to get changed. "Sorry dear," Eleanor whispered, but Kaya shook her head. 

"Why wouldn't she just use a drying spell?" the younger one asked, rolling her eyes at her sister's dramatics. 

"Who knows?" Eleanor replied, letting the pair fall into silence while they waited for Ashlyn. Another five minutes later, she emerged from the bathroom, completely dry and in Kaya's dress, which appeared to have been shortened by magic. "Let's go, then." 


"This is fancy," Eleanor whispered once they arrived at the wizarding hall that was holding Zev's promotion. The wall had been decorated with gold and white trimmings and an ice sculpture in the middle of the food table. It was much more elegant than any of the Joneses were used to. 

"More like tacky," Ashlyn replied, her eyes judging everything as the three women passed it. Kaya shook her head - she personally thought that it looked beautiful, even if it did seem a bit much with the gold and diamond chandelier that hung from the ceiling. 

Eleanor sent Ashlyn a stern look before smoothing her dress out. She had noticed the large group of the top-promoted Aurors and their families standing by the stage. All of them were carefully watching all three of the Jones' moves. 

Kaya smiled slightly, trying to be as polite as possible as to make up for whatever insulting thing Ashlyn would most likely do sometime that night. She knew how important this promotion was for Zev but she also knew how much her sister didn't care. She knew Aurors had a certain respect for the Healers at St Mungo’s and she was pretty sure she'd healed a few of these Aurors at least a couple of times before. She hoped this would be enough to make up for Ashlyn.

"Mum," Zev called, making his way through the small-ish crowd. He was wearing some extremely expensive-looking dress robes, and it was quite clear to his family that he did not feel the slightest bit comfortable in them. He seemed to be acting well enough, as everyone else seemed to believe his charade. "Thanks for coming." He smiled, some of his nervousness seeping through his voice. 

Eleanor grinned and kissed his cheek, squeezing his shoulder slightly to calm him down. "Wouldn't miss it for the world, sweetheart." 

Zev smiled again, turning to Ashlyn and nodding slightly. The two had rarely spoken since Zev had become an Auror, and even before that they'd never been quite as close as he and Kaya had been. 

“Hello, Healy.” Kaya chuckled - her brother had called her ‘Healy’ since the very first day she had ever decided to become a Healer, and the nickname had stuck with her since. She didn’t mind it, even though it seemed a little childish and silly to some people. 

“There’s my soon-to-be-famous Auror of mine,” Kaya responded, nudging Zev slightly. He grinned widely and threw his arms around Kaya, pulling her into a tight hug. Once he let go, the four of them made their way over to their assigned seats and waited as an aging man, whom Zev explained to hold some kind of important part in the promotions of Aurors, made his way across the stage. 

“Good evening, everyone,” he started, and Ashlyn looked ready to hit herself repeatedly with the chair in front of her - Kaya hid a chuckle behind her hands. “Tonight we will award our new talent, so without further ado, please welcome the head of our department, Gawain Robards.” 

Kaya’s eyes followed as a man who looked to be in his mid-forties walked onto the stage and nodded at the aging man, who disappeared into the crowd. 

“We’ll start straight away with the promotions, if that’s all right?” he chuckled, pulling out a folder of paper awards. “Rachel Williamson.” A tall blonde confidently strutted towards Robards, who handed her one of the awards that Kaya could now see read the girl's name, and underneath, ‘Certified Auror’. The same thing happened for four other Aurors before Zev’s name was finally called up. 

His smile was small, but Kaya could tell he was grinning widely on the inside as he accepted the award and shook Robards’s hand. As he made his way back to sit down, the chandelier that Ashlyn had previously turned her nose up at gave a little shake. 

Robards stopped speaking, and as the entire room looked up to stare at the light in question, it gave another little shake. People began to pull out their wands and carefully moved everyone away in case it dropped. It shook again, a single glass bead dropping to the floor.

And at that moment, there were ten very loud pops. 

“Stupefy!” a masked figured yelled, aiming his spell at Robards, who quickly defended himself. Jets of light were flying everywhere, and people were being disarmed all over the place. Kaya ducked down quickly as a spell flew her way - she was hopeless when it came to dueling due to the fact she’d spent most of her Hogwarts years studying to become a Healer. Defense Against the Dark Arts had been by far her worst subject; she almost wished she’d paid attention now.

Another spell flew past, hitting the woman behind her, who screeched and flew backwards into the wall. Kaya flipped around to watch her. Okay - she definitely wished she’d paid attention now. Eleanor smiled softly over at her, a smile that told her everything was going to be all right. Kaya almost believed her for a minute, and then there was another spell. 

“Avada Kedrava!” 

The worst spell in the world.

Kaya heard herself scream before she had even realised what was happening. She tried to move, to run, but something stopped her before she could even look away from her mother’s still body. 

People were panicking more now, and the Aurors were becoming more desperate to protect everyone. 

Kaya still couldn’t move. She stood there and watched her mother’s lifeless eyes beam up at her. She couldn’t look away, as much as she wanted to. She felt someone grab onto her and pull her away. The familiar pull at her navel made her realise she’d been Apparated away.

“Kaya?” a voice whispered, and she looked up to see Zev crouching in front of her. He placed his hand on her shoulder and led her inside. It took her moment to realise that she was home. “I have to go back,” he said solemnly, sitting her down on her bed. “I’ll come back, okay?” She blinked a few times and he sighed. “I promise, Healy.”

With a loud pop, he was gone again, leaving her by herself. She let out somewhat of a strangled scream crossed with a sob, letting herself slide off the edge of the bed. For the rest of the night, Kaya Jones cried.

Authors Note: And there is chapter two! I’ll try and write the next couple of chapters before NaNoWriMo as I am attempting that again this year but no promises. If not, I’ll see you guys in December. Thank you for reading.

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