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What Will Happen? by Draco579
Chapter 1 : And So it Begins...
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            Two boys could be seen sitting by a tree on the Hogwarts Grounds, enjoying their class-free weekend. They had fancied a break from their cold Common Room and decided to just sit by and lazy-around, doing nothing but observing their surroundings and comment on little things. On closer inspection, one would notice that these two boys were Slytherins and snipping a few words to each other on occasion.

"Oi, Blaise!" Alerted one to the other.



"That one right there, sitting in the tree… you reckon?"

"The Hufflepuff? Honestly Draco..." Blaise said after taking a look at what the other was pointing to.
"Well, what do you think? I'd say ten Galleons that I can..." Replied the one called Draco.

"Mate, I'm not wagering you on this one... You've already proven you can get any girl, Hufflepuffs especially."

Draco just smirked and started to reply, a smug look in his eyes, when Blaise interrupted, 

"Shouldn't have said that, your ego is already larger than a Hippogriff, plus I doubt you could get any girl."


"Oh?" stated Draco, looking a bit indignant, "Then who can't I get? You've already emptied your pockets enough to know that I can easily get girls."
"Well there’s some that I'm sure would rather see you fed to the Giant Squid..."

"Like who?" Draco scoffed," If you’re talking about Gryffindors, Patil, Brown and some others would happily relive our time together for you..."


"Well yes, I am implying a Gryffindor..."


"And who would that be?"


"Err, well..." He hesitated, knowing the recation would be less than pleasent once his suggestion was heard.


"Spit it out! I'm used to your stupid suggestions."


"Alright! I'm talking about Granger! I doubt she'd even be willingly stuck in a room alone with you, much less snog you."


"Granger?" He asked incredulously, "But...I...I..." 
With a self-satisfied smirk on, Blaise pointed out, "Not only have I proved my point, but I have made you stutter!" 


"Shut it, Zabini!" Draco nearly shouted, his pride pushing itself to the surface," I said I could get any girl, and I meant it!" 


"You honestly think you have a shot at getting Hermione Granger? Gryffindor Good-Girl, Bookworm, Know-It-All Granger?" Blaise nearly chuckled at the thought.


"I know I do!” Draco half growled.  
"Well, this I will wager on! Ten Galleons that you can't get her, and er... another two that she'll hit you again." Blaise pushed, trying not to laugh at how easily he'll win, for once. 


"Fifteen that I'll shag or get her to claim she loves me..." Draco shot back, narrowing his eyes in challenge.


At this point, not being able to contain it much longer, Blaise laughed, angering his freind . clutching his sides, he replied, "Fine then, if you're willing to give me that much of your precious money."

"Aha, but that's where you're wrong, Mate! Malfoys never lose, especially not when money is involved..." 


"Yeah but you've never faced Granger have you? Oh wait, you have! And last time, you got smacked in the face," Blaise recalled, sniggering.


“I was thriteen then Blaise..." he answered, rollng his eyes.


"She still kicked your arse though, didn't she?"  


"Back to the matter at hand! How long do I get?"


"Err, I'd say 'till the end of the year; you'll need all the time you can get until you finally realize you have no chance, and give up." Blaise smirked, reveling is the fact he finally had an easy win to a wager.


"I will win, Blaise!” Draco exclaimed, starting to get up and walk away to persue his quest..


"Sure you will...Oh, and Draco?" Blaise called to his retreating back, making him turn around with a challenging look, "I'd like my money promptly after my victory, no delays!" He added with a slight smirk.


And so it begins.

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What Will Happen?: And So it Begins...


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