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Kismet by AmyCate_Black
Chapter 2 : Edges of the Fallout
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Chapter Two

Edges of the Fallout




Destiny is the future destined for a person or thing; it is based on decisions and experiences. Destiny is changeable and unique for each individual.








Castor Avery – Alienated




Castor felt the heat of sun bearing down on his back as he walked the crowded, noisy streets of Diagon Alley. It was mid August, and students and their parents were rushing to the shops to prepare for a new year at Hogwarts. Castor was alone, however, and had come to Diagon Alley alone to purchase his books and supplies every year he had been in school. His father, too busy with the Ministry of Magic politics and business, could not be bothered to appear in the repugnant Alley that so many enjoyed. Castor secretly envied him for that. He would not be here either if he had the choice.  Castor’s friends, or merely the people he considered friends, had already graduated from Hogwarts; except his stepbrother Evan, but his stupidity and dependent nature annoyed Castor beyond reason. Isolation was the preferable choice. Diagon Alley was full of mud-bloods and traitors. He glanced upward at the people around him. No one was looking at him and no one was making eye contact. Castor knew they wouldn’t. They were scared of him and scared of his father.

Inexplicably, two girls flashed through Castor’s mind. One was older with long, shiny blonde hair, and dark blue eyes almost identical to his own. The other was shorter, and had pitch-black hair that amplified her innocent, heart-warming amber eyes. Castor felt a slight sting enter his chest but he immediately replaced the unwanted feeling with hate. Bitter, uncompromising hate. He knew too well who those two girls were. His sisters.  Of course, Castor thought to himself, they would not look like that now. People’s appearances changed over six years.

He seemed to always think about them the most this time of year. Castor wondered where they were, what they were doing, or even if they were still alive. He only wondered, though, because he relished in the thought of finding them. But this is the part that tortured Castor… did he want to find his sisters for personal revenge or did he long to be reunited? He believed it was for the revenge. They were the ones who abandoned him and left without even saying goodbye. They were the traitors who mistook their fear for bravery and left him with the responsibility to endure the fallout of their actions.

Castor heard bells as he walked into… he didn’t care enough to even bother. He had enough money to buy whatever he wanted. When he began to walk the aisles, trying to concentrate on books instead of the two girls, Castor heard familiar voices. Behind the shelves to his right were Archer Greengrass and Mary McDonald having a quiet, but heated conversation. Castor could see them clearly through an opening and he felt himself smirk in satisfaction when he realized they did not see him. The satisfaction of having this to hang over Greengrass’s head began to pump wildly through his veins. The oddity of this pair stopped his momentary thoughts of conquer and how this was the perfect solution to his sentimental thoughts. What were they doing together anyway? Greengrass was in Slytherin and McDonald was Black’s fuck buddy in Gryffindor.

Much to his disappointment, their conversation seemed to be ending. He saw McDonald point her finger straight into Greengrass’s chest. ‘I’m serious, Archer. No one can find out.’

McDonald gave him one last look of frustration before turning to swiftly walk out of the door, checking every few seconds to make sure no one had seen her. After the bells signaled her departure from the store, Greengrass sent his fist into the shelves out of frustration and sighed deeply before running a hand through his dark blonde hair. Deciding to manipulate Greengrass into telling him what their conversation had been about, Castor quietly walked around the tall shelf and approached Greengrass in a curious manner with a slight smirk on his handsome, aristocratic features. ‘What was that all about?’

Greengrass jumped slightly and his right hand immediately moved to his pocket, where his wand was visibly sticking out. His eyes, upon recognzing Castor, became daggers and showed great annoyance. ‘None of your business, Avery.’ Greengrass told him through gritted teeth and he began to walk away.

Castor stopped him by jumping to block his path. ‘I know Regulus is your usual… confidant, but your conversation with McDonald seems to have made you distressed. I’m just concerned for your well-being.’ He now had a wicked smile on his face. ‘Besides, that conversation seemed to be about something that would be too mature for the innocent Regulus.’

‘What did you hear?’ Greengrass demanded in a strenuous whisper as he moved threateningly toward Castor, his face red in anger.

‘Nothing.’ Castor told him an innocent manner. ‘But your body language with that traitor says it all.’

His companion moved to hit him, but Castor, anticipating this, grabbed his arm and pinned him up against the shelf. ‘If you want to live, never try that again.’ He twistedly let go of Greengrass’s arm. Greengrass shrugged violently away from Castor and began to straighten his robe. Castor shook his head in mock disapproval. ‘You’re becoming more of a traitor every day, just like Black.’

‘Never compare me to Black. ‘ Greengrass said in a tight voice.

Castor scoffed. ‘Well you obviously have the same taste in women.’

Greengrass’s face was ghost white. ‘Black didn’t become a traitor because he was caught talking to a girl.’

‘In the scope of things, but Black became a traitor because he blindly believes what my sister did was brave.’  Castor vehemently spit. ‘To this day, he still puts Ashir on a pedestal. But really, Ashir and Capella left because they were too weak, too afraid to embrace whom they were and the destiny our father had planned.  You see what happened to them, to Black, and to people who copy their actions. It doesn’t end well.‘

‘I’m not like Black.’ Greengrass said with fierce determination.

Castor moved directly in front of Greengrass, and his eyes narrowed threateningly. ‘You better hope that’s true.’

Greengrass maliciously glared before storming off. Castor watched him until he was out of the store. Curiosity was getting the best of him. He had been bluffing when he had mentioned their body language, but it had definitely struck a nerve. Something was going on between Archer and McDonald, and he was determined to find out exactly what it was. He was still in the middle of planning their downfall when someone else across the room caught his attention, a pretty blonde girl with a round face and sweet smile. She felt Castor looking at her and her brown eyes glanced up toward him. Something changed in her face and she began to move toward him, but before she could, Castor was already out the door.








A/N: Hi everyone! This was an introductory chapter for Castor. Like this one, there will be three more introductory chapters to some main characters before it goes back to Ashir's POV. From there, the chapters will be longer and more plot filled. I just wanted the main characters to have at least a chapter from their POV so you can get some insight into their mind and see what everyone has been doing since Ashir's been gone because she has no idea! lol Plus in a big ensemble story like this, sometimes its necessary. Please review! I would love to hear what you think. Keep reading :)







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