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T.E.C.H:- Part 1:- The Dumbledore Affair. by magicmuggle01
Chapter 4 : Chapter Three:- Start Of The Journey
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They had both emerged from the lift into what looked like a massive control room of some sort. There were various assortment of large and small monitors on the walls and also terminals of various sizes dotted around the floor area, and upon closer inspection, they were found to be monitoring heartbeat, blood pressure, brain activity and various other important bodily functions. Other monitors seemed to be monitoring some kind of waves or ripples, but for the moment the Doctor didn’t seem interested in any of this. All he appeared to be interested in for the time being was something at the other end of the control room.

So the Doctor quickly strode over towards where a man was sitting looking at a smaller monitor, Chris had to virtually run to keep step with him, for the Doctor was taking long strides.

‘Ok Steve, what have we got?’ the Doctor asked stopping before a man sitting at a smaller monitor.

‘Well, we seemed to have some sort of spike that seemed to indicate something or someone had gone back in time, but now as you can see – with a sweep of his hand towards the monitor – everything seems to be in its proper place.’

‘Well run an analysis to determine whether or not what you saw was organic or inorganic.’

‘Yes sir Doctor Williamson’ replied the technician.

And with a well practiced hand, the mans fingers zipped over the controls, pressing button after button.

After a few moments of furious activity he stopped doing what he was doing and then said,

‘Ahhh that’s funny.’

‘What’s funny?’ asked the Doctor.

‘Well, the analysis seems to indicate that whatever was sent back in time was organic, but not only that, there also appeared for a few minutes to be two of the same person in the same time frame. Then there was only one of that same person.’

The Doctor then asked, ‘can we pin point the exact year and location?’

‘Yes’ replied the technician, he pressed a few more buttons and replied,
‘The year was Eighteen Ninety-one and the Location appeared to be the village of Godrics Hollow .

Just then, at that moment there was a video call for Doctor Williamson, he went over to a console at another work station and pressed a button, and I noticed a screen lighting up revealing the face of a female. Even from my position across the room, I noticed that the conversation was quite intense, and after a minute or two had passed the Doctor pressed another button and the screen turned off. He came back over to where Chris was standing; he appeared to be deep in thought.

The Doctor stood there silent for a few seconds, and then he began to talk.

‘Who do we know that was famous and lived in that village that showed up on that last spike?’

The technician that was operating the monitor pressed a few more buttons and said,

‘Albus Dumbledore.’

‘Darn,’ said the Doctor ‘I was afraid of that. One of our Special Forces units has just raided a warehouse and found people in who’re in some kind of cryo genic sleep. And we also found evidence of cloning technology. It looks like someone has been cloning people and sending the clone back through time and space, replacing them with the original people. The originals are then sent forward in time to the present day and put into cryo genic sleep, no doubt to stop them from realising that there was anything wrong and to keep them incapacitated. A Ten year old Albus Dumbledore was identified in one of the cryo sleep modules.’

‘But that’s impossible’ said the technician. ‘He was one of the most revered Wizards in Wizarding history. Why would anyone want to clone him and then send his clone back in history to replace him when he was just a boy? It doesn’t really make sense. Anyway we would have picked up something, like a change in the timeline or something.’

‘I think we did pick up a change, remember the spike that you spotted earlier in Godrics Hollow, you spotted two spikes that indicated that there were two of the same person, and then there was only one of that person.’ The Doctor turned away thinking. When he turned back he said,

‘What if the Dumbledore that we know from history was replaced by a cloned copy that was sent back to replace the original version. And the clone was the one meant to start the Second Wizarding War, and kill all those people. We do know after all that the one known as he who must not be named started that war and Albus at the time was a main supporter and active member of the Order of The Phoenix that opposed him and his forces. I can only assume at this juncture that the clone was sent back for some reason, so that he could change history.’

The Doctor – after thinking about what he’d just said – suddenly turned around.

‘Right I think for the moment we have enough information to call a red alert situation. I want team one put together at once. Anyways it’s about time that the rest of the guys met the latest possible addition to their team.’ Turning towards Chris as he said this.

‘Tell the team to meet in meeting room briefing room one in one hour. And Steve, could you stay with Chris for the time being and show him where he’ll be sleeping and make sure he makes the briefing on time.’

‘Sure’ replied Steve.

And with that Doctor Williamson walked slowly away, he appeared to still be deep in thought, going through another door at the far end of the room.

Steve turned to Chris saying ‘Come on, I’ll show you to your room Chris.’ Steve and Chris walked away and both disappeared through the same door that the Doctor and he had entered by earlier.

The two of them entered the lift and Steve said, ‘Level minus seven.’

The lift shot upwards for a few seconds then stopped and opened its doors to reveal a long corridor with doors leading off of it.

Steve lead the way ‘the next three levels are the main living quarters for all the staff within the compound that your in.’ Explained Steve, ‘in other words Chris, your now in the accommodation section.’

Steve continued along the corridor until he came to a door, which he opened by pressing a series of buttons on a display set into the wall on the right side of the door. Then turning to Chris he gave him a slip of paper with a six digit number on it.

‘This is your combination lock code. You’ll need to remember it so that you can get back into your room whenever you come and go.’

When the lock was released, and the door opened, Chris saw his room. He saw that it was very spacious; it had a single bed along with a desk and a wardrobe. The floor was carpeted and the bed had a duvet cover on it. And on the bed Chris saw a new set of clothes. Then Steve spoke.

‘Later on you can decorate the room any way that you want, but for now you’d better get ready for the meeting. You can have a shower through that door’ – indicating a door, which led into a bathroom –, ‘and I see that Jackson has already laid out a complete change of clothes for you to wear.’

Chris noticed that there was also a window that was showing a seaside view, which puzzled him. He turned to Steve saying,

‘I thought we were underground?’

‘We are’ came back the reply.

‘But this window has a view of the outside.’

‘I know’ replied Steve with a smile.

‘But how is that possible?’ asked Chris.

‘Well, you could say that it’s all down to a special holographic technology that we have. It’ll all be explained to you in full later on. But for now, you’d better get ready for the briefing. I’ll leave you to get washed and changed, I’ll be back to get you in about an hour and take you to the meeting room.’

Steve left the room closing the door behind him.

Once Chris was alone, he felt for the first time – since as long as he could remember – that he really finally belonged somewhere. He didn’t even feel out of place here. He’d a strange feeling that he may have finally found a home. He smiled and immediately started to get ready for the meeting. He went into the bathroom and walked over to the shower booth. He turned on the shower, and ran his hand under the water; Chris seemed to revel in the hot water. It had been so long since he’d last had a good hot shower, or even a bath. There hadn’t been much time for such luxuries whilst he’d been on the run.

Chris suddenly got undressed and step into the shower booth. He ran his hands through his hair totally wetting his head, and then he got the shampoo and soap and gave himself a complete clean, feeling refreshed afterwards.

After about an hour, Chris was just finishing getting ready, and was putting the finishing touches to his new attire – tucking the hem of his new light blue T-shirt into the waistband of his new light brown long length shorts – when Steve came back and knocked on Chris’s door.

Chris was surprised when he’d heard the knock, and was even more surprised when nobody had just walked in. When Chris had been with foster parents or in any of the state’s children’s homes – before he’d run away – he’d never ever, gotten any privacy. People had just walked into his – or even anyone’s – room. When the knock came again, he replied

‘Come in.’

Steve entered saying ‘Right Chris, if your ready I’ll take you along to the briefing room.’

‘If you hang on for a minute Steve I’ll just get my new socks and trainers on, and comb my wet hair.’

‘No problem’ Steve replied.

Once Chris had finished getting ready, they left the room and walked down the corridor back towards the lift. As they walked along Chris apologised about the slight delay before he’d said come in, and he explained briefly about how he wasn’t used to all the stuff that was going on, and how he’d never gotten any privacy before.

‘Well Chris, in this organisation we respect everyone’s right to privacy. Sometimes it can be difficult, but we try and give whatever privacy where we can. That’s why I wouldn’t enter your room until you’d replied for me to come in.’

When they’d reached the lift doors, Steve pressed the button to summon it, the doors opened immediately, the both of them got in. Steve then said,

‘Level minus twelve.’

The doors closed and the lift descended to level twelve. They both exited and Chris followed Steve and both of them walked along until Steve stopped in front of a door. Steve opened the door and walked in, with Chris close behind.

The room that Chris found himself in was a plain sort of room with a long table that ran down the centre; the table could sit about twelve people at a stretch. The room was also carpeted with what looked like carpet tiles, and a large white screen attached to the wall, and what looked like an overhead projector attached to the ceiling. There were already a few people in the room when Chris arrived – five in total including Doctor Williamson –, they all turned their faces towards the door when the two of them entered and then the Doctor spoke up.

‘Hello Chris, it’s good to see you again. And – looking him over – you look a bit more presentable this time.’ Then turning to the rest of the people in the room he introduced him, ‘Right everyone, I’d like you to meet Chris, he’ll be joining you as an observer on this mission, and if all goes well he might very well be joining you on the team. Right Chris, let me introduce you to the other people you might be working with. From left to right we have Peter, Angie, Andrew and finally Elizabeth who’s the eldest and is also the team leader, and by the way, be warned, she likes to be called Liz. She doesn’t like to be called Elizabeth , so call her that at your own risk.

The people nodded their heads towards Chris as each of them was introduced and also gave him a welcoming smile, and Chris in turn nodded back to each of them also smiling. Chris was studying his new potential team-mates; Liz looked about Seventeen and had long strawberry blond hair that reached halfway down her back, she also had dark blue kind eyes and a kind face though Chris noticed that her mouth – even though was smiling – had a serious look as if she stood no nonsense from anyone. Peter looked about Fifteen and had jet black hair and brown hazel eyes and looked kind enough though, he looked a bit surly, Chris thought that he’d reserve judgement on him for the time being. Angie looked about Fourteen and had long brown hair which reached just passed her shoulders. She had Emerald green eyes that sparkled every time she smiled. And last but not least, there was Andrew. He appeared to be about Thirteen years old, blue grey eyes, dark brown crew cut hair and
a jolly looking face. If he was to join them he would be the youngest member of the team, being only Eleven years old, Chris liked the look of them. Then the Doctor got down to the serious business about what was happening.

‘Right folks, we have an emergency Eighteen ninety-one England , Godricks Hollow to be exact. We’ve discovered that someone has been cloning various people and sending them back in time and then replacing the originals with them and bringing the originals back to the present day and putting them into cryo genic sleep. And for the benefit of those who do not know what cryo genic sleep is, it’s a form of sleep where it’s like being frozen in time. The ageing process is slowed right down until it almost doesn’t exist, and when your revived later it seems as if no time has past by what so ever. You look the same as when you went into the cryo chamber.’

‘Now one of our Special Forces units has found a warehouse, and in that building we’ve found scientific equipment that’s used in the development of cloning. And as well as the cloning equipment, we’ve also found a Ten year old Albus Dumbledore.’

At the mention of this name there was a collective gasp from the members of the group. Each looking at each other Though not Chris since he’d never heard of the name until now. The Doctor continued

‘But when we checked the time lines everything was as it should be, accept at one point when we saw two blips which seemed to indicate two of the same person in the same era at the same time, but that only lasted a minute or two. So we checked the Albus we’d found and discovered him to be have been jinxed with some spell which after running some tests turned out to be stupyfy and also after various other test it was revealed that he was the original Albus. So all the evidence at this time seems to indicate that there is another Albus Dumbledore in the past, and with everything that we’ve found in that warehouse it looks like he’s a cloned version.’

After the Doctor had said all this he’d paused to let what he’d just said sink in. Then he continued.

‘Now your mission will be to go back to Eighteen ninty-one, find the clone and keep him under observation for the time being and at some point later on you’ll have to swap the two of them back. But in the meantime the clone was sent back for a reason, and if you can find out why it would help tremendously in our investigations.

The boy called Andrew then spoke up,

‘Doctor, why would anyone want to replace someone with a clone of that person?’

Whereas the Doctor replied,

At this time we’re not sure, because we can only surmise at this point that it’s someone who wants to change history for some reason to suit themselves. We also found small electronic devices that are usually implanted into the heads of people, and attached to their brains. These devices are banned because they’re used to control people, and these people are made to do whom evers bidding, and also tests that have been done on these devices have shown that with prolong exposure the implanted person is likely to go psychotic. So for the moment, with the discovery of these devices it leads us to believe that the clone may have such an implant in their head and being controlled by someone to meet their own means. So whilst we’re finding out what that is at this end, you people will need to go back in time and track down the clone and for the time being keep him under observation until we contact you with further instructions. Here are some photographs of the boy – handing photos to each team member. They saw a boy of ten years old with dark coloured hair and dark brown eye’s looking back at them. In fact he looked like any other boy that you’d see walking down the street in the world, any day of the week – so that you’ll know what he looks like when you arrive in his time period. Right folks, you’ll need to go to the Memory Intergration room to do some quick revision of the time period that you’ll be visiting, and then you’ll need to go to the costume department after that.’

Then the Doctor turned to Chris,

‘Just follow the rest and they’ll show you where to go.’

So Chris got up with the rest of the team and followed them out of the door and into a room a couple of doors down from the briefing room. When he’d entered the memory room Chris immediately spotted several chairs – which reminded him of dentist chairs –. A man indicated one of the chairs to Chris; he walked forward and sat down. Then the man lowered something that looked like a pair of glasses over his eyes, the man went on to explain,

‘Don’t worry, this won’t hurt you.’

‘What does it do?’ asked Chris.

‘Well, it’ll help you to quickly absorb and learn the culture and ways of the time period which you’ll be going to, that way you’ll not be to surprised by some of the strange things that you’ll find there. And you’ll also be able to blend in more effectively with the people of that era, if you know about it in advance.’

So a switch was turned on and what looked like small t.v. screens appeared to switch on, on the inside of the glasses, and Chris was able to see images before his eyes, showing him various pictures of Eighteen Nineties England. He saw images of the way people lived – from the poor to the well off – and the way they were dressed. He saw many images that flashed by his eyes. After what seemed a long time – but had been in reality about thirty seconds – the machine was switched off. When Chris emerged from the machine, he was amazed by what he’d just seen, he was heard to say,

‘WOW that was amazing. That was quite a trip, what just happened?’ The guy who had hooked him up replied,

‘You’ve just absorbed twenty years of knowledge in just thirty seconds’ and Chris once more stated


‘You now have all the information that you need to pass yourself off in an otherwise alien environment,’ the man concluded.

Once all the others had been put through the memory machines, they exited that room and the group proceeded further down the corridor and into another room, now this room really was big. It was vast. It held rack upon rack of clothes that belonged to many different time periods. There were a couple of women who worked in this area. They appeared to be in charge of all the clothing that was used on the missions that all the teams went on. So once they knew which era they were going to they set about getting the proper attire ready for them.

Chris being the youngest team member was kitted out in a stiff collared white shirt with a waistcoat, a jacket, a large bow tie that looked like a bow on a Christmas present, a air of knickerbocker trousers, a pair of woollen knee length stockings and a pair of sturdy dark brown boots. The older boy’s were kitted out much the same except they were issued with what looked like proper ties and proper trousers instead of knickerbockers. They were also given canvas bags to carry. The girls were issued with what looked like silken colourful dresses and stockings and white shoes for their feet and bonnets on their heads.

After they’d been dressed in the clothes of the time period, Chris was taken to one side and escorted to the infirmary – while the rest of the team went elsewhere –. Where, upon arrival Chris was asked to take his jacket off and roll up his shirtsleeve, which he did. Then a Doctor injected something into his arm – just under the skin –.

‘What was that?’ asked Chris curiously.

‘It’s a recall device, which you press and you’ll automatically be recalled back to the present time.’ Replied the Doctor. ‘ There is also a locator incorporated into it to enable us to track you in an emergency. Now one more thing to take before you put your jacket back on, and that’s a blood sample.’ Once the sample was obtained, Chris put his jacket back on.

While Chris was doing all this, Doctor Williamson had quietly entered the infirmary and said,

‘All finished?’

Startled by his sudden appearance Chris nodded his head.

‘Right, it’s time to get you and the rest of the team on your way. The others are waiting for you in the time departure room.’

Doctor Williamson then led the way out of the infirmary and back down to level minus twelve. When they’d once again reached the control room, the Doctor went over to a door – set in the wall opposite to the door they’d just entered by – and opened it.

They entered a small room that had another door at the far end. The Doctor and Chris had to wait for the first door to close behind them before a security guard would allow them to pull open the next door. Once the other door was released, Chris followed the Doctor and into a very large room, much larger than the main control room. If the control room had amazed Chris before, that was nothing compared to what he was looking at now. What he saw left him totally speechless.


Well that’s the next chapter. Please review in the little box below and tell me what you think. Thank you for reading.

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