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The Years to Come by TeddyLupinPotter
Chapter 3 : Nightmares
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A/N Sorry for the long wait. I had loads of homework to get done, and then i didn't know what to write. Sorry it's so short - but i wanted to at least give you something to read! Hope you like it!



 Both of them sat up with a start, turning their heads towards the source of the cough. Greeting their gaze was a slightly embarrassed, but nonetheless happy Hermione.

“You should be glad it’s me and not one of your many brothers!” she laughed at the couple. She walked towards them slowly. “Can you imagine what they would have done to poor Harry?”

By now the pair of them had pulled themselves into a more appropriate position, Ginny was now sitting on Harry’s lap. He had one arm draped around her waist, while he ran the other nervously through his hair. She appeared completely relaxed in his arms.

“Don’t even joke about it! They would’ve killed me! Anyway, what are you doing here Hermione? I thought you were with Ron and the Weasleys in the Great Hall.” Harry looked frightened at the thought of the Weasley men, but soon regained his composure.

“Mrs Weasley sent me to find Ginny; she was wondering she had got to.” Hermione explained simply.

“Can you tell her I’ll be down in a few minutes?” Ginny asked Hermione. “I want to say goodbye to Harry; without you watching.”

“Of course. But don’t be too long, or she’ll send one of the others up!” Hermione teased her two best friends.

As Hermione left, Ginny span around on Harry’s lap so that she was facing him. Harry was the first one to speak. “I love you.” He spoke softly, gazing into her warm brown eyes.

“You have no idea how long I have dreamed of hearing those words. I love you too!” She proceeded to kiss him softly. “But I really have to go, Mum will send someone else up!”

“I know. We’ll talk more tomorrow?” Harry spoke as if he wasn’t sure of the answer.

“Of course we will.  I’m going to hear about your great adventure remember.” Ginny replied, teasing him at the end. With that she rose from his lap, and left the Common Room. Harry dragged his feet tiredly as he walked to the staircase up to the dorms. When he had reached the bed that had always been his, he flopped down on top of the covers and promptly fell asleep.




“Harry, wake up!! You need to wake up mate!”

“What’s happening?”

“Someone get Madame Pomfrey”

“Try and hold him still.”


Harry awake to people shouting and moving all around him, his first instinct was to dive for his wand. Before he reached it however, he remembered that the war was over. But why was there so much chaos? His question was soon answered when Ron and Hermione saw his open eyes and told everyone to be quiet.

“What is everyone doing here?” he asked, noticing that his voice was croaky, like he’d been involved in a shouting match. Only then did he realise that his blankets were also soaked with sweat. Looking around at everyone’s frightened faces, he guessed something else had happened, but he had no idea what.

“Harry you had a nightmare.” Hermione explained simply, but he could tell there was more she wasn’t letting on. That he had a nightmare didn’t surprise Harry much, he was used to them. What did surprise him was why most of the Weasleys and his fellow Gryffindors were all crowded around his bed blocking his view of the dormitory.

“Ok, but I can tell something else happened as well. Ron and the others are used to my nightmares; they wouldn’t have called you guys unless something else happened.” He spoke while looking at Ron, begging with his eyes for Ron to tell him. He saw Ron’s resolve waver, and then solidify again. Before he had a chance to speak, Madame Pomfrey bustled into the room.

“What’s wrong?” she demanded, speaking to Harry.

“I don’t have any idea. Apparently I had a nightmare, but that’s nothing new. Everyone else however is hiding something from me, so I’d ask them.” Harry answered her.

He saw with satisfaction the guilt spread over their faces, but the person who finally voiced their concerns shocked him. “He was like usual when he had a nightmare; shouting things, sweating and fidgeting. However there was soon more to it than that, the furniture started to rattle then leave the floor, then crack and break.” Neville told Madame Pomfrey and a slightly confused Harry.

“You seem to have lost control of your magic, like a child does before they get a wand.” Mrs Weasley gently told Harry. “But I’ve only ever heard of a few adults who have ever had this happen to them, and never to this extent or in their sleep.” She seemed a little anxious over the second half of her statement.

“I’ve only heard of one person who lost control of their magic in their sleep.” McGonagall appeared in the doorway. “He was the most powerful wizard of our Generation. Albus once told me about what he used to do while asleep, after his fight with Grindlewald.”

“Oh.” Was all anyone could say for a while.

“Well at least we know it’s not a bad thing, if it happened to Dumbledore it can’t be bad, can it?” Bill finally asked.

“I tend to agree with Mr Weasley on this one. However I don’t think destroying the dormitory is a good idea.” Madame Pomfrey joked. This lightened the mood of everyone present. “For now Mr Potter, I’ll give you some Dreamless Sleep potion to help keep you calm. I have a feeling your dreams had an effect on the path your magic took.”

“Probably.” Harry didn’t elaborate, but everyone knew the horrors he had seen since the age of eleven so no one questioned him.

“Here you go Mr Potter.” Madame Pomfrey handed him a small vial filled with a sky blue potion. Harry downed it in one swig. “He’ll be asleep for a while, so everyone else out.” She ordered.



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The Years to Come: Nightmares


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