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Lost Potters 4: Problems by HP lookalike
Chapter 33 : Of red-heads and Elizabeth
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 Albus Potter never really saw the attraction of red-heads. After all, there were so many gorgeous brunettes and blondes out there, stunning in their own way, ravishing and mesmerising. Why kiss a ginger when all that was out there? Needless to say, he was not impressed when after nearly three weeks in Athens, having flirted with the entire population; Scorpius had somehow managed to find the one red-head in the entire city, hell probably the entire country. They had stayed in Egypt for a while after eventually deciding the end their travels and settle down for a while. But then they had felt that Egypt was just becoming too predictable, so they had moved on again, this time to Athens, home of the Greek people and an all-round lovely place to be.

Al was sitting on the balcony, overlooking the deep blue sky. Below him, Athens was a hive of activity, beautiful in its own way, the bright lights and bristling sound making Al smile as he overlooked the promenade. The hotel they were staying was fancy, but not too expensive, as they were trying to save their muggle money, although they had relatively large amounts, having traded a lot of their gold in at a Wizarding bank in Egypt. Al glanced back into their room. Two relatively large single beds, an en-suite with television and various other muggle appliances that were slightly beyond his expertise. Albus was waiting. He had spent the evening in a club with Scorpius (who needed ID when you had magic?) and the blonde had vanished shortly before Al left, so he had returned to the hotel, waiting for Scorpius to make an appearance. When his friend eventually turned up, it was late and Albus was tired, just about settling into bed when Scorpius finally arrived back, grinning like an idiot as he slumped on the bed opposite Al.

“Evening Al,” he greeted, nodding his greeting to Albus as he lay back, smiling wistfully. “Hope you got back alright. How was your evening?”

“Fine thanks Scorp,” Al answered cautiously. “Where have you been? I’ve been back for over an hour and I was worried you got lost.”

“Nah, I just fancied exploring the capital,” Scorp grinned, grabbing his PJs and heading over to the bathroom, continuing his conversation with Al through the door as he changed and brushed his teeth. “You know, seeing what it was like and all that shit.”

“Interesting stuff,” Al muttered sarcastically as Scorpius spat out his frothy toothpaste and splashed his face and hands with water. “What do you want to do tomorrow?”

Albus couldn’t see it, but Scorpius flinched slightly and as he left the bathroom, he regained his composure, before sliding into bed.

“Actually Al, I’ve kind of got plans for tomorrow,” Scorpius said evasively. “I won’t be back tomorrow night even, I’m out overnight.”

Albus raised an eyebrow. This wasn’t the first time that Scorpius had wanted to be alone for a day and he respected that, but Scorp announcing he wouldn’t return the following night was unusual to say the least.

“Sure Scorp,” he replied uneasily. “I’ll find something to keep me happy; Athens is a big place with a lot of fun things to do. Have fun with your…plans.”

Albus was tempted to enquire as to the nature of the plans but at the same time, he knew that if Scorpius had wanted to tell him where he was going, he would have. He still might, but chances were it would just be one of life’s little mysteries. It reminded Al that for all the fun he and Scorpius had had whilst travelling, there was more to them than that, they were both individuals and not a pairing.

Albus spent the following day lounging around the hotel pool, sunglasses on and cold drink in hand. After a quick lunch at the hotel bar, he returned to his spot by the pool and slept a little. The pool was practically empty, as it was the wrong time of year, most people were at school or working; the only people in the pool were a handful of families. And yet, when Al awoke from his slumber, he found himself facing a blonde who was sat on the end of his bed, twirling a wand around her manicured fingers, pink nail varnish shining in the sun. Al blinked to make sure he wasn’t imagining it, then realised with a start that the wand was his. He reached into his waistband to confirm it, and sure enough it wasn’t there.

“Looking for this?” the girl asked in a flirtatious tone. “What have we got here then?”

“Who are you?” Albus asked, slightly irritated and yet intrigued. “What do you want?”

“I’m Elizabeth,” the girl replied smiling, before turning back to his wand. “Ten inches, dragon heartstring, ash. A nice wand, very nice. But not your dad’s wand, am I right?”

“What?” Albus was feeling vulnerable and Elizabeth laughed it off, a happy smiling laugh that invited Albus in, made him feel more vulnerable as she stopped twirling his wand long enough to examine it.

“Your father had a phoenix feather wand, so did James and Lily. I imagine that pissed you off, didn’t it Albus?” Elizabeth queried, looking properly at Albus for the first time, her brown eyes warm and inviting as Al found himself swimming in them. Her pink lips were still smiling and the smile matched her eyes perfectly and gave her a sense of authentication. She was tall and skinny; wearing nothing other than a pink bikini, although she hadn’t been in the water yet, and she was fairly well tanned, suggesting she’d been in Greece for a while.

“How do you know who I am? And what my wand is?” Albus asked cautiously.

“You’re kidding me right sweetie?” Elizabeth laughed again, pulling out her own wand and confirming Albus’ suspicion that she was a witch. “Ten inches, dragon heartstring, ash. My parents went mental when they found out I had the same wand as the legendary Albus Potter. You’re stupid famous Al, you can’t expect people to bump into you on holiday and not recognise you. Especially as you were all over the Prophet after you ran away from home. Last reports pinned you in Siberia, so I’d say you’re doing well if you don’t want to be found.”

Albus didn’t know what to say. This girl was one of the thousands of wizards and witches who knew him by face along and she’d just bumped into him and now she had his wand in her hand. And yet, her smile was genuine and her laugh was sweet and he liked her. He shook himself to attention and stretched out his hand for his wand.

“Well you obviously know things about me,” Albus replied casually. “But no more than most. But I know nothing about you. Why are you here? Who are you? And can I have my wand back?”

“I told you,” Elizabeth smiled, showing no signs of giving Al his wand back. “I’m Elizabeth. I’m a pureblood, in case you were wondering, and English, but I don’t go to Hogwarts, never have. When I turned eleven, my parents moved to Greece and since then I’ve lived here, and I’ve learned magic with them, since there’s no magical schools anywhere near here and they didn’t fancy shipping me off to Durmstrang or Beauxbatons. Being home schooled has its advantages, namely that I can sneak off to local pools whenever I want, even though I should be studying.”

“So this is what you do?” Al teased. “Sneak off to hotels and flirt with boys you’ve never met before?”

Elizabeth laughed again and walked over, leaning over so her hair was tickling Al’s cheek and she whispered seductively in Albus’ ear: “Trust me darling, you’ll know when I start flirting.” She stepped back and Albus went red, blushing and stammering as she giggled, this too a pleasant sound for Albus to behold as her smile grew.

“You want your wand?” she asked, turning back to it for the first time, her own stuffed in her bikini top. Al nodded. “Fetch.”

Albus jumped to his feet and protested but she flicked his wand over her head and it sailed through the air and hit the water with a dull thud. Al swore and glared as he ran past her, stripping down to his trunks and diving into the water, creating an almighty splash as he landed, clutching his wand tightly in his hand. He spluttered as he reached the surface and Elizabeth was facing him. She smiled wickedly and then winked, performing a perfect dive as she gracefully shot through the air into the water beside Al, showering him with water as he groaned. She giggled again, music to Al’s ears as she ran a hand through her soaking hair, which clung eloquently to her scalp as she smoothed it back and moved it away from her hands.

“What was the point in that?” Al struggled to maintain an annoyed look as her smile melted his anger.

“Where’s your sense of fun Albus?” she asked, laughing as she patted him on the head and splashed him again. “All you’ve done all day is mope around in that sunbed. Here is an actual person wanting to talk to you and you’re still sulking because you got your hair a little wet.”

“I’m not sulking!” Albus protested. “I’m just not amused by the fact that you think it’s funny to soak me and steal my wand.”

“Well what do you call fun then?” Elizabeth asked exasperated but amused as she lay on her back, her hair splayed around her, gently kicking her legs, each stroke showering Al with hundreds of tiny droplets.

“I call relaxing by the pool, allowing the sun’s rays to envelop me fun,” Albus responded lazily, finally splashing Elizabeth back yet failing completely. She ignored his feeble attempt and continued to laze around, only her legs splashing.

“That’s not fun, that’s really gay Al,” she pointed out, snorting. “And it’s something you do on your own when you’re bored, believe me, I’ve done it enough times. We have magic at our disposal, we’re two teenagers in an ancient city, let’s go do something fun for Merlin’s sake.”

“Did you have something in mind?” Al asked quietly. Elizabeth slipped under the water, popping back up alongside him and releasing the breath she’d been holding, her brown eyes sparkling.

“As a matter of fact, I do.”

Albus laughed and flicked his wand, his golem dodging the downwards slashing movement of Elizabeth’s goliath. It turned out she knew quite a lot of complicated Charms and animating two of the largest statues in ancient Greek ruins and using them as gladiators to duel people with was among her favourite things to do. Her Greek warrior had a sword and shield, whilst Al’s had a spear. He was losing, his shield smashed as his statue had lost its left arm.

“Hit back you fucker!” Al shouted as Elizabeth’s warrior unleashed another onslaught of attacks that his barely dodged or blocked with its spear, before Al finally twisted his wand and his warrior sent its spear flying through Elizabeth’s statue’s chest. Elizabeth cursed and tried to react but Al was now on top, his man beating hers round the head repeatedly with her own shield. Elizabeth flicked her wrist and her warrior stood, wrenching out the spear and decapitating Al’s with a slash of its sword. Al cursed but his warrior fought on, yanking its spear out of Elizabeth’s goliath and taking off its right leg with it. Elizabeth let another swear word slip out as her warrior stumbled and Al slashed it to ribbons, pieces of golem falling to the ground.

“I should have won when I took off your head,” she protested as Al laughed. The two were walking away from the scene of carnage, having cleaned up their mess, digging each other about the performance.

“Tough shit, that spear through the heart would’ve been the death of you!” Al snorted as Elizabeth protested further. “When do you have to be back anyway?”

“I don’t,” she admitted, as they arrived back at Al’s hotel. “I told my parents I’d more than likely be out all night. And since I found you, that probably is a definitely. Unless you don’t want to that is?” she quickly reigned herself in as Al went a funny colour.

“No!” he said hurriedly. “I mean, my friend Scorpius is out all night, so we’d have the hotel to ourselves. You could come up and show me more of your definition of fun.”

“Oh that I could,” Elizabeth smiled, leaning in towards Al and kissing him with her perfect pink lips. Al felt like he’d gone to heaven as their lips collided, her taste overwhelming him as she led the way, her hands going to his waist as he breathed, trying to keep his composure. “Come on then,” she whispered as they broke apart, leading him up to his room.

As they shut the door behind them, they were kissing again, Al breathless and unable to even move, barely holding his own as she kissed him, her hands becoming rough as she tore at his skin, sending him staggering with a brutal shove onto his bed before mounting him, still kissing him furiously.

“You’re brutal!” Al breathed, barely able to stop for breath as she took off her bikini top and went for his trunks.

“What can I say babe?” she replied equally breathlessly. “I’m as sweet as sugar, yet as vicious as a lion in the bedroom. And you can hold me to that.”

“Oh, I plan to!” Al laughed as their lips met again and she shed her final piece of clothing, before they found each other. At which point, Scorpius Malfoy came thundering through the hotel door, wand in hand and horror-struck. Al and Elizabeth broke apart and she rolled off him, squealing as she covered up. Scorpius hadn’t noticed, he was heading for the wardrobe, throwing all his things into his bag and shooting Albus a panicked look.

“We need to get out of here Al!” he warned. “Now!”

“Right now?” Albus asked angrily, indicating to Elizabeth, who was covered by Al’s duvet and blushing furiously, all her laughter replaced by humiliation. Scorpius’ jaw dropped as he looked from one to the other.

“Mate, she’s fucking gorgeous!” he exclaimed, deepening Elizabeth’s blush. “But we still have to go. I pissed off some rich Greek wizard and he’s going to kill me or worse turn me into the Ministry.”

“Fucking hell Scorp,” Al groaned as he dressed quickly, apologising profusely to Elizabeth as he did so. “What did you do?”

“I slept with his daughter,” Scorpius replied anxiously. “Repeatedly. Where do you think I’ve been for the last few days? And she’s pregnant. Not mine before you say anything, she was already a few weeks when I met her, which was how I knew I would be alright. Except her father’s now screwing and well, it’s not good for us.”

“Us?” Albus exploded. “How did I get involved in this?”

Albus’ question was answered for him as behind Scorpius, emerged a red-headed girl, short and nervous, wearing very little clothing and looking highly conspicuous. Albus shot his friend a furious look.

“Always the fucking red-heads…”

Elizabeth was quickly back in clothes and as Al apologised as many times as he could, she managed to regain her composure, smiling her sweet smile again as he finished. She wished him luck and told him to come and find her if he was ever in Greece again. She then left, promising to owl him sooner or later and Al knew in his heart that whilst what they had had been fun, they would forget each other. And he had bigger problems, as Scorpius was busy talking to the red-head, ensuring her he would take care of her.

“Scorp,” Al hissed, taking him to one side. “How powerful is this Greek wizard?”

“He’ll find us in five minutes flat, and he’s pissed off and wand-wielding!” Scorpius snapped. “Isn’t that enough for you?”

“Okay, okay!” Al held up his hands. “I get the picture we have to leave, is all our stuff packed?”

“Yeah,” Scorpius nodded, chucking Al a jumper and linking arms with the red-head. “Ready to go?”

“She is not coming with us!” Albus exclaimed, grabbing Scorpius and shaking him. “Are you mad? You are not looking after a pregnant girl whose father wants to kill you! Leave her here!”

“Scorpius!” the girl whined and Scorpius turned to her, before pleading with Al with his eyes but Albus was having none of it.

“Scorp, I’m going to explore the USA, if you want to come you can, but you just can’t bring her. You’ve known her all of two days and she’s nothing but trouble. Now come on!”

Scorpius was reluctant but as Al began to spin, he let go of the red-head, the world turning as he grabbed his best friend, and they span off into the darkness.


A/N: Hi there everyone! I wanted to move away from James and Hayley just for a chapter to see how Al and Scorp were getting on, but we'll return to them next chapter. And there's only three left now :( HP

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