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Worse Than a Bat-bogey Hex by camiegail
Chapter 1 : Coming Home
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     I was stupid.  I should've never left.  Especially with trying to handle James.  But I did, and now I regret it.  Harry, if you're out there, I'm sorry.  I was terrible and never should've left.  I miss you and need you and I feel horrible.  I tried to ignore that feeling when it came up, but it just kept pushing.  I decided that I was immature.  I decided that  I am coming home.


     "Harry," I cried.




     "I missed you so much.  I promise to never leave again.  I swear!"   I practically jumped into his arms. 


     Then he asked our question.  Our big, special, important question.  The only question that I will ever truly love.  "How was the experience?"


     "Worse than a Bat-boogey Hex,"  I replied.  Then we did what any normal person would do.


     We laughed.  We laughed and laughed untill our guts were bursting.  When we finally stopped, Harry looked at me.  There was a silence, but it was a good silence.  Not too worrying, not too sad.  I thought about Fred, and how he always filled the bd gaps with humor.  I thought of Tonks, Lupin, Sirius, Dumbledore, George, Bill, and Victoire.


      "Harry?" I asked.




     "How do you think Teddy is doing?  And what about Victoire?  Is she still sulking?  Have you heard back from  Ron and Hermoine yet?  Is Luna enjoying her new job?"  I suddenly realized that I had just asked all the questions that had been bugging me the most.


     "Well", Harry began, "Teddy wrote to me yesterday about the Quidditch match he went to, and Victoire is still upset.  Ron called on Tuesday, and Luna adores her new job.  Did that answer your questions?"


     All I could say was, ""


     We both laughed again.  Sometimes he just amazes me.  All I could think of was the kiss in the Room of Requirement.  He had closed his eyes, and I had backed away.  While I tried to gain the courage to step up and kiss him, a surge of power washed through me and I quickly brushed my lips against his.  When I shared this memory with him, he said, "How was that experience?"


     At that moment, James toddled into the room.  He said, "Booboo."  That means bedtime.  I completely agreed.


     After gently laying him into his bed, I went into my bedroom.  I thought to myself, I am already a great mother.  Then I tried to picture what I felt like when I left the house that night.  Was I scared, angry, and confused?  As hard as I tried, I couldn't remember.  I knew I wouldn't after tonight's events.  It was then that I knew that I would never be perfect, or even close to perfect.  I realized that Hermione knew this as well.  Maybe that's why I left that night.  Maybe I was jealous, and I secretly wanted to know that then instead of now.


     I went to bed with these thoughts.  They swirled in a cloud around my head.  But they were not there when I woke up.  Instead, I heard yelling.  When I looked out the window, I gasped and screamed, "Harry!"

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Worse Than a Bat-bogey Hex: Coming Home


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