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Could it ever be? by PantheressMe
Chapter 2 : The Stranger
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”oh terribly sorry" the girl said in a melodious voice, that lured him to stare at her.

Hermione hurried to the girl’s aid, and reached out for the book” please don't touch it!" The girl hurried in an almost desperate voice. Hermione stopped dead in her tracks, and look at the newcomer with at wondering expression.

”But I just..." the girl put a hand in front of Hermione’s face " Please. Don’t address me, unless you are addressed" the girl said very calm, as if to explain simple matter of a fact to Hermione, while she smiled at her.

The girl got her book, and stood straight. Her long black hair framed her face and slim body in perfect waves, her hair was held away from going in her eyes by a small silver hairpin, not quite visible enough for him to tell what it looked like. Her skin was white, and had sort of a silvery shine to it, and as he breathed in the air through his nose he swore he could smell a hint of roses.

She looked straight at him with eyes as blue as the ocean, framed by long black eyelashes, and he felt ready to dive into them.

”Could you please help me?" her tone was slightly pleading. He looked at her, with a wondering frown on his face.

"I'm an exchange student from Denmark, joining the erh... sylth... ummh Sether...Oh for crying out loud" she snapped at herself, and started to pad her jacket Pockets, obviously looking for something.

Draco finally got a grip of himself, realizing what the girl tried to pronounce”the slytherins" he said.

The girl stopped padding her pockets "yes!" she looked straight at him with sigh; he turned on all of his charm "not to worry my sweet erh..."

”Celina, Celina Williams" she greeted him politely" Well Dear Celina Not to worry, I'll find a compartment for you" He walked closer to her with a boyish smile, he knew the girls loved.

Celina started to explain in a very excusing tone "Well the thing is, I’m not that comfortable in compartments full of strangers, staring at me, I keep thinking that I have something in my teeth, But I can’t seem to find an empty compartment, and is seems that over half of them has at least one or two Mudbl... Sorry how rude of me, muggleborns in it"

Draco couldn't believe his ears; she just apologized for almost saying mudblood. He was furious at himself for having even looked at her.

She walked a little closer to him and started to whisper "They can't help that they are primitive, it's there curse, being set higher in their own society, but still being like little children, even as adults, to the rest of us"

Draco worked hard to suppress a laugh, as he looked at Hermione, She had had a look of satisfaction on her face until this, and now she looked like she couldn’t believe her ears, because even though Celina had whispered this it had not been too low for Hermione to hear.

Draco smirked "Serves her right for being so nosy" he thought, " excuse me, But I happen to have muggle parents, and I am head girl, AND top of my class" Hermione objected.

Celina looked at her " I know you are muggleborn, I can smell you from her" Celina said like she was talking to an 8 year old, which Draco enjoyed with a big smile, "and how good for you. Now, I'm talking to this man right here, so if you could just continue reading your little book, So us REAL Magic people could talk" Celina continued sounding more and more like a mother talking to her child.

The fury of Hermione had made her speechless; she just sat down and read on while mumbling all sorts of wishes of bad luck to Celina. Draco really had to restrain himself to not laugh.

“Well where were we? Oh yes, a compartment for the lady" Draco flirted, when he had gotten enough control of himself, to not burst out with a roaring laughter.

He took the hand of Celina and rested it on his arm, like at gentle man and led her out of the heads compartment.

After entering another car of the train he found a compartment that only had two 2nd year students from slytherin in it " Oi!" he called for their attention

”get out! This one is taken by the lady" he yelled at the boys, they got scared and ran out. Draco showed Celina in to the compartment, while he gave her a big smile, for the first time he saw her blush.

He sat down across from her "Are you blushing?" he asked with a smile, she looked down on the carpet "Well talking to a person while someone who is practically a child is there, is one thing, but being alone with a person, is something completely different" she admitted.

"Are you scared of me?" he asked with a teasing smile on his lips "Not scared, no" She answered with a quick look at him, he frowned his brows in wonder.

"Perhaps a little intimated by being on my own with a charming young man as you are" She accidently boasted out, turning red in her cheeks again.

Again this girl surprised him, a stunningly beautiful girl such as herself, shy around a boy like him, She must have hundreds of boys following her around where she came from, he thought by himself, but then again he wasn't so much a boy as a charming young man, perhaps it was this that had her intimated.

He smiled, as he watched her cross her legs, "this could work as an advantage for me" he thought, and decided not to share his surprise of her low self-esteem with her.

They sat in silence for at while, as she enjoyed the landscape flying by, " Just back there, you told Granger that you could smell that she was a mudblood, you where just making a point right?"

He stared at her shortly taking by surprise again by the beauty of her blue eyes, as she returned his stare.

”Actually I could smell her, It's this thing I always could, properly from how my siren forefathers could tell the difference between a wizard an a muggle back in the days"

Her eyes became large as she put her hand in front of her mouth; she looked like she was shocked at what she had just said.

Draco blinked a couple of times before he realized what she had just unwillingly told him, "Oh Of all the gods... Why did I tell you that? Please don't tell anyone else! Please I beg you...” in her blur of pleading him to not share what he knew, she realized that she didn't know his name.

He smiled at her “Draco Malfoy" he told her. She sighted”oh I always babble when I'm nervous, I'm terribly sorry for putting you in this situation"

He was amused by her excusing behavior, did she really not know that she was so much like a goddess, that she had no reason to be nervous, but instead should be enjoying the state of babbling she would obviously inspire boys to enter by the mere fluttering of her eyelashes?

”it’s quite alright Celina, Of course your nervous, you are starting school in a new country, with a lot of strangers, and where things are done differently" he tried to sound understanding

”Well Things aren't done that differently from back home" she smiled, almost drowning him in her ocean blue stare.

”don’t Worry my lady" he said gallantly "You happen to be sitting with the head boy of this year, and I will make sure that you have no reason to be scared of anything, but to be liked to much" he declared smiling reassuring at her.

Her gloomy expression changed into a smile "You are to kind Mr. Malfoy, I could kiss you" she starred at him again, and he starred back, now studying her full red lips.

"then why aren't you" he said not realizing he had said it out loud before he noticed her face looking like she was asking him if he meant it.

He had slouched back in the seat, but as she moved herself to sit next to him he sat up straight still staring at her, eying the head pin he saw that is was a couple of notes with little emeralds put in the dots.

He had moved his face closer to hers, their noses was touching, their lips inches apart breathing slightly more heavy that before.

”I don't think this is the best Idea, Mr. Malfoy" she whispered, almost fainting from the intensity she felt from his heavy breathing "It's Draco. All I'm asking is a little kiss, as a thank you for the amount of help I have provided"

She was uncertain of what to think of him, but decided that one little kiss properly wouldn’t hurt and gave a small nod.

He gently put a hand on the back of her head and pulled her closer, until their lips touched.

She closed her eyes, and put her hands on his chest. As his other hand reached to her back, he pulled her a little closer, which made the kiss even more passionate.

She pushed lightly on his chest until he let her go, they gasped for air the moment their lips came apart.

She lightly touched her lips with a sigh as she stared at him in amazement. He lightly licked his lips, and looked at her like he couldn't get enough of her sweet taste.

His hungry eyes followed her every move, as she sat facing him, with her back against the wall where the window was, her knees pulled up to her chin.

His chest muscles flexed a little under the shirt when he moved to sit a little more comfortable.

For the rest of the trip they were silent, she was looking out the window at the landscape speeding by, he was watching her breath, trying to figure out how to get another kiss from those sweet cherry colored lips, slowly starting to form a plan.

After some time a student lightly tapped the door to the compartment, Draco shot open the door with such a force, that the student jumped as far back as he could "what?" Draco hissed.

"Erh… You are needed in the heads compartment, Professor McGonagall has some information to you and Granger" the poor student stuttered.

Draco nodded and waved the student away, and turned around to face Celina. "I'm sorry Celina, I must go. Important Head boy matter" he said and walked out of the compartment towards the heads compartment, with a big smile.

Not long after Draco had left her, Celina changed into her new school uniform, and just waited by the window, to arrive at the school still a little breath taken by the kiss she had given Draco, or rather Draco had given her. “This boy is not one to be trusted lightly” she thought, but still couldn’t stop the little smile that appeared at the corner of her lips.

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Could it ever be?: The Stranger


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