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Letters to L.C. by ScarletRoses
Chapter 1 : Gryffindor's Insane Girl
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Should I start this off with a love quote? Say what I’m like? Tell you my life story?

Okay, I can’t do that. I’m not that abstract. I mean, maybe I should introduce myself and tell you who I am and everything, but… I don’t really know where to begin.


We can start with my name, I suppose. It’s Lenny. Lenora, really, but I don’t allow people to call me that. Not even professors

When I’m writing this, I want you to imagine it with a British accent, because yes, I am British. I was born and raised in the great old England. We have a Queen and all that good stuff. Even a few princes!  And where have I gone to school for the years of my schooling?



Hogwarts of course.


Now, I was nothing special. Sure, a Gryffindor, but I wasn’t that pretty, girly Gryffindor that everyone associated Gryffindor girls with. Why do people do that anyways? Stupid sterotypes. This is the reason people are stick skinny and wear too much make up.

 I’m ordinary I guess one could say. I’ve got the brown hair, the brown eyes, and the average body. Nothing about me stands out. Not a single damn thing.



So why, one may ask, am I even the one talking to you?


Well… I guess it’s because no one dreams of being almost remembered.


This is my story. Of me being remembered.


Hi, I’m Lenora Crowley and I suppose this is the part where I tell you my story. The wacked up one that it is. Sit back and relax. You're in for a good surprise. Get your popcorn now.





“You have to dive, Lenny! Not fall from your broom!” James Potter shouted at me as I laid in a crumbled heap on the ground.


No matter if I was hurt or anything. I just messed up a dive. That’s all Quidditch freak Potter cared about.


I had to force myself up because I knew Potter’s face would be giving me a murderous stare a few feet above me. I was tempted to play dead, but knew Potter would throw me back on my broom all the same. All he bloody cared about was having someone guarding the hoops at this rate.


“Yes, because falling off my broom mid-dive was intended.” I mumbled, walking towards my broom a few feet away from me and mounting it again.



“If we plan on beating Ravenclaw-“



“I better get my act together, yeah? I’ve heard you say that about 3 times this practice and all throughout the summer practices.” I told him. Bloody summer practices had nearly made my arms fall off. Who needs a keeper who can do fifty push-ups? Gryffindor shouldn't.



Was I really that weak of a player? I shook the thought from my head. If I could stom away, I would….but I was already up in the air. I'd look rather ridiculous if I tried.


“Do you want the Ravenclaws to outsmart you? It’s not all that hard, Lenny!” James shouted after me as I returned to the goal posts.



“Let them! It means you lose too!” I shouted back. James glared in my direction and immediately set out to throwing the quaffle slightly out of my reach.



“Dive!” He demanded. I groaned, but dropped the front of my broomstick in a dive.


And crashed.







“That boy will be the death of you!” Madam Pomfrey hissed, touching a very sensitive black eye with her green goo. I winced away, but she only tutted me, grabbing onto my face to hold it still.



“Well, it hurts!” I countered, gritting my muscles as she dabbed the remaining green goo on.



It was only the first month in and I had already been to the Hospital Wing 7 times. I think that’s a record. Five were because of James Potter’s drills at practice and two because I had had bad run-ins with a few Slytherins.



They just can't take a joke. think they're funny.They obviously don't.


“I swear if I see you in here again before Christmas, I will place a safe charm on you!” Pomfrey screeched, grabbing onto my dislocated shoulder.


“What are you doing?!” I asked her as she looked like she was ready to pull my whole arm off.


“I’m putting the shoulder back into place. It’s easier than all the potions it would take and it won’t keep you in my hospital wing over night!” Madam Pomfrey said, making me bite on a cloth.



I could already see this wasn't going to be good.



Without warning, I let out a loud shriek in pain as she shoved my shoulder straight at me. It felt as though she were breaking the bone, not putting everything back into place. It was an instant fire that shot up my arm, but oddly, it felt slightly better.



“All better!” She said, as though my shriek had brought joy to her.




Evil, sadistic woman.


“Off you go, Ms. Crowley!” She said, almost shoving me from the room.


Great. At least someone cares.



Have I mentioned I am very sarcastic? If not, I'm doing so right here, so no blaming me if you do not understand my jokes. Everyone should understand my bloody jokes. They're funny!


I’m a lot of things actually. Don’t worry though, one of them is not insane…at least my insanity isn’t diagnosed…yet. I’ve had people threat to have that changed, however. That's not my fault though! People should really consider just not listening to my ramble. Even when I try to be sane, it comes out wrong.


“Watch it!” The red-haired Head girl shouted at me. She straightened out her skirt as if I had actually made a wrinkle it. Ha. That'd be odd if just someone bumping into you could get you a wrinkle in your clothing. I stared at her skirt for an extra second, just to see if it actually had made a wrinkle in it.



I snapped my head up to see her staring at me, her expression already showing how insane she thought I was. Can't say I didn't recognize the look.



“Right, sorry. Lowly Gryffindor can’t watch where she’s going. I’ll remember to watch my body and make sure it doesn’t wander off without me next time.” I rambled. Lily Evans looked at me from down her nose as she raised her eyebrows.



“I didn’t…oh nevermind.” She said, pushing past me and continuing on her rounds. I shrugged. Was it something I said?


I was never the social butterfly that I’m supposed to be. Whenever I open my mouth, a bunch of weird words come out. They never even make sense to me in my own head. Well, sometimes they did, but then I got sidetracked by something else and some weird babble came out of my mouth.



Maybe I should just diagnose my own self with insanity. Probably work out the best.



Being the weird Gryffindor I was (I’m really not that weird!) I didn’t tend to have a lot of friends. Merlin, even the Head Girl couldn’t find any bit of pity for me! Okay, so the only friend I had was myself…and possibly my twin sibling. He didn’t count, though! I think my own friendship counted as about three people.


Three friends were enough, right?



No one ever has paid me much attention at Hogwarts. If people even know my name, they thought I was a guy. If people knew my face, they just remembered I was Teddy’s twin. If they knew both…well, then they knew me as that insane Gryffindor girl. I didn’t have a true name. Nor did I really care for one. Why try looking for one when I only had a year left?

I was good company anyways.



So maybe Astronomy class wouldn’t change without me. If I didn’t have a name, who would know if I showed up or not? I could sleep through it tonight. Plus, if it weren’t for Potter, I shoulder wouldn’t be throbbing right now.


Stupid Pothead and him wanting to win Quidditch every year.


I wonder if he smokes that illegal substance...that would make his nickname have more effect. I giggled to myself. I was funny sometimes.





The Gryffindor table was always pretty deserted in the morning, so I couldn’t say I felt lonely when I didn’t have anyone sitting around me. Fine by me, more space and food to myself.


I love food. I would marry it if I could. I stared down at a buscuit, wondering if it could love me the way I loved it. I doubt it, since I planned on eating it. No bother, I'd find love in a different food item.



I went to grab a biscuit when another hand reached out and grabbed it before me.


“Oi! I was going to shove that in my mouth!” I yelled, not really registering my words. I looked up to see someone who looked all too much like me. I had to do a slight double take.


Too early for this kind of confusion.


My brother and I were twins with almost every feature the same. We had the same dark brown wavy hair, the same dark brown eyes, the same oval shaped face, and even the same dimples. Sure, he was a little more built than me, but I blame that on me being a girl. Stupid girl genes. I wished I was the strong one.



“Oh so tragic you didn’t get to stuff your face.” Teddy said sarcastically, taking the seat opposite me. Perfect place for me to glare at him. Ha.


I wasn't the dumb one, he was.


“So I didn’t see you in Astronomy last night.” Teddy started, looking over a cup of pumpkin juice at me. Such a Ravenclaw.


“No, I guess you didn’t.” I said back, giving him an identical look over my own pumpkin juice. Or at least I felt like it was an identical look.

Can't be that far off when we are twins, right?


“Did you really skip, Lenny? It was an important lesson!” He scolded me, rolling his eyes. I only rolled my own eyes back. Again, such a Ravenclaw. I need to bring him out more.


To where, I have no idea. Oooo Hogsmeade sounds like a good idea. I could go for some chocolate.



“Every lesson is important to you, Ted.” I told him, watching as a few more people filed into the Great Hall. 




“And it should be to you, but don’t worry, I took the liberty of getting an extra assignment for you.” He slammed a roll of parchment in front of me before I could even react. I jumped slightly, tucking the roll into my bag.

Maybe it would disappear in the mess I called my bag. Maybe the bag monsters would eat it. I swear, there are monsters in there! I reach in one time to get a book (worst mistake ever) and I felt something bite me. I came out with a cut on my finger!

I swear, it was in the shape of a fang. 

I disregarded the ink and piece of glass that was stuck in my finger. 

The glass was a fang, I swear!

“Oh how sweet. Want me to actually do it, then?” I asked sarcastically to which he nodded his head.


Blood didn’t mean that you picked up on each other’s sarcasm. We didn’t have much of a twin connection.


Sometimes I wish we did. We could to some telepathic magic, not this stuff with our wands. We could be magical in the magic world! I could tell him to hand me the toast. Let's try it!

Hand me the toast, Thedore....



“I expect you to do it, Len. Or I can easily owl Mom and let her know her little angel isn’t getting the O’s she forges.” Teddy smirked at me. He handed me the plate of toast, not even looking up. 

"DId you hear that? What I just thought?" I asked him, ignoring his comment to tattle on me. 
"What are you talking about, Lenny?" Teddy asked, but I was interupted from answering.


“Oh Teddy!” A blonde haired girl came bouncing over towards us. When I say bouncing, I literally do mean that. It was as though her shoes were made of balloons and everything else was flopping along as well. 


I imagined her in a bouncy room, as though she were a part of it. I let a small laugh escape my lips at the image. Everything would be an assortment of colors and she wouldn't even have her same face, because I don't like how pigs look...

“Debbie.” Teddy said, his voice low and uninterested. Even I could catch on to a subtle hint like that, but Debbie obviously didn’t as she sat down next to him.

“Oh uhm… Hi.” She said, looking at me, not sure if she was supposed to throw me a bone or greet me. 
This always amused me. Girls loved Teddy for some reason or another. He actually liked some of them, but when he introduced them to me, they ran running for the hills. Something about having the insane girl at the school as your sister just didn’t seem right to them.
"I’m Lenny. His sister. You know, the Gryffindor’s insane girl.” I said, extending my hand. She studied it, not sure if she should shake it. I resisted oinking at her. Maybe she would understand that better.

I saw her face turning as pink as a pig's skin and her body getting chubbier. My face grew into a wider smile. I probably looked more insane now.

“I thought they said you were sent to St. Mungo’s insane ward.” She mumbled, watching me retract my hand. Ouch. That one stung a bit, but an interesting rumor all the same.


“They actually haven’t deemed me insane enough yet.” I told her, shrugging.

I begin to dip my bread into my pumpkin juice. Before I had a chance to look up, she was gone. I looked at Teddy who had a grin plastered on his face and was shaking his head.

“What did I say?” I asked him, looking around for her.


I double checked under the table in case she turned into her true form and was oinking at my feet. Just in case. 


“You always say the wrong thing, Lenny.” Teddy said with a laugh.



In my defense, I don’t really know what I say that’s so offensive. Maybe it’s just my face or something. I’ve heard faces can scare people off pretty good.


“So, any word yet, Ted?” Sirius Black in all of his glory came towards our conversation. Great, more interruptions.


Sure, Sirius Black was beyond gorgeous, but to say he even knew my name would be something that I hadn’t ever bothered to know. Probably did since he insulted me all the time, but I wasn't too bothered by it. He was pretty good mates with Teddy, though.


I glanced at the bacon and glanced around again for Teddy's admirerer. I suddenly felt guilty eating the bacon. I took it off my plate.


“No, mate. Haven’t seen this L.C girl yet. No one comes to mind?” Teddy asked him as Sirius took the seat next to him.


“No and I have Peter going around the whole school!” Sirius ran a frustrated hand through his hair. He didn’t give me a second look. He did our third year when he had become friends with Teddy, asking me some polite questions, which I apparently gave the wrong answers to.


Then he proceeded to ask where the bloody hell I came from.


I gave him an in-depth description of it. 


Maybe he shouldn’t have asked!


“You’re having him look through ugly girls too, right?” Teddy joked. Sirius’s face paled at the mere thought. All I could do was snort into my pumpkin juice.


Sirius would never consider anything related with an ugly girl. Some ugly girls had good traits, though! They looked like animals. Like that pig girl! She was cute in her own way.


“Bloody hell, no!” Sirius said as though it were a crime. Remus Lupin took the seat next to me, a small smile on his face, but not addressing me directly.


He had always learned to keep his distance, but to be nice about it. Remus could be a bear. Not the big scary ones in the wild, but the ones you cuddle with at night. He kinda looked like his hair would be soft like a teddy bears. I had to hold my hand in my seat to keep from touching it.



“Alright, I figured out what you’re going to do, Padfoot,” Remus told Sirius, grabbing out a piece of parchment and laying it out in front of him. I took a quick peek to it to see if there was anything interesting on it.


Alas, it was blank.


“You want me to write L.C a letter?” Sirius asked.


“Exactly, mate. How many people with the initials L.C are at Hogwarts? Have an owl send the letter to anyone with those initials. They’re sure to meet you once they find out it’s you.” Remus told him. Sirius’s face lit up with excitement at the idea.



“I know I wouldn’t.” I mumbled. Seemingly, it wasn’t a mumble. And all the eyes turned towards me. I need to learn to control the volume in my voice.


“Good thing it wouldn’t be you.” Sirius hissed at me. I blinked at him, not phased in the least. People always made that kind of comment towards me. He’d have to do better than that.



Sirius got up from his seat, followed by Remus who shot both Teddy and me apologetic smiles.



Sirius looked like a puppy. I imagined a tail coming out of his behind as he walked away. I giggled. That was probably why he was so crabby, it was stuck up there.



“How about that time, did I say something wrong that time?” I asked, actually feeling as though that conversation had went by pretty well.


“Yes.” Teddy said simply.


I groaned. Was I really that socially awkward? Maybe it wasn’t just my fault, maybe everyone else had problems too and their problems just clashed with my own problems.


If that makes any sense.


Which it probably doesn’t.



Then again, does anything really make that much sense nowadays? It never makes sense in my head either way.

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