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Sweven. by fayeswonderland
Chapter 2 : Tales, Dreams and Nightmares.
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Disclaimer: J.K.R. wrote the Harry Potter series and clearly NOT ME.
*sobb* Hence, I don't own it.

"I can't believe they did that!" I breathed into my pillow.

"R, they are going to come around." She patted my back soothingly. "I mean, they only hit him, what, three times?"

"FIVE, Ellie, FIVE TIMES." I really couldn't believe it.

"Well, they won't hit him anymore…"

"True. But only because mom teared them off him and Uncle Harry and Aunt Ginny stopped their pocket money for the next 6 months." I had to grin at the memory.

"Suits them well."

"Right you are!"

We sniggered.

"Well, rise up and tell me, Rose. Everything!" She wiggled her eyebrows and I grinned. "And I want to now the dirty details!" She winked.

"ELLIE!" I exclaimed. "There are no "dirty" details to tell!"

"Yeah, yeah, whatever." She said, motioning with one hand for me to begin.

And the story hour began.


I seriously love myself for coming up with such lovey dovey crap.

"Well, you already know the gist of it." I said after I leaned into the wall of pillows that were draped at the headboard of my huge bed and Ellie sat down right beside me.

"Details, girl, details." She demanded hungrily.

"You know we went to school together blah blah-" She wanted to interrupt but I stopped her with a motion of my hand. "I'm telling stories now, E, your turn is coming soon enough." I laughed. I knew exactly what I had to expect. HOURS of unnecessary information and things I don't even want to know.

She pouted had to grin anyway.

"So.." I thought about what I was going to say next and went on. "You remember the last Quidditch match against Ravenclaw last term?"


"It basically started then." She squealed. "Stop it Els, or I'm not going to continue."

Please don't stop, please don't stop… my mind rambled.

"Well, he never really noticed me before." True so far. "I was just their little Gryffindor seeker, sister of Hugo. But I suppose that changed."

Ellie made an attempt to squeal again but when she saw my glare she thought it'd be best not to.

"After the game he just walked up to me, hugged me and said that I was amazing on the field and he called me Red."

"Already a nickname, huh?" She grinned and I had to grin as well.

Why is lying that easy? I wondered.

"Seems so." I fidgeted and thought of the further plot of the story. "But he'd never asked me out on a date." That sentence almost screamed "SEE? I DIDN'T LIE EARLIER TODAY!" at her. "He wrote me letters throughout the holidays, though." I smiled and looked at her.

"Why did I not know this, RED?" Ellie faked annoyance but her eyes said otherwise.

"Should I go on?" She nodded eagerly. "Fine. I thought we were only friends. He never suggested meeting up or something like that. But we kind of wrote a million letters. And today when I met him in Diagon Alley, by coincidence, we sat down and he kind of confessed he fancies me."

Ellie clapped her hands in delight. Sometimes I question her sanity… Anyway.

"And you know the outcome…" I said self-explaining.

But she wasn't having any of that.

"So is he a good kisser?" She asked.

Damn it. I hoped I could avoid another lie.

"I wouldn't know. We didn't kiss… yet."

"What do you mean you didn't kiss."

"No time?" I shrugged. What a lame excuse, Rose.

"No kidding? ROSIE!! If I had a boyfriend as hot as yours I would snog his face off the very first second." Both of her eyebrows almost reached her hairline.

"So you do not consider YOUR boyfriend - of some hours, or days, I wouldn't know since my best friend didn't think it was necessary to tell me she goes out with my brother - as hot?" I asked.

"That's not the point here. And I didn't say that I don't." She smirked and drifted off in thoughts.

I snapped my fingers in front of her face and she got back from her quick detour.

"Information, please." I said. "Facts, no details, Ellie, and I mean it. Do expel everything involving tongues. I do not want to get nightmares." I shuddered visibly.

Needless to say she didn't respect my wish.

And I'm being serious when I say that I'll not be able to get sleep for the next week or so.


Ellie fell asleep on my bed, being exhausted from telling her story.

I got up as soon as she drifted off into la-la-land and went to my desk and grabbed a parchment and a quill to inform Tyler about our history together.

When I was finished with my letter I handed it to Tori and said "take this to Tyler, okay?", she picked it up from my hand and flew out of the open window.

Tori is my owl. I think I got her for my 10th birthday, if I remember correctly. She truly is the best owl ever. And not to mention best friends with my mum's cat crookshanks. Personally I do believe they have some kind of relationship. As far as animals can have one.

What I don't understand though is how the cat can still be alive. I bet he's over 25 years old by now. Not that I mind! I love that cat! Still I don't understand how he can be this old. I deducted that it's because he's a wizard's cat and as you know, wizards do live longer than muggles. But I'm not entirely convinced that this is the whole story.

My eyes wandered to my snitch formed alarm clock and read the time 1:30. It was already that late? The last time I checked time it was 9:15. Huh.

I decided to go sleep as well and went to my wardrobe to pull an old Quidditch Jersey out of it. I'm a Quidditch fanatic, I have to say at this point. I'm seeker for our Gryffindor team since my second year. Under the captainship of dear James, unfortunately. He's a Quidditch-Nazi. I bet when we arrive at Hogwarts the first thing he does is call a Quidditch meeting to discuss the training schedule. I'm basically fine with it because I like, no, love being up in the air. But when it comes to laps, of which we have to do plenty each training, I'm hopeless. I could not run if my life depends on it. Not kidding.

Tyler's on our team as well, as you know. He's got the position beater. together with James and. Albus and two fifth year boys, Dan and Nate, are chasers and our keeper is Ed, or Eddie, as he's called by everyone, who is in Al's any my year.

So if you paid attention you would have noticed that their boys. All of them.

Except for me, 5'2'' Rose, who breaks the image of a strong, muscular picture.

See? I'm outstanding. (HAHA joke and all.)

I do adore the Chudley Canons - GO CANONS! - and practically am the only one among our friends who does. How can anyone right in his head favor Puddlemere United? Yea, I'm aware aunt Ginny played for them but that does not mean we have to worship them!

For god's sake, the only thing they're really good at is lose. And they're bloody good at this!

Another fact that is super important is that the Quidditch House Cup went to Gryffindor for the past 6 years.

I went over to my bathroom, yes, I have my own - thank god - brushed my teeth and washed my face. When I came back I saw that Ellie was still in her street clothes and I wondered how this could be comfortable. It probably wasn't.

I laid down beside her, snuggled in my covers and floated into wonderland.

"ALISTAIR! DON'T GO TO FAR INTO THE WOODS!" I shouted after my four year old son who was tolling around with our dog in the back of our garden.

I loved our garden, the colorful flowers and our own little lake with the small jetty and the wooden cottage on it. Any free day we would spend outside, play games and enjoy the sun.

It never seems to rain here. Some days the clouds were thicker than on others but a high amount of raindrops wasn't very common.

I sighed happily and stuck my nose in a new book Ellie bought me for my birthday last week.

Charlie barked and Alistair giggled while rolling on the grass.

Great. His trousers will be stained again. He never seems to make it inside without grass stains on them. Children. I sighed again.

"How's my little bookworm doing?" A velvet voice appeared behind me and two arms slid around my waist while he kissed the exposed skin on my neck.

I shifted my head to the side, granting him better access, and he kissed all his way up my throat until he stopped at my ear to nibble at it gently.

"Amazing." I answered with a smile on my face. I love it when he does that. " And my little big Quidditch star?"

"Never been better." He said reaching his goal, kissing my lips lightly.

"MOM LOOK WHAT I FOUND!" Alistair screamed and ran towards us only to wave a giant worm-thing in our faces.

"That's great, A." I said appreciatively. "But you won't want the worm to die, would you?"

Alistair shook his head and said. "No mommy, I don't want that."

"Then hurry and bring him back to where you found him." I said softly and messed up his already tousled hair.

"Alright mommy." He turned to the perfect man behind me and said. "Can you show me how to fly again, daddy? I managed to fly almost 4 foot yesterday together with mommy. I'm a big boy now!" He glowed with pride.

I felt a chuckle near my ear. "Sure, honey, just go bring the worm back home. Then I'll show you. And high five, big boy." He held up his hand and Alistair reached his small hand up to accept his daddy's offer with sparks in his eyes just before running of to Charlie screaming "Charlie we have to find the hole again!"

We laughed and I felt my husbands hands stroke my stomach.

"When should we tell him?" He asked.

"Soon." I answered. "I'm sure he'll be thrilled."

"Oh, I bet he'll love his little brother." He smiled and touched my cheek with his, hugging me close.

"Not as much as I love my boys." I ginned looking in his eyes.

"Boys?" He mocked. "Please, Rose, I'm a man through and through."

"Yeah, yeah, dream on." I trailed.

"Wait until tonight and I'll show you the man in me." He suggested wiggling his eyebrows.

"You wish."

"You are impossible, but that's why I love you, Rose." He kissed the tip of my nose and I giggled.

"And you'll never grow up, but that's why I love you, Scorpius."

I woke up immediately because I hit the floor.

"Arghh…" I moaned while holding the back of my head that violently collided with the wooden floor.

I recapitulated why I was on the floor and my eyes widened when realization took over.


I rubbed my eyes and tried to wake myself.

I shuddered.

Me and Malfoy. GAH. NEVER!

I'd rather die!

Well no. Not really.

But if I had to either go out with him or the giant squid, I'd go out with the squid.

I think you get my feelings towards the git.

I reached up to my alarm clock to see the time when the door sprang open.

"MORNING!" Ellie sing-songed.

I grumbled something in return even I couldn't understand.

"How's sleeping beauty?" She asked finally seeing my figure sitting on the floor next to the bed. "And what is she doing on the floor?" She closed the door behind her.

"Long story." I mumbled and rubbed the back of my head one last time before I got up.

"Well we've got time." She smiled. "Pray-tell!"

That girl is way to excited to hear stories.


"And you were Scorpius' wife?" She said disbelievingly for the one thousandth time in the last fifteen minutes.

I nodded and buried my head in my hands. It's a shame to even DREAM that.

"Whoa." She sighed. "I'd love to have a dream like that." She stared off into space.

"Hey, I'm not supposed to have dreams like that. I have a perfectly fine boyfriend."

"Well, you cannot change the fact that Scorpius is the hottest boy out there." She cocked her head.

"He is not." I said without much effort to cover the obvious lie.

"Whatever, girl." She smiled. "So you said he kissed you? Was it any good? And you really didn't dream the night after it?"

The question storm didn't wear off soon after that. She analyzed the smallest details and came to the conclusion that the dream only showed my oppressed feelings of love for him.

In return I showed my profound maturity by stomping off with my head held high.

I. Do. Not. Fancy. Bloody. Scorpius. Malfoy.

The kitchen was empty - oh wonder - and a note on the refrigerator said the three of them were over at the Potters.

"You know, you'd make a stunning pair." Ellie said from the doorway.

I slammed the refrigerator shut and poured some milk into a dish.

"I''m not talking to you."

"You know as well as I do that you cannot not talk to me for longer than ten minutes." She intervened.

I growled. And you cannot have me not talking to you for longer than ten minutes, I wanted to say.

Must. Restrain. Myself. From. Talking. To. Her.

I went around the counter only to see her frowning.

"Look." She said after a while of silence. "I'm sorry. I know you do hate him. Or at least pretend you do."

A glare.

"Fine, you hate him, whatever. I'm just sorry."

I raised one eyebrow.

"I'll even stop talking about Hugo's talents for one week, if you speak to me again."

"Deal!" I said grinning. This was a deal I couldn't miss.

"Deal?" She questioned.

"Of course." I said, pleased with the outcome of my little episode. "Want some?" I gestured to my bowl.

"Nah. Made some myself since our sleeping beauty here was fast asleep, dreaming of Sex God Scorpius Malfoy being her husband."

"Argh. Don't remind me Els. I'm trying to get the image out of my head." But the truth was: Somehow my head stopped me from banning that dream from my mind. And truth be told, I didn't even truly want to forget it. Yes, I hate Scorpius Malfoy and yes, I still consider it a nightmare but I can't deny the fact that in my dream everything felt right.

"Well, I'll have to go soon." Ellie said.

"Finish packing?" I asked.

"Yeah, my mom's pestering me for days that I should finish it but there's so much more interesting than packing." She made a face.

My trunk was laying in the corner of my room and only waited for the last errands we bought yesterday. Other than that it was ready for tomorrow.

"Well, have fun. I hate packing."

"Ditto." She grinned and looked at her watch. "That late?" She asked herself rather than anyone else. "I better go now. Mom and dad also wanted to have a proper family dinner tonight, seeing as we won't have any other until winter holidays." She made a face.

"Family dinners suck." I agreed. Every time we had a family dinner something was caught in flames, someone made a shocking revelation or it ended in a big fight.

"You say it girl." She grinned and made her way over to the fireplace. "See you tomorrow at 10:30 am?"

I nodded. "Sure"

"Be there!" She winked. "Oh, and owl me!"

"Yeah yeah." I said smiling.

Then she shouted her address and with flash of green light she was gone and I was left behind in my kitchen.

I ended up doing nothing. After an hour of running around going nowhere, eating various items from our refrigerator, tossing an old quaffle to the ceiling and back (accidentally destroying mum's old cut-glass vase, having to "reparo" it) and thinking of nothing in particular I flailed myself on my king-sized bed, legs and arms widespread, burying my head in my soft pillows, seriously dreading to fall asleep having another dream of good old Malfoy.

I grabbed the remote and turned on my stereo and it started playing a soft jazzy rhythm. I sighed and drifted off to sleep eventually, not even noticing.

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