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Complicated by SiriusxRemus4life
Chapter 17 : Chapter Seventeen
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Chapter Seventeen


Okay, I just need to think things through. A thirty year old Senior Auror who is my ex fiancé’s boss and has clear disdain for him and his family is now flirting with me, Allisha Malfoy daughter of ex Death Eater Draco Malfoy. And he doesn’t care that I am pregnant either. What? I can’t get involved with another bloke. Especially right now, especially the son of the extremely well known famous ladies man gone loony Gilderoy Lockhart.


I really am the worst person ever to plague this planet. Why does he like me? Maybe he’s just being nice to me. I am the daughter of Draco Malfoy. I decided I would go to the Ministry today and not stand him up like I might have been planning to. I dressed up in my nicer black witches robes, not wanting to look like I just stepped out of a dump. It was the Ministry I was going to and I would surely run into my Dad or brother there too. Damn…hopefully I wouldn’t run into Al there. I’m pretty sure he’s still sour on the fact that I just about slapped the piss out of him and Erien.


I went to the Ministry and got the visitor’s badge. Which of course was quite stupid because everybody knew I was Dad’s daughter. So, I walked down to the Auror offices and found the door with the plaque Leo Lockhart Senior Auror. It was a gold plaque not unlike Al’s Dad’s plaque. I knocked softly on the door, hoping he hadn’t changed his mind and made me look like an idiot. The door opens and there his is wearing impeccable robes. “Come in Allisha I just have to finish up with Mr. Potter here,” he said, making me look up. Oh crap. It’s Al’s dad.


“Oh, um..Hi..Harry,” I said, awkwardly. At least he didn’t hold a grudge against me. Then again, he had been very close with Mum back in their Hogwarts days.


“Hello Alli, how are you holding up?” he asked, in a kind voice. I then remembered that it was his week with Tamsin. I wondered how she was doing but, I was not about to let Leo get more involved in my private life.


“I’m doing okay I guess..thank you Harry,” I said, smiling awkwardly. He just squeezed my shoulder gently and kissed my forehead before turning back to Leo.


“Take care of yourself Allisha,” he said quietly before continuing to talk to Leo about some raid or another. After Harry left, I shifted my weight uncomfortably and looked around his office. There were pictures of a young Leo with a then handsome looking Gilderoy. It was a nice office, clean and organized unlike Al’s that always seemed to look like a hurricane hit it.


“Um…you have a nice office,” I said, with lack of anything witty to say.


“Yes is one of the few organized things in my life at the moment. My home however looks like a hurricane came through,” he said, smiling another brilliant smile.


“Oh..okay,” I said, and then my stomach let out a very audible grumble.


“Why don’t we go to lunch and on the way there you can tell me how you’re on such personal terms with Mr. Potter,” he said, making my stomach lurch. Crap.


We walked in silence for a few minutes before I looked up at him. “Um…well you see…the most simple explanation is that Harry is very good friends with my mum. They went to Hogwarts together and were both in Gryffindor house,” I said, trying not to get into the fact that Harry is indeed the grandfather of Tamsin and my ex father in law.


“So where would you like to have lunch?” he asked, as we walked out of the Ministry together.


I was just about to answer when we ran right into Al. OH nice, this is going to turn into more than it has to be. “Oh, I was just on my way to see you Mr. Lockhart,” Al said, pretending not to notice me standing there.


“I’m going to be going to lunch with Miss Malfoy and besides, shouldn’t you be working that case in Brighton that I asked you to take care of, Albus?” he said, making Al look at me. His eyes burned into me, sucking every bit of bravery from me.


“Oh, it’s all taken care of. All the Muggles have been obliviated,” he said, emphasizing the last word.


“Okay Albus, I’ll give you a few minutes. I’m sure Miss Malfoy won’t mind waiting to eat for a few extra moments. So, what is it that you wanted to talk to me about?” he asked, as we stood in front of the seemingly condemned building. I rolled my eyes, sensing a “my wand is bigger than your wand” match.


“Why are you going to lunch with him anyway?” Al asked, looking at me now. Damn.


“You came to ask me something Albus. What was your question?” he asked, making Al look at him before I had a chance to reply.


“I just wanted to let you know that everything was taken care of and if I can take the rest of the afternoon off. I promised my daughter that I would take her to her maternal Grandparents’ house,” he said, making me freeze up. He was taking her to my parent’s house? Son of a bitch. My mum hasn’t said anything to me about Al coming by their place.


“Are you alright Allisha? Do you need to sit down? Do you need to vomit again?” he asked, touch my back. I just shook my head, saying nothing, hoping that Leo would bring his attention back on Al.


“Alli, are you sick?” Al asked, looking concerned. How I missed this Al. Not the cold rude Arsehole Al became.


“She not sick, she’s pregnant. Not that it’s any of your business Potter,” Leo said, making me feel sick now. This is not going to be good. Al looked at me and then back at Leo and I knew that the next words to come out of his mouth were not going to be good.


“Of course it’s my business, she is the mother of my daughter,” Al said, rudely, as he walked closer to me. “Alli, you’re pregnant again? Why didn’t you tell me? Why didn’t Scorpius say anything?” Al said, grabbing me by the shoulders and staring me deep in my eyes. OH GOD, here it goes.


“I don’t know…Scorpius found out by accident and I didn’t want to tell you or Eri because I don’t know whose it is. I’m so sorry Al, I’m so sorry,” I said, as the tears dripped from my eyes. Fuck.


“Shit. Alli…I’m really sorry…I shouldn’t have said anything to you..I’m sorry,” he said, stroking my tears away. Oh Merlin’s pants.


“Okay…so you don’t know whose baby you’re carrying? And Tamsin is your daughter, together?” He asked, looking confused.


“Um…yes…” I said, looking down in shame.


“Listen Alli, we need to talk. I think we need to talk things out. Let’s go out to dinner tonight, okay?” Al said, as his grip on my shoulders loosened. I merely nodded, and satisfied with that, Al excused himself to the two of us and went to enter the Ministry.


“Are you alright? Do still want to get lunch?” he asked, making me turn to face him.


“That would be lovely, thank you,” I said, wiping my eyes. This guy must be a fricking Saint. Wow.


“So you never did say where you wanted to go to lunch,” he said, trying to end the awkwardness between us.


“I know this small place but, I don’t think it’s your style,” I said, biting my lip. “It’s a Muggle pub called Lost Boys Original,” I said, shrugging.


“I’ve never been to a Muggle pub before but, I’m always up for a new experience,” he said, smiling at me.


“First things first. We have to get you into some Muggle clothes,” I said, making him laugh. And so after a quick stop by my place and then the Muggle outfitters, Leo was surprisingly dressed in clothes not uncommon at a Muggle rock concert. We apparated quickly to the back of Ero’s pub and when we entered, he was currently serving beer to a couple of University blokes while smoking one of his black fags.


“Quite an interesting place. Though I’m not sure why Muggles would want to spend too much time in here,” he said, making Ero look over.


“What can I get for you Sir?” Ero asked, making us both turn around. “Ah, Alli. Fancy seeing you here. It’s been what, two days since you were in here last?” Ero said, sliding up and over the bar. He smiled at me as he made his way over to us. Oh damn. He then came up and wrapped a heavily scarred arm around my shoulders. His black nailed fingers stroking the cloth of my jumper softly.


“Um Ero Morningstar. He’s the owner of this pub. Ero this is Leo Lockhart,” I said, mumbling.


“Leo Lockhart and I’ll take a pint of…whatever you recommend,” he said, holding his hand out to Ero, who now held me tight against his body. Merlin he smelled nice.


“Sure, come right this way and take a seat,” Ero said, still holding me tight to his side. Merlin this was going to be an awkward lunch.


“So…how do you and Allisha know eachother exactly?” Leo asked when Ero finally let me go and went to fill a mug with beer.


“I’m her bestfriend and I happened to have comforted her when her nuptials to Albus Potter fell through two months ago. We practically see eachother almost every day you know. I’m her protector now,” Ero said, just digging my grave deeper.


“Ah..well I’m sorry to hear that Allisha,” he said, as Ero put the mug down in front of him a little harder than the norm. Huh..


“It’s okay, it’s done. As you can see, Al and I are perfectly fine,” I said, looking over at Ero. He seemed a little stiff as he served the others.


Leo and I talked for a bit, avoiding the topics of Al, Harry, and his father. After eating Leo and I said goodbye to Ero and I decided to walk him back to the Ministry since he had walked me home and all that. “Well thanks for the interesting trip. I’ve never been to that part of Muggle London, see you soon Allisha,” Leo said, hugging me.


I hugged him back and wordlessly headed back out. I was just walking past Al’s office when I noticed the door stood ajar. There was a woman standing with her arms crossed. Natalie Longbottom…what? “I’m going to dinner with Alli tonight. So I’ll not be able to come over,” Al said, making her frown.


“But, you told me that you had nothing with her, that you didn’t even like her anymore,” Natalie complained. My heart started to get tight, my head was spinning as I watched her get closer to him.


“I don’t, Alli and me are over. I’ll never be with her again,” Al said, taking her into his arms and kissing her. And that’s when my breath hitched and I felt as if I couldn’t breathe at all. The tears flowed from my eyes as my throat got tighter and tighter. Al doesn’t love me and now he’s with Natalie…I felt myself falling and then everything went black.

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