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And Mayhem Ensues by starryskies55
Chapter 9 : Nervousness
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I was beyond nervous. I was dying inside. Lily was going to kill me. She was going to beat me to death with her stupidly heavy Advanced Potionmaking textbook. I would never be able to escape. Normal Lily was terrifying. Angry Lily was unthinkable.

It was Friday night, and James was supposed to be sending a note up via Alice when she came up that I was wanted. And then we’d go ‘out’ somewhere, and then I’d have to come back all giggly and excited and casually ask Lily if she minded if someone else was going out with James. Dear Merlin, she was going to murder me. I’m such a cow. Why did I agree to this? WHY EVA?

I heard Alice’s light step on the stairs. My stomach did a back-flip.
“James asked me to give this to you,” she said, passing me a folded up bit of parchment. Lily looked up from her textbook and smiled at us, then back to her work. It was Advanced Potionmaking, goddamnit. Can’t a girl get any luck?

I unfolded the note, my confused expression already plastered on my face. Then my eyebrows rose a little bit further. Little sketches adorned it; a dragon roasting a helpless stick-figure in a fiery tongue of flame, a zombie trailing bandages stalking a cat who looked like Mrs Norris, and a steaming cup of tea? coffee? which had ivy tendrils drawn around it, like my wand. Squashed into the very corner next to a depiction of a pig eating a cereal bar was;

:) Hey girlfriend! Meet me outside common room. Now please. -J xx

Wow. I’d even got two kisses. And a smiley face. And ‘please’. It was my night tonight. Alice looked interested, so I slipped the note into my pocket and waved bye to them. Libby and Jess smiled knowingly at me; which was an odd look for two such as them. I reckoned they shared a brain cell. I made a mental note to aske James what Sirius had told Jess. The common room was busy, I quickly waved to Peter and Sirius as they sat playing wizarding chess; Sirius was winning- and slipped out the portrait hole.

James was waiting outside, and brushed dust from his shirt as he stood up. He looked gorgeous; and I felt seriously underdressed.

“You look great,” he said, holding his hand out for mine. Surprised, I took it, and we started to walk away, leaving the Fat Lady looking at us in total astonishment.
We were silent as we walked, and then on the seventh floor, he stopped outside a broom cupboard.

“Seriously?” I asked.


He opened the door for me, and I walked in. But it wasn’t a cupboard. Instead I found myself in a spacious room. Low sofas lay next to a roaring fire, one whole wall was devoted to books, and as I examined them, I found all my favourites, even Muggle ones. On another wall were all the exact same pictures which hung in my room at home; the landscape of the valley, the beach in winter and the ruined castle we played knights in. There was a Gryffindor banner, even a CD player with my favourite artists. I ran my fingers through wooden wind chimes.

“Do you like it?” said a different voice.

I turned, and saw Remus.

“It’s fantastic,” I managed, my throat tight with tears. “Where is this?”

“It’s the Room of Requirement. You ask it to be whatever you want it to be. This is your room,” James said. “You’d better get back,” he told Remus.

Remus lifted a hand to say bye, and walked out. James flopped down on a sofa. I couldn’t move. It was so perfect; I couldn’t believe it was real. My stomach clenched with homesickness, and I fought back tears as I turned back to the books.

“What do you think Lily’s room would be like?” James asked. I wiped my eyes and sat next to him with Black Beauty, pulling my feet up onto the sofa. I read while he prattled on, and then fell asleep.

I woke to the noisy sound of an alarm clock. I didn’t own an alarm clock. I opened my eyes. Standing in front if James and I was Remus holding one as it buzzed. I yawned and stretched, realising I had slept curled up to James’ chest, with his arm around me.

“I got worried when James never came back,” he said, stooping to pick up my book from the floor. I pushed James to wake him up. Nothing. I hit him lightly on the head. Nothing. I hit him hard on the head. Nothing.

“You can’t wake him up,” Remus said, putting my book back.

I blew in his ear.

James shot upright. “WHAT THE FUCK!?” he yelled.

“Yes, I can,” I said triumphantly.

Remus patted me on the head, and grabbed James’ arm. “Come on, back to the common room,” he told him, treating him like a child.

James stumbled out, and I half-supported him with Remus. I turned to watch the door of the room shrink to nothingness.

“Will I be able to get back in there?” I asked Remus.

“Yeah, just walk up and down three times, thinking of what you want,” Remus said shortly. I checked my watch. Ten past four, AM. No-one should get up this early, not even Remus.

I couldn’t get back to sleep once I was back in the common room. I sat in my cold bed until the girls woke up. Finally, Lily sat upright, startling me.

“You never came back last night,” she said accusingly.

“Good morning to you too,” I said.

“Were you with James all night?” she asked, rubbing sleep out of her eyes.

“Yeah...” I wondered if I looked as guilty as I felt.

“Relax, Eva. I don’t mind. Why would I mind?” she said, padding to the bathroom.
I looked at Alice, who was still curled up, looking really cute, and sighed. This wasn’t going well.




A/N: I've had loads of feedback on the last chapter, and I just wanted to say thank you! It's really appreciated. I love you all lots, and thank you for liking my story.

Please, please, please review some more? :) What do you think about Eva and James' plan? Like it? Would you do it? Any ideas on what going to happen next? :D xx


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