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Ginerva Weasley's crazy story by ABC123 do re me
Chapter 2 : The proposal
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Hey Mione you want to watch us play some quiditch?” harry asked pulling off his t-shirt “ what uh sure I already did three feet longer on our paper for flitwick” she said standing up “let me change it’s hot out side”

 *five minutes later*

Hermione walked out side in a miniskirt and a blue tank top “the teams aren’t even any more! Man Ginny did you have to tell your mum about Ron’s dragon egg” George shouted at Ginny “well excuse me if you ask harry or Hermione then you would know having a dragon burn down our house wouldn’t be a good thing. “ she shouted back “she’s right!” Hermione and harry chimed in “okay well now we’re   one short, so we might as well go back inside” George said walking back inside “wait! Hermione can play on my team that way it’s fair one boy one girl.” Harry said grabbing Hermione's arm “but harry I can’t play quiditch!” she squealing trying to break free of his grip. “Seems fair lets go”   “Mione you can rid Ron’s clean sweep 7” they all boarded the broomsticks and played

Ten minutes later harry and Hermione were leading 100-80 “I’m doing it harry!” Hermione yelled turning around to look at harry, then out of the blue a bludger knocked her off her broom “Hermione” harry shouted flying towards her. He missed but slowed her down and conjured up pillows to cushion her fall. “And you guys wonder why I don’t play quiditch” she said chuckling as harry rushed towards her. “I can see why.” he said pausing to catch his breath “Now let’s get you inside” he lifted her up. She giggled all the way. When harry tried to put her down in the living room she refused so he carried her to Ginny’s room. “Is that all princess Hermione?” he said laughing a little bit “well you could give me a massage?” she asked rolling over onto her stomach. “Um I guess.” He said chuckling. She giggled and unhooked her bra, then pulling off her shirt. Harry couldn’t help from grinning as her breast bounced up and down while she wiggled around waiting for her massage. “These shorts are to small would you mind if I went nude it would be way more comfortable?” she said putting on a puppy dog face “um sure” he said smiling on the inside as she undressed. “If it’s more comfortable for you, you can undress yourself to?” she said smirking “well I guess it wouldn’t be too much trouble” he said glancing at the closed door “but just in case collucorpus!” he then removed his clothes and in a millisecond was sitting on the bed next to Hermione. He started of massaging her back, and then he went down to her ass and slowly turned her over. “Harry we shouldn’t do this, I mean what about Ron and Ginny?” she said her arms around his neck “I say let the heart do what the heart wants” he said kissing her lightly on the lips, “Hermione granger I’ve loved you ever since we were in our first year. I was never afraid that tom was going to hurt Ginny I just couldn’t lie to her anymore, and let her believe I was in love with her when I really was in love with one of my best friends. And it isn’t Ron.” He pulled her next to him and just cuddled with her. he didn’t care what the Weasley thought about this when they told them, all he cared about was the ring he ordered from Diagon Alley, and his soon to be wife; Hermione Granger.

“Harry honey wake up” Hermione said the next morning kissing harry on the cheek as he woke up “hey precious why don’t we have a little shag fest before we have to go downstairs?” he asked pulling her closer. “Harry I think we better go down stairs and tell everybody” she paused seeing his disappointed face “blimey harry suck it up come downstairs and maybe I’ll reward you” she said getting up and walking to the bathroom

Harry sighed and picked up his clothes, “are you done yet” he said peeking into the bathroom. “No but don’t let that stop you” she said giggling. Harry tried walking through the door but he was thrown backwards “oh blimey I forgot to tell you molly put a gender barrier on the door” she said giggling as she walked into the shower.

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Ginerva Weasley's crazy story: The proposal


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