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Nothing Sirius by ElectrixxSoul
Chapter 19 : The Confrontation
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Melora ran giddily up the stairs, answering the Eagle’s riddle with ease (What is no sooner spoken than broken? Silence), and nearly dancing through the common room to the girls’ dormitories, earning some strange looks from her housemates.

She didn’t know what it was about Sirius Black that sent her heartbeat racing and her fingertips tingling, but it certainly didn’t hurt that when they kissed, Melora could feel the baby kicking wildly in her stomach, almost approvingly at her parents’ actions.

Melora giggled as she reached her dorm. Well that was ridiculous, obviously the baby couldn’t be responding to anything. In fact, didn’t most children hate when their parents showed any signs of affection in front of them? Melora certainly did.

“You look happy.”

Melora shrieked in surprise, nearly dropping her bag. Stacey Scott emerged from behind her bed curtains, her face slightly pink.

“Sorry,” she said, “Didn’t mean to scare you.”

Melora shrugged uncomfortably and went over to her own bed. “It’s fine.”

Silence fell over the dorm as Melora fidgeted with her bag and Stacey returned to her bed where she had been reading. It was amazing how quickly some people could ruin a happy moment, Melora mused.

The two girls hadn’t been alone together since they had stopped talking, with the exception of Stacey rescuing Melora in the hallway, which Melora didn’t really count as she had been incapacitated at the time. Melora had never desperately wished for her other dorm mates to come back, if only to break the thick tension in the room. Even Eleanor Harvey would be lovely.

“Bobbie’s on Prefect patrol and Eleanor and Sophie-Anne got detention for passing notes in Divination.” Stacey said suddenly, breaking the silence, as though she had just read Melora’s mind.

Melora looked over in surprise at her former friend’s bed. Stacey stared at her book, but her eyes didn’t move.

“That’s…ok,” Melora replied, at a loss at how to respond. 

Assuming that would be the end of their discussion for the night, Melora gathered her pajamas to get changed in the bathroom, but Stacey’s voice stopped her.

“I knew I was wrong when it came to Stephen,” she said quietly.

Melora froze and turned to look at her old friend. The tension between the two instantly grew tenfold, and for a moment Melora considered running from the room.

But her mouth was quicker than her feet. “Oh you did, did you?” Her anger at Stacey bubbled in her stomach. “And when exactly did you come to this realization? Before or after you stuck your tongue down his throat?”

“I just,” Stacy stared determinedly down at her book, “You knew how much I fancied him, and you still went out with him.”

“And that gives you the right to snog him? I asked you first!” Melora exclaimed dropping her bundle of clothes, “When he asked me out, I asked you first and you said it was fine, that you were over him!”

“Yeah well I wasn’t!” Stacy finally looked up, tears in her eyes and Melora was taken aback. Stacy never cried. “But I wanted to be a good friend,” she continued, “I figured you’d break up quickly, you had nothing in common. Not like me and him.

“But you didn’t. And when he started hitting on me, I thought maybe, he didn’t want to be with you anymore. I thought I was saving both of you from a bad relationship by getting in between.” Stacy looked back down, “But I was wrong.”

Melora snorted, “You think you were being a good friend? You think cheating would save us from a bad relationship? That’s such bull Stacey! You did it because you’re selfish and you wanted Stephen, regardless of the cost.”

Stacey scowled, “I thought I was helping.”

“Then why didn’t you talk to me? Tell me you thought it was a bad idea, that you still fancied him!”

“I don’t know!” Stacey stood up now, dropping her book on the floor, “I wasn’t thinking logically!”

“No really?” Melora rolled her eyes, “Some Ravenclaw.”

Stacey’s eyes flashed angrily, “Well at least I didn’t get smashed and shag with the first guy I found wandering the corridors without doing a contraception charm.”

Melora’s hand instinctively flew to her stomach. “None of this would have happened if it weren’t for you,” she hissed, “If you weren’t so bloody self-centered.”

The two girls stared one another down from opposite ends of the dorm. Both of their faces were red from yelling and tears were still running down Stacey’s face.

Finally, the auburn-haired girl looked away.

“You’re right,” she whispered.

Melora’s eyes widened. Stacey never admitted she was wrong. It certainly was a record breaking day.

“Stephen…he wasn’t worth it,” Stacey continued, “I was just…jealous.”

Melora took a few steps towards the other girl. “Yeah, well, I might have known you were lying when you said you were over him,” she confessed.

Stacy wiped her eyes and collapsed back on her bed. “He hasn’t talked to me for more than a few minutes since that night. Said I was a stupid mistake.”

“He’s a prick,” Melora offered.

“I know,” she sighed, “Some Ravenclaws we are, huh? Falling for a guy like him.”

“Between Eleanor, Sophie-Anne, and the two of us, I think the Sorting Hat might have had an off year,” Melora chuckled.

“Well it did alright with Bobbie,” Stacy pointed out. Roberta “Bobbie” Shaw was the fifth Ravenclaw girl and the prefect in their year. She had her nose stuck in a book so often that sometimes Melora forgot what her face looked like.

Stacey smiled up at Melora hopefully, “So friends again?”

Melora rubbed her neck awkwardly. “Stacey…I, I really wish I could say yes. But you really hurt me and,” she laid her hand on her growing stomach again, “I wasn’t kidding when I said I blame this on you.”

Stacey looked ready to object, but Melora held up her hand to stop her.

“I know it isn’t entirely your fault, but you definitely share some of the blame and I don’t think I can get past that, at least not right now.” Melora sighed, “Maybe after this baby is born. After we both grow up a little, we can be friends again.”

“But I helped you!” Stacey exclaimed, “In the hallway!”

“I know,” tears welled up in Melora’s eyes, “And I’m really grateful Stacey, but for right now, I’d like to just be friendly to one another. And work on being actual friends later.”

Stacey nodded, somewhat dumbfounded, and Melora quickly gathered her pajamas again and hurried into the bathroom before her tears started to fall.

A/N- Unless I have a change of heart, this will probably end the Melora/Stacey plotline. In the next chapter we'll meet the Wrights! Whoo

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Nothing Sirius: The Confrontation


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