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Unforgiven by I_trusted_Snape13
Chapter 22 : Hagrid's Dinner Party Part 3
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Everyone was now gathered in a large group around the old hut, anxious to see what would happen, if anything did. Seamus and Dean were still chorusing the word, "FIGHT!" while everyone else just seemed completely, totally in shock and rather stunned to see that Draco Malfoy and Ron Weasley were about to have a throw down, and they were going to be witnessing it. Everyone knew that there was also a very slim chance that this duel could get out of hand, though, but they pushed those thoughts from their brains, ready to watch.

"Draco, love," Hermione pleaded, grabbing his arm, not bothering to notice that she had used the word love, "don't do this! It's not worth it!" When he turned to face her, Hermione witnessed for her self just how dark his eyes had gone. They were normally a bright, gray but now they were nearly black from anger.

"No!" He yelled, loud enough for everyone to hear, "I'm going to teach Weasel who he's dealing with! He wants to fight? Let's fight!" he shrugged off the jacket he's donned and let it fall off to the ground a few feet away with a swish.

Hermione knew her anti violence pleas would be wasted, this fight was going to happen, with or without her approval. And she was certainly not giving either of them approval.

"Come on, Ron!" Lavender cheered from the side, "Show him who he's messing with!"

Ron looked at her with a smug grin, "Gladly."

Hermione was disgusted with Lavender's attitude.

Ron had never been much of a fight, but Draco and tormented him for a decade now! It was time for that to

change. He'd been completely and utterly humiliated by the Slytherin Prince time after time ever since they first met right before the sorting on their first day of first year when Draco was attempting a destined-to-fail recruit of Harry, Ron's best friend. Ever since that moment, Draco had tortured him every possible chance he got! But, not this time. This was Ronald Bilius Weasley's time to shine for Merlin's sake!

"You're going down, Malfoy," Ron growled, ready to knock him down a notch or ten.

"That's a pretty high horse you're on there, Weasel. Too bad a fall that long is gonna leave a bunch or bruises," Draco sneered.

They were probably both crazy, maybe even beyond crazy, wither way they were going to duel with each other.

They pointed their wands at each other's throats, this was going to be ending extremely soon.

Hermione was beside herself with anxiety.

"Hagrid!" Hermione screamed, "Do something! Stop this!"

Dean and Seamus glared at her, "No! I wanna see this throw down!" Seamus cried. Hagrid didn't appear to have even heard her desperate pleas.

Hermione looked frantically between the two men whose eyes were each slits.

"Ready, Weasel?"

"You better, Malfoy."

They were just about to shoot spells at each other when Hermione felt something inside her snap, she couldn't bear to let them just duel without her giving another final attempt. Without thinking, she rushed forward and flung herself between then and then ran to Draco, grasping his arms in death grips.

"Hermione," Draco growled, his eyes still black, "Get out of the way."

"Please," she begged as two tears escaped her chocolate brown eyes, "don't do this."

He stared at her, the amount of honesty and genuine concern in her face was unreal. He couldn't say no.

Without saying a word, Draco Malfoy slowly withdrew his wand, his cold eyes clearing telling Ron (or attempting to): you got lucky. Ron put a smug grin on his face, obviously thinking he won. Draco subsided to the side with Hermione, but Ron wasn't done.

"What's wrong, Malfoy?" Ron smirked, "Can't take what you dish out?"

Draco clenched his fists by his sides while Hermione murmured, 'don't mention it'.

"C'mon, you gonna let her make all your decisions for you?"

Draco looked at Hermione, who was rolling her eyes, but she shook her head as if telling him not to take the bait.

"C'mon, Malfoy! Just admit that you're too scared! Just admit that you can't make a decision for yourself to save your life! Just admit you need your Mommy to hold your hand!" Ron sneered as Draco grew angrier and angrier, "Just admit it. You're a coward. A worthless. Mommy's boy. Coward.....we should have let you die back there in the Room of Requirement five years ago, the world doesn't need you!"

No one could believe the words tha had just escaped from Ronald's mouth.

Draco snapped.

Draco screamed and stormed over back to where he had been standing before. No one talks to Draco Malfoy that way, no matter how cool they are.

"Let's go!" He screamed and before Ron had even had the time to react he sent a spell hurling towards him, which he missed by a half inch.

Ron's eyes widened as he realized the extremity of what he had gotten himself in to.

Spell after spell was fired of all different colors. Everyone watched in shock, there was no doubt that they'd be in St. Mungo's for a broken bone or some gashes soon.

Hermione was in shock. She didn't know what to do. Who was she supposed to support? Did she have to support anyone? Violence never was the answer....right? Ron had no right to say those horrible things though. Those kind of things were not worth saying, he hadn't done anything wrong.

Dean and Seamus were still chanting, "FIGHT!" This was the kind of think they lived for. Isla meanwhile, was staring at her husband, clearly bewildered, having never seen her husband act quite like that before.

Cho was with Neville and Hannah and all three of them were staring openmouthed, not knowing what to do.

Luna and Rolf, on the other hand, were off to the side swaying to imaginary music. ....Those two really were perfect for one another.

Lavender was being Ron's personal cheerleader. It was rather annoying.

Suddenly a purple, unfamiliar, spell shot from the end of Ron's wand. Ron felt his heart sink to his chest and he did the first thing that came to his mind: ducked.

Draco hadn't expected that.

A shrill scream erupted in to the night as Lavender swerved, missing the spell by mere centimeters. She stood, clutching her chest, too scared to move.

Ron slowly clambered to his feet, shock etched on his face.

Draco had honestly had no idea that Ron would dive, he never wanted to hurt Lavender, no matter how obnoxious she was.

"How. dare. you!" Ron spat, "You could have hurt her! Or my child!"

Draco put his hands up in self defensively, now wasn't the time to fire another spell, "Man, I didn't-"

His words were caught off as Ron screamed the word that sent chills up Hermione, Ginny and mostly Harry's spines.

"SECTUMSEMPRA!" He screamed at the top of his lungs, before he even realized what he was saying.

Everyone watched in horror as the spell shot out of Ron's wand and hit Draco straight in the chest, knocking him to the ground.

Hermione had thought that she'd never hear the awful word 'Sectumsempra' as long as she lived, now she knew she was wrong.

Several people screamed. Lavender and Cho were crying. Hermione had the wind knocked out of her.

Blood began to color the ground and Draco started to grow pale.

Even Dean and Seamus had stopped their enjoyment.

If something wasn't done soon, they'd be at a funeral soon..

This was no longer a joke, this was a life or death situation.

Ron couldn't move. He couldn't believe that he'd done that. He hadn't meant was an impulse. Just like when Harry had done it so many years ago....

Hermione rushed over to Draco's bleeding side desperately screaming.

"Draco! Draco....RON WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?!" Hermione screamed, scrambling all around , feeling for his heart and repeating his name, to no response.

Draco was dying, she knew it.

A lot happened then: everyone started screeching at Ron, telling him how big a mistake that was, that he took it too far, that he was out of line. Like he was a jerk, a demon, etc.

Hermione snapped: again.

"GUYS!" she screamed as everyone turned to face her, shocked she was yelling at them, not Ron, "Stop! We have to do something!"

They all looked at each other like lost puppies with no idea what to do.

Hermione rolled her eyes, "Oh, for Merlin's sakes!" she screamed, "Get HELP!"

"Right!" Neville screamed before taking off in the direction of the castle, at a speed that was surprisingly fast for a man of his proportions.

"Stay with me!" Hermione yelled before doing the first and only thing she could think of: pumping his chest.

Her heart was aching, although she couldn't figure out why. Tears were coming from her face like a waterfall and her put together hair was no longer good looking, it was falling all over the place and frizzing up like it always has normally.

"!" she chanted as she pumped his heart, which was starting to falter.

She was losing him and she knew it.

All the girls were crying at this point, with their guys comforting them. Except with the case of Lavender and Ron. She was consoling him and telling him he 'did the right thing' and that 'he had it coming.

Evil. Bitch.

In seconds they heard a loud pop as McGonagall apparated a few feet away.

"Oh, good heavens!" she cried, rushing over to the two of them, "What happened?!"

She looked at Hermione, whose shirt was covered in blood, "long story. explain later." Hermione gasped, all that needed to be done now was getting help.

"Right," McGonagall nodded, as she knelt and grabbed his hand while Hermione grasped the other.

"Let's go, " she said before glancing at his near lifeless body, "I just hope we're not too late."

They apparated with another pop and the next thing they knew there was a world of white and then they saw that they were in the hospital wing.

"HELP! WE NEED HELP!" Hermione frantically screamed as Madam Pomfrey let out a quiet yelp and ran towards them as fast as a woman of her age could run.

She didn't ask questions, she just got him in a bed and started checking his pulse.

Hermione was sobbing at this point, "Is...he...going" she sniffed.

Madam Pomfrey looked doubtful and the look broke her heart, "I hope so." she cried, putting her fingertips to her mouths.

Moments later several men in blue and white coats were rushing in to the room, surrounding the bed, pushing Hermione and McGonagall out of the way.

"WE HAVE TO GET HIM TO THE EMERGENCY WARD....STAT!" One of them yelled at the top of his lungs.

With a charm the bed lifted in to the air and they were disappearing out of the room, leaving Hermione and McGonagall alone.

This entire night felt like a nightmare. A horrible nightmare that she'd be waking up (hopefully!) from soon.

After several moments Hermione spoke, "What do we do now?"

McGonagall gained ten years in ten minutes, with a pale face, she answered, "Wait."

Hermione collapsed in a nearby chair, why had she chosen to come to that stupid party anyway?

If she hadn't then Draco wouldn't be fighting for his life, if there even was a fight left. Maybe he was already gone....

The idea was too terrible.

Before she knew it, the exhaustion from the evening had caught up with her. She started to close her eyes as she faded off.

This was a day she'd always remember, but wish she could forget.

Slowly, so slowly, she drifted off to a steady sleep, the only escape she had from the Hell that was now her life.



"HURRY, WE'RE LOSING HIM!" Dr. Emily Renaldo screamed.

They'd given him some spell and a couple potions, but with how late they'd gotten him, his body had basically refuted them.

Dr. Bryan Murphy pushed his chest, "STAY...WITH...ME!" he screamed, hoping the drink another doctor was pouring in his mouth would work.

A noise caught Dr. Renaldo's attention, "Bryan."

They turned their heads to face the heart monitor.

They heard the awful noise of the line going straight.

'No!' Murphy gasped, "Don't die on me!"

He was crying now. This was the part of the job he hated...and he was so young too!"

He pushed on his chest one final time.


They looked down in defeat. They'd lost him.

"It's my fault..." Murphy cried.

Renaldo put a hand on his shoulder, "It's not your fault," she held back a tear, "You did the best you-"

She was cut off by a tiny, quiet noise.

They turned around.

The line suddenly had gone up a tiny bit.

He was still fighting.

A/N Dun-Dun-Duh! Intense chapter, huh? I was very happy with it, it was very complicated to write, but I think I did it justice! It was Draco! Boo:( I'm sorry, I love him too, but this storyline has been in my head from the beginning, but I had to wait until the right moment to put it in! I hope it lived up to your expectations! I have a feeling I'm gonna have some angry reviewers out there aren't I? But, on the bright side, he's still alive, they thought they lost him but somehow he came back! YAY!

Also, I became aware that you can't apparate on Hogwarts Grounds after I posted that someone had in Part 1 and I know McGonagall did, but I put her as Headmistress and like Dumbledore said, "Being me has it's privileges" ~Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince Movie (I don't know if it's in the book:/) but that means she can apparate too!(:

I want to thank all of my lovely readers too! Give yourself a pat on the back! Over 32,000 reads?! I'm over the moon, you guys are amazing! *Sends cookies!*

Well, chapter 23 should be here soon?

Do you think you should get a preview? I think you should(:


"Hermione, I'm so sorry!" Ron begged.

Hermione narrowed her eyes, "You could have killed him!"

"I didn't mean to!"

"Air hockey! I'm through with you Ronald Weasley! I never want to speak to you as long as I live."

She turned to go, but Ron caught her arm, "'Mione, please. I didn't mean to!"

"Don't call me that, Ronald! You can't just accidentally do something like that!" She argued.

"It slipped...wait...where are you going?" He cried as she started to walk away.

She kept going.

"Hermione, come back! I love you!" he screamed.

She stopped dead in her tracks, "What?"

Wow, is Ron really thinking that she'd take him back? Will she? What about Lavender? Personally, I feel he needs to get slapped! ha (:

Well, read. Review. You know the drill(:

Hope you enjoyed! :D


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