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Unorthodox by XxImAgInAiReXx
Chapter 1 : The Mistake
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Hi peoples! This is my new story, Unorthodox (I had to look up how to spell that...)

Er...not really much to say about it...


So. I know that in the epilogue from the Deathly Hallows the book only mentions one Malfoy kid. But can we just pretend that Miss Malfoy was there?'re the best.

And my character's name (or, nickname, if you want to be technical) is Rue. I know that the little twelve year old girl in the Hunger Games name is Rue (sorry if I just spoiled that for you) but ignore that mental image and start thinking Seventeen-year-old-girl-that-looks-nothing-like-a-Malfoy mental image.

And now I'm babbling and don't have a clue what I'm saying. so before I say something really embarrassing,

Disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter. *sniffle*

And you can read now.

The Mistake

Funny how a single mistake can change everything. For Dominique Weasley, that simple mistake was fucking her best friend’s boyfriend, Lorcan Scamander. It got her kicked out of her group of friends and she was all alone.

Of course, Violet and I were just observers when this whole mess happened. Like the three Perfects would ever actually acknowledge us. What a silly thought.

The three Perfects (or, two, now) consisted of Trista St. Claire, Tatiana Avery, and Dominique Weasley.

Trista St. Claire was the leader. The Queen Bee, if you will. She was the obvious leader. She was the prettiest. She had golden blonde hair and green eyes, a perfect figure, huge boobs, and just the right amount of sluttyness. She was half-veela, while Dominique was only eighth-veela, and eighth-werewolf, making her quite dangerous when angry.

Tatiana Avery was the second in command. She agreed with everything Trista said and acted stupid and ugly so Trista looked smarter and more beautiful next to her. Tatiana had dark hair and olive skin with black eyes.

Dominique Weasley was the follower. She followed Trista and Tatiana around and let them boss her. She had a sheet of silvery blonde hair and sky blue eyes, but she was really quite pathetic.

But here’s the whole story. The Slytherin Perfects were (ironically) the Golden Girls of Hogwarts. Lorcan and Lysander Scamander were the Golden Boys. Obviously, with Tatiana and Trista being the leaders, they dated the Scamanders, while Dominique was left in the dust.

But apparently, Lorcan Scamander and Dominique Weasley weren’t so golden. Trista caught them fucking in an abandoned corridor. There was a huge fight. It was like the whole school had ganged up on Dominique. Even her cousins wouldn’t talk to her. Her own baby brother practically disowned her, and Lorcan wouldn’t even look her way. He apologized to Trista and now they were dating again.

Which brings us to tonight. Violet noticed that Dominique wasn’t in her bed. How did she notice this? The dorm was absent from nearly silent sobs.

So Violet woke me up and we decided to look for Dominique. I know Hogwarts is supposed to be safe, but it’s actually quite dangerous for Dominique. She’s been to the Hospital Wing five times this week, and this was when people were in the teacher’s clear view. Who knows what they would do if they came across her in the middle of the night, when no one was watching.

“Rue!” Violet hissed at me.

Oh yeah. I’m Elizabeth Rue Malfoy. Calm yourself! It’s not that big a deal anymore. I go by Rue because Elizabeth is a pansy name. Rue is an exotic, strong name.

Well, that’s what I think.

“What?” I asked. “I think I found her,” Violet said.

I followed Violet into an empty bathroom. And, sure enough, Dominique Weasley was standing in front of the mirror, bawling her eyes out.

It was the first time I’d gotten a good look at her since the Screw Up (Violet’s name for the whole incident). She had big, purple bags under her eyes. Her blue eyes had lost their sparkle. She was heaving dry sobs, as if she didn’t have any more tears to shed. Her hair was tangled and snarled. It had lost its sheen.

Violet and I exchanged a glance, and we agreed on something. Dominique needed help. She needed friends. Real ones.

“Dominique?” I asked hesitantly. Dominique let out a strangled gasp and spun around. When she saw us, she cowered, and said in a voice that was barely audible, “Please don’t hurt me. I’ve already been to the Hospital Wing once today and Madam Spinnet isn’t healing me right.” I looked closer at her and saw that her hair still had a green color from the Hair Changing Charm someone had performed on her today.

“We aren’t going to hurt you, Dominique,” Violet said gently. “Th-then what are you doing here? Come to ‘talk’ to me about my actions? Or tease me? Or maybe you’ll blackmail me for money or something. Well, go ahead. I’ve got nothing left. Go ahead.” She said snarled. But she still had the look of a cornered animal.

Violet and I exchanged a look, and then, on a crazy impulse, I walked forward and hugged her.

She stiffened for a moment, and then melted into my arms. She sobbed into my shoulder, and within seconds, my shirt was soaked. I smoothed out her hair like my mother used to do for me. Violet joined the hug, and we cradled a sobbing Dominque Weasley, one of the Perfects, one of the Golden Girls. It was extremely bizarre.

Violet and I became close friends with Dominique, who asked us to call her Dom. On the first Monday, Dom sat with us at breakfast. Everybody stared, and my brother yanked me up and pulled me to the Gryffindor Table, where he sat.

“What do you want, Scorpius?” I whined. “Do you have death wish?” He demanded in a low voice, spinning to face me. “What d’you think you’re playing at, sitting with Dominique Weasley?”

I pulled my arm out of his grasp. “What right do you have to judge her?” I demanded harshly. “She fucked her best friend’s boyfriend, my best mate and fellow Quidditch player—”

“You know very well that Trista and Tatiana treated her horribly. You haven’t seen her over the past week! You haven’t heard her at night!” I lowered my voice. “She’s been crying her eyes out, Scorp. On Friday me and Violet found her in the girl’s bathroom, and she thought that we were going to hurt her! Me! And Violet!”

My voice was rising to a shout, and the people around us were beginning to stare. I took a deep breath, and lowered my voice again. “You know Madam Spinnet isn’t even healing her right? Violet had to put her right. She doesn’t have anyone, Scorp. Even her own family is against her. And your best mate? Lorcan Scamander? He hasn’t spared her one glance, and he’s back with Trista. So get all the facts before you judge someone like that. In fact, you can use your famous ‘Malfoy charm’ to convince the rest of the school that, alright? Now, leave me alone.”

I turned on my heel and stormed back to the Slytherin Table.

My whole life, I felt like I didn’t belong in the Malfoy family. My parents loved me, but I felt like they loved Scorpius more, despite the fact that I was in Slytherin, our family’s traditional house, while he was in Gryffindor. I was different. I had pale skin, yes, but I had bouncy bronze colored curls. My hair was shiny, and was straight at the top, and curled near the bottom. I had silver eyes instead of the stormy grey that the rest of our family had.

I didn’t have any of my parents’ genes. I was my grandfather’s. My grandfather’s on my mother’s side, of course, but my grandfather’s all the same.

Troy Greengrass. My grandfather. He had died when I was seven years old, and I already loved him more than my parents or even my own twin, Scorpius. I cried for two days, and wouldn’t talk for seven. I didn’t eat for a two weeks, and I passed out and had to go to St. Mungo’s.

“Rue,” I looked up. Dom was staring at me, her eyes shining. “Thanks so much. For standing up for me. I didn’t deserve it.” She started blinking hard, and I realized that she was about to cry.

“Oh, Dom, please don’t cry, you totally deserved it!” I said. Violet put her arm around Dom. “B-but Scorpius is your b-brother!” Dom wailed. I sighed.

“Dominique Fleur Weasley,” She looked up. “Scorpius has no right to judge you on your actions. No one does but you; you deserve to be stood up for. So shut up and stop crying.” Her face broke out into a grin. “Thanks Rue!” She said brightly.

“It’s okay,” I said. “What class do you have next? Violet and I have Defense.” Dom checked her schedule, and brightly said, “Defense! Let’s go.”

When we got to the Defense classroom, Professor Lupin told us to check the seating chart. I saw my name penned in on the square that represented the back desk. And in the square next to mine, the one that represented the desk next to mine, there was—

“Let me see that.” I was roughly shoved aside as Albus Potter, Lorcan Scamander, and my own brother, Scorpius, pushed past. Dominique shied away and scurried quickly to her seat, keeping her
head down. Violet glared at their backs as she walked to her seat.

Potter turned to me. “Malfoy,” He drawled slowly. Scorpius glared at Potter. “Hands off my baby sister, Al,” He said darkly. Potter smirked at me. “I’ll try.”

I tried to ignore Potter and said, “Oi, git, I’m older than you.” Scorpius shrugged. “Still my sister.” And then went to sit with Rose Weasley, who inched away from him.

“Shall we, Malfoy?” Potter asked, offering me his arm. I shot him a disgusted look and walked to my desk in the back.

Potter followed me and threw himself into the seat next to mine. “Why the cold shoulder, Malfoy?” He asked lazily. “You’re a terrible person, Potter,” I said, busying myself with getting a piece of parchment, a quill, and an inkwell ready. “Why? Aren’t you the horrible person? I mean, you were sitting with Dominique Weasley today, and Scorpius says you’ve become friends—”

“You have no right to judge Dominique, Potter.” I spat at him. “She’s my cousin,” Potter said. “Exactly!” I exclaimed. “She’s you’re cousin and you’ve been treating her horribly.” Potter shrugged. “Bros before h—”

“Don’t even finish that sentence, Albus Potter.” I said in a low voice. He opened his mouth to retort, but Professor Lupin cleared his throat and the class fell silent.

“Today, just to warm you up a bit, we’re going to be dueling. You’ll be partnered with the person sitting next to you—” I sent a venomous glance at Potter. “—And you will also be partnered for any other projects or school work that you’ll be assigned over the term. Let’s get started! First up, Kylie Abbot and Bryce Jones.”

Kylie won her duel. After them, Dena Harrings and Nicolas Diamonstien went, with Nicolas winning, then Rose and Scorpius, Rose winning, then Dominique and Lorcan, Dominique having a nervous breakdown and Lorcan winning by default. Then it was Potter and I.

“Bow!” Professor Lupin barked. Potter and I inclined our heads to each other. “Scared, Malfoy?” He muttered to me. “You wish,” I shot back. Then we walked to opposite sides and held our wands at the ready.

“Go!” Professor Lupin said, and Potter shot a curse at me, which I ducked and countered with a Stinging Hex. He blocked it and fired off a string of spells at me. I ducked behind an empty desk, waiting for him to stop. When the spells stopped, I quickly shot a jinx at him and ducked back behind the desk.

He experimentally shot a jet of purple light in my direction. I responded with a jet of pure white that would have severed his fingers temporarily had he not ducked. I peeked over the desk to see him pointing his wand at himself and muttering something. His whole shape blurred, and Lupin started, but he dissolved.

The next seconds were a blur. Potter was right next to me, and then I was flying through the air. I remember hitting the wall and before I passed out, seeing the horrified look on Potter’s face.

And then everything was black.

A/N Yep, that's my please =(^.^)= kitty

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