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The Time Turner by Behindthestory
Chapter 1 : Chapter 1
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Summary: The next generation get taken back in time by a time turner to harrys 5th year.


Dear Journal,

It is just another Potter-Weasley Sunday lunch at the burrow.
The whole family is gathered. Granma Weasley, Fleur and Audrey are in the kitchen making food fit for a small army. Bill, Charlie, George, Ron, Aunt Ginny and Uncle Harry are planning a pick-up game out back with the younger kids, while Hermione and Percy are having a conversation about some new thing at the Ministry.
I think I am going to ask Victoire to marry me soon, but I do not know when. I have to go; I think that is Uncle Harry calling me. Hope everything goes well.


8888 8888 8888 8888 8888 8888 8888

“Teddy, come out here,” yelled James.

I slowly got to my feet and walked outside and over to the large paddock that has been made into a Quidditch pitch for the day.

“Alright everyone, gather round, gather round” George yells,

“We need to get into two teams. The captains are Harry for the yellows and Ginny for the Blue”.

“Ok, the names have been drawn from a hat, so to make the teams even,” Bill says

“The four who don’t want to play, and just watch, go sit over there.”

He pointed to some stands at the edge of the pitch that he had transfigured from a tree.

“Hey Ted, do you want to be commentator?”

“Sure, why not!” I say as I walk over to the stands and grab the microphone. To the right of me sat Victoire, Molly and Lucy and to the left sat Albus.

“Let’s get this game started, shall we.” I said into the microphone.

“Captains, shake hands.” I waited until Harry and Ginny shoke each other’s hand.

“The Balls are released; the Quaffle is in the air. Let the game begin.”

8888 8888 8888 8888 8888 8888 8888

Two hours later, Harry had caught the snitch after a heart-stopping dive and won the game. Just as the sunset was arriving, everyone was heading back inside.

“James, come on!” I say.

“I’m coming, I’m coming,” he said as he got up off the ground, where he had picked up some sort of necklace.

8888 8888 8888 8888 8888 8888 8888

After a noisy dinner, I was getting up to leave for the night but Uncle Harry stopped me.

“Teddy, can you do something for me tomorrow?”

“Sure, what do you need?” I say

“Would you be able to watch James, Al and Lily tomorrow while I take Ginny out for the evening?”

“Sure. What time do you want me to come ‘round? ” I asked.

“11 o’clock, if that’s alright?”

“I’ll see you then.” I say. And with that said, I apparated back to my Apartment.

8888 8888 8888 8888 8888 8888 8888

When I arrive at the Potter household the next day, Harry and Ginny had just left and everything was crazy. Everyone is here; I walked into the lounge room to find Fred II, Roxanne, Hugo, Rose, James, Al, Lily and Victoire all there.

“What is everybody doing here?” I ask.

Victoire answered, “I was babysitting them four today, and that’s when I realised that you were babysitting too, so why not baby sit together.”

A gin slid across my face. Just perfect.

“Sure,” I say, “Would you like a drink?”

“Yes, please.”

“All right; I will be right back.”

I turn to walk out of the room but stopped, glanced at the kids and said,

“Don’t do anything stupid, while I’m gone, Ok?”

“OK” they coursed back.

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The Time Turner: Chapter 1


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