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Can't Fight the Moonlight by TheHeirOfSlytherin
Chapter 1 : Man and Beast
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Sixx @ TDA.


The moon shone in the sky, bright and full, guiding a path of light for the people below. People pushed past and cars sped on the road to get home, until the streets began to empty.

Hugo Weasley wanted curse them for being able to return home faster than he could. At sixteen, magic was not allowed outside of Hogwarts and he hated it; he couldn't apparate home. He couldn't even take his test until he started sixth year. Another thing he hated was not being able to use the car; his parents had said no because he didn't have a lisence. Not even reminding his dad that he had to charm the instructor just to get his lisence had gotten him access to the car. Flooing home had not being an option because he'd gone to a Muggle friend's house. He'd met them while visiting his maternal grandparents when he was six. They moved a couple of years ago, otherwise he would have stayed at his grandparents' house for the night.

As his parents were working, there had been no escaping it; Hugo had to walk home.

He turned the music on his iPod up, pulled his hood further across his head, covering his dark hair and protecting him from the wind, and stuffed his hands in the pockets of his jeans. He kept his head down as others walked past and turned into a deserted street.

A shadow ran past him, like a flash, and Hugo stopped suddenly. He looked around the street, but no one was there. He carried on walking, his pace quickened, and turned right into a different street. He saw it again and he stopped. Hugo lowered his hood slowly and turned off his music. "Hello?"

Silence. "Whoever you are, it isn't funny!"

Hugo was met with a body knocking into him. He screamed as pain covered his arm and he hit his head against the brick wall of the alley he was pushed into. Dazed, Hugo pushed himself up to sit against the wall and looked down at his arm; blood was pumping out of the wound at an alarmingly rapid rate.

He looked up at the sound of a growl, only to see glaring yellow eyes and a long snout-like nose. It looked like some kind of dog, that was all Hugo could deduce as his eyes began to lose focus. He watched as it moved back - or was it it pulled? - and tried to make out what was happening. He was dizzy, losing blood, and his whole body hurt. He couldn't focus, could only see moving shapes.

Hugo heard an audible snap and suddenly someone was standing in front of him. Their lips moved, but no sound could be heard.

He passed out.


This wasn't supposed to happen.

He was supposed to get supplies and go home. But the scent caught his attention. He tried to ignore it, but then he saw what it belonged to. Then he saw what it wanted.

The boy was just that; a boy. No more than sixteen at least. He couldn't stand by and let it happen.

But why him? Why that boy?

He followed it, keeping as much distance so not to attract attention as the animal circled the boy like prey, until he lost it. He spun in a circle, looking around every corner, but it was gone. And so was the boy.

Then he heard it. A scream. The boy's scream.

Too late.

He ran, following the noise, and pulled it away, but he had been right; it was too late. Blood covered the boy's arm and head.

The animal knocked him backwards and he hit the wall before falling to his stomach. He narrowed his red eyes at the beast and got up quickly, disappearing out into the street, coming back when it had its back turned. His wrapped his arms around its neck and pulled, his grip becoming tighter and tighter until it snapped, and he dropped the body to the floor.

He watched it turn from beast to man and sighed; he'd have to get rid of it.

He moved to the bleeding boy slowly, controlling himself, and grabbed his arm. "Are you alright?"

The boy didn't respond. His eyes were unfocused and he knew it was only a matter of time before the boy lost consciousness. "What's your name?" he shouted. He took his face in his hands, trying to get him to focus, and repeated his question.

He let the boy fall to the floor gently when he passed out and, standing up, he studied the scene.

"I'm screwed."

A/N: Edited. With a chapter image of Hugo. :)

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Can't Fight the Moonlight: Man and Beast


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